Sandra Bullock in Lanvin at the 2014 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Posted on January 17, 2014

We’re not sure how we feel about this. We hate when that happens. When you tell the world that opinion-forming is your super-power, it’s embarrassing to have it fizzle out like that in front of an audience. We need some blogger viagra to get our opinions flowing.

But look:

“Gravity” star Sandra Bullock attends the 2014 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California in a Lanvin dress paired with a Roger Vivier clutch and Fred Leighton earrings.

Here’s what: We tend to hate tiered-ruffle gowns. And while we don’t hate this one, we did let a “Oh, it’s one of those” slip out when we first saw this one.

On the other hand, we absolutely love this color on her and we LOVELOVELOVE that belt. Like, want to marry that belt.

On the other-other hand, that hair is so flat ironed and laminated that we’re pretty sure you could lift it up in a single sheet. It actually looks sharp – not in the “Hey, lookin’ sharp” sense but the “Watch out, she’ll cut you!” one. Like if you were standing too close to her when she whipped her hair, she’d cut your face.

But we’re not gonna bother subjecting this to an “IN or OUT” vote. First, because no Bitter Kitten ever needed an invitation to state his or her opinion, but also because even with all our quibbles, we can see that she looks pretty gorgeous here.

But it’s all about the belt, as far as we’re concerned.



[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/, KM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

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  • ModernDowager

    Love the color and it follows her shape beautifully. and yes, the belt!!!

  • Mary229

    I think I love it but I think I would hate it on anyone else. First off, those ruffles really only work on a very slim woman without tons of curves. I think it works for Sandy’s more athletic, lean shape. The color is gorgeous. I agree the belt is fabulous. The hair: yes, it’s a bit too straight. But I feel like this is Sandy’s look, now? She’s very no nonsense, keep the focus on her great smile. I know some people have accused her of looking frozen in the past but I have to say…I think her face looks amazing. She has never looked better.

    • sweetestsith

      I agree with you an all counts. My only quibble is that the hair is a bit *too* lacquered. I actually like that its straight & smooth (I think the contrast with the almost fussy ruffles is nice), but it does look REALLY sharp and over done. Fly aways aren’t the end of the world!

      Perhaps people were right about her having work done in the past, but if that is the case it has settled in beautifully. She looks amazing.

      • Mary229

        I know she’s had some work done but you know….it’s hard for me to get on these women about that if they keep it subtle. They are under so much intense pressure to stay “young” looking to such a ridiculous extent. Whatever Sandy did….she look pretty freaking incredible lately. She’s inspiring me.

    • filmcricket

      I pretty much agree with all of this. The flat-ironed hair works for her, I think, because the tousled look just tends to look messy on her. The colour’s wonderful. I happen to quite like tiered-ruffle dresses, but agree that they only work on a given body type. She looks dressy and elegant but not froofy, which I think is because the super-straight hair is counteracting all the ruffles. Ironically, the only part I’m not sure about is the belt!

      • Mary229

        I love tiered ruffle dresses but I’m large chested and hourglass so they are essentially a nightmare on me. The last thing I need is ruffles on my boobs. But I have several very petite friends who actually wore wedding gowns that had this kind of shape and I was extremely envious bc it’s fabulous on the right shape. I love the belt because it FITS like a glove and it’s in the right spot. If it was too low or too loose, I would hate it and it would ruin the dress.

        • filmcricket

          Yes if I wore tiered ruffles I would look like the wedding cake, not a bride. That may be why I like them on the right person, because it’s something I could never wear myself.

      • @Biting Panda

        I’m on my phone, but at first glance, the belt looked a little. ..Western. So once I saw that and ruffles, I just couldn’t unsee it.

        • filmcricket

          It looks it to me, too. As soon as I saw it I was like “Did she get that at the Lone Ranger gift shop?” And I’m seeing it on a nice big monitor.

        • demidaemon

          I think you have finally stated why I find myself not liking this look. It’s very saloon girl in the modern world…which is a look that should not exist.

          I also find myself thinking of tiered curtains, which is also a no.

          • jspark

            LOL modern saloon girl.. that’s it! Now that it’s identified, we can work together to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

        • Lily-Rygh

          Exactly what I was going to say…other than the whole “being on the phone” bit. The belt, while pretty snazzy on its own right, makes this whole thing immediately go saloon. I’m not a fan of tiered dresses in general, and between the saloon belt and the weapon-grade flat-iron job,.. No.

        • tylka5

          Yup, my first thought was western too. At the close-up of the belt I love it, but I don’t love it with this dress.

      • xmixiex

        Good point about the straight straight hair balancing out the ruffles. maybe wearing it up would have been nice.

    • Ragnarockette

      I can’t believe she’s 49. She looks amazing, radiant, and 30!

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    I’m sold on the look. Tiered ruffles are not my favorite thing, but the simple silhouette (thank god it’s not poofy) and THAT DAMN BELT makes it work. And the color is divine on her. The hair is expected. On the whole, much more good than bad. And a whole lot better than the colorform monstrosity she wore to the Globes.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I love it! Love everything about this look! It’s the Anti-Julia of the post next to it, LOL!

    • Anna

      Mind you, it seems easy enough to look better than Julia these days 😉

      • demidaemon

        So, so true.

  • gabbilevy

    I have a throw pillow from Pier 1 that looks exactly like this dress… same color and everything. But despite Sandra looking like she wrapped herself in a bedspread (JLaw nailed that trend), she’s still the prettiest bedspread at the ball.

  • nannypoo

    The belt and the face.

  • unbornfawn

    She looks pretty good. The color and the belt are doing most of the work, while the dress is just OK. The hair needs some oomph.

  • @Biting Panda

    ….i don’t like the belt with this dress….

    (Sprints from the room)

    • eowyn_of_rohan

      ^^^chasing you with a pitchfork 😉

    • Tatiana Luján

      me neither, the 2 textures are fighting.

      • MilaXX

        yup and the belt is too matchy to the bag.

    • When I was looking at the photos I thought, “Oh, the Uncles are going to SLAM that belt.” Shows just how wrong a Kitten can be. It reminds me of all the overdone jewels on portraits of European royalty before WWI. Jewel settings were designed to be adapted: brooches could be pendants; necklaces could be attached to frames and worn as tiaras; bracelets could be connected to become necklaces. Sandy’s looks like a necklace that was attached to a piece of black velvet and repurposed as a belt. No thanks. And while I don’t care for the overly-ironed hair style, it sort of works with this dress (which I do love)—you wouldn’t want fluffy, ruffled hair with a fluffy, ruffled dress. The contrast is nice.

      • formerlyAnon

        Your description of the belt nails what I was less coherently thinking. But I still think it looks good on her here (that is, not overdone).

    • Jessica Freeman

      Sprint on over here because I do not like it with the dress. It’s a nice belt, just not here.

    • sh0egal89

      I agree! I don’t know why the belt is a big deal here…..

      • @Biting Panda

        The BKs seem evenly split on it though. Who knew an accessory could be so polarizing? (Not that we are cat fighting over it.)

    • Danielle

      I’ve got room for you on my belt-hating couch. *pat pat*

    • SugarSnap108

      (Tries to catch up with you despite 32-minute head start.)

    • kimmeister

      I don’t think belts work on tiered ruffles on principle. This one also looks like it is sitting too low.

  • PlethoraofBooks

    I LOVED this look – what a way to come back from her Golden Globes look!

  • MoHub

    Replace the ruffles with fringe, cut it off above the knee, and—voilà!—retro ’60s go-go dancer.

  • Anna

    Love the colour and the fit is impeccable, works for me!

  • Scott Cooper

    It looks great on an angle, and is probably gorgeous in motion, but from the front makes her bust look droopy. Great belt, wrong dress for it. Ruins the line of the dress.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      That’s what I was thinking- that last shot, I love it, but shot from the front, it looks like everything is sagging. But she does look super pretty.

    • sojourneryouth

      Agreed. I think my main issue with it is that the ruffles look kind of messy and random, not even. I do love the belt, and think it needed something to break up all the ruffles, and the color is amazing on her skin, but this ruffle dress is a big dud for me–except form the side 🙂

  • ovarB

    Love the color she has ruffled herself in!! The hair doesn’t ruffle my feathers as I would be afraid anything voluminous would take the whole thing to style level “saloon.” What a fun word…ruffle. Rrrrrrrruffle.

  • Not loving the hair, but love the dress. I particularly love that the ruffles are irregular – having them different sizes and angles makes the look. Along with the belt which is, I agree, everything.


    That dress is fitted to perfection on her! Combined with the color and the belt, this is knocking it out of the park for me. And I hate ruffled/tiered dresses……. The hair, not so much but not god awful.

  • marlie

    I don’t love the ruffles, but the color and the fit are great. And that belt is awesome. Her hair’s too straight, but here I don’t mind the nude lip quite as much as usual.

  • Jessica Freeman

    This is me, the one who always screams for BELTS!, that hates this belt and thinks it what ruins the look. She reallllly needs to stop it with the razor sharp hair.

  • ashtangajunkie

    She does look gorgeous here. I’m not inclined to love tiered ruffle gowns either, but I can’t dislike this. It’s too beautiful as a whole.

  • theblondette

    Was discussing this with friends the other day… Does anyone else feel like Sandra should embrace a soft butch look for her formalwear rather than frilly business? She seems perfect for a sexy trouser suit to me.

    • She would kill in lady pants.

      • theblondette

        I’ve just been googling fall/winter women’s suits 2014 and there are some good-looking things there! More ladypants on the RC.

    • MilaXX

      It would be a nice change.

  • carnush

    I hate this dress. The color and shape are great, but the ruffles kill it.

  • Erica

    I wore a tiered dress for my wedding ( in my defense, 8 years ago). If I had seen this photo I would have tried out a snappy belt. It really does look great. As does the color on her. She looks really good–except for the terrible flat hair. I really loathe flat hair on almost everyone.

  • Sunraya

    I agree so much!!! I was like, I LOVE that belt, everything else can go home and try again. But she does look lovely, and I guess that is the point?

  • Love the dress, J’adore the belt. Hate the hair. Love this colour on her.

  • What’s killing it for me is the fit through the torso. Not working, quite.

  • Diego!

    WERQ! She looks STUNNING! I love the dress, belt, clutch, hair and make up. That’s the way Sandy! Congratulations!

  • Victoria Anzalone

    In total agreement. Hair – nay, dress – yay, belt – EMPHATIC YAY.

  • jilly_d

    I don’t like the dress, and I think that belt is hideous. *ducks*. The color is beautiful on her though!

  • MilaXX

    I lie the belt, although I hate how matchy it is with the bag. I lie the dress. I do not like them together. The belt & the ruffles are fighting for attention. That hair needs some curl desperately.

  • colleenjanel

    I think the only reason I kind of like this tiered ruffle dress is because they’re kind of irregular without being obnoxious. I hate when tiers (and/or ruffles) are either too perfectly aligned or they’re cuckoo crazy.

    Not loving the hair. Everything else is nice.

  • Kelly

    Yeah, she does look pretty good. But ruffles? Really? No, can’t go there. I’m with the BK below — soft butch, Sandra. The frou-frou isn’t you.

  • sh0egal89

    It looks great from the side– the front, not so much. I agree that the colour looks incredible on her but she really needed to do something different with her hair!
    The belt… meh. Not sure why TLo are so obsessed with it.

  • Eva_baby

    My initial reaction upon seeing this was ‘Oh, honey, NO!’ but the last picture, taken at a bit of an angle makes the dress a “hmm…well kinda…maybe…I dunno”. So basically I am of no help to you.

  • decormaven

    The way the belt is draped, it’s fighting a wee bit with the horizontal ruffles, and it bugs. If the super flat-ironed hair is a trend, then the heavy eye makeup needs a lighter hand.

  • cocohall

    My brain does tend to make random associations at times, but when I saw this I instantly started to hear Cher singing Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But still, if every dress has a soundtrack, is that the one you’d pick for a movie about floating in space? Regardless the color is terrific and it fits her beautifully. And it isn’t a test pattern (I’m looking at you, Julia. No am NOT looking at you any more because your dress is triggering a migraine). And if we are handing out awards, Best Belt goes to Ms. Bullock.

  • MissFern

    She looks like the cutest bridesmaid in the wedding party.

  • SugarSnap108

    I love her face (as per usual) and this color on her. But the ruffles make the whole thing a little sad and saggy, and the belt just doesn’t look right to me.

  • Janet B

    Time for a new default hairstyle.

  • Scimommy

    I thought Sandra was the only one, apart from Lupita Nyong’o, who brought it in terms of her look. This is miles above her Golden Globes disaster of a gown. The rest of the ladies’ looks made me either cringe or roll my eyes.

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    I’m obviously in the minority here but I don’t like this color on her.

  • RCH

    I do not think the belt goes with the dress at all, and her hair is too limp. I love the color, and I love it on her.

    • Shawn EH

      The belt is completely wrong for the dress, which isn’t that great to begin with. Were this subject to voting, I’d call this look an OUT for sure. Did the belt come with the dress? I wouldn’t put that past Lanvin, but sometimes they are all wrong about accessories.

  • lobsterlen

    I love it and Sandra looks happy here.

  • Kristi Puckett Carrillo

    I have to come to her defense on the hair. It’s hellaciously windy and dry here, so she probably just didn’t want it blowing all over the place and sticking up with static.

  • GorgeousThings

    I’m not a ruffled dress fan, but that color is beyond gorgeous on her, and yes, the belt makes it.
    Sandy, wear this color to the Oscars!!!!!!!

  • xmixiex

    Love this, except for the flat ironed hair and clutch. Everything else is fabulous, especially the belt.

  • Maluca

    Did she change stylists? It seems she’s been more “game” lately. Taking some nice risks. I applaud. I like this.

  • butterflysunita

    I don’t like a lot of the elements here but as a whole I think it works. It helps that I love the color–that’s one of my favorite colors in clothing.

  • Alyssa Caruso Ivins

    i think that dress would look awful on any woman over 110 lbs or so? or at least i know it would look terrible on me, a curvy lass of only 5’4″. HOWEVER, on her more athletic frame, i think it totally works and even softens her a little.

  • Tracey Magyar

    It looks very country music awards to me, no?

  • KateMaryC

    I actually think the belt is too saggy for this. It’s lovely, but I’d prefer the dress on its own.

  • Tracy Walker

    I think she looks stunning. And from that smile, she knows it. That’s the best feeling. Yay for Sandy!

  • Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie

    She’s beautiful. It’s hard to hide the essence of the woman. When I saw the hair, the first thing I thought was she must be ironing it like we did in the ’60’s. The fleeting thought was it’s SO straight she must be using the paper bag technique. And right after it was the little voice that says…”psst..remember flat irons?” And right after that, I get to tell myself I’m a dummy. Love the color on her, love the belt, not a fan of the ruffles.

  • pookiesmom

    The color is gorgeous, but the dress is absolutely terrible. This would be a definite out from me if we were engaging in such nonsense. 🙂

  • boweryboy

    I like the belt, but not with the dress. I can’t wrap my head around belting a tiered evening gown.

  • ailujailuj

    GOL…. this is really wonderful. the most purtiest mermaid of them all (it’s pulling ever so slightly in the hips/ass and the magical belt looks a little lazy?) but it is HER color and she feels like she nailed it too. Good for you sandie.

  • Hoffa_w_HerHead

    Pretty! Tiered ruffles can skew matronly, but Sandy reigns it back in! I don’t love the dress, but I do love the look as a whole on her. And I like the makeup too!

  • Cheryl

    Usually ruffles are a NO for me, but I love them here. The colour is stunning, the dress hugs her lovely body, so that the ruffles aren’t giving her a circus clown look, and a big YES to the belt, which is doing double duty as jewellery.

  • MaggieMae

    S’okay for a tiered gown. A bit droopy looking up top, great fit on bottom. Killer belt indeed.

  • lalahartma

    It looks great!

  • rissa42210

    Gorgeous? Her face is fine, and there’s nothing’s insulting her figure, but this is horrible. Total homecoming dress. Ew.

  • R. L.

    Tiered ruffles just aren’t anyone’s friend. Color, belt, face and hair are great though. The clutch is ok.

  • IraKi

    She looks really good but the hair makes her look stiff . A ponytail or something more “flow-y” would work wonders!

  • rebeemoon

    I think this is gorgeous. The color is beautiful, of course. But what’s cool about the design is the uneven flow of the ruffles. That’s why it doesn’t read as “ruffly.”

  • Judy_S

    I think she looks terrific. I guess that I’m so used to her hair that it hardly factors in, but the dress and face are great. Also the belt.

  • Jangle57

    If this was an IN/OUT, I’d be voting out. Yes the color is great but that dress! Blech

  • jw_ny

    It’s a cool belt and I like it very much too, but I’m not sure that I like it with this gown. I do like the gown and think it’s a gorgeous color for her, just don’t think this needed a belt. She really needs to stop doing that to her hair…she’s starting to resemble ’70s Cher.

  • julnyes

    Her face is wonderfully done and I think that dress color suits her to a T, but I hate the actual dress and I don’t think a glittery belt can save this look in the end.

  • formerlyAnon

    No doubt at all. Color, shape and belt are wonderful on her. Her head hardly ever looks any different than this, so I will wait for her to decide (at perhaps 78?) that she needs different hair and focus on the rest.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Color and a little ruffle just to make it stand out. I love it.

  • snarkykitten

    She looks good, but that dress looks like something your frienemy would require you wear to her wedding

    • Imasewsure

      Yes but in pantyhose blush or some other awful color

  • Tiered ruffle dresses either remind me of prairie hippies or flamenco dancers. I prefer the latter, and since this look leans more flamenco than prairie, of course I love it. It helps that the belt is super fab and reminds me of a belt I have from Argentina (though that one is with coins, so not so sparkly but similarly shaped). Hrm maybe I’ll do a downscale version of this look for a wedding I’m going to this summer hmmmm.

  • Imasewsure

    That belt is awesome. The dress is nice, the hair/makeup are great but they don’t belong together I think. Hair/makeup is pure power suit, and the dress needs something softer

  • Tricia

    This is one of the best things I’ve seen on her. That shade of purple is beautiful. Love all of it, even the hair.

  • Lori

    It’s the belt and the color. Both of them are fabulous enough to kind of gloss over the not-at-all-fabulous tiers and hair.

  • anotherkate

    The shape and color are amazing on her, and I, too, like the belt. But I just HATE the ruffles too much. And frankly, if your dress is ruffly, shouldn’t your hair echo the texture a little bit? Wouldn’t loose waves look better here? I am phrasing this as a question, but no, it’s an opinion: loose waves would look better here.

  • EEKstl

    What you said. I am not in love with the ruffles but gosh darn it if that color isn’t spectacular on her and yes, the belt is stunning.

  • I’m the same age as Sandra and she’s working it for us over 40 year olds. There is something about celebrity image that actually helps us regular people. Ladies like Sandra, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Dana Delaney, Julianne Moore, etc who defy age, embrace it by keeping themselves healthy, youthful and emotionally well adjusted – well – it give us ladies inspiration that getting a bit older can mean you look fantastic. (Apologies, don’t mean to focus on age, but Hollywood…)

  • marcia miller

    Nothing is saving this, not even the oh so precious belt. She doesn’t even look comfortable in it, she is totally not werking it. The side silhouette is nice, but something just looks off from the front view. No. Doesn’t work for me. At all.

  • Aidan B

    I only like the belt and the color. Can’t say the tiered look is flatting on her and I LOATHE that hair.

  • fananafanafophalec

    UGH Little Girl on the Red Prarie chic.

  • JauntyJohn

    It was *almost* a swing-and-a-miss for me, but that (gorgeous!) color slides it over to the “she got a piece of the ball” category. (And that, fellow BK’s, is the only sports analogy you’ll probably ever hear from me.)

  • conniemd

    I think she looks gorgeous. I love the color of the dress (it was the color of my Maid of Honor’s dress, which was also ruffly too). It fits her well and I love the belt which is eye catching. I don’t get western or saloon girl at all. If the belt was all silver it might look like silver medallion belts, but it’s jeweled. Never saw a jeweled western belt.

  • Sunshine16

    Sorry boys. Love the belt, but not with that dress. Take the belt off, pull the hair into a side braid or ponytail, add statement earrings & go Sandy go!!

  • A belt like that needs a straight skirt, or at least not to be buried under piles of ruffles. And I’ve been ready for a change in her hair for a while now. Crankiness aside? That is so her color, and she looks great.

  • Anplica Fiore

    This belt would have been much better showcased without all those ruffles. But PLEASE keep the dress color – it is giving me life!

  • Nika E

    Is she allergic to a dame curling iron? Why is her hair always so damm straight? Its so boring and played out. Can we get some waves, a swoop, a little pomp and circumstance? Dang.

  • Kate4queen

    I want that belt. 🙂

  • bellafigura1

    WHAT??? Gorgeous? This is horrible, head to toe. Please, Sandy, get hair help, first thing. Immediately.

  • Sabin

    Ugh. She looks like Scary Spice. And she’s too gorgeous for that.

  • Trickytrisha

    Lovely color on those annoying tiers of fabric. Re the hair remark… thanks to our Uncles I’ve got that damn song (if it can be dignified with the term) earworming it’s way through my head. Whip My Hair, blah.

  • Tracy_Flick

    I do like the belt but I hate it with that dress. It’s a bit too 90s Warrant for me with the ruffles and concho-looking belt and sorta saloon vibe.

  • Akemi

    I don’t like it. I LOVE the color, but…ugh. I am not a fan of this type of dress. And her hair looks terrible.

  • Lilithcat

    I like the belt, too, but not with that dress. It’s getting lost in the ruffles.

  • MzzPants

    It works ‘on paper’. But the ruffles are a ‘no’ and overall, the look feels dated to me.

  • Sally Spannagle

    I had a bridesmaid dress like that once — and Sandy should not be wearing midwestern bridesmaid dresses on the RC

  • SorayaS

    The hair is the only thing that lets it down for me- everything else is just gorgeous.

  • LeelaST

    It looks “prom” to me. Not a fan of the belt.

  • shaziz

    I think she looks 10 years younger and super fit and fab in this. Could have easily gone the way of “matronly” but it’s SAVED BY THE BELT!

  • GeoDiva

    Love the belt, but this looks like she raided Anne Hathaway’s closet.

  • AMartel

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous perfection.

  • KT

    Also love the color and the belt. Her makeup looks great too. But NO the fucking ruffles ughhhh!!

  • JeanProuvaire

    I wore this dress to my 10th-grade semiformal with a clutch from the Pier 1 gift section and a Melissa McCarthy pompadour. My date was a guy in a shiny metallic suit who had hair dyed with blue kool-aid. I do adore the color on her, though, and the belt is fab.

    • Gatto Nero

      We want photos.

  • little britches

    The belt: too ornate? Or is it… beltacular?

  • majorbedhead

    She reminds me of those ruffled Barbie cakes that I coveted when I was six.

  • quiltrx

    My first thought was, “the belt makes it.” It’s a really good color for her too (wish the lip was a little stronger with it though). But the hair MUST go.

  • elzatelzabelz

    Not the most interesting dress, but it looks lovely on her. The color is great, her face/make-up is great, the belt is really good. A low bun would have made the look. Overall-I like.

  • mickiemonkey

    Love this dress on her. She looks great. Yes to the belt, no to the nude lip and I feel sorry for her hair, it must have PTSD with all that flat ironing.

  • Suse

    Pretty dress color and fab belt, but needs the bodice to be pulled up a bit. I used to iron my long hair with an actual clothes iron in the 1960s (and my parents laughed themselves silly) and it looked like Sandy’s, but I was a teenager, not in my ’50s. She really needs to get a new cut/style.

  • CatherineRhodes

    I love it. Every bit of it works for me even the “sharp” hair.

  • lillyvonschtupp

    I think she nailed it, hair included.

  • velomango

    Love love love, want want want! Oh – and she looks fab.

  • allcapsERINN

    Love the color. Fits her beautifully. Agree the belt is awesome. A win, all of it.

    I’ve been pretty bummed about the fact that, due to a recent job loss, I’ve had to take my hair from blondish to “I’m broke brown,” which looks about as sad as I feel. But now I’m on the hunt for THIS COLOR of sweater, shirt, jacket, anything. It looks stunning with dark hair and could actually make me like my hair shade.

  • Gatto Nero

    Not a fan of tiered ruffles either. And though I love the belt, I’m not sure whether it’s altogether too much with all the ruffling going on.
    Still, the color is great, and she looks good. Time to rethink the hair, however.

  • amaranth16

    Lovely. Agreed on the hair. Could have used a spot more jewelry, though I love those earrings.