Mindy Kaling in Lela Rose at the 2014 Fox All-Star Party

Posted on January 15, 2014

Wow, does this dress not photograph well on the red carpet or what?



Mindy Kaling attends the 2014 Fox All-Star Party in Pasadena, California in a Lela Rose dress paired with a Chanel bag.

Lela Rose Floral-patterned Fil Coupé Dress

We were all set to be firmly declarative about it and call that fabric ugly, but they we saw it on the model, in very different lighting conditions. It’s still kind of an odd print but it’s somehow much prettier under the right conditions. It seems to us this would have been great for a luncheon or an outdoor red carpet in daylight, but once you bring it inside at night and subject it to a lot of flashes, it goes very harsh very quickly. Even if you lit it well, that neckline doesn’t strike us as a particularly great one for Mindy, though.

As for the accessories, we like the idea of a silver shoe (When do we not?), but we’re not crazy about the shape of these. The pink Chanel bag kind of annoys us. We think a dress like this requires some sophistication in the styling. The model’s sporting an edgy shoe, a gold cuff to play against the silvery shine of the dress, and a clutch that matches the dress but provides a different kind of visual interest. There’s a certain tension in that styling that really sets off the look. That bag is just a bit too cute and on point, if that makes any sense. The earrings, on the other hand, are gorgeous.




[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com, net-a-porter.com]

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  • Diego!

    Oh no… This is a mess from head to toe. First: Hair – you have a great hair but it’s too long for this kind of dress. Make up: so so. Clutch: Ugh…
    Dress: That is not your dress girl. The fit is TERRIBLE. It makes you look as if you had fat rolls. Your shoes are awful too. Sorry, but no.

    • Trent

      I agree, the fit sucks, but I think the worst problem is this stiff, unflattering fabric. It looks like Lela Rose found an outdoor tablecloth on the clearance table at Home Depot and decided to make a dress out of it. NOT cute.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Everything Diego! said.

  • Em.

    This looks cumbersome. I think an updo would have suited. I would have the hem taken up.

  • gabbilevy

    Mindy, if you’d have asked, I would have told you Betty Draper circa season 2 was not your look. But you didn’t. ask. Live and learn, dear, live and learn.

  • @Biting Panda

    Oh my, no. This isn’t working so well on the lovely Ms. Kaling. There are fit issues at the arms, the fabric seems very stiff and starchy, and the whole thing looks like it’s twisted a bit in the bodice. Maybe a size issue that could be fix by going up, just one. But maybe just not her dress.

  • Kathy

    This doesn’t have a lot going for it, but it would probably look a whole lot better if it weren’t in front of that awful blue and white backdrop.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      The lighting at this event, plus that backdrop, is really unflattering for this dress. Surely Mindy could have done better?

      • Kathy

        It seems like a plain backdrop would be used or that celebs would be informed about the type of backdrop and carpet color. Still, the fit would be the same regardless of the background. I’m pulling for her, but yes, she could have done better.

      • gefeylich

        Like Lena Dunham, Kaling is determined to wear dresses which looked great on the genetic mutants walking the runways, but are definitely not suited to normal-sized women. After three or four misfires (such as this one) it would be better to just give it up to a firm, honest, nanny-ish stylist with perfect taste AND a ruthless, gimlet eye for what would actually look good on a body. AND get a full-length mirror, for God’s sake.

        All of this is to say: this dress is awful and looks terrible on Kaling.

  • thecitysleeps

    The earrings were the first thing I noticed, so pretty. Not into the accessories or the shoes but I think that dress is so pretty. I think I love the silhouette more than the print though. And it’s longer on her than on the model which makes it look weird. Plus it’s a bit tight. Her face looks so nice but while I love the idea of bouncier hair on her it’s a little bit unkept.

  • MK03

    It would photograph a lot better without that hideous step-and-repeat.

  • paginatrix

    I (heart) this girl so much. But this just isn’t her dress.

  • MilaXX

    I kinda like the shape of this dress on Mindy,but I think it’s fitted all wrong. The bodice is too tight on her, probably creating more pudge than is actually there. I hate that bag with this dress and I dislike the shoes as well. I think a silver shoe is a good move, but this particular style with that weird cross the foot strap has looked good on no one so far. Also the devil is in the details, so tuck in your bra and make sure your manicure is on point if you are doing a dark color.

    • Sarah

      Yeah, the nails are distracting. Her head, however, looks very pretty.

    • Hell, yeah on the manicure. Good call. If a manicure is growing out, and there’s no time to get a fresh one – take off that polish and just clean it up a bit. I’m not sure how clean nails would look on a red carpet, but it would look better than grown out polish.

      • Janet B

        She probably has a gel manicure, it lasts forever and is hard to remove, which leads one to think you need a manicure.
        I don’t understand why you’d want a manicure that lasts ‘that’ long.

  • Danielle

    Irrational love list, right under JLaw and Kate Middleton.

  • I want to like her, I really do. But I’m a bitter broad who wishes I had the same advantages and talent that she had so I could be earning that sweet sweet TV writing scale she got on The Office, which lead to a Fox development deal. Plus, I don’t hear good behind the scenes stuff. But, I’d never knock a girl down on her apparel unless it’s not for her. Even if she did blog about how she spent her disposable WGA network income on designer items during a major recession, and complained on Twitter about her job. Having said that – she looks cute, but the middle of the dress is a bit tight and those shoes were worn by my grandmother at my cousin’s bar mitzvah in 1973. Silver is lovely, but they give off a vibe that they were bought off the shelf at Kmart. You can practically see the remnant of the plastic price tag string that held them together. (I’m kidding…I like her…sometimes…like..for minutes.)

    • OMM4

      Curiosity getting the better of me. What behind the scenes stuff have you heard?

    • Sobaika

      Oooooh, spill the dirt please!

      Though unless you told me she slapped babies for a living, I don’t think it’d affect my opinion of her very much.

    • Apologies, I shouldn’t have written it that way. I don’t know specifics, only commentary from people who’ve worked with her – but they wouldn’t go into details – which I respect.

  • decormaven

    Great gal and a great dress. Just not together.

  • alyce1213

    Theoretically, this should work. The background certainly isn’t helping. She has the sweetest smile and face.

  • butterflysunita

    Mindy is lovely but that dress is just plain ugly.

  • marlie

    I think Mindy’s hair and makeup are the best I’ve seen on her on the red carpet. She looks great. I love the dress, but it could have been a size bigger. I don’t love the shoes, and I hate the clutch. Still, an “attagirl” for wearing a pretty dress that actually flatters her.

  • Sobaika

    Aww, Mindy. Whenever she gets dolled up for events it always looks like a kid got into her fancy nana’s closet.

    The girl loves her color (good thing!) and her labels (not tres chic, if you know what I mean). A for effort, I guess.

  • mixedupfiles

    I need some help with “a gold cuff to play against the silvery shine of the dress.” I would think silver there would “call to” the dress. And if the answer is either would work, as much as I’ve gotten past the coordinating I was raised on, I’m still at a loss for why gold works there.

  • acevedob

    I don’t like it at all. Even in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air, I would deem this dress cheap-looking and ugly. Not to mention that Mindy looks like she came running to the awards show.

  • Janet B

    Never wear a reflective dress.

  • Constant Reader

    Mindy looks very pretty here, but the dress, accessories, and manicure are all taking away from that.

  • sweetlilvoice

    The dress is too long on her too. She looks petite to me, so the skirt should be much shorter. I don’t know if I would wear the length she’s wearing and I’m 5″8.

  • DTLAFamilies

    That’s Michelle Obama’s dress. Requires a woman of her stature to pull it off.

    • Yes indeed.

    • formerlyAnon

      Good call, at least so far as the overall shape and colors.

      • demidaemon

        It also helps that most of the FLOTUS’ events are either outside and/or have no backdrop.

  • ailujailuj

    I love the shoes. that’s about it. can I have the shoes?

  • Mindy’s looking really pretty with the hair and makeup. The dress is pretty too, but it doesn’t work for her. As someone else previously noted, pack it up and send it to Mrs. Obama. It’s perfect for her.

  • kimmeister

    That Pepto Bismol clutch is gross, I don’t care if it’s Chanel or Schmanel.

  • That background is doing a lot to ruin the whole thing.

  • murt

    I never like her makeup….. she really needs a new makeup artist.

  • lizajane1776

    Best I have ever seen her, she should rock this colorway more often! Or maybe her makeup was changed? (Either way, no one knows what size it says inside.)

  • ampg

    The problem is the print is too big for a structured silhouette like that – it makes the whole dress look sloppy. The fit issues aren’t helping, but the seaming on the dress was the first thing I noticed, and that’s never a good sign.

  • I’m not sure the colors are working to her advantage here.

  • filmcricket

    I don’t even really like the print on the model, and it’s too tight on Mindy which doesn’t help.

  • With a tailor to bring up the shoulders and a good bra to bring up the girls (and contain them to avoid the armpit squoosh), this could have been a great look for her. Those shoes continue to be diabolical cankle-creators, though.

    • J. Preposterice

      right? bring up the shoulders, go up a size, fix the bra situation, raise the hem. the fabric would still go weird under flashes, but it’s not a great look for her for a bunch of reasons, not just weird fabric behavior.

  • Tatiana Luján

    My only real quibbles are the color of the clutch and that the dress seems too tight around the torso.

  • Jacob Bowen

    It photographs like a shiny vinyl tablecloth.

  • demidaemon

    I just can’t get over that front bodice seam. Your eye goes right to it, and it is supremely unflattering and distracting.

  • PinkySlinky

    She needs Tracey Resse to send her some pieces…

  • Michelle Gennari

    She’s pretty and she seems like a “normal” girl – wearing what she likes to wear. I do think the top is just a skosh tight for her. Otherwise I like it!

  • shelley514

    Mindy Kaling cute.
    Mindy Kaling sexy.