Kerry Washington in Balenciaga at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Posted on January 13, 2014

We can’t say we’re surprised that Kerry took to prego-chic like a duck to water.


“Scandal” star Kerry Washington attends the 2014 Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California in a custom Balenciaga gown paired with Casadei sandals and Fred Leighton jewelry.

What a beautifully simple, chic look for her. That dove grey looks amazing on her and the shape looks comfortable and elegant. We even like the shoes, which is odd, because we don’t normally like heavy, strappy shoes with gowns. The jewelry is beautiful and tasteful, even if it’s got some flash to it. It’s the Golden Globes. Flash is encouraged.

The hair and makeup are … not our favorite. We don’t know… that face almost doesn’t look like her. The eye makeup seems a bit heavy for the dress. And we think an up do would have finished things off perfectly.

Still: she kicked all the other pregnant ladies’ asses and wound up wearing one of the best overall looks of the night, as far as we’re concerned.




[Photo Credit: KM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, Andrew Evans/]

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  • VicD

    Disagree that she kicked the other pregnant ladies’ asses. Olivia Wilde SERVED IT UP.

    • Anna_Cecilia

      Totally agree, Olivia Wilde looked positively luscious in that green sequined gown. Not loving this white Balenciaga, the bust darts have an Anne Hathaway Oscars dress situation.

      • ailujailuj

        Ha! I totally missed the darts (my screen is a little dark) – kinda like they missed the girls… way too high.

      • Trent

        Anna, EXACTLY. You can’t really tell in these pics, but onscreen the bust darts just looked kinda saggy and deflated. Very distracting from what was otherwise a perfect look for Kerry.

        • Claire Kennedy

          Well, I think you’re right. They could have done a very short minimal dart, but I like the idea of the underbust line and the dart coming up from that.

    • ailujailuj

      I can’t decide which I liked better – one was the matronly mommie dress and the other was the – I AM STILL FUCKABLE KITTENS version!!! they are both stunningly beautiful women.
      ETA: sorry – didn’t mean to sound crass – she is a hottie!

    • MissFern

      Olivia Wilde reminded me of the alien in Species, and not in a good way.

    • Verascity

      I actually didn’t realize Olivia Wilde was pregnant until I saw a shot from the side. She looked insanely hot.

    • Luíza Gimenez Cerioli

      Olivia’s looked like having an alien just about to pop out an rip her belly!

    • Mary229

      She did. But Kerry’s dress suits her well. It was a good night to have a baby on board!!

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Just really simple and beautiful. Love it!

    • AudreysMom

      This is like the pregnant woman’s version of that Chanel that Charlise wore to last year’s Oscars. Both looked gorgeous.

  • @Biting Panda

    “… that face almost doesn’t look like her.” Happens all the time with pregnancy. Since there’s not a lot of makeup happening, I’ll assume that is the cause. Pregnancy is a bizarre gift, that just keeps on giving.
    ETA – she does look very, very lovely.

    • Joy

      I know, I saw her face and thought, poor thing sure is pregnant! At least it is more of a bloating and not the weird discoloration or mask of pregnancy that some women get. I bet it is a girl. My grandma always said “girls steal your beauty”! Not that she isn’t beautiful pregnant, way better than me, but her face does look different!

      • Introspective

        ive heard this all my life too, about girls “stealing their mother’s beauty” while boys making expectant mothers look more beautiful, and I cant help but to hate the fucked up gender politics of this old wives tale. especially since ive seen some boys do strange things to their mothers’ appearances in vitro as well…

        meanwhile, yes, kerry looks lovely here. totally loving this look against her glowing skin. simple and complementary to the bump without being skin tight or otherwise distasteful. #bronxbroadsrepresent

        • fursa_saida

          I have never heard this gendered fetus thing and I am totally flabbergasted. I mean, in some ways I’m not, because of course someone thought of this–oh, humans, why are we like this–but still. I mean. Wow.

        • paginatrix

          I looked fresh and dewy and lovely the whole time I was pregnant with my girl. So there.

      • Mary229

        I was just about to say that if you believe the old wives tale then she is having a girl. And I can’t lie…:it has proven true for many women I know!

        • scoobynacks

          I’d wager it proves true about 50% of the time. 😉

      • manina

        I have also heard it all my life and watched it happen to 90% of the women I’ve known, including me, and my sisters. I think it has to do with hormones, maybe.

        • Aurumgirl

          Are you really trying to convince people that Kerry’s “beauty” has been stolen? As if. She’s definitely showing her pregnancy, but honestly, that’s it.

    • Spreecord

      Word. I look at pictures of me from the beginning of my 4th pregnancy and I look like some not-quite-identical twin sister I didn’t know I have.

    • embers618

      I saw this, and her hair and make-up are so less “done” than usual, it makes me wonder if she’s one of the many women who develop sensitivities to cosmetics and hairspray during pregnancy. I remember only being able to wear eye make-up and chapstick towards the end of my last pregnancy, and even my normal day-time eye shadow looked really heavy without the rest of my make-up to balance it out.

    • Mary229

      I was just about to say the same thing. Typical of pregnancy. She still looks amazing!!!

    • ballerinawithagun

      Kerry and Drew both have “new” faces right now.

    • Zaftiguana

      Yeah, I thought that, too. You never know which it is, because make-up artists are going CRAZY with the contouring these days, but I know my face went weird in the last month with my first. Not hideous or anything, and not even bad, but just little changes to things like the width of my nose that were subtle but somehow made me look foreign even (especially?) to myself.

  • decormaven

    Ohh, this is such a great look for her. Love that dove grey, and the cut of this is perfection. WERQ’ing it.

  • Evan

    Wow, she looks great. But I still prefer Olivia Wilde’s dress. I think it was more interesting.

    • 3boysful

      To me, Olivia’s was standard pageant. Different strokes!

      • Evan

        Well, the shape and structure of this might be more interesting, but that emerald (or forest?) green was to die for.

  • Stunning. A touch bridal maybe?

  • stagmania

    I am not in sync with you guys today. This look is a big old nothin’ to me. Hate the boob darts, hate the blah color, hate the makeup and hair. NOPE.

  • decormaven

    Is the brooch part of the original design, or was it added for this look? Either way, love how it’s referenced through the ring and jeweled watch. Is that a vintage Baume and Mercier?

  • lunchcoma

    Meh. It’s not bad, but if we weren’t judging on a pregnant scale, I think everyone would be yawning. And at this event, Olivia Wilde showed that there’s no reason we should be judging on a pregnant scale – she was one of the best dressed women there, period.

    • Anna_Cecilia

      I think the fact that several others have mentioned Olivia Wilde on this post instead of Kerry Washington says it all. And I have nothing but love for Kerry Washington, talent-wise Olivia can’t compare.

      • 3boysful

        I think it says ya’ll are drinking something funny! 😉 Kerry looks stunning!

    • @Biting Panda

      You also have to take into consideration how far along each woman is. OW is still in that phase where it’s just bigger boobs and a cute little balled tummy.

      • lunchcoma

        That’s fair. Olivia has fewer style options available to her. I still can’t give this more than a “fine” though. Maybe if it had been in a color. Pale and classic only goes so far with me, especially in an era where pale and classic is worn so frequently.

  • Sabrina Stern

    It looks like a maternity mother of the bride dress to me. I thought Olivia Wilde was bringing it with her maternity wear.

  • Sobaika

    I would have preferred a different color – slighty more minty green? And more oomph in the hair.

    But she’s always werqing as far as I’m concerned.

  • Sarah

    Square Boob Darts: no. But a very minor quibble since I heart how she looks in this dress. It is super pretty and the color is so elegant and lovely.

    • marlie

      The square boob darts is another design trend that needs to die.

      • Sarah

        Argh – I was not aware this was a trend. It is so counterintuitive! “Let’s make that which is soft and rounded appear square and boxy!” Not a good idea.

        • marlie

          I guess it’s more of a “micro trend” but I’ve seen it on Lupita and a couple of other ladystars (who I cant’ think of at the moment”, and it really only works on the ladies with the smallest of chests.

  • Sara__B

    She looks fine from a distance, but I do NOT like the way those bodice darts are a good three inches too high. Surely they could have been fitted better!

  • shirab

    I am amazed that there isn’t a single crease or wrinkle on that dress. With that color/fabric we’d definitely see it if there were.

    • ailujailuj

      THIS! I am so frustrated with all the unbelievably beautiful gowns ruined on the drive over. Shameful.

  • lifeisastory

    Very very pretty. Well done!

  • ailujailuj

    Fabulous gown. perfect fit. But when I saw her close-up I wondered if maybe she wasn’t feeling topnotch… what with being 17 months pregnant-an-all… has to be such a challenge for the mommies to be “on” when their body is not their own.

  • webslice33

    not a fan of the top..she looks fine, but she didnt kick no asses…olivia wilde was divine in green

  • SewingSiren

    Best pregnancy look of the night.

    • webslice33

      i’d vote for olivia wilde

  • Little_Olive

    An updo, less eye makeup, metallic shoes and this is perfection. Still, quite good.

  • stubbornthoughts

    I cannot unsee those boob darts. The fit of it is ruined for me because of those atrociously placed seams. And the vest peplum didn’t seem to lay right for me while she was being interviewed on the red carpet. Definitely looks better in these pics, though.

    Olivia Wilde pregnancy shine, FTW!!!

  • Wonderful. Especially love the antique watch. I’d switch out those white shoes and bag for silver though…

  • sugarkane105

    Ugh, I was not impressed with this. The hair is especially bad. Was expecting more from her.

  • Lilah

    I don’t know. The clip thing in the front is a little too Golden Girls for me.

    • Monabel

      A brooch in center front looks classic to me.

  • gabbilevy

    Thought this was a really lovely, very elegant way to do preggers on the RC. There’s a lot of comparison going on in the comments between this dress and Olivia Wilde’s, but frankly, those two women’s regular styles are so different as to be incomparable. Kerry would have looked completely out of place in Olivia’s dress, and vice versa.

    • MilaXX

      Yes each look so far has fit the wearers personal style.

    • Introspective

      thanks for this point. cause im not feeling the “pregnancy fashion-off” that only these two seem to be inspiring in some of the comments when otherwise kerry and olivia are never compared.

      comparing kerry to the whole damn carpet this was a standout, pregnant or not.

  • Verascity

    Really? I just felt like it looked… awkward. Not terrible, but awkward.

  • ailujailuj

    OT: (waiting for the next reveal from Mms. Uncles is kinda like waiting for the award announcements! But we need commentary by Amy and Tina)

  • Brittany

    Disagreeeee. I don’t think that colour does a thing for her, and the ‘baby curtains’ were just awkward. Also didn’t like the safety pin-esque clasp at the bust, reminded me of diapers.

    • sugarkane105

      “reminded me of diapers.”
      Hm, how appropro. I wonder if her baby’s safety pins will all be as fab lol.

  • teensmom99

    YES!! This is what I wish Drew would understand–it’s not an actual Peapod dress but it is a beautiful dress for a pregnant woman that doesn’t make her look like she’s shopping in the “Big and Tall” Department. It’s narrow where she’s narrow and to paraphrase Rodgers and Hammerstein “broad where a [pregnant] broad should be broad.” Oh, and gorgeous.

  • marlie

    Kerry looks lovely. The dress suits her perfectly, and I like her accessories a lot. Her makeup is fine, if a bit heavy around the eyes, but I think her hair is too underdone.

  • MoreShoes

    Ah perfect. That’s how you dress when pregnant. Olivia Wilde was awful.

  • crash1212

    I loved this look and think she looks beautiful. My only quibble is that it looks like the bust area isn’t fitting properly. I’m sure that’s an ongoing day-to-day struggle when you’re pregnant and it’s minor.

  • MilaXX

    Love her look although I would have preferred an updo. Nonetheless she looks great. This was also the first night her husband accompanied her even though he didn’t walk the RC..That’s gonna be a beautiful baby.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    Great pregnant lady dress, but don’t like the hair, makeup, or shoes. I thought Olivia Wilde won the mom-to-be sweepstakes last night.

  • deelup

    I’m getting a little mother of the bride and whenever that happens I can’t support the look.

  • formerlyAnon

    Elegant and pretty. I’d have gone with an updo.

    • conniemd

      This. With an updo, the make-up wouldn’t have looked as heavy either.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I am such a sucker for simple elegance, and this look makes me happy-well done, Ms. Washington!

  • PeggyOC

    Got to disagree, Uncles. That looks like David’s bridal discount. The color is doing nothing for her and the fabric is cheap looking. I’m sure she will bust out fabulous at other events, as she’s very reliably fab. But this isn’t it.

  • Trickytrisha

    Everything about this is quite elegant, except for the hair. Makeup is a tad overdone, but hey.. it’s a big event.

  • Imasewsure

    Thought this was a great way to do preggo-RC-chic… probably the heavy makeup is an attempt at counteracting the temporary “weight gain” in her face but she didn’t need it. Don’t mind the hair and like those shoes (and I hate hate white shoes)

  • numenah

    Want that dainty platinum and diamond lady watch!

  • Chaiaiai

    My theory? Kerry gets jobs on her talent, Olivia knows she gets her roles primarily on her looks. Therefore, Olivia’s dress would be more to the “I’m STILL HOT BITCHEZ” point whereas Kerry can just settle into a lovely dress that won’t irritate her stomach. And that grey is killah on Kerry, LOVE the dainty watch as well.

  • Glam Dixie

    I did not have a positive reaction to this look at all. Her hair is too limp, the fit is really off at the bust and the makeup as the Uncles pointed out, almost looks like someone else.

  • Maya

    not a huge fan of the dress…i feel like it has wings. the color is pretty, i just hate the wings.

  • random_poster

    Wow! This is a stunning look on her.

  • Judy_S

    I thought she looked exquisite.

  • Danielle

    Gorgeous. Girl doesn’t break a sweat. Mere mortals (like myself!) would be a HOT PREGNANT MESS in heels and a sleek, form-fitting gown all night. Go ‘head girl.

  • bouionice

    She looks lovely but Olivia Wilde wins best pregnant look in my book…she was smokin’!

  • Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie

    Perfection. Olivia Wilde had on a dress that was too tight, period, and didn’t suit her to begin with.

  • prettyinmink

    I think she looks stunning! I am in awe that she could look this awesome while pregnant on a red carpet. Kerry is much further along than Olivia, plus a few years older. She would’ve looked ridiculous trying to wear a form-fitting sheath. And I guarantee Kerry was way more comfortable by end the night!

  • Sara

    I don’t like it. The color is like dirty dishwater IMO. The silhouette is fine and flattering but I agree the hair and makeup leaves a lot to be desired. Very meh as far as I’m concerned.

  • LiliLynch

    Another site (not nearly as fabulous as this one, of course) described the color of this dress as mint green. I thought she looked beautiful, but would love to have seen this look with an up-do. I continue to be amazed at pregnant celebs in high heels…

  • ThaliaMenninger

    She definitely won the Pregnant Lady Sweepstakes for the night. I saw it described as eggshell, by the way.

  • kt

    Olivia Wilde looked amazing and Kerry looks like she, or an evil minion, pinned a cloth diaper to her chest. She is lovely and this is doing her and her bump no favors

  • Erica_Vuitton

    Dove gray eh? I thought this was a very light mint green… regardless it’s very pretty on her but the limp hair is sad. Gotta say I disagree, i think Olivia Munn… err Wilde?… the preggo Olivia who isn’t pretty enough for her husband looked better.

  • butterflysunita

    Wow, she looks stunning. This is the way to go, girl–stay away from the Peter Pilotto.

  • Gorgeous – perfect dress for her and the occasion.

  • Sunraya

    That dress!!! Gorgeous!! And that ring!! I want it. I agree, face doesn’t look terrific, but I would give her an A-

  • Jacob Bowen

    I just see “Pregnancy Vest” that didn’t fit around her entire belly so she fastened it at the top. Not in love. Normally she’s my FAVE.

  • EEKstl


  • e jerry powell

    The lip color is certainly not as strong as she usually wears. The hair’s just a flat-iron job. I ain’t mad.

  • Fred Vaughn

    I’m impressed… and I expected pregnancy to kick her ass early on (or is that still coming??)

  • elzatelzabelz

    This could have easily been worn by Duchess Kate. In fact, she’s probably bookmarked it for the next royal pregnancy. Classic, timeless, elegant, flattering. A win.

  • quiltrx

    It’s a little lumpy in the milkbag area, but it’s pretty and elegant otherwise. I didn’t expect her to go with something so downplayed, but it really works.
    I wonder if she has that thing a lot of pregnant women do, where being preggo distorts their features a little? I’ve known several women whose nose went COMPLETELY different, then back to normal after birth. Both her nose and her lips do look a little different than usual.

  • It was also my favorite look of the night

  • CeeQ

    This is all working for me! I’m seeing the dress as white in the pics so I’m glad it wasn’t =D

    • DeTrop

      On Fashion Police they said the color was green???? Whatever, I think she looks fab.

      • CeeQ

        I don’t know how the hell they got green from this….LOL

  • bertkeeter

    R u kidding me? That top is so badly fitted…Unless I’m wrong “bust darts” usually stop UNDER the bust…not 3 inches above! Look at how the distort her from the side. Worst fit of evening….and that has nothing to do with her being pregnant!

  • Claudia Fernandes

    Well, for prego-chic&beatiful, Olivia Wilde also made it

  • Claire Kennedy

    I have a more conservative clientele, but they still like to look chic, and this is so totally on. Looks fresh, new, yet isn’t orbiting Mars. As every woman who’s been pg knows, the bust turns positively voluptuous and so what you got this big thing out in front of you….just accentuate the bust, and love that this dress did that. It’s creative, new, fresh and great lines.

  • Andsheewas

    No loving the flaps. It makes the dress look heavy. I’m sweating just looking at her. Also, does it pain anyone else to see pregnant stars in heels? I have 2 weeks to go, and shoes are definitely only on an as needed basis for me, and I’m not even that puffy.

  • guest2visits

    I liked it, an elegant way to show off the baby bump.

  • CatherineRhodes

    Really beautiful and classy.

  • Kathy Monkman

    the fact that she could wear those shoes while pregnant forgives all sins. I love her..funny another fashion show referred to this as “green”. I’m just not sure what color this some photos looked white. It seems like it just couldn’t figure out a color and commit to it. I think she looks amazing though, always in everything.