Keira Knightley in Chanel at the “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” LA Premiere

Posted on January 17, 2014

Keira Knightley attends the premiere of “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” in Los Angeles, California in Chanel.






[Photo Credit: Peter West/ACE/]

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  • Jaime

    Needs a shorter skirt and different eye makeup.

    • I thought the eye make-up was especially striking! What’s wrong with it, in your opinion? (I’m not an expert, I have to say.)

      • Jaime

        Taken by itself, it’s fine, but it’s too intense for that particular outfit. That’s the sort of shadow I’d expect with more of a punk look – skinny pants/short skirt, sequins, leather jacket, etc, not a fairly demure dress with little bows on it.

  • israel8491

    Hem the dress a good six inches, get rid of that awful eye makeup, and for God’s sake, eat a hamburger or something. Otherwise, pretty.

    • Aidan B

      I didn’t downvote you, but I imagine the person who did wanted to remind you that we’re here to judge the only the outfits, not the bodies wearing them 🙂 I agree with you on the makeup and the hem, though!

      • lexilexi

        I don’t think suggesting she eat a hamburger is wrong… it’s not a direct body snark… it happens to be a good idea.

        • Aidan B

          A good idea for her, or in general? Personally I’m always up for a burger.

          • lexilexi

            Aidan B, I couldn’t agree with you more.

          • Aidan B

            Glad we understand each other!

          • israel8491

            Fair enough, body shaming is awful and should go die in a dark place. I didn’t quite think about it that way.

          • Aidan B

            Yeah, it’s easy enough to say something like that without realizing what it sounds like. No worries!

        • For all we know she could be eating hamburgers 24/7 – I have several friends who do that and who are still teeny tiny no matter how much food they consume. What makes this look bad is the eye makeup, not how many hamburgers she may or may not consume.

          • Rhonda Shore

            The make-up is so bad that it makes her appear as a wax figurine.

          • KinoEye

            Yes, yes and yes again. I’m constantly told I need to eat something. As I type, the remnants of a 1/2 pound burger are sitting next to me. There was also a ton of fries. I woke up with a box of Valentine’s Day snack cakes in my bed the other day. I eat, and none too healthily. I just don’t really gain weight from it.

        • It’s still a body snark.

          • demidaemon

            Yes, it is. Which is why I know I cannot comment on this outfit in good faith. Demidaemon out.

          • formerlyAnon

            Yup. I can say that there’s too much eye makeup. The only other thing that might pass the body snark muster is that she doesn’t look as if she’s been well.

      • Ragnarockette

        Keira is thin, but the way this dress sits on her body makes her look downright emaciated. The eye makeup and center-parted hair only serve to accentuate the whole starving model look. Beautiful girl, but everything about this makes her look bony and awkward.

        • Aidan B

          I agree, definitely not a great look for her.

    • nomoreprinces

      I think there’s just too much additional contouring going on in her cheekbones to make her look gaunt. She’s always been thin which has always looked good on her. Figure-wise she looks as she always does, it’s the face that looks severe. I don’t know why they opted for the Malificent cheekbones.

      • DTLAFamilies

        Could be just age. People lose fat in their faces as they get older, hence the popularity of fillers.

        • Toni

          AGE? She’s 28!

          • SugarSnap108

            Can’t speak for DTLA, but that is about the age that I noticed my face getting thinner, even though my clothing size stayed the same. Until then, I still had a rounder ‘baby face.’

          • Carrps

            I’ve heard rumors she shaved off a few years when she was doing publicity for “Bend it Like Beckham,” but that would still only make her early 30’s. She looks at least 40 here.

          • DTLAFamilies

            *Emily Litella voice* Nevermind.

      • Lisa


      • cowper

        Those are seriously Max-Factor paint-on cheekbones!

      • Charlotte Sanders

        She looks consumptive

    • Actually, I think the fit of the dress makes Knightley look scrawny here–it just doesn’t hit her in friendly places. It’s more of a Dustbowl by Dorethea Lange vibe instead of her normal slenderness. Fit matters for all body types. 🙂

    • mtraptor

      Boo. Thin people don’t deserve to have their bodies critiqued any more than larger people do.

  • KinoEye

    From the thumbnail, I found myself wondering if she had dressed as a French maid, for some reason. I guess it’s cute, but it reads as a demure version of a maid costume to me.

    • MaggieMae

      My thoughts exactly!

    • MoHub

      Exactly. Just needs a ruffled apron instead of the belt.

    • carlaaxtman

      I got a distinct “Annie” vibe…only with a black dress instead of a red one.

      • if Annie had consumption then became a lady of the evening.

    • Lilah

      I totally saw French maid in the thumbnail, too.

    • barbarienne

      I started with French maid from the thumbnail, but when I saw the full thing, I thought “prettiest undead waitress in the diner.”

    • Came on here to pretty much type the same thing. Thank goodness I scanned through the comments section first.

    • I wanted to ask her for an extra pillow and fresh towels.

      • KinoEye

        *knocks at door* Housekeeping!

    • Trent

      That dress is waaaay too long to be a French maid. More like a consumptive maid who just arrived at Downton Abbey.

      • KinoEye

        Tuberculosis realness.

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    I feel like I should give her credit for subverting the Token Sexy Girl schtick. I just wish she’d done it differently.

  • OMM4

    I had that dress when I was 9.

    • Kate4queen

      me too, I think mine was Laura Ashley. 🙂

  • Maryanne525

    She’s…very skinny. I don’t want to come off as hateful or all judgey about weight, but she looks like the hanger the dress is hanging on. Maybe it’s the wrong dress (I think it is – especially the length) and her eye makeup doesn’t help since it makes her eyes appear sunken to me, but I genuinely gasped when I saw these pictures.

    • Aidan B

      I think it’s her makeup making her look so gaunt and sickly. The dress isn’t doing her any favors, either.

    • jen_vasm

      You see plenty of comments when a dress/outfit does not suit a curvy body, but not as many when an outfit does not suit a thin one. This dress, with its open neckline, strong vertical lines and nipped waist is not a good look for Kiera.

    • Imasewsure

      Dark heavy dress on a pale little slip of a thing (with zombie makeup and a dreary hairstyle) doesn’t help for sure

    • Sue_Asponte

      I agree, these photos are a little scary. She does not look healthy.

  • Wow, that eye makeup with those cheekbones, something is dreadfully wrong here. It is a little The Walking Dead for me. Especially picture number 4 with the open mouth thing going on.. 🙁

    • Tracy M

      I know that she’s always been very thin, but she looks positively unhealthy here- she’s got that gaunt, malnourished look where the head is significantly larger than the body. It’s got me concerned.

  • skitzfiggitous

    The dress needs about 98% fewer twee bows. And when you’re that naturally thin, avoid makeup that evokes the last days of a hunger strike.

    • Betsy

      Tuberculosis, party of one!

    • Maybe 75% fewer – get rid of the ones on the sleeves and the one on the neck.

    • kmk05

      I think the eye makeup is actually okay. It’s the contouring around her cheekbones that’s a killer: when you have naturally high cheekbones and are sporting a super smoky undead eye, avoid highlighting your actual skeleton. No contouring, fuller, light pink/coral cheeks and some gloss would have made this x1000 times less painful.

  • Coleen

    Apparently she’s cuckoo for Coco.

  • Adrianna Grężak

    I want to rip those bows off! Also, looks a bit like a maid’s set costume

  • @Biting Panda

    Eery paper doll realness.

    • Aidan B

      I want a Keira paper doll.

  • Mismarker

    How many bows are too many bows? This many bows.

  • Garcia Loca

    Sexy Governess.

  • decormaven

    This dress is for the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Why such a retro look to promote a movie that’s trying to propel a franchise forward? Stylist fail here.

  • Betsy

    Oh, and stand up straight! The caved-in chest look is SO over!!

  • kipper

    Very sadly this is going a little Laura Inglles Wilder…

  • MilaXX

    I like the dress but the hair is too Victorian looking and the shoes are completely wrong.

  • MK03

    God, I miss Baja Fresh.

  • Diego!

    I’m sorry but she looks like a Zombie-Maid. Honey, No! *shoots at her head*

  • Evan

    WAY too much eye makeup. She looks like a totally different person.

    • terpsichory

      While it’s certainly a different look for her, I have to say I really like the eye makeup. I wouldn’t have thought her face could handle this much colour but it really works for me.

      • Evan

        For me, she’s stepping into Avril Lavigne territory.

  • jilly_d

    First, this dress is SO Keira. But hun, you’re at an action movie premiere. Step it up, personal style be damned. Second, that is an awful lot of contouring makeup for a woman who already has (beautiful) razor-sharp cheekbones. NOT. NECESSARY. Go home, scrub, change, and try again.

  • NBG

    The hairstyle makes me think she’s stuck in her Lizzy Bennett role. The dress itself belongs at Ascot paired with an enormous hat, not on the red carpet.

  • Anna

    I can’t. I love Kiera dearly but this is twee French Maid uniform. High end to be sure, like this is what I think the maids at the Ritz in Paris wear at work. I’m almost expecting her to break out into a chorus of “Be Our Guest.”

  • webslice33

    eat a lil bit more miss knightly

    • KinoEye

      For all we know, she eats very well, all the time, and just doesn’t gain weight. People always tell me I need to eat more. I have 3 meals a day, and one is usually ridiculously unhealthy — for instance, yesterday’s was a 1/2 pound burger with a ton of fries. And sweet, glass-bottled Sprite. But I stay between size 2 — 4, though I wouldn’t care if I gained.

      This dress and makeup aren’t doing her any favors though. She’s the same size she ever was, but the overall effect of this look tends makes her appear gaunt.

  • butterflysunita

    Not her best look. Too much eye makeup and the dress is kind of waitressy.

  • Darcy H

    Fanciest maid in Downton Abbey.

    • msdamselfly

      that’s exactly my thought

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      Yes, I was about to leave a comment about this being perfect for Downton Abbey. Actually, I think that would be an interesting casting idea. Keira Knightley in the role of a maid instead of the aristocrat (a more typical role for her).

  • frannyprof

    Her head always looks like it’s about to fall off. Why is that?

    • Kelly

      I think it’s because she is too thin for her body type. Her elbows are usually wider than the tops of her arms, too — another tip-off.

  • hughman

    And people claim Emily Dickinson never went out. Pshaw.

    • homofascist

      Did she wear that much eye makeup?

    • decormaven

      “We grow accustomed to the Dark – When Light is put away…”

  • conniemd

    I’m a KK fan and not a hater, but with that eye make-up and dress together she looks like a hooker dressed up as an 1800’s school marm to fulfill some John’s fantasy.

    • homofascist

      If it only involved some scolding and light spanking it might be a pretty good gig…

  • Amanda Welliver

    Lady Sybil dresses in solidarity with the staff.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    She’s either Wednesday, Jane Eyre or one of the sisters in Genet’s The Maids. I don’t know which. But none of them are what I want to see on the red carpet.

    • MoHub

      I’d opt for adult Wednesday Addams.

  • Carla_Charlton

    Maybe a little better posture? I think the vintage thing looks suits her.

  • Danielle

    Yes, hi, I’d like a coffee and a rooty tooty fresh and fruity, please.

  • She looks like a consumptive Victorian maid with that eye makeup. Maybe different hair could have salvaged the look?

    • sagecreek

      And her showing up next to Oprah on the home page makes her look even worse. One of those women looks vibrant, and it ain’t KK.

  • Sarah

    Twee on the body, death mask on the face. What a charming combination (not)

    • mjude

      that just killed me! LOL

      • Sarah

        I feel a lil bad, because technically I don’t even mind her eye makeup – I think her eyes look lovely, for somebody in an evening gown, maybe. I just think the whole effect coupled with the dress is incongruous. (And cadaverous).

        • mjude

          don’t feel bad my friend. she is the one who wore this look. plus I needed that laugh to get through the rest of the work day 🙂

  • Carolyne

    Her eye makeup looks a lot better in the poster behind her in photo#1!

  • bellafigura1

    Yeah, bucking the tide, although it’s one bow too many (neckline) I love it.

  • Judy_S

    Somehow this looks to me like Downton Abbey, Season 6.

  • acevedob

    It reminds me of either a nun or a schoolgirl…neither of which she is even close to being.

  • sagecreek

    Oh, no. She has a bit too much o’ the prim and proper about her anyway, which means she cannot reinforce it with her style choices.

    I was going to offer an example of someone who could wear this dress successfully, but then I took a second look at all those little cuff bows and I decided that this is nobody’s dress.

  • marlie

    I want to like this, but it’s a little too “1930s/Depression Era” for me, especially with that hairstyle. And while I like the idea of the smokey blue eye, it’s a little too heavy here. Maybe if the hem were a good 12 inches shorter, and she had a more modern ‘do, we’d have something.

    • Yes – I like all the elements, but not how they are combined.

  • boweryboy

    Three bows too many, and I love a well deployed bow.

  • Waitress on the Mayflower.

  • rissa42210

    Hungry little goth nun

  • MannahattaMamma

    Someone please feed her.

  • susan6

    I like the intense eye makeup but….why is she dressed as a hotel maid? Or waitress? Clueless people were probably handing her their coats or giving her drink orders.

    • I actually like the eye makeup too but I’m kind of a fan of intensity. She has such a gorgeous face. But that frock is awful, just awful.

  • Sam Smith

    I initially thought this was a striking look, but then I decided she looked like a maid. I do like her makeup.

  • Erica

    This outfit is reminding me of that movie Mary Reilly, starring Julia Roberts as maid to Dr. Jekyll. With some extra bows thrown in.

  • I’m all for “prim chic”, but this is barely an apron away from french maid, and besides, it has too many silly bow’s.

    Also that eye make-up looks terrible.

  • AmeliaEve

    Downton Abbey, Season 2. DOWNstairs. The waif-y hair doesn’t help. It does read very Chanel, though.

  • Sunraya

    She looks here like and example from your book of those otherworldly creatures from Hollywood. I don’t know. I think all the proportions are wrong.

  • Trickytrisha

    My great great aunt Minnie, ca 1927 to 1933. I have the black and white pic right in front of me. Similar hair, longish dark dress, white banded sleeves, neck and waist, although a much narrower “belt”. No bows, thank god.

  • Tracy_Flick

    No. Hmm-mmm. Nope.

  • ailujailuj

    Downstairs wants the uniform back.
    But what a beautiful print! Love her eyes too.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    When eyeshadow is the only thing making you look like a human rather than a wire hanger.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Amish Waffle House Waitress.

  • txngyrrl

    Does anyone else think this dress is better served on Michelle Dockery?

  • pookiesmom

    She looks like death’s younger sister Dith, who spends her time zapping roly polies in the garden and lazily complaining about how no one understands what it’s like keeping house as a princess of the undead, while her brother hogs all of the fun kills for himself.

  • joancarol

    World War II nurse

    • Carrps

      Make it WWI,and you’ve got it.

  • Akemi

    Wow, no. Her makeup is freaking terrible.

  • MzzPants

    Let’s take it down to one bow, shall we?

  • Miss wks

    Good gawd almighty. I can’t get past the face to even LOOK at the dress.

  • Wednesday Addams

  • snarkykitten

    I know it’s horrible body shaming, but jeeze, girl. you look sickly.

    • If you know it’s horrible body shaming, please don’t do it here.

  • Joanna

    I think it’s the hair that’s giving her a bobble-head effect. Otherwise, this is truly morbid looking outfit.

  • HM3

    This look makes me so sad.

    • jjtxgrrl

      Looking at HER makes me sad. You’re beautiful, quit making dumb faces and act normal!!

  • MichelleRafter

    Get her downstairs with Daisy and Mrs. Patmore where she belongs!

  • Darva Sutra

    Shadow Recruit? Yes, honey, please DO recruit a more flattering shade!

  • suzinrva

    Olive Oyl, is that you?

    • VCR1

      Yes that’s exactly what I thought!!

  • Jackie4g

    I love this dress I LOVE this dress. I love high contrast. I love navy and white – or what appears to be navy on my monitor. I would like to see it hemmed shorter, but not short short, mid-calf would be fine. I believe this is the moment for a pearl necklace. Now it might also be that a more curvy body would do better justice to this design. Keira is a slender girl, always has been. I think her eye makeup is overdone, but I think she is beautiful, always.

  • LeelaST

    Emaciated mannequin.

  • SugarSnap108

    This dress doesn’t really scream, “I’m attending the premiere of my action-thriller.”

    • marlie

      Not in the least. She’s wearing “action-thriller” makeup, but not the corresponding clothes.

  • Therese Bohn

    I think she’s a lovely young lady, but the dark eye makeup hollows out her sockets too much and makes her look even thinner. And if the camera adds 10 lbs., she must be terribly thin. Please eat something!

  • KT

    Hate the entire look with a passion. 18th century maid that hasn’t been fed in weeks who let a local hooker do her makeup. Go home, eat something, and try again.

  • dschubba


  • CT14

    Sad French maid.

  • quiltrx

    I always kind of want to hit her…but in this I REALLY want to hit her.

  • cocohall

    Are they hiring over at Downton Abbey?

  • TLJezebel

    OMG, eat something!

  • J. Preposterice

    …the demon maid is going to suck out my soul

  • mickiemonkey

    Give the girl a cheeseburger.

  • PeaceBang

    How bizarre.

  • Suse

    Oddly servant-ish and her eye makeup is really over the top. What kind of look is she going for???

  • sunflower

    I actually like the dress; it’s very classic Chanel. But, it’s completely wrong for the venue and it would be better if it were a bit shorter like midi length. She should be wearing something sleek and sexy for this premiere to go with the action thriller theme (and her makeup).

  • Cate

    1920s ghost maid got out of the house again!

  • Lilyana_F

    I know what you all mean, but I think this look is perfectly suited to her and she pulls it off.

  • Alexis Peñafuerte Wenceslao

    Didn’t know Chanel made maid uniforms. She is serving skinny french maid realness

  • LaSylphide

    It’s a little twee for my taste – definitely could do without the bow at the waist. And I wish she’d lighten up on the eye makeup that she seems to wear all the time, no matter what the venue. It seems a bit much for this rather casual dress.

  • RuthGo

    It doesn’t work for the kind of movie that’s premiering. You’ve taught us that its good to dress to match the genre of the movie and this just totally doesn’t go. It looks good on her for what it is but it just feels out of step.

  • elaine benes

    She looks like a Victorian era chamber maid dying of starvation and consumption.

  • If the colors of the dress and the trim were reversed, I’d think she was up for a spot of tennis with Barbara La Marr.

  • Barbara English White

    Why is she dressed like Anna Bates?

  • Cee Layton

    A gaunt French maid.

  • allcapsERINN

    God no. She looks like a dowdy maid.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Big giant head!

  • Gatto Nero

    Schoolmarm waif.

  • stickee

    She’s the face of Chanel, wearing Chanel looking like Coco Chanel. It’s kind of redundantly awesome.

    • veleri

      Isn’t it? I love it. I love this look. I love her. (so much love for a monday morning huh?)

  • Danielle West

    School marm much?

  • Lyndsey Magrone

    French maid: bobblehead edition.

  • Jecca2244

    she looks like the help…

  • colorjunky

    I like it, she looks like an Edward Gorey drawing.

  • Kent Roby

    Well, at least she didn’t wear this to the premiere of The Butler.