Julianna Margulies in Andrew Gn at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Posted on January 14, 2014

We are opening ourselves up to a ridiculous amount of pressure to blog about it, but we have to admit, we finally discovered “The Good Wife” this week and have been binge-watching our way through all the seasons. Lorenzo loves it a bit more than Tom does but, along with “The Bletchley Circle” and “Call the Midwife,” it comprises our full complement of TV obsessions lately. We’re suddenly very female-oriented in our shows.

Anyway, here she is, looking ridiculously flawless once again.



“The Good Wife” star Julianna Margulies attends the 2014 Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California in an Andrew Gn dress accessorized with Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry.

Andrew Gn Resort 2014 Collection

Maybe it’s a bit too coordinated and maybe the skirt’s a bit too stiff and bell-like and maybe we think the neckline shouldn’t plunge quite so much, but it’s a gorgeous dress and it’s exactly the kind of dress she works to its best effect.

Is the hair just a bit too lacquered, do you think? We’re asking. It’s kind of her signature look – and it does look great on her – but we wonder if it might be time to ease back on that one.



[Photo Credit: Juan Rico, KM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, style.com]

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  • eowyn_of_rohan

    I feel like it’s a dress that photographs best from the side, like how the model is posing. Because, while I’ll take Julianna over the model any day of the week, the proportions just seem a bit heavy when photographed from the front and have more of a graceful line when shot from the side. I do love that black-and-gold combo on her.

  • Sarah

    Ooh, neato. Like the coral-shapes. I would’ve just left the gold bits up top, and had a sheath skirt, but overall, she looks great. (Lacquer and all)

  • @Biting Panda

    Yet another gorgeous dress, that simply did not need to be nearly navel bearing in order to be gorgeous.

    • MoHub

      Agreed. I love everything about this except the neckline. I do not need to see underboob.

  • SuzyQuzey

    I love, love, TRIPLE LOVE “Call the Midwife” and “The Bletchley Circle”! This dress? Not so much.

  • uprightcitizen

    She looks perfect. She’s elegant and knows who she is. I know what you mean about the hair, but this wasn’t the dress to try something different. With those earrings, the hair definitely needed to be sleek. And check out those arms. She obviously knows her way around the gym.

    • Rhonda Shore

      Black and gold is a classic combination, but i definitely don’t care for her lacquered hair. I loved the old pictures of her, when she was on ER (was that the show she was first on?) when her hair was wavy.

  • alyce1213

    The gown is gorgeous and just right for her. She’s perfectly accessorized — earrings, ring and bracelet are all exceptional and well chosen.
    I always love seeing her, I’ve been a fan of The Good Wife from the start.

    • Sarah

      Dang you’re right about the jewels; just looked back at them and those earrings are gorgeous.

    • AudreysMom

      This whole look also screams (even if it wasn’t) easy glamour. Like she finished cleaning the house, working all day, feeding the kid and/or having sex with her husband, remembered she had the awards event to attend, tossed on make up, slicked back the hair, donned the dress (practical with pockets no less) checked the mirror for perfection and hopped in the cab.

      great call on all three series, BTW. You’re using your Netflix account wisely and well. I’m expecting raves for Baranski from you boys, though.

      • akprincess72

        I adore Christine Baranski, always have…

  • MK03

    In what world is this resort wear? Oh yeah, Hollywood. Carry on.

    • teensmom99

      That’s why it’s a Golden Globes dress and not an Oscar dress–it’s RESORT wear.

      • demidaemon

        Awards shows have such weird stipulations, no? Last night I was trying to figure out the difference between a Golden Globes and an Oscars dress and couldn’t come up with one. If someone would explain it to me, I would much appreciate it.

        • fursa_saida

          Golden Globes is less self-important because they let the TV plebes in, and it’s part of the general awards show run-up to the Oscars, which means it’s essentially practice/build-up. Oscars dress is your biggest, bestest guns, and there’s a delicate balance between wanting to be memorable or a stand-out and not wanting to risk being memorable the wrong way. Oscars looks get dissected more than any other kind in the press; they’re the ultimate showcase for various designers; and they can make a difference to a star’s image. I’m pretty sure I have some kind of residual goodwill for Michelle Williams because of that yellow dress one time; meanwhile, last year I remember everybody jumping on Anne Hathaway’s dress as part of the overall package of being fed up with her. Golden Globes allows for a little more fun and a little less pressure, and the conventional wisdom is that as the parade of awards shows goes along you’re meant to ratchet up your game until the Oscars climax. (With some variations for what’s going to be on TV, relative prestige of particular awards, etc.)

          At least, that is my understanding!

          • demidaemon

            Thanks for the explanation!

          • demidaemon

            So, does that mean the TV plebes are allowed to be a little fancier, considering the only other awards shows they have are the SAGS a week later and then the Emmys in September?

          • teensmom99

            Sort of. For the TV folks, GG is big time–but it’s also a big drunken party so you want to be fun and not too self-important..

          • fursa_saida

            What teensmom99 said. There’s also the thing where, if a TV person goes too far in the direction of “this is my big moment!!” it ends up being seen as kind of pathetic? Like, they’re blowing their load on what the “real stars” consider a practice round, because of course they haven’t any further to go, the poor things.

            By the way, this whole division where movie people > TV people is complete crap, but the industry and gossip industry seem to still believe in it. It seems to be breaking down a bit with the rise of stunning quality serial television (Mad Men, (formerly) Homeland, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, etc), especially as those shows attract more and more movie actors, but I think it’ll probably always be around at least a little.

          • teensmom99

            Well, Fursa_Saida, I think Tina and Amy had a laugh about the division with the goddess, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

          • fursa_saida

            IIRC Tina and Amy made a joke explicitly about it when they hosted last year. Something about the rat-faced people of television.

  • Glam Dixie

    Her hair is looking a bit helmety, but I’ll agree with y’all about the rest.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    If there’s a resort out there where the dress code requires something like this dress, I want to know where it is and how I can go there.

    She is perfectly breathtaking, as usual. The accessories couldn’t be more well-played, the earrings and the bracelet are just to-die for.

  • misstressofsylar

    Where are the pics with that cute hubby of hers?

  • Karen Belgrad

    I love, love, LOVED this dress on TV. In photographs, not as much, as it commons off a little “maternity” from the front. But on TV, flawless!

    You should totally recap “Hitting The Fan” from the season. If that episode doesn’t inspire you to write, nothing will!!!

  • gabbilevy

    I know we hate it when men put their hands in their pockets on the RC, but DRESSES WITH POCKETS?! Mah fave. She should have done it.

  • marlie

    This was another of my favorite looks of the night. Julianna looks positively stunning. I just love her dress, so much so that the high waistline – which usually makes my eye twitch – doesn’t bother me. I love her bracelet, I’d cut a bitch for her earrings, and her hair and makeup are perfect.

    • decormaven

      Yes, that’s some of the best jewelry choices I’ve seen on the RC. Love the full set!

    • EveEve

      It looks like a “natural” waistline to me. Maybe the plunging neckline creates an illusion of it being Empire?

      • marlie

        It’s that weird in-between waist that the designers have been all over lately… definitely not empire, but a little higher than natural waist.

  • Adrianna Grężak

    I wish her hair color was more brown. These pictures remind me of when I dyed my hair black in college. I actually like the neckline, otherwise it’d be a very conservative dress

  • ailujailuj

    I think the fabric might work better as drapes… but I liked this dress ONLY because of the plunging neckline. Totally agree about the overcoordination – don’t like the earrings. And I think the slick hair is nice accessory. Gorgeous makeup.

    • I would totally buy curtains in this fabric. J’adore it. 🙂

  • TAGinMO

    Given the presumably natural state of Julianna’s hair as seen on ‘ER’ back in the ’90’s, I suspect that “lacquered” is basically her only choice if she wants it straight.

    • Supernumerary

      I have the same thought every time I see her on The Good Wife. ‘Her hair looks all wrong!’ She rocks it, of course, but gosh do I miss the curls.

      • filmcricket

        She wears a wig a lot of the time on that, or did back in the first couple of seasons, anyway.

  • NBG

    Call the Midwife FTW. I binge-watched two seasons while I had a cold and needed two boxes of tissues, one for sneezing and the other for tears.

    Love this dress on her. Not bothered by the hair. And, as always, women who don’t Botox the life out of their faces are my soul sisters. Living for the lines around her eyes.

    • Alanna

      And the third series/season starts on the BBC this Sunday! (Alas, it’s not coming to PBS until April.)

      • majorbedhead

        Oooh, thanks for the heads up on that. One of my favorite shows.

        She looks lovely. She pretty much always looks lovely, although I miss her crazy curls.

    • shirab

      Was just coming here to say that her all-natural face (well, with major makeup, but still) is the best thing about this outfit.


  • Kathy Monkman

    Yes I like her with a softer look but it’s kind of her thing lately. Speaking of binge watching, may I share a netflix series I got in to ? Annika Bengston Crime Reporter. It’s a Swedish series but OMG it will suck you in. Carry on. 😀

  • Dagney

    Love a plunging neckline on a small breasted woman. And I especially love it on this dress, on her, because the dress is “prim and proper” with just enough of a wink to make it not quite uptight. She is the perfect deliverer of this look.

    • @Biting Panda

      I so see your point. I *almost* land right where you are. I think before seemingly every other dress has been severely plunging lately, I would have. But I’m tired of overly assessing time vs. nature.

  • halleygee

    I think there’s so much black that the neckline really works for her. Love the jewelry, great look.

  • ovarB

    Love seeing her on the red carpet!! She pretty much brings the total package from head to toe when she walks the RC.

  • Charlotte

    How to make a woman fall in love with a dress? Tell her it has pockets.

  • d4divine

    i love the dress, but i agree about the hair, it is time for Juliana to ease up on the hair…lest she start looking a bit hard.

  • Belvane

    Welcome to the world of The Good Wife, TLo! Don’t you just love her suits?
    Julianna’s naturally curly hair may require extra lacquer when she doesn’t have a stylist standing off camera to smooth her down every ten minutes.

  • AmeliaEve

    It would have been witty to wear at least one piece of coral jewelry.

    Gorgeous gown.

  • Kimberlini

    My favorite dress and look of the evening (tied with Tina Fey in burgundy). Gorgeous perfection!

  • Daisy Walker

    Accessories are too matchy-matchy, but other than that, she’s perfect. I think she lacquers her hair because it’s naturally curly and things can get warm/sweaty on the RC and that leads to the dreaded frizz.

  • newleaf1

    If I could be any of my celebrity crushes it would be her. I love her show and think she’s fabulous. Dress is fine – it suits her. Not one of the best of the night but certainly lovely.

  • bellafigura1

    OMG, the Bletchley Circle, I thought I was the only one in the world who found it and watched it and LOVE LOVE.

    This lady looks great.

  • Nancer

    Stunning. Beautiful. Not one fault to be found, lacquered hair and all!

  • Aidan B

    This was another of my favorites of the night, along with Michelle Dockery and Lupita’s gowns. So very elegant.
    PS, I LOVED “Call the Midwife” and am eagerly anticipating the new season. I’m about to rewatch the Bletchley Circle; I caught the last two episodes of that while it was on BBC America and I was pleased to see that Netflix has it.

  • nannypoo

    I adore the Bletchley Circle and the Midwives are fabulous. So is this dress. She looks great.

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    I thought this was a striking way to showcase the color combo of black and gold (not usually one of my favorites). It would be nice to see her hair in a more natural state, but I do remember how frizzy it was in the early seasons of ER and can’t blame her for not wanting to deal with that on the red carpet.

    On a side note, our Netflix accounts must be sync because I just finished watching Call the Midwife and watched the first episode of the Bletchley Circle (I need to get back to that after I finish watching Bomb Girls). I think that I may be more excited for the new season of Call the Midwife than I was for the new season of Downton Abbey.

  • Spicytomato1

    To me she looks positively royal. I love it, head to toe. And while I know the neckline would never pass muster, I would love to see Cathy Cambridge look more like this sometime.

  • Sam Smith

    I feel like the bottom is too heavy, but I like the dress, the look and the idea.

  • Ragnarockette

    I love everything about this look. Stunning, striking, classy AND sexy. I like the shiny hair, her face is perfection (talk about aging beautifully and gracefully!) and the earrings are to die for. Its a WERQ to me.

  • Constanza Álvarez Espinoza

    Attagirl at the least.
    I loved this dress.

  • shopgirl716

    Perfection. She looks beautiful.

  • DominoEstella

    perfect for her!

  • Nazzzy

    Sheer perfection.

  • Dan_In_NYC

    Not to overstate or anything, but The Good Wife is my FAVORITE show on TV. The squees I would have if you gave it the TLo treatment…

  • Lilithcat

    Loved “The Bletchley Circle”. Won’t watch “The Good Wife”.

  • MilaXX

    I like this. I’m a fan of her natural surls and would have loved to have seen her wear her hair in the, here. Otherwise, perfect look for her. I’ve never seen The Bletchley Circle. I’ll have to look it up. Good Wife I play catch up on over the summer.

    • akprincess72

      You watch the good wife, you’ll see why they went with the straight hair. Her character & those curls just wouldn’t go.

      • MilaXX

        I understand why her character on the show wears her hair straight. I just think in real life the curls are prettier.

  • Bexxx

    ARMS. ARMS!!!! ARMS???!!!!

  • Suse

    I love that she has crow’s feet! Nice to see a star that isn’t botoxed to death. She looks gorgeous…

    • akprincess72


  • Jangle57

    I loved this dress and well everything about the whole look. Plus it has pockets!

  • MichelleRafter

    She’s come a long way from Carol Hathaway Ross!

    • Suse

      Carol was my favorite character on ER!

  • VioletFem

    she looks amazing, per usual. Also, I’m so glad to hear you guys are watching The Good Wife! It is such a good show.

  • housefulofboys

    I love everything about this, and I think the smooth, sleek hair does well on her face. I don’t think I’d change a thing. I’m lusting after those earrings.

  • I’ve been thinking about watching The Good Wife because Nigella Lawson told me that her character has my name. And what could be more fabulous than that? But I haven’t because if they pronounce it wrong I will sulk and I can’t tarnish my conversation with Nigella like that. Anyway, LOVE the bracelet.

  • Shug

    Adore the look, especially the coral detail on the dress. So delightfully preppy yet done in a glam way.

  • TropiCarla

    TLo reviews of The Good Wife would send me into raptures. That show is IT! Enjoy, gentlemen.

  • Pennymac

    Yes to everything, except the uber lacquered helmet hair.

  • I love her, I love this look and I love The Good Wife. Her character is so full of dignity in a best possible way.

  • tallgirl1204

    i like her with her ER-era curly hair. But I have never been a fan of straight hair at all. I feel like the dress disappears her a little– so much black with no shine to it. Having said that, dang she is beautiful, and that smile is wonderful.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    I like it, but the hair is looking fakey fake with its extreme blackness.

  • MRC210

    Beautiful dress and jewelry but I’d like to see softer hair on her. Is The Bletchley Circle coming back? AFAIK there were only 3 episodes and I would love to see more. Couldn’t watch much of Call The Midwife; thinking that I couldn’t stand to watch another series set in the most dreary period in British life. But then along came The Bletchley Circle set in the same period and I love it.

  • sunflower

    This was one of my favorite looks because it suits her so well. I don’t care if the jewelry is matchy, I want that bracelet!!

    The Good Wife is so so amazing! This season especially is fantastic. I would love for TLo to blog about it!! Also, the clothes on the show are gorgeous!

  • Lily-Rygh

    I love Julianna and I love how she looks most of the time, including here. But my favorite part of this look is the collection of subtle wrinkles around her eyes. It’s just SO fucking refreshing to see a ladystar of a certain age actually, you know, AGE, and to do it gracefully and with the full knowledge that she is still the queen of her own mountain. BRA-fucking-VO!

    • demidaemon

      I’ve always found that TV stars have more leeway to age gracefully compared to film stars.

  • Hilda Elizabeth Westervelt

    I adore her jewelry choices here, especially the bracelet and ring.

  • Danielle

    I really enjoyed this dress on her. I think the neckline could have used a little zhuzhing but what do I know?

  • Kelly

    Really, when I add up all the things I don’t love — the plunging neck, the stiff belled skirt, the equally stiff hair, the fact that the waist sits too high — I should hate this. But I don’t; I really like it. Chic and elegant and interesting.

  • Aurumgirl

    The whole look is gorgeous, but those earrings are stunning.

  • kategs

    This to me is the WERQ. Way way more than Reese. Utterly unlike anything on the RC and that bracelet is the perfect added touch.

  • CT14

    I dislike her hair. I don’t know if it’s too severe with the dress, but off her face or letting her curls out of the lacquer would have helped.

    She’s totally in, but I think her hair is hurting the dress.

  • filmcricket

    I’m afraid I didn’t care for this much. The colour combo is striking and she is beautiful and classy as always, but the waist is too high and the skirt too stiff for me to call it an unvarnished win.

  • butterflysunita

    Shutting it down and throwing away the key. Stunning.

  • Truthiness2U

    I adored this dark Fae look. Yes, even the hair. I thought it was really visually striking in a good, darkly beautiful way. And it was very her.
    I really responded well to the pattern. What first sprung to my mind when seeing the pattern, was that it was like a combination of snowflakes and the doors to Mines of Moria in Lord of the Rings. What can I say, I’m a geek, so this is what I was somehow reminded of.

    Oh and I love the pockets.

  • Milos Mom

    I really like this dress. My only question is… Does it need a belt? That seam at the waist looks sort of strange.

  • CPK1

    so beautiful and chic. I would lose the matchy earrings and soften the hair as TLo says and then, voila, WERQ!

  • SugarSnap108

    I have nitpicks, but I love her and she’s beautiful, so I’ll shut up.

  • Tatiana Luján

    This is beautiful. Up there in the podium with Lupita and Cate.

  • Janet B

    I wish her hair looked a bit softer, but otherwise I love. She knows herself so very well (or her stylist does).

  • Trickytrisha

    I was delirious over this, but The Good Wife is my fave network show, so I was hoping for a gorgeous look from her.

  • elemspbee

    Gorgeous dress. It’s perfect. Her hair, not so much. Def too dark, slicked/oiled. Too much with the dress.

  • CatherineRhodes

    WOW! I only saw her sitting down, but the full effect is amazing.

    Love “Good Wife.” And it keeps getting better. We’ve now in Season 5 and I think it’s the best ever.

  • CatherineRhodes

    BTW: Thanks for the referral to “Call the Midwife” and “Bletchley Circle.” Looking for a few new titles, now that Mad Men, Homeland, Masters of Sex are off the air, I’m down to one show.

    • MartyBellerMask

      Oh, “Call the Midwife” is sooo good.

      • CatherineRhodes

        Watched the first episode last night and really loved it.

  • GORgeous!

  • ampg

    There’s something about this that I just hate, and I don’t really know why. She looks like a vase my grandmother had.

  • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

    It’s a strong dress that suits her strong looks. I like it on her very much.

  • jw_ny

    Yes to all the TLo comments…especially to the lacquered hair and the plunge. Between the high waist of the skirt and the plunge, her boobs look to be at her waist…not flattering, and overall the look is mature and severe. I love her tho and always will as the Good Wife is and has been one of my must watch shows as long as its been on…it’s brilliant!

  • Nancy Karpen

    She looks beautiful

  • MartyBellerMask

    This is her look and her look only.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    She’ll need to lighten up on the hair when her face needs softening. Right now, she’s as gorgeous as ever and can work it. Ms. Margulies is one serious class act.

  • guest2visits

    Loved this dress – loved how she styled her hair, the whole look was perfect!

  • quiltrx

    Isn’t her hair really curly, naturally? I’d say ‘laquer’ is the only thing that’s going to get it this smooth.
    She looks lovely, and I think the matchy earrings actually really work–it’s kind of a ‘regal’ look. Hubby and I were just talking a few days ago about how she seems to get prettier and prettier.

    • demidaemon

      I believe it is, if I remember her looks from her ER period.

  • JP Neil

    Smile wrinkles are sexy.

  • CeeQ

    She’s stiff and starched within an inch of her life. I want her hair to move…..or at least look like it can move. This is beautiful but it’s not doing it for me. Plus with those earrings, she just looks like a giant walking curtain with fancy tassels ala Gone with the Wind….

  • ms_kat

    Does her hair look weird because it’s one of the wigs she wears?

  • Pudgy Possum

    I just discovered The Good Wife too! I saw some eps of season 4 on Netflix and was all like, “Let’s back this shit up!” I am now in season 1 bliss (the kind you get when you know there are many more episodes waiting for you).

  • throwaneyeonthis

    I’m crazy over the tassel effect on the bracelet. She’s my new style inspiration.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I love the whole thing. After Lupita, she’s my favorite from the Golden Globes. So regal, but regal for today. Flove.

  • Andy Brent

    I love the dress, very House Baratheon!

  • Snailstsichr

    Julianna is so close to perfection – a little less lacquer hair and a little higher neckline and this would be a WERK for me.
    And you’re watchin three of my faves! Happy binge watching! Does anyone else want to run put on lipstick after watching “Call the Midwife?” I feel a little naked if I watch without it.

  • Emmyllou

    Best dress of the night. (And Edie Falco should sue (dot, dot, dot) SOMEBODY)

  • Diego!

    She looks amazing. I saw her in the RC and that dress looked great on her while walking too. She was smiling a lot. I love love love that is all coordinated.

  • Lovely.

  • TippiH

    Can I just say how much I love to see women on the red carpet with normal nails!? Juliana, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Tina & Amy…have short pale nails that say I may be all fancied up for this work event, but don’t be fooled – at heart, I’m a working mom.

  • hellyesiwould

    I want this dress knee length with less plunge. I want it in my closet now. But it must retain the pockets.

  • princessricky

    i love how hard she laughed at the ‘george clooney would rather go to space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his age’ joke

  • crash1212

    She never gets it wrong. Beautiful

  • E. D.

    Love it!

  • Shawn EH

    You had it at perfection! Also, in all her table shots during the show, she looked like she was enjoying herself.

  • docholly

    her’s was my 3rd favorite just because of the pockets! I mean where’s a girl supposed to have a condom at the ready? searching though a 3″ purse takes too long.

  • Maya

    when does call the midwife come back on?

  • Michelle Wilson

    You guys must have HuluPlus because your watch list looks amazingly like my own. I love how many British shows they feature – don’t miss Moone Boy and Shameless. I’ve also been binge watching The Good Wife for the past two weeks and finally got caught up to present season last night. It’s amazingly good and not at all what I expected. Everything Scandal wants to be but with superior writing/acting/everything. Even if the regular cast doesn’t wow you, the quality of guest stars that regularly grace the show is just astounding.

    Juliana looks amazing but keeps going too dark with her hair and it ages her. Neckline is too plunging and she’s wearing too much black but you can’t deny it’s striking.

  • love