Jenna Dewan-Tatum at LAX

Posted on January 16, 2014

In the early morning light, as we were going over the wire services and picking out pictures for the day, this look really jumped out at us. Obviously, it’s not because it’s some sort of fashion-forward, jaw-dropping diva look. What it is…

Jenna Dewan-Tatum departing on a flight at LAX airport.

… is perfectly, classically, effortlessly chic. Except for the booties, which we don’t love, everything about this look is classic chic street style and workable on a wide range of women, in age, type and size.

Having said that (WARNING: OBVIOUS TANGENTIAL DISCUSSION POINT INSERTION), one of the things about style books that we really don’t like is the tendency for style writers to hand women a shopping list of items she’s supposed to have in her closet. These usually include a trench coat, and you can see from the above why a look like this is a relatively easy one to teach women to put together if they’re in need of guidance. But the fact of the matter is, not every woman lives in a climate or has a day-to-day life that would require a trench coat  – or a pencil skirt, or a good cardigan, or a white blouse, or dark skinny jeans, or any of the other items that tend to pop up again and again on these lists.  Style, to us, isn’t a list of items you check off one by one until you reach your goal. That’s really not how it works. And it damn sure isn’t about conforming or wearing the same thing everyone else has in their closet.

Not that we’re accusing Miss Jenna of such a thing. She really does look great, and this look obviously suits her and her life. Except for the booties. She should really rethink those.

Also, this is the EPITOME of a “Be me” outfit.



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  • @Biting Panda

    She’s adorable. And she has the epitome of the “Be Me” husband, so all the wins.

    • Sarah

      You mean, “do me” husband, right?

      • @Biting Panda

        Both really. But I was thinking along the lines of, he’s my husband, don’t you wish you were me?

        • Evan

          Am I the only one who Channing Tatum does nothing for? He has a nice body, but his face leaves a lot to be desired for me.

          • Sarah

            I don’t care about his face. I am a sucker for dancers. Step Up = sexy.

          • @Biting Panda

            I’m sure you’re not the only one. But I’ll not hear it from any of you!!
            The body, the moves, the sense of humor, he’s dreamy. Go be a Cumberbitchy or one of those fellas, I just don’t get. 🙂

          • Evan

            Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t do anything for me either. Maybe I’m just really picky? haha

          • @Biting Panda

            So, who does blow your skirt up?

          • Evan

            The subway, like Marilyn 😉 But Matt Bomer, Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, Antonio Banderas, Brad Pitt (when he’s groomed), Colton Haynes (although the blackface was off-putting), Zac Efron (these days, since he’s grown up), Joe Manganiello, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lady Gaga’s boyfriend Taylor Kinney, and if we include dead actors, Paul Newman and Cary Grant. I’m sure I’m missing some though lol

          • marlie

            Anderson Cooper. I’ve had a crush on him for YEARS. And George Clooney never goes out of style. Sadly, I cannot go there with you on Pitt and Efron. But otherwise, you have very good taste. 😉

          • Evan

            Thanks! Don’t worry, Zac Efron is down toward the bottom on that list. I find him slightly douchetastic. I do have a thing for Brad Pitt when he’s shaved and his hair isn’t long though. George Clooney is like the Cary Grant of today. And I’ve had a crush on Anderson Cooper since I was in my early teens. I always thought he way gay too, even before the pics of him with his bf popped up and then his eventual coming out. Anderson Cooper is a lot older than me, but I would hit that in a second. The silver hair with his steely blue eyes is just mesmerizing.

          • marlie

            I admit, I was seriously disappointed when AC “officially” came out. Up until then, I was hoping that I still had a chance.

          • fashion4ever

            Yes to all of this, and Alexander Skarsgard

          • Evan

            Ooh! Alexander Skarsgard was one I missed! I kind of have a thing for Jared Leto too. I find Colin Farrell attractive, but I kind of feel dirty looking at him ever since the sex tape. He just has this sleazy vibe to him.

          • @Biting Panda

            Mmmmm, pretty boys!

          • alyce1213

            Is this question for anyone? Colin Firth.

          • pookiesmom

            IDRIS ALBA

          • MilaXX

            Nope, he looks like a giant thumb to me, but he seems like a really nice guy. I don’t want to shag him, but I wouldn’t mind kicking it and having a few drinks.

          • marlie

            That’s why he doesn’t totally turn me off; I keep hearing that he’s a really nice guy, so that does earn him some points in my book.

          • Evan

            Yeah, he seems like a fun guy who has a good sense of humor. I’m just not really attracted to him. I probably wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but I wouldn’t chase after him either.

          • DeniseSchipani

            I don’t get his appeal, either. Eyes too squinty.

          • marlie

            He’s not my cuppa. I generally don’t like the “beefcake” type.

          • Evan

            I like the beefcake type, but the face is more important to me. I could have called him a slight butterface, but I was being kind.

          • ecallaw1977

            I was exactly the same until I actually saw some of his movies, and he is just so funny and irresistible when you see him in action.

          • fursa_saida

            Nope, does nothing for me either. I have been as pleasantly surprised as everyone else to discover that he’s not a meathead and he’s got a sense of humor (if he’s gonna be A Thing, better a human than a Ken doll), but, to twist a phrase, I legitimately might kick him out of bed.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Yes, Channing is the Be Me and Do Me spouse, for sure.

  • VicD

    She’s rockin’ the booties tho’. Can’t really complain about any of it!

    • 3boysful

      And I guess they are easily removed and replaced at TSA.

  • Irene Ngau

    The jacket is nice. But it would be too warm for Asia, where I am from. Thanks for pointing out that style is not something you check off from a list.

  • Imasewsure

    Love the boots too

    • mshesterp

      I think they’re Rag and Bone, and my sis has a pair in black with tan stitching…they are super cute, I like them better than the tan ones (although when I saw the price I gasped…librarians like myself so not make that kind of money!)

  • CatherineRhodes

    TLO, to clarify…. “Be Me” is dressing to be admired, and “Do Me” is dressing to be fucked, right?

    • Dressing for confidence vs dressing to look hot.

      • RedRaven617

        I love those themes. Can’t wait to get my hands on the book.

  • mlle

    Those sunglasses!

  • jilly_d

    I dunno guys, I kinda want those booties.

  • Diego!

    I love it. Even the boots. Lets remember she is about to take a plane, therefore, her feet will be swollen within minutes. What a gorgeous coat she is wearing. Beautiful and effortless.

  • MilaXX

    Cute look even the stank boot. ITA about style. It’s what bugs me about the way some of out plus size gals end up looking on the RC. IMO most of these stylist aren’t used to dressing plus size bodies. Instead they try to shoe horn them into this arbitrary set of “rules” or whatever micro trend is happening. I really wish some of these plus sized lady celebs would reach out to some of the curvy bloggers. They could show these Hollywood stylist a thing or 2.

    • moxie_lady

      Totally. It would be amazing to see what Gabi Fresh, Nicolette Mason, or Girl with Curves would do with someone like Melissa McCarthy or Viola Davis!

      • MilaXX

        I’s love to see them working with Gabby Sidibe or Rebel Wilson.

        • Nicolette Mason and Rebel Wilson seem like a really good fit. We should make that happen.

          • MilaXX

            I agree!

  • formerlyAnon

    She keeps looking great in photos.

  • ashtangajunkie

    Those are Rag & Bone ‘Harrow’ booties. I’m not a fan of these ones either, but I LOVE the black leather ones. I kind of adore this gal – she always looks cute and smiley. She’s not so smiley here, but she doesn’t have the celebrity scowl going either.

  • Jenna

    I would love to know who that coat is by if anyone has the intel!

  • Ceur

    Hate the boots, love the rest. And I agree upon the “must have items”, I invest a lot of time and money in clothing, but I don’t own a black dress or a white shirt. I will probably never own a black dress or a white shirt. I hate when so-called style gurus are asked about their BEST style secret and it is “always have a black dress and a white shirt”. No. That is not a style secret, morons.

    • marlie

      I’ve heard Stacy and Clinton say that they recommend that each person decide what their lifestyle and needs are, and THEN build the “must have” items around that. That makes much more sense, and makes the idea of the “must have list” a little less daunting.

      • demidaemon

        It’s true. I always thought S & C got a lot of unnecessary shit for coming back to similar silhouettes, but they always seemed willing to choose pieces around a client’s needs.

      • Tatiana Luján

        I think everyone who goes to WNTW ends up looking the same.
        I really liked and miss Trinny and Susannah.

        • marlie

          True, and a lot of the makeovers weren’t entirely successful, but (and it sounds cheesy) I always liked their message.

          • Tatiana Luján

            What ruined some of the makeovers was Nick, he always gave the women bob cuts or really unflattering short cuts.

          • marlie

            I do think the hairstyle was often the weakest part of the makeover.

          • Gatto Nero

            And for some reason they had a bias against curly hair! All the curly girls had to undergo the flat iron. I found that very distressing.

    • tereliz

      Yeah, I’ve always wanted an awesome trench coat, but when would I wear it in Southeast Louisiana? And I do have a white button-down shirt, but I never wear it except as a layering piece because I don’t want to be mistaken for a server. 😉

    • kimmeister

      Ha, both Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia recommend trenches for women in their books. They also talk about white shirts; I must have 4-5 of them, and they never get worn.

  • marlie

    I love this. It’s easy-chic. I totally have all of these things in my closet – except for the ugly booties.

  • GeoDiva

    I echo some of the other posters who thank you for acknowledging that not all of us live in the same climate. Style is individual.

  • d4divine


  • alyce1213

    This is pretty much what I wear most days, with varying jackets, cuter boots and a small bag. I have an admitted addiction to striped shirts like that, it’s my thing.

  • another_laura

    Just one little thought – I love that nail polish color.

  • Granny panties

    She is lovely. I can’t wait for these jeggings, stretch jeans, Melissa jeans or whatever they are called trend to die. Find that faux fading so tacky. I do like the boots though, and would prefer this look with some trousers or actual jeans.

  • MannahattaMamma

    I would cut someone to get my hands on that bag. And am I neither exaggerating nor speaking metaphorically. Who makes it and does it cost more than my house?

    • bellafigura1

      Check out Annabelle Ingalls …

  • bellafigura1

    Man, I love those booties. The grey strap across the sand? Yum, want.

  • TerryMH

    I’m dislike those fashion “must-have” lists as well. Every style expert says a woman needs to own a crisp white blouse which I hate because every time I’ve tried to wear one, instead of feeling chic and fresh, I feel like a waitress and walk around all day neurotic about getting a stain on it…and believe me, there’s nothing chic about constantly worrying about getting dirt on your white blouse as you go about your day.

    • Joanna

      Couldn’t agree more – I feel the same way about jeans of any kind. I hate the feel of them, I don’t wear “casual” well, and I have never found a cut that is more than passable and is flattering. So I don’t wear jeans. Ever. I’d much rather wear a casual black pant.

    • sagecreek

      Same here, Terry! White next to my face is the LAST thing I need. I haven’t purchased a white blouse since I was required to back in high school band.

      • TerryMH

        Ha! From one band geek to another~ I hear ya!

  • carnush

    I want that BAG.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Yup, when you’re right, you’re right. It’s nearly damn perfect except for the booties.

  • decormaven

    I think all the elements are working here, even the booties. This gal has amazing hair- does she have a hair products campaign? She should.

  • Danielle


  • crash1212

    I love this look. Including the booties, which I think kind of make the look.

  • MzzPants

    Everyone standing behind her at security is thankful for those booties.

  • Arlette Barahona

    Well said!

  • KinoEye

    I love everything about this, except for those silly booties. I don’t really care for those on anyone. But I was thinking that this is an outfit I’d wear, and very close to outfits I have worn in the past. So cute.

  • AzSportsGirl

    Do I detect a typically horrible DMV photo on her license? If so I just love her more!

  • webslice33


  • Gatto Nero

    Why the hate for the booties? (I’m genuinely curious.)
    I think this works from head to toe. Cool and effortless.