Giambattista Valli Spring 2014 Couture Collection

Posted on January 21, 2014

Giambattista Valli Spring 2014 Couture Collection






Photo Credit: IMAXtree]

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    • zenobar

      Thigh gaps: the must-have accessory for Spring 2014.

      • Jessica Freeman

        Thigh gaps and bikini bridges. Next up: no body parts touch. Ever.

    • marlie

      There are some really beautiful fabrics and prints here, and I think some of the gowns are lovely, but I’m guessing that a lot of the shorter dresses (shorter in front; high slits) are wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen.

      • zenobar

        Maybe they have built-in shorts. Like the girls’ skorts at Target.

        • YoungSally

          Or like that lovely bike short evening gown that Demi designed.

      • oekmama

        Yes, gorgeous fabrics, but it doesn’t make up for the WTFerie below the waist!LOL! I understand designers want to push the envelope, and be remembered for starting a style, but the New Look, this aint!

    • Anna

      An awful lot of billowing bedsheets and folded/pin-tucked napkin tourniquets and diapers disguised as peplums, no? Lose the awkwardly-tied belt on the second last gown and I could see either Fan Bingbing or Lucy Liu working their magic on it.

      • zenobar

        “Billowing bedsheets” will now be my go-to oath.

    • Sarah

      Oh, for shame on them for perpetuating the skin-tone lip. Shame!

      • zenobar

        Looks like those Barbie styling heads of yore.

        (Just for fun, google “Farrah Fawcett styling head” and imagine having that in your darkened childhood bedroom.)

        • Sarah

          The Barbie head of yore is a bugbear of my youth. (I asked for it repeatedly and never got it, and was forced to style only on cast-off heads at my friends’ houses.) Farrah Fawcett, however, is now going to haunt my dreams.

          • CPK1

            that happened to me too! I desperately wanted one. It was, alas, never to be mine

          • demidaemon

            Last night, on Chelsea Lately, Emmy Rossum brought the stand-in doll they use on Shameless. That thing was one of the creepiest dolls I have ever seen in my life. Youtube it at your own discretion.

            • Sarah

              Ok, I looked it up. First, dolls are creepy as a rule, I feel safe saying. Disembodied doll heads may be even worse. But actually, the Shameless doll didn’t freak me out because I had ones that were very similar growing up, if a little smaller. The closing-eye action was a big gimmick then. I’m sorry you got creeped by it though! Poor thing.

            • demidaemon

              For me, it was a combination of that action rendered with the strange looking mouth and the fact that it seemed to have a dead eye stare.

              As you said, dolls are creepy. Also, disembodied Santa heads and disembodied 50s elf heads that sing. Yeah, some of my mom’s X-mas decorations are a bit f-ed up.

            • Sarah

              My father’s wife has a thing for animatronic Xmas, as well as old dolls with cracked skulls and missing eyes, arranged in creepy tableaux all over the house. SO UNSETTLING. She says it’s because she grew up on a farm and didn’t get to play with dolls when she was little, but I think its because she has a deep-seated desire to give visitors (especially hateful stepchildren) the willies. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

            • demidaemon

              Considering the stories you’ve told in TLounge, I believe you wholeheartedly.

    • @Biting Panda

      The first half is all Ally McBeal goes to party. After that, it’s as if someone realized they can’t all have micro mini lengths, so they reattached some of the scrap fabric and called it a day.

    • Tatiana Luján

      The blue flowers print is beautiful.

    • PeggyOC

      Aside from the second to last blue flowered number, that is a whole lot of ugly and ill-fitting going on there.

      • Lori

        That dress with the blue flowers is beautiful. It makes the rest of the collection look worse by comparison.

    • teensmom99

      Now I know where Sandy Bullock will get her weird bubbled and then wrapped skirts. I do love the one with the pants.

    • gabbilevy

      Because every girl wants to look like she tucked her skirt into her panties.

      • Anastasia

        There will be waaaay too many crotch shots next season.

    • Shug

      The white gown with the red watercolor in the midsection and on the side of the leg makes the wearer look like a gunshot victim, or perhaps a victim of the worst menstrual mishap ever. Woof. Come on guys, literally any other color combination than that.

      • ralish

        Exactly!! Terrible– it’s like she tied a sheet around her to hide the stain (and failed miserably)

        • ankali

          That is precisely what I saw. “Way too late, sweetheart.”

      • marlie

        OMG, I didn’t notice that the first time around. Now I can’t UNsee it.

      • filmcricket

        Oh dear lord. I think I scrolled right past that. It’s actually saying “Dexter couture” to me, but I definitely get your interpretation too.

      • jilly_d

        I came here to type that exact sentiment. LIT’RALLY…..any other color.

    • charlotte

      Sitting down is not an option.

    • Qitkat

      Sometimes we’ve all thought designers must get their inspirations, from, uh, unconventional places. But getting one’s dress hiked up into one’s pantyhose?
      NOnono. NOOO.

    • decormaven

      The ballgowns are better than the shorter frocks, but that’s not saying much.

      • demidaemon


    • Lilah

      I’m in love with the pink and chartreuse gown. The others, not so much.

      • marlie

        That one is gorgeous. Lupita? Maybe Cate?

        • Lilah

          I think either could pull it off, but it would be stunning on Lupita. But then, there are few things that wouldn’t be.

    • JulieK

      They look like they got their skirts tucked up in their panties accidentally after visiting the ladies room.

    • Pennymac

      Interesting deployment of the “I got my period so I’m wrapping my butt with my sweater” technique.

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      I don’t usually like pants/dresses combo, but I think the one 5th from the bottom might actually work if the top was more fitted and the black belt was higher up on the waist. The excess fabric around the shorter skirts provide an extra layer of protection during that time of the month!

    • Laura Renee

      “Tissues gone awry”

      At least they all look appropriate for spring.

    • pattyw

      Some of these would be lovely if they paid any attention to, you know, the female form.

    • KT

      Not really into this collection as a whole — lots of unflattering silhouettes and weird proportions. A couple of these are quite pretty, though — namely the second one from the bottom with the blue flowers and black waistband.

    • ryenerman

      So. Many. Crotch curtains. Ruining some really lovely fabrics.

    • boweryboy

      It doesn’t look like couture, and that white dress with the period stains is just gross.

    • ewes_urn_aim


    • Blair Sylvester

      Did Raf Simons design this too? It feels kind of like a mashup of Raf’s collections for Dior

    • abishagijh

      Some very pretty looks but the shape at the thigh/crotch is not pretty at all. Some of these look very English Shepherdess.

    • Jessica Freeman

      They have really committed themselves to tying things around the waist and hips.

    • Ragnarockette

      Beautiful colors and designs but all the skirts look like turbans and aren’t even flattering to the tiny models wearing them…

    • filmcricket

      The one with the black boob band and yellow sash I could see working on Kerry Washington when she’s no longer pregnant.

    • MilaXX

      Yuch! Mostly no bueno Everything is too fussy and/or 2 short. I sorta like the acid yellow skirt look and the white top/ red rose& fuchsia skirt look.

    • Allie Carter

      Some are lovely, but I cannot get over the “presenting, my vagina” design…

    • TigerLaverada

      Because every woman wants to emphasize her hips.

    • MK03

      Because nothing says “easy breezy spring fashion” like a dress that looks like a catastrophic tampon failure.

      • amaranth16

        My thoughts exactly.

    • Namina

      The very best in gynaecology couture!

    • aglorios

      Women as flower cakes? No thanks.

    • Deborah Lipp

      Oh ferfuxake, they’re just sticking fabric on models and calling it a day, now!

    • Jackie4g

      Many of those dresses are just trying too hard. The rest are perverse in their ugliness. Why take a beautiful fabric and purposely put it with something that fights it? Jeez Louise, this collection is mostly a damn shame .

    • crash1212

      Those are some tortured skirt areas. I think some of those dresses must weigh more than the models. Odd color combos as well. This collection is not doing it for me.

    • demidaemon

      Apparently, easy access skirts are now also in.

      The peplums here are all varying levels of hideous, and I am a peplum defender.

      • conniemd

        That made me laugh, “easy access skirts.” I was trying to think of a way to describe the high cut that is a gap and not a slit. I’d noticed more dresses with the gap almost up to the crotch lately and now we see it in full flowers.

        I’d call this collection the “easy access skirt,” mullet dress/skirt” and “peplum” run amok.

        • demidaemon

          Full flowers + “easy access” = pornographic for me, but also hilarious.

          Your description of this collection should have been included in the liner notes.

    • kimmeister

      Love the 2 black/white/yellow gowns and the white one with blue flowers and the black sash.

      • MarieLD

        IF i were model size and ever to get married again, I’d like that gown (blue flowers/black sash) as a wedding gown. I love blue florals. Sigh.

    • MoreShoes

      What happened to the skirts? Are they running out of ideas?

    • PeaceBang

      Winged eyeliner and Crotch Foof.

    • d4divine

      The peplum must die!!!

    • Fred Vaughn

      Gynecologically placed peplum and things… REALLY??

    • Daisy Walker

      I like the color palatte and the gowns. The rest…not so much.

    • quiltrx

      GEEZ. This is the most “keep the bodice, trash the rest” collection I think I’ve ever seen. The only looks I like as a whole are #9 (mauve-ish flowers on white) and the next-to-last gown (if we stitch closed about 6 inches of that split).
      It’s a shame, because I really love some of the color combinations. But no one wants to walk around looking like her skirt got eaten by her vagina.

    • KingCrazy

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many scrolldown fugs in one collection.

      Some nice looks, but overall NO.

    • LaSylphide

      Adore #8 (longer though) and some of the long gowns. The rest: ugh. Too bad, because there are some beautiful fabrics and plenty of color.

    • HeatherMcIlrath

      this collection looks super dated to me. those are some particularly odd tissue paper folding silhouettes too…and horrible styling.

    • amf0001

      such beautiful fabrics, such terrible designs. I looked at one and actually said, why would they do that? (heavy top, pants, weird skirt) But the fabrics are gorgeous!

    • Sunraya

      I have a blog I write called “The Intelligent Stylist,” and I don’t thinki would put anyone in any of these dresses or gowns. I really hate them all.