Dolce&Gabbana Fall 2014 Menswear Collection

Posted on January 15, 2014

Dolce&Gabbana Fall 2014 Menswear Collection







[Photo Credit: IMAXtree]

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    • Judy_S

      OK, what music did they play during the runway show? “In Camelot, I know it sounds a bit bizarre…”? This is a hoot.

      • GorgeousThings

        Or “The Rains of Castamere”? That first model looks like John Snow, number two is Robb Stark, and number 3 is Joffrey. Where’s the Iron Throne?

      • Katie

        I was thinking Game of Thrones theme song

      • conniemd

        When I saw the first two “faces” on fabric thing, I thought “D & G is still into the medieval thing.” As I scrolled down I realized they have taken it to a whole new level.

    • jtabz

      Ren fair couture realness.

    • NBG

      Too much court jester, not enough king.

    • MilaXX

      Game of Thrones costuming.

      • mjude

        I don’t even watch that show but that is what I thought. LOL

        • boweryboy

          Same here.

      • kirkyo

        Not kidding…my first thought was of Renly Baratheon (still bitter).

      • marlie

        Heh. I should have read down before I posted. 😉

    • gabbilevy

      Medieval Burger King employee uniforms? Crowns like that will never not read Burger King to me. Still, there’s some nice stuff here for the wealthy dandy in your lives.

      • Anna_Cecilia

        Hahaha, awesome!

      • YoungSally

        Do the models say “Have it your way” with a wink?

    • Blair Sylvester

      the bathing suit isn’t half bad. the rest is just a little bit overworked even by cracked out high fashion standards

    • Danielle

      Oh my God, I am having so much fun mentally picturing Joffery in half of these.

      • Imasewsure

        Unfortunately I saw Rob Kardashian… not at all what I wanted to see in my mind’s eye!!

    • Sarah

      I love those vertically striped pants. And I want a D&G crown for my fiancé, immediately.

      • homofascist

        Those striped pants – actually a lot of the pants – are gorgeous.

        • Sarah

          So is my fiancé. He could rock a crown like a BOSS. I am so titillated by the idea that I can’t wait to get home 😉

    • AnguaVonUberwald

      Okay, most of this is ridick, but those vertically striped suits are swoon worthy.

      • foodycatAlicia

        And I love the one with the burgundy trim. Can’t wait to see those on the red carpet!

      • barbarienne

        The striped suits, the solid suits…those are some really good suits. :-)

        I love the rest of the collection, too, but most of it is too costumey for regular people to wear while going about their day. It’s almost as if they said, “Here’s some cool, crazy stuff to get your visual cortex buzzing…and here’s stuff that looks sharp and awesome and you might actually buy.”

    • Kathy

      I’m getting an Austin Powers vibe from the suits.

    • Kathy

      I’m getting an Austin Powers vibe from some of the suits.

      • Kathy

        Sorry for the dupe post. I thought the first one got lost in the ether.

    • PeggyOC

      You know nothing, Dolce & Gabbana.

    • Frank_821

      Swimmwear? I thought those were sleep wear.

      the outer wear is hideously boxy and unflattering

    • Anna_Cecilia

      Donatella, Domenico and Stefano had some sort of Bacchanalian celebration, got wasted and smoked a ton of good shit. The result was their Fall 2014 collections.

    • Me Again

      Every single look is costume. Luxe costume, but costume nonetheless. I like the pants in Pic 14, but that’s it.

    • MoHub

      Somebody went to Burger King.

    • boweryboy

      I like the first three pairs of pants. The other vertically striped pants are a bit too court jester for me and the rest is pure cray cray.

      • StellaZafella

        I don’t want to pay for any of the “chain mail” balaclavas…but I might knit or crochet one for myself. maybe in denim yarn…

        • Jacqueline Wessel

          I know, I want one too. They look so nice a warm.

    • Evan

      Everything is too oversized.

    • Kimbolina

      Hilarious. Though not as hilarious as the Versace.

      A lot of the jackets and coats are pretty nice but there’s a lot of tacky stuff going on here too.

    • crash1212

      Game of Thrones inspired? Also, I can’t wait until I see the first guy walking down the street in a crown.

    • SewingSiren

      Pretty much love the whole thing from the tops of the crowns to the shoe laces. With extra love for the cowls and any man that would wear one..

      • Tatiana Luján

        I love the scarves.

    • Ginny Ellsworth

      Imma thinking I could knit that coif. And Imma thinking my baby wouldn’t wear it. Darn it.

    • Nancer

      Wow. All I can say is – check out those cheekbones on the fourth model from the top! Crazy beautiful. Uh, were there clothes?

    • Jecca2244

      god, I love this so much. We were in Verona in the fall, and they had one of the high waisted skirts with the rennaisance images on it in the Dolce and Gabbana window and I wanted it soo bad. that and one of those crowns. I bet you the women’s collection did quite well for them.

    • Shawn EH

      Unfitted coats and loose sweaters … interesting. I don’t like any of the prints.

    • marlie

      For the modern-day version of Game of Thrones. There are some seriously beautiful fabrics in this collection.

    • MishaFoomin

      Sorry, I was still stuck on the GG post part 1 mode.

      But those loudly printed pants! Please! I have seen them before, in high school, back when that style was popular, super popular, early 1990s I think, but the name of the company that made them escapes me. All the boys had to have at least one pair.

    • WendyD


    • Qitkat

      Because Wills and Harry need a makeover.

    • Glam Dixie

      I’m scrolling down thinking, I’m the King! I’m a Prince! I’m a Knight! I’m a bear! I’m Robin Thicke! I’m at the beach! I’m confused!

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      That header image looks a hell of a lot like a chinchilla coat, and as owner of a chinchilla I just CANNOT with this too-literal collection. No matter how much I enjoy the striped velvet suits and want Florence Welch to get one tailored for her frame. Maybe Tilda Swinton, too. I have principles.

    • ailujailuj

      absofuckinglutelygorgeous. I’ve been waiting for GOT to get prevertized. the colors are just melty. love it. esp the flail-spikey gloves. roar!

    • ailujailuj

      and the topless jammie shorts dude can be seen from behind off to the right of his buddy… just – yum.

    • KT

      Wow, the almost naked guy in the green boxers just made my pants move, and I don’t even have a penis. Impressive.

    • Janice Bartels

      Legit question, assuming those are pajamas. Is it normal for nightwear to be shown in menswear collections? I don’t remember ever seeing it before.

      • Isabel

        I guess it’s ok, since there’s no equivalent to Vickie’s Secret for men.

      • Tatiana Luján

        I wish it were normal in womenswear collections.

    • kimmeister

      Dang, those gloves have got to be heavy.

      I’m a bit puzzled by the shorty jammies that have long sleeved tops. I guess that would work for men who, like me, suffer from having thighs with their own internal heat source.

      • e jerry powell

        Nah, it’s gotta be about gay porn stars. Trying to cut in on the Andrew Christian market.

    • Imasewsure

      Gorgeous and lush but also kind of stupid and unwearable… Anyone who wears anything from this collection must also be required to wear a crown or a knight’s hood for sure…that part is kind of fun

    • lizajane1776

      Love this! Outside of the first gloves, which remind me of warts or someone being turned into a dragon.
      And as I was scrolling, I was just waiting for the needle-scratch moment, and there it was-pajamas!

      • Isabel

        Wouldn’t it be funny if men got mugged for these gloves?

    • DaveUWSNYC

      They should put these guys together with the women in their Byzantine 2013 women’s collection and re-create the Fourth Crusade.

    • French_Swede


    • Dreamwr8tr

      The first few pictures look like the Wangst of Burger King. And I cannot stop laughing at the knit chainmail hats. I see this trickling down to the contractors in about five years — especially the printed oversized shirts. They’re warm, practical and scream I AM THE KING.

    • e jerry powell

      Aside from the specifics of motif, how exactly is this substantially different from the spring collection?

    • MzzPants

      Horrific gloves. I like the mod striped suits, though.

    • quiltrx

      The cathedral coat (4th down) and the black/grey striped suit are GIVING ME LIFE. I seriously would love to have that coat for myself…no one around here knows enough about fashion to realize it’s a men’s coat anyway!

      ETA….SQUEEEEE Tony as final model!!! Wish you had done that one full-size, I nearly missed him!!

    • unbornfawn

      It evokes Peter O’Toole in Lion in Winter for me. Kinda love it.

    • filmcricket

      The knitted chain mail is so Monty Python, I love it. As with just about everyone else, I’m seeing GOT, a bit of LOTR, and I think maybe Sweeney Todd (the Burton version) with the stripey suits? Something Burton, anyway. I really dig this, even if it’s ridiculous.

      • formerlyAnon

        I have to agree. Some of the suits I like are completely indefensible, so I will just pretend someone I know will wear one of the jackets with solid color slacks. And since I know a couple of people with home-knit faux chain mail hoods & sweaters, I can’t say those aren’t gonna sell to people with the money for a bit of fun at D&G prices.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      This hits my Ivan the Terrible taste right down the middle of the iron plate. I would like to order one of Mr. 2. The second man down from the top. Send him on down…

    • fananafanafophalec

      so it kinda pisses me off that it feels so derivative of their women’s collection last year, but it’s so damn gorgeous I ain’t even bothered

    • Cindy Bartlett Zigler

      Totally Game Of Thrones for sure! But I want that crown, just to wear around the house….

    • Fordzo a.k.a. Fancy Mukluks

      Winter is coming, mutha fuckahs! Getcha cowls and crowns, bitchez!

    • formerlyAnon

      There are some nice, wearable suits (though mostly if you’re built for the double breasted). I confess I like a couple of the jackets with the stripy patchwork effect, a lot, but not with patchwork print pants. As has been stated, the outerwear is Game of Thrones.

      And in a very, very, rare occurrence, I really like a large and intrusive graphic – I think the cathedral windows graphics are lovely. Not convinced anyone I know would wear it except on a t shirt, though, even if I knew anyone with the money for D&G menswear.

      • e jerry powell

        Good Humor suits, but in more expensive materials!

    • Aurumgirl

      I love that coat in the first photo. And I want it for myself.

    • guest2visits

      WELLYEAH. Totally into the crowns, jeweled gloves and faux chain mail hoodies; the whole theme is fun but masculine.
      Love most all in fact. Especially the AMAZING footwear. (no; most especially fond of the pj models).

    • Big Bear

      Oh, if I only had hands for those gloves!

    • Diego!

      Very nice! Not all of these clothes are wearable but there are some interesting things here I’d like to try one day. The striped pants and the dark blue suit look amazing. But what I love the most above everything, was the crown on the models. LOL. That made may day 😀

    • deelup

      I need Ewan McGregor in one of those vertically striped suits. Immediately.

    • Tatiana Luján

      This is amazing and hilarious.

    • CT14

      I like the striped pants, but not in red.
      I like the knight/mail/head covering/thingies,but probably because it’s so cold here in Chicago.
      I like the boy in the boxers. I’ll take one of him, please.

    • Corsetmaker

      I’m not getting the unwearable thing…. maybe it’s the old goth in me but the bulk of this is very wearable. Not necessarily together or with the chainmail snoods! But break the pieces apart and there’s no problem. I’d expect to see some of these in music mag spreads for a start.

      • demidaemon

        This collection is actually distinctly wearable; the clothes, just like most menswear collections, needs serious editing and restyling.

    • theblondette

      As a medievalist by profession, I’m gonna give this my seal of approval.

    • Lyndsey Magrone

      We are the knights who say “ni!”

    • conniemd

      It’s a probably an irrational pet peeve of mine, but I really hate menswear when they take a kinda cool, but over the top print and make the whole suit out of it. I’d much prefer seeing either the pants or jacket paired with a plain fabric so my eyes don’t bleed at the sight.

    • kategs

      I want those embellished gloves right now. And several of the coats.

    • Kent Roby

      I would love to have all the striped pants….and the body of the model in the swimsuit.

    • demidaemon

      The styling here is so WTF at times it really threw me off. It is good to know, though, that the oversized sweater I am wearing today is back on trend. Also, some of the pants are really, really cool.

    • DesertDweller79

      So Dolce and Gabbana really like Game of Thrones?

    • Closet Crisis

      Overwrought, over-designed, yadayada…then BAM! shorts! OK, all’s forgiven.

    • sleepycat

      At least it isn’t Sicily again

    • Diogo Carneiro

      Fugly. But it sells, so good for them.

    • Vera Schränkung

      Those striped suits are giving me LIFE!