Sheryl Crow in Juan Carlos Obando at the 2013 American Country Awards

Posted on December 11, 2013

Sheryl Crow attends the 2013 American Country Awards at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in a Juan Carlos Obando dress

Juan Carlos Obando Resort 2012 Collection





[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, PRN/, FPA/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES,]

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  • annabelle archer

    Oh god. Oh honey no. Who talked you into this?

  • TAGinMO

    Not doing her waist any favors, but overall it’s pretty and tasteful–qualities typically in short supply at country-music-related events.

    • MoHub

      She’s built straight up and down from waist to hips; this is not the silhouette for someone with that figure.

  • ChaCha_70

    A little too Barbie pink for my taste but overall, she looks good. And I love her smile!

  • I think the purple would have been better on her. I think the hair is her, but could be better, and the makeup is pretty/

    • That was my immediate reaction, too. It would also be more seasonally appropriate!

  • I miss the tomboyish Sheryl Crow.

    • imspinningaround

      You should have watched the ACA Country Christmas special! You would have loved the suit they put her in–a modern interpretation of a Nudie suit in black velvet crusted with jet and crystal embroidery.

      I wish T&Lo had done a roundup of that event; the wardrobe master pulled fabulous clothes and accessories that suited everyone beautifully.

  • lunchcoma

    It’s so cheap-looking.

  • Constant Reader

    I really like this, and I love that she’s wearing gold jewelry with it. I wish the bag didn’t look quite so much like a tiny beach bag, but that’s a minor quibble.

    • marlie

      I don’t particularly like the dress, but the jewelry is gorgeous.

      • Sarah

        It gorgeously doesn’t got with the dress, either, just like her tiny beach tote purse.

        • kimmeister

          The bracelet contains more awesomeness than all of the other pieces combined.

          • Monabel

            Both. Quite.

  • hughman

    “All I wanna do
    is have some punch…”

    • I have never been drunk enough for karaoke, but if I were, this would be a candidate. And Paradise by the dashboard light.

      • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

        Regretfully, I have been drunk enough for karaoke. Somehow “When you saw me at a restaurant / You could tell I was no debutante” works better coming from Debbie Harry than it does from an enormously tall, enormously bearded daddy bear. This is how I know there is a kind, loving God who looks down upon me with tender mercy: no video exists.

        • hughman

          Well Dreaming is free…

  • marlie

    This dress seems surprisingly matronly on Sheryl. The color is OK, but overall this seems a little too “beach coverup” to me. And I hate the purse. It seems childish. And I don’t want to criticize a ladystar for wearing a color on her lips on the red carpet (hallelujah!), but I don’t like that it’s matched to her dress.

    • decormaven

      The purse was appropriated from the children’s department. Jarring disconnect from the grown-up jewelry for me. And while the color suits her, I wish she had gone for the purple gown. Thankful that she’s healthy and happy looking.

  • MilaXX

    I like this. It’s a bit laid back, but that’s Sheryl’s style. The color is really good on her.

  • Diego!

    It’s on the tacky side, but I think she looks radiant! Way to go Sheryl! 😀

  • theblondette

    This whole look is so bizarrely summery! I’m sure Las Vegas is pretty warm right now, but come on. This is a cute dress that you wear on holiday after you’ve been to the beach and you’re going out to dinner, glowing with your new tan and not in the mood to wear anything too form-fitting.

    • kimmeister

      My mom lives in Vegas and reports that it has indeed participating in the US-wide cold snap, with lows in the 20’s.

      • theblondette

        Brr, that’s colder than it is here in England! And yet when I was in Las Vegas in early October it was SO much warmer than the UK. Ah, climate.

    • boweryboy

      Nah. My niece lives in Vegas. She said it’s about 28 degrees.

  • BrianaJC

    I know the one-arm thing is a fairly young trend, but the spaghetti strap on one side and the curtain sleeve on the other strike me as very old (maybe old trying to look young?). I don’t mind the color, but would be much nicer with a different neck line and different sleeves – as a halter, perhaps?

    • kirkyo

      I mostly like this but something is making it read a bit mature and your explanation is better than anything I could come up with.

  • mjude

    of course I cant sew but a button, but I think this dress has no thought or skills in it. am I wrong?

  • boweryboy

    She looks like a puddle of Pepto-Bismal. The purple would have looked much nicer.

  • alyce1213

    I’m neutral on the dress, s’okay, but I LOVE the little bag.

  • MoHub


  • teensmom99

    I remember when Sheryl came out against all th hyper sexualized folks a la Britney & Xtina & made a big deal about relying on talent. I lved her then but then over time I felt like she was putting others down. Now I look at an outfit like this & think that the mighty Sheryl is now mutton in lambs’ clothing, it just doesn’t work

    • kimmeister

      Wasn’t she another one of those who complained about getting too much attention for her beauty than for her talent?

      • teensmom99

        I hate when they do that to me.

    • I was never a fan, but after she went after Angelina Jolie about her surgery, I wrote her off completely.

  • jw_ny

    That pink is searing, but the simplicity of the dress style suits her. Her hair is too daytime.

  • Ediths_Head

    Am I the only one who really hates the ring with those beautiful bracelets. And I mean with – the ring is fine in itself. Of course, both bracelets and the ring have to fight with the bag(gie?). Does Blue Ivy know you stole her beach tote, Sheryl?

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    That pink is a bit too much for her and she doesn’t have the long torso to carry off the bottom half of the gown. But I love the top half…it’s very soft and flattering.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    Cheap club dress. Pink is my favorite colour but this Pepto Bismol hue is ironically giving me the eye version of heartburn.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I usually love her style and this dress isn’t it.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Gorgeous. I really like the cut and flow of the dress.

  • mmebam

    Pity she didn’t choose the blue…

  • Well, holy fuck, she finally wore something to a country music thang that wasn’t a) macramé or b) not age appropriate. I don’t love the color but at least she looks somewhat chic. (However those accessories can burn in a fiery hell)

  • housefulofboys

    Would have chosen the blue/purple, but she looks fresh and happy and pretty. Good for her.

  • Janet B

    Her jewelry is gorgeous.
    Purple is almost always a better choice than Barbie pink, especially in December.

  • Jacob Bowen

    I think I draped a better and more flattering toga out of a bedsheet than this awful dress. The top-half/neckline is so floppy and unflattering, and the bottom of the dress/hemline is so awkward when not blowing in the wind.

  • Trickytrisha

    Not quite pulling it off here, but I do like the the purple one on the model.

  • Jackie4g

    I like the blue purple color on the model much better.

    (Shocking pink, that is. Hey isn’t Schiaparelli getting revived as a fashion house? Yep, that’s about all the interest I can muster about this otherwise boring dress. Gotta love shocking pink though.)
    ETA: Actually, the more I look at it, the more I think this is Helen Mirren’s dress. She could make it sing (probably by pairing it with purple hair, the lovely biddy). It’s just coming off as a pool shmatta on Sheryl.

    • formerlyAnon

      Someday I want somebody to call me a lovely biddy.

  • NBG

    Liked it until I saw it in purple, Now it just reads like a missed opportunity to me. Always go with the purple, ladies.

  • KinoEye


  • Not applicable

    can we all just step back and be in awe that this lady has a slammin’ body?! I’m not even a huge fan, Miss Cheryl survived cancer, survived Lance and is how old? (50 or nearing it) and can pull off THIS dress?? Wowza!

    Honor snaps from me.

    • MoHub

      It’s Sheryl.

    • formerlyAnon

      I have huge grudging respect for her pop singer skills. Her huge hit that would not die (All I Wanna Do) was, coincidentally, the accidental soundtrack to the most emotionally crappy year of my life. To the point that I get a gut twinge even now when I hear it. AND YET. The power of its swingy pop power is such that I like the song despite the stuff it brings back. Sing to it on the car radio sometimes. (I am SUCH an ongoing embarrassment to my children.)

  • The color and the shape of the dress make her look like she’s going to a Mary Kay Top Seller Fancy Ball. The hair may be contributing to the look, too.

  • formerlyAnon

    I would send a friend with her build back to the dressing room. Not because it’s so terrible, but because there’s no way she couldn’t do better.