Shailene Woodley in Calvin Klein at the 2013 Gotham Independent Film Awards

Posted on December 04, 2013

Is she still going around bragging about how she doesn’t use a stylist?

Shailene Woodley attends IFP’s 23nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City in Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein Spring 2014 Collection

Or is that a rhetorical question? Or maybe she does have a stylist and together they came up with the brief for this outfit, which was “depressed, droopy, shapeless, and gripping on for dear life,” apparently.

Seriously, can she not see her feet right now?

If, for some reason we can’t fathom, you tried this dress on in a dressing room, would you say “I’MA BUY THIS” if you looked like Shailene does wearing it? We’re asking. There’s nothing wrong with wearing something that sits away from the body instead of fitted to it, but this is a sack and that weird belt-like detail looks sad.





[Photo Credit: Jemal Countess, Theo Wargo/Getty Images]

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  • Sarah

    When your husband goes off to war, and you’ve just got to use up that extra chain mail in a kicky way…

    • Jacob Bowen


    • bitchybitchybitchy


  • Laura Renee

    …Her hair looks nice?

    • No. Not really.

      • Sarah

        Looks like a helmet – which goes with her chain mail, now that I think on it.

  • hughman

    Flintstone Flapper Girl.

    • Rhonda Shore

      i had the same thought…which i’ll now delete since you got it down first! That is, if Disqus lets me!

    • mjude

      love the flinstones, love the comment.

    • Nicholas

      Yabba Dabba Doo not wear shoes like that, kittens.

    • MK03

      Wilma attempts to jazz up her wardrobe to reignite Fred’s interest. Sadly, it was all for naught.

  • BobStPaul

    That’s a Calvin Klein? Coulda fooled me. Ugliest CK dress I’ve ever seen.

    • Coolekat

      The dress makes the model look short, shoes screaming NO MAS!

  • Guest

    Meet the Flintstones!

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    The belt looks like it’s made out of a depressed plastic lei.

  • sienna elm

    I love the dress on the model and I suspect it may look good on her if she could just stand upright. I’m disappointed there’s no sideview because I want to see how exactly she’s perched on those shoes(? – if that’s indeed what they are)

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Why is she wearing a dress from a Spring Collection and open toed sandals in NYC during December?

    • boweryboy

      Celebrities. They’re not like us.

      It’s spring time in their rarified air, but for us mere mortals it’s the beginning of winter.

  • Honey, come sit by me, let’s talk hard truths.
    Namely, not everyone has the feet for naked shoes. No shame, just fact.

    • Katie Wolf

      All I can see when I look at those toes is the episode of The IT Crowd when Jen deformed herself into that pair of red size 5s. The horror. The horror.

      • boweryboy

        I LOVE the IT Crowd. My favorite episode is when Jen throws the disastrous dinner party.

      • lolaleen

        OMG another IT Crowd fan! That show is hysterical!

  • I’m more offended by the hair and face. She’s very pretty but PUT ON SOME LIPSTICK FOR FUCK’S SAKE. And why is her hair always so helmet-y?

    • Nicola Anna Molly Page

      She cut it short for The Fault In Our Stars movie, and has never quite figured how to style it methinks.

  • MilaXX

    Olive Oyl with struggle shoes.

    • mjude


  • marlie

    I hate to say it, but Shailene’s red carpet looks have never impressed me. And this one misses the mark too. I hate her haircut, and I don’t like the complete lack of makeup, on top of an ugly dress and unflattering shoes.

    • tereliz

      She always looks so pretty on video, but in stills, there’s something almost endearingly awkward about her. I’m the most un-photogenic person I know, so I sympathize. But there’s no excuse for this dress/shoe/hair/lip.

  • Ann VerWiebe

    My question is: how is this Calvin Klein?

  • Bexxx

    Love her shoulders. GET A PEDICURE.

    • kimmeister

      I don’t think that would have saved this look.

  • CakesOnAPlane

    The cheese stands alone – I like it.

  • Nicola Anna Molly Page

    FMO dress? I think it would have looked better (a little)if she’d stood up straight and owned it. She seems embarrassed to be wearing it. Not that I’m surprised mind you.

    • boldprint

      my thoughts exactly. total FMO dress.

    • golden_valley

      Her posture suggests she’s trying to maintain her balance in those “shoes.”

  • boweryboy

    I actually like the dress. It’s sort of a modernized urban version of a flapper dress. I’m sure it looks great in motion.

    It’s those shoes and their weird fit that is driving me crazy. I can’t tell if they’re too big or if the weird shape is giving that illusion. In any case they’re heinous.

    • sagecreek

      I think it might be kind of cute at a clambake. In August.

    • Tracy_Flick

      Funny, I thought it was a modernized urban version of chain mail or some other sort of battle armor, a la Game of Thrones. The belt, or whatever it is, reminds me of animal teeth talismans.

      Still hate it, though.

      • boweryboy

        I can see that. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, and I’m not really into anything medieval, so my mind didn’t go in that direction.

        My first thought was a modern take on Thoroughly Modern Millie. I could see the Mary Tyler Moore character wearing something like this.

        • Coolekat

          Seriously, but MTM wouldn’t look stumpy like both model and subject do. I don’t know garment construction well enough to know what’s wrong but something is wrong with this dress. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan but I didn’t get those vibes from this dress.

  • muzan-e

    I know exactly how this one’d go.

    The moment when all I can see is chain-mail.
    The moment in which I struggle with my longing to cosplay my way through downtown.
    The moment that I realise this works only if you have narrow little hips and legs that go on forever.
    The moment in which I dab away the hot little tears and drown my sorrow in a sea of Louboutins.

  • jw_ny

    as horrible as that dress is, I can’t take my eyes off her trying to balance in those shoes. the whole look is a big WTF?!

  • TheOtherChristina

    I like the idea of this dress, but the proportions are depressing. It looks like it’s trying to slink its way to the ground in shame.

  • embers618

    I had to look up pictures from the collection to make sure this dress has a back. The way she’s standing, it looks like a chainmail apron tied on over a black strapless swimsuit.

  • nannypoo

    She looks like a party favor.

  • quiltrx

    Is it chains or some sort of bullion-esque cord? What an oddly complicated (and unflattering) CK dress.

  • Ros

    Unconventional materials challenge.

  • maritacov

    Is she standing up straight and the dress is crooked or is she standing crooked? That would make or break it for me because I think the dress could actually be pretty cute.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    I’ve always wondered what a lampshade would look like layered over a bandeau from American Apparel. Now I can sleep peacefully at night with this knowledge.

  • dschubba

    The hair screams “Leslie Knope at the Tellenson Awards banquet”.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    That’s just a sad dress, and Calvin Klein should be embarrassed that it came from his collection.

  • Why on earth would anyone brag about a lack of stylist, especially when their lifestyle clearly calls for one? It doesn’t make her look unpretentious, it makes her look ill equipped for her job.

  • Aaminah Khan

    Doesn’t it look kind of…twisted around? Like she didn’t straighten it out after stepping out of the limo or something? It’s really bugging me. I feel like it’d look better if it sat like it’s sitting on the model.

  • Pennymac

    There was an unconventional materials challenge in an oversized dishtowel store and I missed it?

  • E2_Remote

    What IS that fabric? It looks like car upholstery on my screen.

  • decormaven

    I’ve seen curtains drape better than this. Designer/stylist fail.

  • crash1212

    If this was a painting in a museum, the title would be: Flapper girl with grippy feet sans makeup. Not one of Calvin’s best efforts. Does she also brag about not using a makeup artist? Go home. Try again.

  • paginatrix

    I have so much love for this girl (so sweet and funny and talented), but I do wish she could find a way to make her look as cool as her personality.

  • Mary Lauer

    I like the length tho. Only thing! 😎

  • bluefish

    Pity because she has a beautiful body, an interesting face, and is a wonderful young actress. Let’s hope this looked better in person. And she seems happy if a tad off-balance. Also, it’s cold outside!

  • bellafigura1

    Wow, I love this. I think the shoes are too “light” — the editorial platform works better — but this is lovely and both modest and sexy. Her energy is terrific.

  • KT

    Holy shit. Hillary Clinton in the 1920s.

  • Sadie-Ann

    She looks like a mop. Also, can we stop with these shoes? Do people just enjoy falling off things?

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Her face reminds me of that actor – oh, what’s his name.. Kyle McLoughlin. That’s it. Like a female Kyle.