Naya Rivera in Donna Karan at the 2013 Trevor Project Benefit

Posted on December 09, 2013

“Glee” star Naya Rivera attends ‘TrevorLIVE LA’ honoring Jane Lynch and Toyota for the Trevor Project at Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California in Donna Karan.

Donna Karan Fall 2013 Collection





[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images,]

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    • titaness25

      that is just an ugly dress.

      • raeb23

        this times a million! it’s no better on the model.

        • titaness25

          It looks like they skinned the velveteen rabbit before it could become real. So both ugly AND traumatising. Thx, Donna Karan.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      That dress looks as if it’s molting, and it ought to be either longer or hitting her at the knee.

    • jspark

      That dress is for blondes only.

    • Amykl

      Reject from round 2 of project runway.

    • demidaemon

      ICK. She looks like a human merkin.

    • martha

      …also she needs some color on her lips!

    • martha

      Disqus won’t let me post

    • martha

      …also she needs some color on her lips.

    • rondele

      I am surprised she chose this. It’s not her at all, and it’s ugly, and not sexy at all. Most of what she wears is at least sexy. I just don’t get it.

    • quiltrx

      Wow, that is one lousy Karan! Hate the naked shoes, wanted to like the hair but it’s stiff-looking.

    • Nicoclaws

      Naya Rivera, trying to land Squirrel Girl in the next Marvel movie.

    • Claudia Fernandes

      I wrote a non-offending comment and it is gone

    • marlie

      GAWD that dress is FUGLY. Seriously, there’s nothing redeeming about it – not the color, the length, the velvet and lace panels… nothing. Also, sweetie, we need to have a talk about your hair, makeup, and posing/smizing methods.

    • Tracy_Flick

      You could put 100 monkeys in a room with 100 boxes of fabric swatches, and it would take them 100 years to come up with a color combination that ugly. WTF.

    • Lilyana_F

      I don’t know what exactly is happening with her, but she’s looking like the real housewife of somewhere lately…

    • Monabel

      And yet, I think the dress is rather interesting. Maybe for a much older woman. And with some Kasumi pearls….

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      Should have gone for it and kept the hat.

    • Fred Vaughn

      The dress and MOST of this look is gorgeous, but the nude sandal makes it all kinda underwhelming.