Kiernan Shipka Shopping in LA

Posted on December 20, 2013

Kiernan looks like the heroine of a young adult novel about a sweet but plucky girl who loves a good shoe and is just trying to figure out who she is in this crazy world. Also: boys.


Kiernan Shipka does some shopping in Los Angeles, California.

We hope after Mad Men ends she doesn’t rush headlong into more grownup roles. She pretty much embodies the teen heroine ideal (smart, stylish and pretty, but not in a threatening or mean girl way) and she could milk that for all its worth.

In other words, Nancy Drew, amirite? Or whatever the current equivalent is. We can’t say we’re all that conversant in the teen-girl corner of pop culture.  Shocking, we know.




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  • I wish we were friends irl.

    • sagecreek

      Me, too! For whatever reason, I’m just convinced that she is a lovely, lovely person.

      • MissWix

        she used to shop where I worked, and she is indeed lovely. as far as I could tell, anyway.

        • montroyal04

          I’m 45 and I wish Kiernan and I were best friends and we could go shopping together and she could help me pick out outfits. That’s not weird right?

  • lexilexi

    Just adorable.

  • Aidan B

    I am 25 and I want that entire outfit.

    • LondonMarriott

      I’m 30-mumblemumble and I want it!

      • Julie Chase

        Mumblemumble made me laugh so hard I choked on my wine.

    • sunflower

      I just wrote the same thing! (I’m 24)

    • blogless

      I’m 110 and I want it.

  • She’s not old enough to go to the mall by herself, is she? She looks SO cute, but she must just be pushing the trolley for her mum, right?

    • barbarienne

      She’s 14. She can at least go to the mall with a bunch of friends at that age, as long as they all stay together in a group and mom knows when she’s expected home. (And smart mom will pick her and her friends up and drive them all home, so mom can keep track of who her friends are and eavesdrop on their conversation in the back of the minivan.)

      • Latin Buddy

        GO MOM! It took me a long time to finally understand why my mom set rules for us. Recently, she said “keeping you safe is and will always be my job.”

    • MilaXX

      Maybe because I lived in the city with a working mom, but I went to the mall by myself at that age.

      • I must have been very sheltered! I think I was 15.

        • barbarienne

          When I was 15 I was going to clubs in Manhattan. But my mother picked me up at the subway and drove all my friends home. The convenience of getting a ride is a remarkable disincentive to do stupid things like get drunk or be late.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    I remember when The Coveteur interviewed her a few years ago and featured her already immaculate for her age closet. I was in awe of her wardrobe then and she’s really growing up to be stylish as hell.

    Can’t fault anything here. She reminds me so much of Emma Watson, somebody needs to cast those two as sisters in a movie.

    • CPT_Doom

      I totally see a remake of Experiment in Terror originally starring Lee Remick and Stephanie Powers.

  • Latin Buddy

    Love everything about this. The booties might be too “heavy/focus pulling” but it’s ok. LOVE the pop of color. If she were my daughter (I’m a gay 20-something latin man clutching his pearls), I’d tell her to wear shorts under that high skirt.

    • NOLA_gal

      I’d bet you money that she IS wearing shorts under that skirt!

    • Wellworn

      YOU are totes adorbs, totes McGroats.

      • DebbieLovesShoes

        Haha, excellent

  • formerlyAnon

    She is SO adorable.
    And I think she’d make a great Nancy Drew. Though I sort of want a re-write where Nancy crushes on her sidekick Bess. Just for variety.

    • Sarah

      My work pal just told me she has always wanted to reverse-Carrie Diaries on Nancy and write a novel where she’s grown and divorced from Ned because he was too boring in bed.

      • Chickadeep

        I would *so* read that novel.

  • PastryGoddess

    If she played Nancy Drew, I would so go and watch that movie

    • MaryMcClelland

      Sure beats Emma Robertson. Didn’t she once play Nancy Drew?

      • AnneElliot

        Yes, it was a horrible adaptation. But I had tween daughters and was forced to watch it.

  • mjude


  • kbshee

    Love it all, but—Where is her purse?

    • Theresa

      I thought the same thing!! How can you shop with no bag?!

  • Nan

    Adorable and appropriate. The mom in me is psychically reminding her to stand up straight, however.

  • Glam Dixie

    I wish my daughter could wear skirts like that. That whole outfit is adorable. SHE is adorable.

  • sojourneryouth

    Her outfits match her personality so perfectly. I normally HATE those little bow pendants. She hasn’t changed my mind in general, but it’s the perfect little touch of jewelry on her.

    • I have always loved a bow necklace since Sally Field wore the shorter, all diamond version when she won an Oscar. Love of that necklace inspired my large bow jewelry collection. Unfortunately, they were more marcasite than diamonds.

  • Mary Nease

    She would be pretty much perfect as the heroine in any YA novel turned movie. I would love to see her take up a few of those roles.

  • ConnieBV

    She IS adorable, but if it’s cold enough for a sweater, isn’t it too cold for a short skirt with no tights?

    • Wellworn

      Nope, because LA. That pretty much sums it up. I’m from there. Sweaters because it’s “winter” but shorts and short skirts and even sandals because it’s LA. Or sweater, boots, scarf when it’s 68 degrees. Oh and the furs come out when it dips below 65.

      • What furs? This is L.A. By the way, I own many sweaters which look warm but are actually lightweight cotton. They’re very comfortable on a sunny 75 degree day.

        Also, her sleeves are pushed up so that her arms are getting about the same amount of warm air as her legs are.

  • BKagainwiththesweatpants

    I just know deep in my bones that Kiernan cannot have stankboot. Impossible, I tell you! LOVE HUH.

    • alyce1213

      I just know she’s wearing little cotton socks that wick away her delicate perspiration.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    She is the mary poppins of teen girl fashion,practially perfect in every day. I adore her and I adore her parents for raising a kid who seems to have her head screwed on straight.

    • conniemd

      Exactly. Don’t know anything about her parents or history, but from appearances, they are doing a good job of raising the child star. What comes to mind for me is Hayley Mills – who sadly had the “Parent Trap” remade with the lohans.

  • ashtangajunkie

    Cutie cuteness. Love those boots.

  • Erica_Vuitton

    Go ahead and start the down voting now. I’d love to just see her in a teeshirt jeans and Uggs like a REAL normal 13 yr old. Or at least in clothes that look like she picked them herself without a stylist’s heavy hand. This is so staged I’m almost sad for her.

    • Sarah

      I hear you but she’s not a normal 13 y/o. She’s a celeb. She’s aware that she’s on display, so at least she looks sensible and cute, right?

    • Deac82

      I don’t know. I am of the opinion that when you know better, you do better. If you already have an innate sense of style (which does start to become cultivated around her age), and the access to the resources to pull an outfit like this off (lessons from stylists and the money to buy the right pieces) I could see this coming organically out of her closet.

    • alyce1213

      If you want to see Kiernan looking like a “real” 13 year old, look right here on this site at:
      That should fix it. I’m guessing she probably lives in jeans and T-shirts like most teens, but she has the good sense and innate style to appear in public looking like a million bucks.

    • MilaXX

      From the interviews I’ve read, this is how she normally dresses. She’s very much into fashion.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      I can see your point. And I’m sure she does wear t-shirts and Uggs, too. But, she is an actress and she does have to look her best when she goes out and there will be cameras taking her picture. At least what she wears is tasteful and appropriate. Nothing Lohan or Kardashian about this girl.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I don’t find those clothes weird for a 13 year old girl. I used to dress somewhat like that and so did my sisters.

  • Lilyana_F

    This is so freakin’ adorable! Girl just gets it!

  • Sarah

    There’s a series by Nancy Springer featuring Enola Holmes, girl detective (and much younger sister of Sherlock). There you go!

    • LongTall_Sally

      Or the series by Laurie King featuring Mary Russell, who marries Sherlock Holmes.

      • Sarah

        Oh, yeah, those are good. I was skewing much younger in my thoughts, because she is 14, but in those, she starts out pretty young too, IIRC.

        • LongTall_Sally

          I think she’s in her teens when the series starts . . . . just checked, she’s 15, so it works pretty well.

    • Suzanne Johnson

      There’s a wonderful mystery series by Alan Bradley featuring an 11-year-old sleuth named Flavia De Luce, but Kiernan might be a bit too old for that one. However, clever script writers could find a way around that. I’d love to see Flavia brought to the screen; she’s brilliant.

      • WendyD

        I’m reading the first one of the series right now and yes, these are the characters we need more on screens on TV rather than the crap that Disney’s TV channel churns out.

  • tallgirl1204

    Emma Watson’s kid sister in a Legally Blonde-type caper picture!

  • CMCH

    Never realized she was dyeing her hair, but I see dark roots there. (FWIW, as a blonde gal myself, I assume she started out on MM with her natural color and it darkened as she aged, as is common.)

    • Wellworn

      Yep, my hair went mousy about the same age.

  • alyce1213

    Absolutely adorable, as usual. Love the booties with that skirt.

  • She would have made a great Nancy Drew, but after you go VC Andrews, it’s hard to go back to Carolyn Keene.

  • jayetyler

    Did anyone else catch the ad for Flowers in the Attic last night on lifetime during Project Runway? I was shocked when I saw that Kiernan was in it (ditto re Ellen Burstyn). Although it’s among my least favorite books of all time, I think I might have to watch…

    • MilaXX

      I think there’s an entire generation of us who read that crappy series and will get completely sucked into this movie.

    • Munchkn

      I was going to mention the Flowers in the Attic thing. I was shocked as well.

  • MilaXX

    Cute look.! So very right for her. Please tell Katie Holmes & Abigail Breslin this is a look for teens. Sadly she’s did the total unnecessary Flowers in the Attic remake.

    • mjude

      but girl are you going to watch the remake? i cant resist a tacky lifetime show!

      • MilaXX

        I hate most Lifetime movies, but I may make an exception out of sheer curiosity,

        • mjude

          I hate them too. the 1st movie was so awful, not that I have high hopes for this one. I will be serving champagne, whats your poison?

          • Sarah

            I saw the first version of that movie. It is TURRIBLE. I mean, not just ‘cuz the acting but because it’s a weird ass story. You are right, @MilaXX there’s no need to go there.

          • mjude

            oh just join us for fun miss sarah.

          • Sarah

            I could join you for fun for MAYBE a different Lifetime move (maybe) but I draw the line at blood-sucking skin-chewing attic dwellers. Sorry 😉

          • MilaXX

            red wine

    • kimmeister

      I’m afraid I’m not getting the Katie Holmes reference…

      • MilaXX

        Kate was dressed in an outfit more appropriate for a teen like Kiernan.

  • ElaineMarie34

    Ha! I totally thought “God, please make some fantastic, cool new Nancy Drew movies or tv series with Kiernan” and then scrolled down and saw your notes. So, yes, youisrite!

  • nannypoo

    That is the perfect outfit for her. From the little necklace to the adorable boots, it’s perfection.

  • Lesley

    she reminds me of a young emma watson – this outfit is super cute and girly – i want it!!

    • Ros

      I was just going to say exactly the same thing!

    • mommyca

      oops! I’ve just posted the same thing without seeing this comment… totally looks like her!

  • She’s already shot a Lifetime version of “Flowers In the Attic” so the ship might have already sailed on her choosing good roles post MM.

    But she does look cute. And the weather in LA was warm at the beginning of the week but decidedly cooled off to the 50s on Wed. Maybe she just didn’t know which way it would go and dressed for both.

    • boweryboy

      I didn’t know they remade it. Was it better than that godawful Louise Fletcher version?

      • I haven’t seen it just saw it advertised. But it’s on Lifetime.

  • Anna Vasquez

    God, she looks like the kind of girl who would’ve been nice to me in high school because she’s just the kind of person who’s nice to everyone, but with whom I would have instinctively known I was not cool enough to socialize.

    • boweryboy

      Exactly. Like she would partner up with me in science class because no one picked me and would say Hi” to me if she passed me in the hall.

  • boweryboy

    The shoes seem almost a bit too much – both for the outfit and for her age. She looks cute, down-to-earth, and approachable.

  • KinoEye

    Thanks, TLo, for the lovely counterpoint to the unadulterated douchiness of the Biebs. Little Miss Kiernan’s style is just too legit to quit.

  • Tracy_Flick

    She always looks smart and sensible, like she’s going to follow the Danica McKellar path rather than the Lindsay Lohan path.

  • Jacob Bowen

    I think I need to be best friends with the “sweet but plucky girl who loves a good shoe”.

  • Judy_J

    She looks like every mom’s dream daughter and every mom’s dream of her daughter’s best friend.

    • mommyca

      Totally! If my daughter were in acting, I’d like her to be like her 🙂

  • Shawn EH

    I think Pretty Little Liars is the current version, and she outclasses them without trying.

  • LuisaNL

    i totally see her as nancy drew!

  • sunflower

    I’m in my 20s and I covet that entire outfit

  • Gawd, what a classy kid.

  • Trickytrisha


  • mommyca

    Is it me or does she look more and more like Emma Watson? If not, I hope she makes the same smart decisions as Emma regarding her career…

  • LaSylphide

    Great outfit, and those eyebrows!

  • Miss wks

    She’s just plain awesome.

  • Just Me

    I want that skirt…not that length because well, I am far from thirteen…but the fabric and swing of the thing. Bring it to me. Now.

  • crash1212

    That last picture is everything. I love this girl.

  • luluransom

    Omg, first thought, Nancy Drew. We’re on the same page, Uncles. She’s so freaking delightful.

  • heuristicvalue

    How is she so frickin’ CUTE!? Can’t even stand it. And totally see the Nancy Drew…but who would be Bess?

  • StelledelMare

    I really want to know her secret to looking so amazing all the time

  • berkeleygirl

    Emma Watson should be her mentor and role model.

  • marlie

    is it weird that I want to be besties with a teenager? Because I do. And I want to raid her closet.

  • Don Jusko

    She’s a pretty, 10. The zippered boots are bad. The old ladies follow what the young girls wear, young girls 8 to 10ish. Woman that dress in men hats, suits, etc. should be put away, they are not fashion figures. Mid-thigh is the right length, 25 is old. 14 with 19 is very good. Hide the gays, they make me/us sick.

  • Fordzo

    NOT Nancy Drew. Remember what happened to the last Nancy Drew? Kiernan is the Trixie Belden my heart has been waiting for. Or, maybe, Honey Wheeler. Honey always dressed better, so let’s go with Honey. But then who would be Trixie? Is Jennifer Lawrence too old to be Trixie?

    • I think Jennifer is too old. Kiernan would be a good Honey, maybe Elle Fanning as Trixie and Ariana Grande as Diana?

      • Fordzo

        Elle is too delicate to be Trixie. Jennifer would have been a perfect Trixie 5 years ago. OMG, I’m geeking out. Let’s cast the whole movie! Who would play the following characters: Trixie, Mart, and Brian Belden, Honey Wheeler (we agree on Kiernan), Jim Frayne, Diana Lynch and Tom Delanoy. (I never paid any attention to Dan Mangan, sorry.)

        This is going to be my mental obsession all. day. long.

        • Eddie Redmayne for Jim, surely?

          • Fordzo

            You think Jennifer Lawrence is too old to play Trixie, but Eddie is young enough to be Jim?

            WAIT! It can be Trixie Belden The Middle Age Years. She’s married to Jim, of course.

          • Jim is very much the mature older boy though. When I was 13 and first in love with him the thought of a boy who could drive was unimaginably sophisticated!

          • Fordzo

            Remember when he gave Trixie his ID bracelet? I gave a boy I liked an ID bracelet in the hopes that he’d turn around and give it back to me. LOL It backfired.

          • Were they on a light aircraft on their way to a ranch?

          • Fordzo

            I was going to say “remember when they were on that airplane and Jim gave her his ID bracelet…”, but I was afraid you’d think I was too weird for remembering it so clearly.

          • That – and her buying a girdle – are imprinted on my memory!

        • Chloe Moretz for Trixie then?

          • Fordzo

            Maybe Kiernan could be Trixie, just based on character. Saoirse Ronan would be a better Honey.

          • Fordzo

            What about Hailee Steinfeld as Trixie?

          • I wonder how she’d look in a wig?

  • kimmeister

    She is looking like a sweet, young version of Kim Cattrall somehow.

  • Cate

    Aagggh, adorable! Holy shit, she’s good.

  • decormaven

    I hope to the heavens she can remain relatively unscathed by fame during her teen years. This is a great age-appropriate look, and she looks so happy. Happy sigh!

  • Toby Wollin

    If there isn’t someone out there pitching a ‘plucky teen girl detective/scientist/vampire killer/international woman of mystery’ series for her right now, I’d be mighty surprised. Needs to be something like “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Meets Nancy Drew” though.

  • bellafigura1

    A young Meg Ryan!

  • TweeAsFuck

    I’m twice her age and I want that outfit. Just let her play the lead in a gazillion adaptations of Judy Blume novels. “Are You There God,” “Summer Sisters,” “Deenie.” Dear Hollywood, (and by Hollywood, I mean Diablo Cody) PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

  • Kelly

    She looks great. But I wish she’d have given her hair a few more years of natural-color health before starting the bleaching-and-frying routine. Trust me, Kiernan, there will be *plenty* of time when you’ll actually need hair coloring. Enjoy your natural color while you still know what it is.

    • not_Bridget

      Hey, her “Mom” is blonde….

  • MaryMcClelland

    Well she’s about to star in FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC as remade by LIFETIME. I cannot contain my excitement!

  • Rachael Fraser

    anyone else think she is starting to look a bit like emma watson?

  • AutumnInNY


  • Lily-Rygh

    She is the bright light of hope in Hollywood’s ever-palimpsest bullshit. FLOVE her.

  • Gatto Nero

    She is just lovely — and ever gracious when facing a camera. Kiernan appears to be mind-bogglingly balanced and well-adjusted. I hope she stays that way.

  • Julie Parr

    She looks 1000x more like a teen Carrie than the person who currently plays teen Carrie on TV.

  • BerlinerNYC

    OMG, I’m almost angry that you said Nancy Drew before I did, because that’s all I was thinking. Such a, dare I say, role model that I would be happy to have my nonexistent children look up to.

  • Swiftlytiltingplanet

    I’m 52 years old, and I kind of want to be her. Is that weird?

  • All_Hail_Great_Satin

    UGH, those boots. I will covet Acne pistols until my dying days, or until I get a pair myself.

  • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

    Super cute. Love the boots with her bare legs. She appears very aware of herself and the camera. Not in a bad way. She’s relatable. (And confident.)

  • DaringMiss

    Re: Casting the New Nancy Drew

    The bigger question is who gets the role of George? She was always my favorite.

  • NinjaCate


  • Sally Spannagle

    Is it bad that a 14 year old, half my age, is my new style icon?? She just looks so…fresh!!

  • jackie

    I see Meg Ryan in that last pic …

  • CT14

    She’s so perfect! The little bow necklace!

    Just adorbs. I’m dressing my girls like her when their older (in a much cheaper version). Kieran, can I have your hand-me-downs.

  • CT14

    I just talked my 9 year old into getting her hair cut like Kiernan’s!!!

    It’s going to be soooooo cute!

  • Love this kid.

  • Samantha E

    Hate to burst everyone’s bubble but she’s starring in the “Flowers in the Attic” remake. It’s on my no-watch list as I’m positive the incest will ruin the perfect image I have of her (based mostly on posts from this site + Mad Men).

  • Ten Ten

    Love her. Has she ever missed her mark? I look forward to many years of WERQ’s and proud moments from this young lady!

  • She quite nice, and rightly she is cute, beautiful,
    confident, innocent and plucky at the same time.

  • Ann VerWiebe

    My niece was wearing a black version of that skirt and the verdict was “too short!” I wanted to add, but it’s what all the girls are wearing, but I’m not a parent.

  • lIllllllllol

    So how old is this girl? 12? 32?

  • This girl can do no wrong (style-wise).

    • AnotherJulie

      Agree. She is always perfect. And keeps getting more adorable every time I see her.
      I hope hope hope she doesn’t go the way of almost every other young actress/ pop star, who seem to think that dressing slutty= attention= good…

  • Lincoln Meredith

    Wow, what a little stunner & very becoming, kiernan could be bigger than anynone. she’s in a class of her own, hope she stays pure, less is always more ))) she also good at martial arts “black belt”