Kellan Lutz at LAX

Posted on December 20, 2013

Tits McGee takes a plane ride.



“The Legend of Hercules” star Kellan Lutz arrrives at LAX airport.

We’re sorry, but that Hercules movie looks hilarious BEYOND hilarious. We suggest drunken bachelorette parties and hilarious gay men flood the theaters the night it opens. Who’s with us? Don’t Kellan’s tits deserve our support?






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    • Diego!

      I think hilarious gay men are already at the airport both departure and arrival! LOL I wish I could wear a shirt like that, if I had the body :( I hate him.

    • Mismarker

      Big, beautiful lunkhead.

      • Milos Mom

        Please god no. What else is he good for?

    • annabelle archer

      Who is the photo journalist, returning from some war torn country?

      OH, it’s The Lutz. I see, now. Thank baby Jesus for his safe return from the dangerous, Moderately Known Actorville.

      • Sarah

        Dangerous on your shoes, for sure.

      • gabbilevy

        Nope nope nope. You just put an EXCELLENT fantasy into my head and you can’t take it back. I like rugged war correspondent Kellan. (Do they make dolls?)

      • Qitkat

        Perhaps he was part of a secret taping of Celebrity Survivor, and the “scarf” is the remains of his tribal gear. They’ve done everything else on that show, I figure a celebrity version is next.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      Apart from his obvious physical charms, he mystifies me. But that’s just me. Nice bag, though.

      • tereliz

        “Mystify” would presume there’s something mysterious about him… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Fred Vaughn

      The… thick…. ness.

    • carnush

      HAHAHAHA! Bless you guys.

    • DaveUWSNYC

      Tits on toast. Side of sausage.

    • Kimmu

      Not my fave pair of man tits, but these ones are acceptable.

      I will definitely be seeing Hercules because that shit looks too campy and ridiculous to pass up.

    • Mona_Visa

      I want to see HIM strategically hold his purse in front of his unmentionables like Florence Welch did the other day.

    • conniemd

      Don’t know him, but what a cutie. He’s actually smiling as the paparazzi take his picture. Most attempt to look as if they don’t even notice them. And his smile is infectious. I want to hug and mother him.

    • marlie

      He’s still relevant? Whatever that thing is around his neck looks ridiculous. And I don’t think I’d see the movie even if your guys paid for me to go (ok, maybe I would…).

      • Qitkat

        I’m with you, unless it were a Bitter Kitten party! We could rent out the theater.

        • marlie

          OK, THAT would be awesome. Hell, if it was a Bitter Kitten party, I might even see 50 Shades of Grey. I’d have to drink a lot first, though.

          • Qitkat


          • formerlyAnon

            It would HAVE to be a private screening. I PROMISE you that with even one, let alone three (my public places limit) drinks in me, my commentary would guarantee ejection from even the most tolerant theater.

            I probably would even annoy some of my fellow BKs.

            • l v

              How do we make this happen? Because I am SO IN for this.

            • marlie

              That just means that I need to make sure I’m sitting next to you during the movie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • foodycatAlicia

          I will sell a kidney to join you for that.

    • lamh36

      Legend of Hercules, is this the movie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

      • JulieK

        Nope, there are two Hercules movies coming up, one with The Rock and one with Tits McGee. Prediction: both will be awful!

        • lamh36

          Ahh, ok, Wonder why there is so much Hercules love.

          If I were to see any movie, it will be the Dwayne Johnson venue. IDK what it is, but the guy has a personality that shines through on even the clunkiest of movies (GI Joe for one) and I’d say he kind single-handedly revived the Fast and Furious franchise I can tell ya I only ever came back to the series for the last 2 movies which The Rock was a big part of.

          Also too, I admit to loving a majority of the movies the Rock stars in…lol.

    • Anna_Cecilia

      I LOVE the drunken bachelorette/gays and girls night out idea. I did something similar with my boys for the Magic Mike opening.

      He’s blandly attractive enough to be fun for a night. As long as he doesn’t talk.

      • LCTerrill

        The perfect Sex Idiot.

        • Anna_Cecilia


    • ashtangajunkie

      Not my cup of tea, but I do enjoy the giant, goofy, happy smile in the last photo. “You like me, you really like me!”

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      I find myself puzzled with that scarf thing hanging around his neck. It’s too small to actually function as a scarf. It looks like extra fabric that didn’t get cut away from the shirt…Also, I haven’t heard about a new Hercules movies. I’m sure it will be awful, but probably worth a Red Box rental!

      • quiltrx

        I kept seeing the trailer this weekend during holiday fare with the fam…it is pretty hilarious to my eye.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      “Donโ€™t Kellanโ€™s tits deserve our support?” Heeee heee hee… I laugh because I’m 12… He does have quite the set of knockers on him, doesn’t he? He must be so frustrated over the lack of eye contact from straight women and gay men! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • lifeisastory

      The scarf is such an affect.

      • DTLAFamilies

        His whole life is an affect.

      • missinmass

        If you are wearing a scarf then everyone knows you are a somebody….

    • formerlyAnon

      The whole, er, point of his tits is that they need no support.

      I know, everyone else resisted because it’s lame, but I am full of giddy holiday fatigue and most of my annoying co-workers apparently took today off to shop, leaving the co-workers I like and that’s my excuse.

      (He has little appeal for me but I get why others swoon. It’s a lizard brain thing, I think, from back when Our Men were worthy in proportion to their ability to beat the crap out of encroaching wildlife.)

      • foodycatAlicia

        My lizard brain likes them a bit more rugged. This boy is pretty, but would he be any use against a sabre-tooth tiger?

        • formerlyAnon

          Heh. Answering that question for a roster of stars would make a great exploitation movie. I see it as a cross between the Hunger Games & the [Hollywood version of] the Games in the Roman Coliseum.

    • AzSportsGirl

      Are people having his sign autographs on the automated walkway???? Seriously??? If I were a traveler rushing to a connection I would be displeased.
      To stick to the topic of his tits, my GFs and I refer to those as monkey bars .. as in “I would love to climb/swing from/play on those monkey bars.”

    • Dan_In_NYC

      Yum. I am 100% jealous of the body – if I had it, I would wear the tightest clothes imaginable at all times.

    • MilaXX

      I get that he’s Hercules, but either he start wearing pasties, or he wear something other than knit shirts.

    • boweryboy

      Wow. That’s boobage worthy of a ladystar.

    • jw_ny

      unlike many other stars that have bitch-faces and handlers shooing away the fans, he seems to be approachable and enjoying it….nice to see for a change.

      I think he looks rather hot…enjoyable series of photos. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The rag around his neck is stoopid tho.

    • KT

      I just did a spit-take at “tits mcgee.” Hahahaha. And yes, the Hercules movie is going to be RIDICULOUSLY bad. Turd alert.

    • stephbellard

      That really is the best rack in Hollywood!

    • kimmeister

      Dang, his skin at the airport in front of paps looks better than mine with foundation.

    • understateddiva

      Put it awa – oh, who am I kidding.

    • quiltrx

      The movie looks hysterical…he looks so delightfully VACANT in the trailer!

    • Kent Roby

      Wearing a dog tag under a semi-sheer shirt is a professional move, not to be attempted by amateurs. Well played, (P.S.: I keep mentally combining his name as “klutz”, which only makes his more adorable).