Jennifer Lopez in Bibhu Mohapatra at the 2013 March Of Dimes Celebration Of Babies Luncheon

Posted on December 09, 2013

Miss Jennifer would like to wish you all the very happiest of holiday seasons. Just so you know, the holiday she’s referring to is Mother’s Day, apparently.

Jennifer Lopez attends the 2013 March Of Dimes Celebration Of Babies Luncheon in Los Angeles, California in a Bibhu Mohapatra dress paired with Christian Louboutin pumps, a Swarovski clutch, and jewelry by Ivy and Le Vian. rings and earrings, and a Le Vian ball bracelet.

Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2014 Collection


There’s nothing to bitch about here, honestly. It’s a pretty dress that looks good on her and she’s accessorized and styled to … well, “perfection” seems like a strong word, but she looks fine. She just doesn’t look “December” at all, to our eyes.

And let us reiterate: we don’t expect chunky sweater dresses on L.A. red carpets no matter what time of year it is. It’s L.A.. No one should be pressured into bundling up in a climate that doesn’t call for it.  Seasonal dressing, as we see it, isn’t just about dressing for the weather but dressing for the style and tone of that season. For December, no matter what your climate, you should be picking out jewel tones or winter whites or dramatic blacks or metallics. Pastel florals, no matter how pretty they are, never look quite right to us this time of year; especially when the wearer indulges in the brand spanking new “white pumps in winter” trend.

We swear we’re not cranky.



[Photo Credit: Famous/ACE/, Andrew Evans/]


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  • kammyWDM

    And what about those people who don’t celebrate any holidays? They should still be ruled by these ‘holiday style guidelines’????

    • MauveSF

      “Seasonal dressing, as we see it, isn’t just about dressing for the weather but dressing for the style and tone of that season”. Keyword: seasonal, not holiday.

  • Judih1

    I liked her better back when her hair color was darker and the texture was curlier.

  • rondele

    She looks perfect to me;) I love the dress and the hair. Her skin is amazing. If I had to quibble, I’d quibble over the shoes. But the ones on the model are so horrible that Jen’s look good in comparison. Also, guys, love the way the pictures are laid out. The site looks great!

  • quiltrx

    I CANNOT with the eye-searing white shoes in winter! My Southern upbringing just won’t allow it. Plus, to my eye, they’re Wite-Out bright compared to the dress.
    The dress is pretty but very ‘resort’ to me. Not December.

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      I agree with the white shoes. I was hoping to scroll down and see the unks good ol’ “this would have looked better with metallic shoes”.

  • vinrouge15

    Going to have to disagree. These aren’t super pastel-y, they are mint, silver, and black. It’s appropriate.

    Aren’t we always complaining about the jewel tones and metallics during this season, anyway?

  • Tashina Savage

    I actually think this looks pretty “seasonal” to me. This color combo is so pretty.

  • marlie

    I will always hate basic white pumps. Doesn’t matter the season. I like the dress, but it needs a couple of inches chopped off the bottom, and she needs to hoik the bodice up.

    • ballerinawithagun

      She is hoiking the bodice up in one of the later photos.

  • Constant Reader

    I think this would look more seasonally appropriate to me if the shoes were darker. Those things are so white they’re visible from space.

  • You’re not cranky, just correct. I’d praise her to the skies if it were actually spring.

  • Joanie

    Considering how cold it’s been at night in SoCal, she could have easily gone more “seasonal”. Of course, it may be her hot-blooded Latina-ness that prevents her from doing so and, you know, her diva status. It happens.

  • lilazander

    Her back is just pouring out of the dress; i.e. TOO TIGHT.