Amy Adams Style Double Shot

Posted on December 09, 2013

Miss Amy appears to be in mourning for something.



Amy Adams attends the “American Hustle” premiere in New York City in an Elie Saab dress paired with Christian Louboutin shoes and Neil Lane jewelry.

We’re so sorry for her loss, whatever it may be. We hope it was something simple and shallow, like her car keys or her phone, and she’s just being a drama queen about it.

We can’t even. This totally flabbergasts us. Putting aside the question of why you would even choose to wear something so dour to the opening of your movie (in which you wear an array of eye-poppingly sexy and revealing costumes), we can’t understand how one steps back from the mirror, looks at this depressing frock with the unflattering fit in the bust and across the stomach, and says “Yep. That’s the one. I want to look like a widow at a funeral, wearing the dress from her previous husband’s funeral, which was 5 pounds ago. Great! That’s done. Now let’s pick out reasons why I’m not going to wear jewelry.”

But we’re happy to report that, even though she stuck to the widow theme for the after-party, at least she opted for a “widow on the prowl” look:


Amy Adams attends the “American Hustle” screening after party at Monkey Bar in New York City in an Altuzarra dress paired with Casadei pumps.

Honestly, we’re pretty sure we’d rag on this dress pretty hard if anyone else was wearing it (although for some reason, we keep picturing Rihanna in it — and liking the picture), but we’re so on-board with her trying to work something a little sexy and glam. She comes alive when she shows off a little. Loving the hair here.  More of this please, Miss Amy. Get in touch with your inner sexy diva. And if you don’t have one, get in touch with someone who knows how to fake the look for you.






[Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images, Dara Kushner/, Jennifer Graylock/]

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  • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

    The site is so faaaaancy!

  • Judih1

    what is going on with the lack of comments on this site since you changed the format?

    • E. D.

      I’m have sporadic problems with the Disqus loading, maybe others are as well.

      • Judih1

        Thanks. I was thinking I was in the twilight zone. there was six posts I read on TLO and there were no more than 2 comments on any of them. VERY UNUSUAL

        • Kristin McNamara

          As of 9:50pm Eastern on the day of posting, I see 6 comments. I was thinking this was quite strange as well.

          • Jacob Bowen

            Normally there are like 100 by now…

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      must be a glitch…there were a lot of comments on this, and many of the other TLo postings, throughout the day.

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      I’ve been having problems with the site itself loading. That may have dissuaded many from visiting.

    • kimmeister

      I was thinking that since there was a Michelle Obama post, the uncles had to delete a ton of comments, and many perfectly innocent comments elsewhere somehow got canned as a result?

  • quiltrx

    I love her haircut (and hate her hair in the second look…is that one of those sproing-y comb things we had in the 80s?). And I kind of like the second dress, despite the fact that it reminds me of one of those slips where you can trim it through the lace strips to the right length.

  • heuristicvalue

    Her hair looks great, esp. in the first look.

  • sunflower

    Amy should take a cue from her character and go disco glam for this poledance. It would be so much more interesting than her usual rc looks

  • pookiesmom

    LOVE her hair in the first pic. Love love love!

  • elemspbee

    Terrible hair in both.

  • marlie

    I’m not liking either dress. The lace at the top of the first dress is HORRIBLE. And I actually hate the headband thingy in her hair in the second set of pictures.

  • Judy_S

    at 10 am EST on 12/10, there are 14 comments visible, not including the one I made yesterday. 🙁

    • Lilyana_F

      Yeah, 16 now, can’t be right…

  • Morales Mike

    I’m loving the “Catherine Deneuve-to-Sharon Tate” hairstyles that she wore ONE THE SAME NIGHT. That’s glamorous!

  • NOPE. Not feeling either look, although the hair paired with the venetian blinds dress is an improvement.