Sarah Jessica Parker at the “The Commons of Pensacola” Opening Night Party

Posted on November 22, 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker attends the after party for the opening night of the new play “The Commons of Pensacola” in New York City wearing a Sonia Rykiel jacket paired with Sophia Webster jeweled t-strap pumps.

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2014 Collection






[Photo Credit: William Bernard/ACE/, IMAXtree]

    • Noah

      I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything she could wear that would make me like her.

      • Nicole Little

        Why would how you feel about her as a person be based on how she dresses. That’s just mean-spirited.

        • Noah

          It’s more like I dislike her already, but even when she wears ostensibly cute things, I can’t bring myself to like it because it’s SJP.

          • Nicole Little

            Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you knew her personally. My mistake.

            • Noah

              LOL. Chill.

            • Nicole Little


    • Ms. Schmidt

      Those shoes hurt my eyes’ feelings.

    • Sarah

      Ooh, I would’ve liked those shoes SO MUCH had they not had the extraneous extra bow around the ankle. Argh.

    • Danielle

      Noooooooooooo those shoes D:

    • KateShouldBeWorking

      She looks like she belongs on top of a Christmas tree.

      • anneland

        It’s a lot of sparkle.
        Speaking of sparkle, is the new TLo sparkly background just for the holidays? Or part of the just mentioned site redesign? If this is the direction it’s going…. I approve. Sparkle, diamonds, feathers.

    • gabbilevy

      Disco grandma! (Probably not the look she was going for)

    • charlotte

      Grandmas of Pensacola?

    • Fordzo

      Oh, Blanche. Pantyhose with those shoes?

      • International Model

        I have a suspicion that they are knee-hi’s.

      • Lily-Rygh

        HA! I was just about to write “what’s up with the Golden Girls hose?”

    • boweryboy

      Those shoes are all wrong.

      • Lori

        So wrong. I’m OK with the rest of it. Not in love with the skirt length, but I’m also not mad at it. However, those shoes are six kinds of wrong.

        • lunchcoma

          The shoes are a horror show. I like everything else individually, but none of it ought to be worn together.

    • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

      I LOVE the shoes. I like the skirt. I DESPISE the jacket, at least how it’s paired and styled. My rule of thumb (insert obligatory urban legend here) is that if I am wearing a full or pleated skirt, I wear a tailored or at least figure conscience top. That jacket needs a pencil skirt. The skirt needs a camisole with a small fur wrap. Now go home and change, dearie.

    • lunchcoma

      Someone’s retired maiden aunt had too much gin before she got dressed for the evening.

    • annabelle archer

      I did not hear of her accident!! How amazing is that she is already up, out, and about, using her new prosthetic legs?!?! She’ll be able to dance at the Senior Center Holiday Formal, it’s a Festivus miracle!!

      • Fordzo

        You know what this is? That whole outfit is straight out of a 1978 L’eggs commercial.

        • melisaurus

          She wore the non-sequined version of this on the first season of “square pegs.”

      • Fordzo

        I have a couple grievances to air regarding this getup.

        • annabelle archer

          Bring em …. don’t hold back

      • Denise Alden

        Ah, Festivus!

    • NurseEllen

      Too much sparkle for one person, plus what is there is somehow very drab sparkle, which I would not have thought possible. And the shoes….dear God, the shoes….just hiddy. I will never for the life of me EVER understand why SJP is considered such a style icon. She really seems to have more missteps than successes, which to me is not the job description for “style icon”. ‘Splain it to me like I’m Ricky Ricardo, someone?

      • The Gifted Collector

        I can’t explain it to you, ’cause I don’t understand either. And at the risk of being pelted by jeers and tomatoes, I never understood the love for her wardrobe on SATC either. I thought Patricia Field had her crazies on when she did that show.

        • How to Faint

          The constantly exposed bras drove me mad. It got to the point where I made a frantic and ultimately futile google search to see if the exposed bra thing had a reason for existing beyond pissing me off.

        • NurseEllen

          Amazing: someone decided to “down vote” my comment rather than ‘splain it to me. This hurts my feelings. I’ve never been dissed like that before. :-( Anyway, I know it wasn’t you, Gifted Collector.

          • The Gifted Collector

            No, NurseEllen, I would never down vote you. I only do it to protest very hateful and bigoted comments and I know you never make those.

        • melisaurus

          Upon rewatching I’d say that Patricia Field hits an out about 50% of the time. The other half is very good to good.

      • ana170

        IIRC, she was a regular feature on many worst dressed lists. Then she got SATC and all of sudden became a style icon according to people who couldn’t distinguish her from her character.

    • lexilexi

      And the hair. Time for a change. You’re not 20-something year old Carrie anymore.

    • lobsterlen

      She goes from always being bare legged to support hose?1?!?!?! Oh Jessica there is a middle ground called sheer hose.

      • alyce1213

        Sparkly support hose yet.

    • foodycatAlicia

      I’ve said it before – she just wants to be somebody’s crazy aunt. When she’s 80 this will be so fabulous (but not the shoes, never those shoes).

      • sagecreek

        As a Crazy Aunt myself, I applaud this comment.

        • conniemd

          I’m a Crazy Aunt too. And a crazy mother who just turned 60. I admit to enjoying that territory because once you’ve reached 60 you can say outrageous things, like talking about when you had sex with brothers when you were in college years ago and wear clunky jewelry and clothes that please you like my beloved collection of winter scarfs. Such freedom to have personal style and behavior without worrying about how you will be judged by others!

          The sagging ladies do depress a bit though, but good support bra and I occasionally show some cleavage.

    • sagecreek

      Can no one do an intervention about the eyeliner? Loved ones? Anyone?

      • AnguaVonUberwald

        Has anyone actually seen her without it? I know I haven’t. Maybe she has to wear it because of…..(someone needs to fill this in because I am drawing a blank)

        • sagecreek

          Blank here as well. C’mon, she’s rich as Croesus, she has to hire people who advise her on such things.

        • giddypony

          Maybe Mathew has an eyeliner fetish.

        • DTLAFamilies

          It’s tattooed on?

          • formerlyAnon

            Though who has UNDER eye eyeliner tatooed on? It’s such an extreme look to commit to 24/7.

        • filmcricket

          Yes, there was a brief, shining moment last summer when she was without it. I think she was in London? It was wonderful.

      • kimmeister

        She appears to have significantly less eyeliner on than usual, although it’s still applied in the same way.

        • sagecreek

          Yep, you’re right. Baby steps?

        • BrooklynBomber

          I was going to point that out — it’s not going ALL the way around. The inner corners are liner-free. You, go, Sarah-girl!

        • Constant Reader

          That’s the first thing I noticed and I was pleasantly surprised. I feel like SJP’s mother instead of her contemporary: “Such a pretty girl. You don’t need that much makeup.”

      • 3boysful

        I am tired of commenting on it. She clearly has a security attachment to the kohl pencil. Other people can’t abide the hair, and on this getup, I have to concur–the long, thin face curtained with long, down-pulling hair is not flattering.

      • lunchcoma

        No one can come between a woman and her heavy eyeliner once she’s gone over to that particular dark side. If the royals couldn’t do it with Kate Middleton, random relatives aren’t going to be able to talk SJP out of it.

    • Imasewsure

      I kind of love this for being “fancy plain” although I don’t get the shoes with this (they are black, right? Doesn’t work to me). LIke the skirt on the model better but this is obviously more SJP

    • cmb92191

      It looks like something a very sparkly elderly aunt would wear.

      • sagecreek

        Aunties appear to be a theme on this thread :)

        • Constant Reader

          Personally, I’m filing this look away for about 20 years from now. I think I’ll rock that when I’m 70, and my great nieces will think it’s sparkly and awesome.

    • frannyprof

      She is *dying* for her 80th birthday to get here so she can finally really dress like the grande dame she clearly wants to be.

    • giddypony

      Hate the shoes. The rest looks like some items I wear to work, only less sparkly. She’s got a serious church lady at the fete going on.

    • LeelaST

      When is she & her hair & her weird fashion choices going away?

    • mightbewrong


    • KT

      Sparkly bronze and silver sound nice together, but WOW this is not working. Those pieces just don’t belong together, and the skirt’s a really awkward length. And why are her shoes wearing thongs??

      • Sarah

        OMG shoe thongs. So apt! Snort.

    • guyfromhoboken

      Everything about the way this is put together is 50 shades of wrong. That skirt makes it look like an outfit my old Italian aunts would wear on New Years eve. The pencil skirt was far more interesting

      • Fannie Wolston

        or even trousers,a tailored pencil but short to go with those shoes…
        at any rate I cannot hate

    • Anne At Large

      Every time I see her name come up in my feed I am silently rooting for a kicky new short haircut (maybe a bob?) and different eye makeup. Every time I am sad.

      • sagecreek

        I know! Why no updates, Sarah? Why?

      • filmcricket

        The short bob she had that one season of SATC was so fab.

        • Anathema_Device

          I’m not a fan of hers, nor a detractor, but I LOVED that haircut on her.

        • alyce1213

          Every time I look at her cocker spaniel hair, I think she should get it cut something like that again. She’d look more youthful, and it’s so much better for the shape of her face.

    • oklund

      She’s kind of like Jennifer Aniston. Her style and ‘do are firmly stuck in the 00’s, with that one popular series, and they’re only going to get more out of place as time goes on. But in a weird, nostalgic way, it’s kind of endearing.

      • sagecreek

        I guess?

        That’s a very good take on it, but I have to say, I’m of that era, and I don’t find it at all endearing.

      • conniemd

        They’ve both kinda made my irrational hate list for that reason. It’s okay to like the feel or aura of an era, but nonetheless you need to change it up once in a while.

        • NurseEllen

          “the aura of an era”……love that, may have to borrow. Great coinage!

      • filmcricket

        Well at least Aniston doesn’t still sport “the Rachel.” That’s something. Off topic, but I saw a recent picture of her and for the first time she actually didn’t really look like herself. I mean, obviously I recognized her, but she’s come far enough along the botox/nose-job/filler path to no longer look like the Jennifer we all knew.

        As for SJP, I’ll take her late 90s/early 00s leading lady look over the style she sported when she was still the ‘best friend’ in the 80s. But it would not kill her to switch it up.

    • filmcricket

      I actually dig both the jacket and the skirt, but those shoes are hideous, the make-up is the SAME MY GOD ALWAYS THE SAME, and the outfit needs her hair to be off her shoulders.

      • BrooklynBomber



        I’ve kind of defended her (in my mind, and occasionally here) because for years no matter how much I tried to move my part to the side, during the day my hair would rearrange itself back to the middle. I do not kid! But recently I decided I was going to train it over to the other side come hell or high water. . . and it’s kind of working! I didn’t think it could be done, but it can. And if I can do it, so can you, SJP, so can you!!

        • filmcricket

          Oh that happens to me too! Curly or wavy hair is really hard to tame, it’s why so many actresses who have it wear wigs or pieces – for continuity between shots if for no other reason. And I mean, SJP has really nice hair. But the make-up is another story; that’s not genetics, it’s personal preference, and while that’s a legit reason for doing it, I’d love to see her do ANYTHING else, at this point.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Yep… I envy people with predictable hair.

        • formerlyAnon

          Ha. I’m in the process of moving my part from one side to the other and I feel as if I’ve developed some kind of incredibly annoying nervous tic. If I’m not doing something with my hands I’m continuously checking, arranging and re-arranging the hair. It must drive people nuts.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Should we form the Sisterhood of the Traveling Parts?

            • formerlyAnon

              Ha, again. Only if you think we can get a movie deal.

            • BrooklynBomber

              If we can get SJP behind it, I’m sure we’ll have no problem.

    • Anathema_Device

      I hate boxy jackets over full skirts. Add in the bracelet length on the jacket and the high ankle straps on the shoes and you’ve got proportions from hell. I do like the color palette, though.

    • Tigerfly

      I hate those shoes with the power of 1,000 fiery suns. But that could be the wine talking…

    • MilaXX

      Nothing new here. Hair is awful, makeup is too harsh, outfit is cute, but the shows are all wrong.

    • Tracey Magyar

      She’s starting to remind me of Ms. Peacock from the Clue Movie. She needs some cat eye glasses. Oh, and she needs to proclaim her love of eating monkey brains.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Sonia Rykiel. That’s not a name you see so much any more. I like the jacket a lot. But not the skirt, and not with the skirt. And, damn, but those are some ugly shoes.

    • msdamselfly

      THAT”S a pretty outfit.

    • nannypoo

      This is the kind of outfit I might wear, but I would have better taste than to include those shoes. But I expect more from a celebrity. On her it’s kind of boring. And WTF with that hair.

    • CT14


      Cocker spaniel hair and no waist.

      Buttoning it crooked like the model would have helped, but that skirt with that jacket giver her no waist.

      Her hair is tragic.

    • cocohall

      Somedays I look in my closet and can’t remember what goes with what. I usually attribute to some some of hormonal fluctuation and just default to black. Could SJP be suffering from this debilitating fashion blindness? Because otherwise, I am just baffled. Nothing works. Although each piece might work paired with something else. Even the shoes . . . well, no, not the shoes. They are just too clever by half. The only word that comes to mind when I look at them is “frippery.”

    • decormaven

      Too despondent from the ever-present cocker spaniel hair to work up a response to the fashion. Except the shoes, which should not have been deployed with this look.

    • E. D.

      WTF is with those shoes.

    • minnye

      The thing is, SJP is photo’d at events that seem like a real (rich, but real) person would attend out of genuine interest instead of contractural obligation. For that reason I’m more forgiving of her style. No doubt it is contrived & calculated, but she wears clothes with an air of “I just LOVE these pieces and don’t care what you say!”

    • paintedfish

      sheesh, even her hosiery is sparkly.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i’ll happily take those rings off her hands…

    • Lilyana_F

      The shoes… they must be burned.

    • Tracy M

      The shoes are the only thing I *do* like.

    • Tracy M

      Her hair was at its very best when she was pregnant on SATC and it was blonde, above her shoulders and wildly curly. It suited her face so, so much better than the long, drab curtains.

      • Sabin

        Wasn’t her hair really curly back on Square Pegs? (Loved that show…). Maybe not…getting old person memory,

    • Trickytrisha

      I’m not quite sure why this outfit is so offensive to so many BKs. Yeah, the shoes are a tad *theatrical* and the hairdo (oh god, that hair) is long past its overdue date. The clothes are fine for me. Yeah, the jacket is boxy, but seems to go nicely with the skirt. I can’t drink the haterade here.

    • crash1212

      I love the proportions here. Love the colors – that pop of blue is so unexpected. Shoes are kickass. Only thing I don’t love is the hair, which is in need of a style update, but having said that, it looks healthy and shiny.

      • sandradee

        I like the way the blue picks up her eye colour

    • Bernadette

      Love the jacket and skirt, hate the shoes.

    • Gatto Nero

      I like the jacket effect better on the model, where the uneven fastening creates angles that break up the boxiness.
      She’s dressing for her age, for once, but this actually looks too aging; it would be frumpy on a 70-year-old.
      Time to lose the teen hair.
      Shoes are just awful.

    • rebeemoon

      I like the jacket better the way it is on the model: buttoned askew.

    • formerlyAnon

      Not a fan of the shoes, prefer the asymmetrical fastening of the jacket on the model. I like this ensemble. I like it so much that it’s the kind of thing I tend to buy for myself (which is a strong indication that SJP should be doing better), though I have learned to talk myself out of such a boxy jacket and look for something with more waist to it. While I still have one.

    • Abby Turner Tucker

      If there is an unsolved robbery of a 90 year old socialites closet in Manhatten, I think we’ve found the culprit.

    • quiltrx

      I actually love the shoes, and want them to run away to Florence Welch, who will actually know what to do with them.

    • guest2visits

      I like this for her; it feels both light hearted and seriously fashion-y in that SJP way.
      Can’t decide from these pics if the shimmery hose should stay or go.

    • Lucas

      The look kinda grew on me after a minute. It seems very event-appropriate.

    • Tatiana Luján

      the proportions are completely off.

    • Andrea Lentz

      horsey isn’t even trying anymore. she just assumes everything she does is amazing.

    • VioletF.

      Gorgeous skirt. Just not paired with that top. I much prefer the ensemble, including lemon highlights and asymmetrical version of top the model was wearing. I’d like to see SJP in that with less cramp and wince inducing heels.

    • scotty

      I love the shoes and the skirt and I bet she is wearing reg hose