Miley Cyrus in Versus Versace at the 2013 American Music Awards

Posted on November 25, 2013

This chickie is a lot smarter than people give her credit for.



Miley Cyrus attends the 2013 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California in a Versus Versace suit paired with Saint Laurent black pumps and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.


Knowing that the AMAs were going to be a circus tent of attention-seeking clowns, she opted for the cleanest, simplest look she could have chosen while still having some sort of edge to it. Now granted, we don’t credit her entirely with all her image management and style management decisions, but she’s listening to some smart people, surely. After all, we’re all talking about Miley in a way we never did prior to this year.

Anyway, we like this. The safety pins really make it. Our only real issue is with the fit of the jacket, which seems a little off.




[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/]

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  • crash1212

    Great suit. She looks good….even though she couldn’t resist a tongue thrust.

    • lunchcoma

      I’ve decided to pretend I didn’t see that shot.

      • I’m gonna let her have one, because I can imagine that you do a thing, and then the photogs are always after you to keep doing that thing. Should she pull the plug on it? Sure. But it’ll take a while.

  • ashtangajunkie

    LOVE this. A red lip would have made this look a WERQ for me.

    • Little_Olive

      Y’ know, I think a red lip could have been a bit “already done”, especially for her. I think it’s more modern this way.

      • ashtangajunkie

        As it is, I find it unfinished-looking.

    • Lanus

      yeah, I wanted either a red lip or a uniquely colored statement eye for this. Pop of color, don’t you know.

  • Blair Sylvester

    Wish I couldn’t see her belly

    • Vtg Fashion Library

      Wish I couldn’t see her entire boob! Gross.

  • Call me Bee

    Well–at the very least it’s not as offensive as it could have been.

  • Karen Belgrad

    Have to say, I’m loving the light make-up. (hangs head in shame for drinking Miley kool-aid)

    • suzq

      It makes the look modern.

  • Imasewsure

    Ignoring the stupid tongue picture and the fit of the jacket. Really cute clean look. Like it a lot

  • Introspective

    Im a sucker for a good white suit. As much as it pains me to say this cause i cant suffer this child’s antics most days, Im all here for this.

  • NMMagpie

    Eehhh… she’s already done this look before.

    • tereliz

      I agree. But another reason I’d consider this move a “smart” on on her part—or the part of her “people”—is BECAUSE it’s so derivative of that Cosmo cover. That was a major turning point for her as a grown-ass adult, and the smartest thing she can do right now is hark back to that moment when we all thought little Hannah Montana might come out all right.

  • J-Ko

    It twerks for me!

  • hughman

    Cute. I’d buy Clinique from her.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      (*SNORT!*) I love it.

  • Keeping us guess and making sure we have an “atta girl” for every fourth or fifth “put it away” is indeed quite smart of her and her people.

    • charlotte

      Her non-twerky outfits make me quite anxious because I expect to see an explosion of bad taste next.

      • Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long. Her performance outfit undid this good work.

  • MilaXX

    For me that’s what makes Miley the twerker so offensive. It’s all intentional. Her stealing of urban cultural is nothing more than an calculated scheme to distance herself from her Disney roots. Claiming this is the “real” her is insulting when it’s clear she’s just putting it on like costume.

    • boweryboy

      This. Exactly.

    • Introspective

      all this.

  • MW

    Best we’ve seen her look in a long time.

    As far as looking washed out goes though, she’s up there with the likes of Taylor and the Fanning sisters.

  • frannyprof

    I was on her side until she stuck out her tongue. Girl can’t help herself, I guess.

  • flamingoNW

    Not bad

  • suzq

    She looks good. It’s as if she knows she’s not the most gorgeous, like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, so why even try to be those people? She is trying to build her own brand. A little edgy, a little unpredictable. The beauty is that she has a wider range than Gaga and anything from heavy metal to alt country is within her grasp. It’s just the AMAs, but she dressed very strategicaly. Nice LOL Cat on stage, too.

  • Cute! Now all that’s left to be done is use some of that double-stick tape to keep her tongue in mouth.

  • Danielle

    Loooooove the gold pins. Love.

  • lynnlee

    Miley looks sharp!

  • lexilexi

    At least her boobs are real. I think.

  • Glam Dixie

    I really don’t care for the safety pins, maybe if they weren’t so big and gold. At least I’m not being subjected to another over inflated chest.

  • missinmass

    I love this kid and wish her nothing but good.

  • Lesley

    love it, for once in her life she proved that less is more.. which she took to a whole new meaning in her performance didn’t love that too much..

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I’d like it better if she’d worn a little cami under it. I don’t care for suits with no shirts.

  • This needs a bold red lip. Other than that, very nice.

  • filmcricket

    Based on this and her Met Ball appearance, “fashion ‘punk'” seems to be her best look. Wish she’d stick with it and stop aping rappers in her style, which is embarrassing at best and appropriative at worst.

  • kimmeister

    I have no issues with the fit of the jacket, it’s the pants that are off to me. Probably because they’re wrinkled.

    • Targettaste

      the pants are soooo low!

  • MusiqueConcrete

    Almost a TWERQ.

    • lexilexi

      A new category is born!

  • unbornfawn

    I don’t have any issues with the outfit, but for some reason I just want to smack her.

  • Lori

    For the record, I don’t think she’s exactly dumb. However, I do think what she is would be more accurately called savvy than smart.

  • Trickytrisha

    Nice outfit. Still despise her shenanigans.

  • rebeemoon

    The jacket is too big for her. In some of the pics, the collar and shoulders sit at least an inch above her neck.

  • Contralto

    Damn, I was hoping she would keep her tongue in her mouth just.this.once.

  • LJCdoc

    I was fine with this, until she stuck her tongue out at me again.

  • mmebam

    No complaints. Very nice.

  • I’ve never thought of her as dumb, especially, just overexposed (literally and figuratively) and insufferable.

  • sunflower

    She needed to get it tailored but she looks great. I would have chosen a different shoe also, those read a little 9 to 5

  • jjjoy

    Right. Go see her AMA performance outfit and staging if you think she’s ‘smart’.

    • twocee

      A large portion of the internet and TV is talking about that performance. So I think she got what she wanted.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Wow. I watched it. She’s so awkward in her movements, yikes. I think the singing is very average, but it seems like she’s doing is working for a lot of people.

  • Little_Olive

    OMG I love the suit I’m ready to jump out the window now.

  • CommentsByKatie

    I like this, too! It’s kind of like the Christina post from earlier; For HER, it’s practically a WERQ. For anyone else, it would just be annoying.

  • I don’t know. Way back when Liz Hurley wore the now infamous safety pin
    dress, the effect had both class and pizzaz. This, I find boring. What
    is Versace saying with this reintroduction of the feature? It’s just
    branding, Versace quoting Versace. But for an homage, it lacks the
    original’s wow factor and adds no new vision.

  • Bethany Fairbrother

    She looks like “Bill The Cat” from the old “Bloomsbury” cartoon. Tell me she’s not going there!

  • LeelaST

    Miley being Miley. Can’t.

  • Bethany Fairbrother

    I’m sorry! The whole tung thing reminds me of “Bill The Cat”. “Oop. Ack!”.

  • Lynzee Michelle Lamb

    I’ll be the mean one on this: without all the crazy distracting clothes, it becomes even more apparent how very average looking she is.

    • DTLAFamilies

      I think that’s part of her appeal, though, and a big part of why people freaked out Crazy Twerky Miley showed up. She’s like that kid next door you thought was so nice and then suddenly spun out of control. It really is kind of genius image management.

    • Yes, that is mean. You say she is average looking like it is a bad thing.

  • Therese Bohn

    As I scrolled down, I’m thinking “At lease she isn’t sticking out her…Oh, wait, never mind. (A shame too, because when she keeps her mouth closed, and smiles nicely she can almost look sweet).

  • formerlyAnon

    I concur that the safety pins make it. It’s cute, which works well for her. I feel the world doesn’t need to see so much of her breasts as the close up shows, but I’ll take the breast over the tongue.

    • BrooklynBomber

      And you got both!

  • SewingSiren

    Blouse. Just a thought.

  • stubbornthoughts

    I love this kind of thing on her, I wish she would dress more like this on the regular – minus the tongue shot. I hope she grows her hair out, I still don’t believe it for her. It’s just…too matchy, matchy, if that makes sense.

  • AnaRoW

    See, I just assumed she toned it down because her father and half-sister were in attendance. I’ll admit she does clean up well. I could have lived without the tongue pic though.

    • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

      Why? Her father looks like he needs a long stint in rehab. Get him there quickly before he does something really bad!

  • CarrieBaby

    I dig it but the shoes just seem off

    • martha

      I think a gold shoe would have looked great.

  • lillyvonschtupp

    Put that gd tongue back in your mouth. You’re not shocking anyone.

  • quiltrx

    I really like the jacket. But again with the white, too summery.

  • marlie

    If she had a bold red, or a deep plum lip, this would be perfect. As it is, it’s still a great look for her.

  • trisker

    Did you see her costume and set when she sang? Amazing! She has a slammin’ body.

  • Cheryl

    I think she looks pretty and fresh here. Love the light hand with the makeup. The only thing I would change is the shoes, that’s where she could have had her pop of colour other than red (too expected). Maybe an emerald green or a bright pink?

  • Lily-Rygh

    Best she’s looked in…well…maybe ever? I could have used a stronger lip color than “none,” but still, this is dynamite and way sexier than when she’s half-naked.

  • boweryboy

    She looks good, but once again I’m convinced she’s wearing star pasties and a g-string underneath, and that she will rip off the suit to reveal this the moment she gets inside.

    I do agree, she knows exactly what she’s doing which I admire but simultaneously find a bit off putting. Most of it is too contrived to even be entertained by it.

  • Richard Banger

    Genius. She ( or her PR people) knew that we’ve seen her in all of her naked glory, and the only way she could shock us is by showing up in a modest (-ish) getup. Love it

  • MK03

    That awkward moment when Miley Cyrus is one of the more tastefully dressed people on a red carpet…

  • French_Swede

    She looks relaxed and she’s having fun on the red carpet. Why not? She’s young, gorgeous, talented.

    • Shawn EH

      She’s experienced, wise for her age even. But the taste level has always been lacking; the only thing helping her lately is she can afford the best of the tacky stuff.

      • formerlyAnon

        I hadn’t thought of it that way. I think I might agree after I think about it (maybe more than the topic requires but I”m embarking on a brain-dead task).

        See: I’m not just wasting time on line, I’m getting different perspectives!

  • Esz

    She has a long waist and the jacket is too short in that area. Which throws off the proportion of the waist to hip ratio. From one long waisted sister to another
    Cool suit too

  • Daktari100

    She’s a skank in a pretty white designer suit. If I see that tongue one more time, I’m going to vomit.

  • Aurumgirl

    Well, nothing about this suit fits–the extremely low cut waist is either the wrong size or Miley doesn’t mind pushing it down as far as it can go so that the crotch is actually hitting her mid thigh. It makes the suit look like it’s made out of stiff plastic. Still, single colour, solid materials you can’t really see through–it’s like she’s had a little evolution.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    Love the suit but the shoes are wrong-diddly-wrong.

  • MoHub

    Was doing fine four pictures in, and then I got to number five. Girl just couldn’t keep that tongue inside her mouth, could she?

  • Mary Lauer

    This is how you do cleavage. Clean and simple. Not all “Here are my BOOBS!”

  • Sarah

    Duck lips, clumpy eyelashes (and ubiquitous tongue, but that could be argued it’s her “signature”). Doesn’t matter if the suit is nice. Still looks bad.

  • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

    Love the suit! Totally love the suit. Hate the black shoes.

  • MaggieMae

    I was hoping for better shoes. There are some issues with the fit. As others have already stated, ugh, that tongue. But girl keeps us looking and talking, doesn’t she?

    • jjfg

      Some genius/reporter probably asked her to do the tongue, so I’m giving her that one.

      But I could have gone my entire life without seeing that much of her boob.

  • lifeisastory

    She could lose a couple of those safety pins.

    And was there a memo sent round that no one could wear lipstick to this event?

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I could give this a WERQ if it wasn’t for *that fucking TONGUE!*

  • PeaceBang

    Very sharp. And I am the only one who sees a bit of Miss Madonna Ciccone in this kid? Around the eyes.

  • bertkeeter

    Agree on Jacket fit…not that the stylist care about such unimportant things as FIT now days! As long as there is a designer label sew in it’s a go!

  • guest2visits

    It suits her; quirky, cute…could have done without the extra boobage or the tongue. But then why bother showing up I guess. I like the black shoes instead of white but they really needed to be a little more special than these.
    I thought her performance outfit was way too Jane Fonda Workout. Too bad the odd bottoms weren’t some skin tight, flared-pants or exaggerated bells. She could have shown off her figure and worn something interesting at the same time. They would have gone well with her psychedelic kitty backdrop. I was amused. I thought the giant singing, crying kitten was self deprecating humor, and on the other hand; it really is closer to where her taste lives, I think.

  • amaranth16

    Sharon Stone sharpness in this outfit. Love everything but the tongue.

  • Miley looks fresh and well put-together here.

  • loveisblind1

    The suit is very nice but am I the only one who saw the safety pins and thought of cloth diapers?

  • GreenTurtle

    I think her dreadful slouching plays into the fit issues with the jacket. Girl has terrible posture. You’ll notice it’s riding up on the shoulders.