Katy Perry in CULT by Lip Service in Germany

Posted on November 19, 2013

She must’ve gotten tired of dressing like a grownup. We don’t blame her. That last outfit was pretty damn boring. And besides …



Katy Perry promotes her new album “Prism” at 1Live radio station in Cologne, Germany in a CULT by Lip Service Jacket and skirt paired with Jimmy Choo sandals.

CULT By Lip Service Hologram Moto Jacket, Jimmy Choo Lottie Holographic Crisscross Sandal, CULT By Lip Service Hologram Box-Pleat Skirt.


… Sometimes a gal just feels the need to dress up like a chewing gum wrapper (or a baked potato, or Jiffy Pop) and grab the spotlight.

Attagirl, robot girl.




[Photo Credit: INFphoto.com, urbanoutfitters.com, bergdorfgoodman.com]

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  • PeggyOC

    Only Katy.

  • NMMagpie

    That’s some Judy Jetson realness right there.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Atta girl! Don’t let them force you into normal clothes – you be you.

    • gabbilevy

      Besides, you and only you are the only pop star on the planet that could pull this off.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Exactly! And my point about her has always been “So why shouldn’t she?” We have plenty of gorgeous creatures on this site who can pull off Dior and Chanel couture. She doesn’t necessarily need to be one of them. Whoever it is who keeps trying to force her into fashionable normality – her stylist, her manager, whoever – they need to stop and just let her breathe. Let her just do her thang, it gives us something fun to look at! I love her kooky outfits, I don’t need for them to try and turn her into Grace Kelly.

  • SewingSiren

    Just looking at the hair-do is giving me a sympathetic headache.

    • MGMcD

      Indeed, I don’t know why her ponytails are always pulled so damn tight. It can be polished without pulling your forehead up 4 inches. Though maybe that’s the benefit she was going for.

    • Kristin McNamara

      Was going to comment the same thing. While I know this isn’t quite the correct audience to give this comparison, her hair is making my scalp hurt as badly as it did when I used to watch Diana Taurasi play basketball. (Google her.) #ouch

      • Jacob Bowen

        Oh my gosh! I didn’t even need to look this up! Gay gasp! WNBA reference for the win!

  • Lily

    Love it. And look how happy she is! Selling it 100% and it’s a joy to look at.

  • Glam Dixie

    You look really fun, and the oven goes on 350

  • How is it that they don’t match quite right? The jacket has more folds and wrinkles so it’s reflecting so differently it almost looks like a different material?? Regardless, I am not a fan. It’s too twee and if I know my littlest girl would be begging me for her own, than it’s not for grown folks.

    • Theresa

      And that skirt is not doing her legs justice. The fit could be better and she would be smokin’ and silly at the same time.

  • another_laura

    Garish, and yet soooooo much better than that turquoise … thing … from the other day!

  • I wish she’d worn the shoes on the model instead of going for another layer of a competing hologram.

    • fursa_saida

      I almost wish she were in Doc Martens or something.

  • MilaXX

    I don’t mind it. She seems to have learned when to dress like an adult and when to go all in and pimp her product.

  • Diego!

    Honey, no. My eyes are still bleeding after seeing too much reflection!

  • Mary229

    Obviously weird and not for public consumption but cute on a pop star like her.

  • MaggieMae

    Pick one! The skirt OR the jacket, Miss Katy. Even you have to pick.

    Smile, skin, and eyebrows are to die for.

  • nannypoo

    Yet another person who does not look good with her hair skinned back.

  • imspinningaround

    “I’m wearing a prism! Because my album is called ‘Prism!’ Get it? Do you get it? I can draw you a diagram.”

    • I am embarrassed to say that I am glad you pointed that out – I hadn’t noticed the album title. So this is the equivalent of Taylor Swift’s Red thing?

      • Domo_Konnichiwa

        Not until Katy’s outfits shoot out rainbows, cuz “That’s what prisms do!”

        • Of course, she could blow our minds by just wearing a Pink Floyd tshirt and jeans.

  • Jessica Freeman

    This is only passable because she is back to being Fun Katy, and her album name is Prism, so it’s all up there with how she used to play around with her work and clothes…See: Legendary Smurfette Dress.

  • Imasewsure

    I like the outfit but I don’t get the shoe choice at all… seems go-go boots or combat boots would have been the obvious (and more interesting) choice here. Shoes are pretty but dull and insubstantial here

  • marlie

    This is fun in an “only Katy” sort of way.

  • jay

    You know, I’m kinda digging on this, because it’s exactly as insane as I pictured upon reading that it was Katy Perry wearing Lip Service. (Confession: I own a bunch of Lip Service stuff, mostly from their punk and goth lines, because it’s super comfortable, relatively inexpensive, and sticks out like a sore thumb – ex. I have a bomber jacket with a giant neon print of a tattoo machine on the back that makes at least one person go HOLY SHIT WHERE DID YOU GET THAT every time I wear it. As close as I’ll ever get to ‘fetishwear,’ that’s for sure.)

  • KinoEye

    Perfect getup to promote an album called “Prism.”

  • Annaline39

    First season Lost in Space spacesuit 🙂

  • Kent Roby

    This will look just fine once the heat of the spotlight finishes the shrink-wrapping process.

  • Maybe I’m a product of my time, but I will never see the appeal in that style of shoe. Makes your foot look SO. LONG.

  • wisenhar

    No, no, no! I saw way too much of this type of fabric in the late 90s.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame, Katy is truly, truly outrageous.

  • Blair Sylvester

    Baby your a jetson girl come on let your reflections burst

  • Sarah

    In that last shot, you can almost imagine the pony is SO TIGHT it has pulled her mouth open, and it has frozen that way.

  • TinaBelchersawkwardmoan

    Damn, girl is Jem and the Holograms!

    • Kirsty

      Oh my god. You are so right. All she needs is blue hair and a keyboard/guitar thing. That’s the doll I didn’t get. I got the boring doll called Danse who was their choreographer. Still bitter 20 years on.

      • Jacqueline Wessel

        She used to have blue hair, maybe she have gotten it out for this event.

  • kimmeister

    It’s also venue appropriate. When in Germany, of course you have to go for the Europop vibe!

  • LauraWL

    My 80s inner child squeed at this. I feel like this is what I wanted to look like every day of my childhood so I have a hard time not loving this.

  • Clydette Wantland

    Mylar balloons.

  • Jumpingjacks

    Dig the spacesuit, but the ponytail doesn’t do her justice

  • xmixiex

    Would be cool if the jacket weren’t too tight across her chest/shoulders. It’s especially bad when she raises her arm.

  • GeoDiva

    I like the skirt & jacket, just not together. Cuter as seperates.

  • melanie0866


  • oatmealpie

    Serving up magpie realness. I want all the shiny!

  • God help me, I love it.

  • I actually love the shoes!

  • Cheryl

    She’s a pop star with a painful ponytail, the holographic outfit looks great and suits her persona. Would I want to see this outfit on Goopie (praise the kitten that came up with THAT one!)? Probably not. No scratch that, I’d love to see it on her, but for all the wrong reasons.

  • lunchcoma

    That’s a stunningly bad color for her skin tone.

  • S J

    The hair looks painful.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    When your album is called ‘Prism’, of course you wear laser clothes. I don’t know why Katy, but I love you so.

  • Tracy_Flick

    Jem and the Holograms. Sure. Why not? Go for it, girl.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    OMG, I can’t believe I wasn’t the only one who thought “jiffy pop” (or thought the reference was too dated)

  • bellafigura1

    Cheap McCheaperson.

  • Synnamin

    I love that Lip Service is getting some red carpet attention. She looks fab and happy here

    • Courtney Turing

      Me too, I think this is perfectly Katy Perry give me interesting over polished and boring anyday

  • Stacy C

    I can’t help it.. I seriously adore her and her joie de vivre

  • Diesel von Trapp

    I trust she’ll make it through but I can imagine there are going to be some sartorial missteps as Katy ages out of the “hypersexual space princess” look.

  • Janice Bartels

    Showtime, Synergy!

  • Milos Mom

    And it looks like… Lip Service – cheap and ill-fitting. My thing is if you work hard and got the cash you should not look like a 15 year old mall rat. Ever.

  • CommentsByKatie

    I get it…Prism…yeah. I usually like cartoon character and tacky dressing, but this is just a mess. Too messy to be fun. Nice try, dear.

  • Lori

    All those pieces looked better worn with other things than they look worn with each other. There is such a thing as too damn much iridescent foil.

  • what would you give for a klondike bar? she needs some kool-aid colors up around her face. huge plastic see-thru rainbow hoop earrings and some cherry snap lip gloss. something like that.

  • quiltrx

    I’m sorry to admit, as a 40-plus fat woman, that I really dig that little jacket. But one or the other not both, dear. And no to the shoes.

  • jmorino08

    She is channeling a some Judy Jetson fabulousness here!

  • She’s from the future of the 70es. Which is actually really appropriate, because it’s 2013.

  • Danielle

    Serving Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century realness. Zeetus Lapetus!

  • HobbitGirl

    J’adore, actually. I want a shiny foil skirt now!

  • mila_8

    I’m for it, except for the Sporty Spice hair.

  • jonesybj_notreally

    I’m leaning towards WERQ – she looks great and that inner extra kapow is being pretty sweetly deployed here.

  • Daktari100

    My, doesn’t her haired pulled back that tight make her forehead look like a fivehead?

  • guest2visits

    Not my favorite for Katy. In spite of the same material for both top and bottom; I love the jacket but hate the awkward looking skirt. It doesn’t even look like a good fit. Strangely unimaginative. Nice shoes that don’t really go, imo.