January Jones as Betty Draper for Halloween

Posted on November 01, 2013

Oh, WELL PLAYED, Miss Jones.

January Jones dressed up as her character Betty Draper from “Mad Men” for Halloween in her neighborhood in Los Angeles.


Sure, you could argue that it’s an easy choice, but we think it’s kind of hilarious that this is her Halloween costume. It’s like she’s saying to all the wannabes, “Sure. Go ahead and wear your Betty Draper costume. Just remember who’s the OG, bitches. Can’t touch this.”

Interesting that it’s classic early-season Betty. She must know that was always her best look. Although granted, we probably would’ve loved her more for dressing up like Plus-Sized Betty, but that might have gotten her in trouble. We don’t recognize the dress, so we’re not sure if it’s an actual Mad Men costume or something she put together outside the show.

The crossed arms and bitchface really sell it. Granted, she almost always looks like that, but we’re pretty sure she’s in character at the moment. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.





[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • Erica_Vuitton


    • Jenna Marie

      Are you kidding? Clever and hilarious. It’s not like she just came home from set in one of her costumes. She intentionally dressed up as her iconic character – one that droves of women dressed up as on the same night. It would be the highlight of my whole year to come to her house and see the real Betty Draper giving me candy.

      • Alanna

        It’s pretty clever, yeah, but I kinda wish she’d gone to the next level and added some makeup and fake blood to become Zombie Betty Draper.

        • tereliz

          I love how “Zombie (fill in the blank)” is the cool girl’s “Slutty (fill in the blank)”. 😉

        • fursa_saida

          The possibilities for “Mummy Betty Draper” are endless. So many toilet paper dresses! So many mommy issues jokes!

      • Erica_Vuitton

        No I am not kidding I’m serious. I think this is boring and lame and totally void of any creativity. It would be like Miley dressing up in her VMA outfit or Emilia Clarke dressing as the Queen of Dragons. Or me going out in my work clothes and trying to pass it off like a costume. *I* think that’s easy, half assed and boring not hilarious or clever in anyway.

        • marlie

          For mere mortals like us, I do think it would be kind of lame, and not in an ironic, tongue-in-cheek way, to be “ourselves” for Halloween. I have called out friends who are doctors for going as a doctor to a Halloween party.

          But most of us don’t make a living pretending to be someone else, complete with elaborate costumes and makeup. IMO, I think it’s rather funny of JJo (and anyone from the cast of Game of Thrones) to dress as the character that has made her famous for Halloween. And the only reason why I didn’t include Miley in the previous sentence is because she’s still *herself* when she gets on stage.

    • siriuslover

      I don’t know. I dressed up as a muggle yesterday ;).

      • Derek_anny

        When the theatre camp I work at has Harry Potter Day, I go as a Muggle Studies student.

    • But it’s not her work clothes from 2013. This is how she dressed back in 2007. So it’s not like she just pulled this from her closet.

  • veriance

    This pleases me to no end.

  • Sunraya

    I don’t know – I don’t get the feeling she is in character. I think she is angry at her privacy being violated. She looks pissed, and that is her natural state.
    Poor January – I guess she never realized that being a successful actress meant people would annoy you. It’s such a new phenomenon, you know.

    • Nariya

      But why would she dress up in old-season Betty Draper clothes for Halloween if she were expecting no one to look at her? That makes no sense. Also, that definitely is a Betty Draper face. Sure, it’s not far off from J-Jo’s face (because it IS her face), but I disagree that she always looks Betty-levels of pissed. Maybe it is kind of a lazy costume, but also a fun joke for the fans.

      And there’s such a great consistency to this particular Betty-bitchface. She should trademark the expression.

    • Rhonda Shore

      She’s getting ready to shoot some birds!!! LOVE!

  • Nicola Anna Molly Page

    J’adore 🙂 I have high hopes for Betty next season. Higher than I have for Don. I think she’ll be trailing her own blaze.

  • Eric Stott

    I’d like to know what treats she handed out

    • Cigarettes and judgment.

      • MrsAtaxxia

        With dead pigeons on the side?

        • Danielle

          Ooh, that costume would have been better – handing out candy in the housecoat complete with a rifle and cigarette hanging out of her mouth…

      • Darren Nesbitt

        This so much!

      • NOLA_gal

        We can only hope she handed out packets of candy cigarettes?

      • Eric Stott

        and sugarless gum

      • ohayayay

        and diet pills

  • estella_nyc

    I can’t tell if she’s in character or not, which I guess makes it the best Halloween costume of all. I don’t think I’d trick or treat at her house, though, with an icy cold glare like that.

    • Chickadeep

      Take a closer look…is that a nicotine patch on her arm? She may have come by the icy cold glare naturally, if she’s in the middle of quitting smoking!

      • Violentcello

        Good eye. I was trying to tell if it was a burn or a bruise.

  • teensmom99

    This made me smile.

  • sugarkane105

    Oh, how I love when celebrities have a sense of humor about themselves.

    • EveEve

      Now, if she’d suddenly lunged at the paparazzi while baring her vampire fangs, THAT would have displayed a sense of humor. She looks like she’s waiting to start in on her first martini of the evening..

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    This is fantastic. Now if only Christina Hendricks also showed up dressed in character. Then it would be a real party!

    • Erica_Vuitton

      Kelly Osborne dressed up as Christina for Halloween- baby heads and all. She looked incredible!

      • WOW. That was amazing. She had the coy posing (which aggravates me to no end) down perfectly. Oddly enough, the only way it could have been improved would be if Kelly still had a bit more natural curve to her. But, I’m glad she didn’t pad for effect.

        • tereliz

          LOL, she ought to switch to that red once she’s contractually allowed to change her hair color again.

    • MK03

      Add Elisabeth Moss as Peggy and it’s a party.

    • StellaZafella

      I know women who dug into their local Suzie Q racks and TRIED to do the Betty, or at least the period…sorry ladies, up against the real thing y’all just look like housewives from Edward Scissorhands…or my mom…

      oh, now that’s creepy.

  • Courtenay P

    I know she’s not popular, but I kinda love her. January, let’s be bitchy best friends.

    • Spreecord

      I want to be BFFs (Bitch Friends Forever) with her, too. I have a feeling that she’s one hell of a party after half a bottle of Jagermeister.

    • melisaurus

      All my good friends have always been the bitchy ones. Love her. We can be friends too.

  • Sweetvegan

    Love it!

  • Tanya Wade

    This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all week. I know some ladies who have tried to do the Betty for Halloween, but this is the shut-down to end all shut-downs. Don’t even try any more, bitches!

  • Chickadeep

    Needs a cigarette & a shotgun, but otherwise perfection. I’m guessing she handed out dry cleaning bags and diet pills.

  • This is fucking hilarious!

  • AmeliaEve

    I appreciate how it’s kinda Morning After Betty Draper. Her bow tie is askew, her hair is sticking out, and her makeup is very minimal. But where’s her cigarette?

  • HM3

    Yawn. Quite UNoriginal. If she were toying with her BD image, she could’ve AT LEAST gone as a zombie Betty Draper. Something!

    • sugarkane105

      Oo, maybe she’ll do that next year, since Mad Men as a show will be “dead” by then.

      *cries in mourning*

      • Heather

        No it won’t! They’re doing Season 6 in 2 parts, to air in 2014 and 2014. 🙂

        • sugarkane105

          Oh, that’s right! I’m not sure if I’m happy about that or not. It extends Mad Men’s time on the air, but we’re only getting one extra episode and a lot more waiting around. Still can’t wait for it to start again though!

  • Virginia McMurdo

    That is so hilarious!

  • Jessica Freeman

    Creative she is not….

  • Oh, this is funny. Good for her.
    I do wonder, if it’s such a good idea to remind me people that her acting range is rather limited. I’ve never thought playing Betty Draper, Original Ice Queen was much of a stretch for her. This sort of confirms it for me.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I’ve only seen her in Mad Men and in The Boat that Rocked (which I love and makes me cry and laugh). She is great in both and I didn’t recognize her in TBTR until the credits. Have you seen anything else she has played?

      • Sobaika

        Another ice queen in the Xmen prequel (she was terrible) and Slutty American #1 in Love Actually.

        • Exactly the other two things I’ve seen her in. And I agree wholly that she was really awful in XMen. Not every actor or actress has to be all charm, all the time, but I’ve never seen her show much in the way of charisma or personality in her public appearances. I don’t know that she has much of a well to draw from.

          • Erica_Vuitton

            In her last TLo post I commented on how awful she was in X Men. Glad I’m not the only one!

        • Tatiana Luján

          Oh, slutty american #1! She was the prettiest one.

          • jilly_d

            “Table! Oh….it’s the same.”

        • Trish

          She has a small role in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, and I thought she was good in that. Probably the first thing I saw her in.

  • Wendy Todd

    Absolutely love pouty bitchy Betty Draper! I miss her so glad to see her this Halloween. I think it’s brillant!

  • This is undeniably good, but if I were here, I would have picked something like the “Betty Flirts With Italian Stallions at a Cafe In Rome” outfit, complete with dangly round ball earrings. Might have been a little more fun, although bitchface would not have been a costume requirement.

  • filmcricket

    I absolutely love the idea that Betty Draper was the scariest thing she could think of. Well played.

  • Roz

    hee hee! The part about “in her neighborhood” is excellent! Makes it sound like she is wandering her street giving BD bitch face to small children dressed as furry animals.

  • jonesybj_notreally

    no matter how bitchy betty d looks, there’s a softness to her (betty’s) face that January jones just doesn’t have IRL. it’s pretty effing amazing.

  • janierainie

    When I was a kid trick or treating she would have scared me to death. I knew some moms back then that were pretty scary. And teachers! That would be like walking up, ringing the doorbell and your psycho 3rd grade teacher was standing there!

  • marlie

    I think she looks fabulous. And I love the irony of it.

  • GillianHolroyd

    pssst lady, it’s snowing down south.

  • Judy_J

    Love it. All those wanna-be Betty Drapers can just go home now.

  • ashtangajunkie

    This just makes me excited for next seaon!

  • That is frickin’ hysterical. Go JJ! You know that everyone who came to her house laughed out loud and that to me is a successful Halloween costume.

  • julnyes

    Zombifying this would have taken it to the next level – Betty Draper on the Walking Dead – she could be a zombie or a survivor!

  • Violentcello

    I love her. I can’t help it. She’s my wine-binging spirit animal.

    • Not applicable

      ITA- she’s resting bitchface kindred spirit…

      • Violentcello

        Mmmhmm. If she’s the High Priestess of Bitchface, I am a faithful disciple.

  • OrigamiRose

    Damn, I want that dress. And I want my Mad Men back with new episodes already!

    • decormaven

      Say it and make it so! I need some new Mad Men eps.

  • MartyBellerMask

    Love this!!

  • Imasewsure

    Major props. How much would the parents of the T o’ T’rs have loved this!

  • Janet B

    Love this.
    The lack of creativity, the bitch face, the annoyance and boredom of being a celebrity.

  • sam_the_cat

    I think it would have been funnier if she’d dressed up as Joan!

  • Tracy_Flick

    I need to see the SHOES!

  • Sonia Perez

    Her standing there like that is actually kind of scary! And I agree with others, she should have made it Zombie Betty Draper!

  • dickylarue

    She won Halloween. Period.

  • msdamselfly

    great bitchface— thanks, JJ!

  • NoveltyRocker

    I knew this gal had a sense of wry sense of humor, love her.

  • Danielle

    She looks so grouchy! I’m in love!

  • I think she’s dressing as svelte Betty who wore the hell out of her 50s fashion. She looks great in this dress or skirt and blouse.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Love this, especially those earrings.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Cheater! It’s not like she doesn’t have that shit at home! 😉

  • dashwoodstole

    So I’ve seen at least two comments here saying ‘OMG so unoriginal, she should have been creative and been ZOMBIE Betty Draper.’ Zombie Betty Draper would have been so much less interesting. Zombie whatever is so obviously Halloween. Completely deadpan portrayal of your most iconic character complete with trademark bitchface? Brilliant.

    Seriously kittens, how can you have spend time here without developing a keen sense of camp?

  • slizzy

    I love you, Betty. Can I have a lock of your hair?

  • golden_years

    I’m pretty sure she wore that dress in promo shots for season one or two. It looks really familiar. And I’d be angry too if the paparazzi were stalking my house.

  • Big Bear

    There is a bizarre randomness to this which makes it look like art. I can imagine a painting of this hanging in the Louvre.

  • KT

    I love her for this – hilarious. And YES plus-sized Betty would have been even funnier! hahaha

  • Mazenderan

    Brilliant! That’s made my morning.

  • twilightgirlportland.com

    Seriously, was she answering the door like this? She can be scary.

  • Esz

    LUV HUH!

  • MissFern

    This is a lot more terrifying that anything at a haunted house.

  • Shawn EH

    Totally in character. I bet she’s actually fun IRL.

  • judybrowni