Jaimie Alexander in Hervé Léger at the 2013 GQ Men of the Year Party

Posted on November 14, 2013

Jaimie Alexander attends the 2013 GQ Men Of The Year Party at The Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, California in an Hervé Léger by Max Azria dress accessorized with Demarco jewelry.





[Photo Credit: Karl Larsen/INFphoto.com, Andrew Evans/PRPhotos.com]

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  • gabbilevy

    Considering her last outfit, this is downright demure.

  • The fit in the bust isn’t great, but she’s not flashing her groin tattoos so it’s hard to complain too much. She’s looking very brittle though. I’m expecting her to fling her champagne glass and start a brawl.

  • Nicholas

    I’d love to see the wheel of fortune she spins, every time she has to decide on a dress.

  • Lesley

    very, vegas bachelorette partayyyy but then again that’s what i assosiate any herve leger dress with

    • Kimberly Wilcox

      That was more or less my thought….Vegas style dress…with a hint of fit problems often associated with a cheap cocktail dress.

  • cakecakecake

    I kind of like this on her, I think the coloring of the dress is nice for her.
    is it me or is there something weird going on in the bust/midsection?

  • KT

    Hey she’s wearing clothes this time!

  • She makes me doubt my marriage. Sif!

    • KateShouldBeWorking

      For real. I want my face to look like her face.

    • fursa_saida

      God I love the Lady Sif.

    • julnyes

      I swear, how Thor can look into that face and then go chasing after a mortal … silly god of thunder.

  • CarrieBaby

    Like the dress but not feeling the hair. If she wore it down, loose and wavy, I would love it

    • Ginger

      Seriously…that’s some Jessica Pare hair with a Bump-It thrown in the back.

    • fursa_saida

      I feel like the hair is really playing up how much it’s not actually hers.

  • Lily

    Say what you want, her stylist knows well how to dress her features. Black and silver and jewel tones are absolutely the way to go. It’s hard to mess up that kind of cocktail dress, and she looks beautiful.

  • hughman

    Stick a finger in each end of the dress then see if you can pull them out.

  • ChaCha_70

    She’s so beautiful but what’s up with the bumpit hair?

  • Nancer

    Very nice! She looks fabulous. So much better than her non-dress at the LA Premiere!

  • She looks very nice, I think. And in this case, the nekkid shoe looks good with the lines of the dress, so I can’t complain. She’s quite lovely, and not nude, so I give it a win.

  • MilaXX

    UGh! This dress was already making me dizzy with the gaping vortex looking front, but then someone had to tack on an butt zipper? Burn, burn it with fire!

    • 3boysful

      The dress was growing on me til I got to the back view. Ugh.

    • decormaven

      Why, why, why does that zipper trend persist? Horrid.

    • Gatto Nero

      The side view is the best. Zipper is awful.

  • Killa!!

  • boweryboy

    A Big Ass Zipper. I thought that fashion phase was done and over.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      It should have been done and over a long time ago, along with granny panties and rompers.

      • marlie

        And sheer everything.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Preach it, sister-can we hear an AMEN?

  • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    The hair is a little bit aging, but that’s my only complain.
    She looks so scared, I bet she’s not used to not show every tanline on her body.

  • Garcia Loca

    Why so covered up at the GQ manly party? If there was a time to break out a pussy-baring number like she wore to one of the Thor RCs, it would have been now!

  • Lilyana_F

    Yess, I love that dress! Stunning face too.

  • prettybigkitty

    Fancy tinfoil wrap.

  • RL McGruder

    Well, the naked dress did its job, because now I know exactly who I’m looking at. And am relieved.

  • formerlyAnon

    I really like this in the photos in which she looks more-or-less comfortable. But there’s an edge of “I cannot relax” here that prevents ANY ensemble from really showing well.

  • marlie

    At least her private parts are covered, so there’s that.

    I sort of like this; it’s a pretty basic silhouette, saved by an interesting print.

    But I don’t like the resting bitchface.

  • ChelseaNH

    When my first impression is “Wait, is she pregnant?” then your dress is issues with print deployment.

    • cocohall

      That was my first thought too! When a dress can make a little slip of girl like her look bulgy in the middle, well run, not walk, as far as you can in the opposite direction. Everyday gals would look like they were carrying twins, well into the third trimester.

  • crash1212

    I love this look. Beautiful textile. I think the styling is just right. Love the make-up and the hair was a good choice. Those earrings were a perfect choice and I approve of the no-necklace policy here. Not crazy about the zipper…it’s sort of bowed out or something. All in all – she done good.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Oh, it’s a Harvie Lager. Tee hee.

  • Jennifer L.

    I’m curious if the stats on click throughs on this photo are proportionately higher than most Whiteboard posts, as the only reason I clicked was because of her last hum-dinger of a dress.

  • Janet B

    So Tired of Exposed Zippers

    (in any form)

  • Kelly

    She really is a lovely woman, but I don’t have high hopes for her from a style standpoint. This ensemble is an improvement over her previous horror, but just about anything would be. (Well, maybe not a grass skirt and a bra made out of coconut shells, but other than that, the bar is pretty low here). Of course, “better than terrible” is not the same as “good.” For starters, this dress is too small. if you’re really thin, yet your armpit skin bulges over the top of your dress, then said dress is too small. And it’s awfully busy (so skipping a necklace was a good move). I do think this is a dress just made for strappy shoes, so good choice there, too.

    • marlie

      It’ll be interesting to see what she wears in the future because, based on a couple of the outfits that have been profiled on this blog, she likes to be a little edgy and push the envelope. So is she going to always try to outdo herself? Or is she going to try to go for simply pretty once in a while?

  • nannypoo

    I love this dress. The fabric is beautiful for the shape of the dress. Well, maybe I don’t love the zipper and the big grey stripe down the back. The shoes are great with it.

  • Qitkat

    It’s really cute from the side. From the front, it looks like it would make crinkly noises.

    • quiltrx

      It took me a minute, but it hit me what the front fabric reminds me of–that stuff in the vent-a-hood above the stove!

  • elzatelzabelz

    At least she’s wearing actual clothes.

  • quiltrx

    I LOVE this dress. It’s a bit like the ‘architectural’ Balmains I always enjoy. The design placement is great, really accents the curves of the body instead of working against them like we sometimes see.
    I have no idea who she is, but kudos to whoever picked the dress!

  • Mia Moreno

    Fabulous!!! Love it!!!

  • LaSylphide

    Love it until she turns around and you can see the zipper. Aside from that, great. Especially love the color.

  • Diego!

    The fitting SUCKS!

  • demidaemon

    I like this from profile, but straight-on, it is giving me not-so great optical illusion art.