Colton Haynes in Dolce &Gabbana at the 2013 GQ Men of the Year Party

Posted on November 15, 2013

Boy oh boy. A boy:


“Arrow” star Colton Haynes attends the 2013 GQ Men Of The Year Party at The Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles in a Dolce&Gabbana suit paired with Christian Louboutin shoes.

Christian Louboutin ‘Olympio’ Shoes

The fit overall could be a little better, but we love the choices made here, especially the shoes.

Saw him up close at Fashion Week. He’s blessed with the most flawless skin we’ve ever seen on a man: poreless, blemish-free, and impossibly tight. He looks like a photoshopped magazine cover in person. Too young and too pretty for our tastes, but we couldn’t help but appreciate and envy that skin.





[Photo Credit: Karl Larsen/, Parisa/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES,]

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    • Danielle

      Be still, my beating ovaries.

    • gabbilevy

      A navy blue shiny jacket will always read MC to me, but can’t deny he looks good. The shoes are fantastic. Love Arrow.

      • Daisy Walker

        I think he looks like a waiter. With great shoes.

    • He’s preeeeeetty. Though, he does look like a character right out of Magic Mike. In fact, I can picture him taking off that tux, verrrrry slowly….

      • Jacqueline Wessel

        I imagine that it is a breakaway tux and with one dramatic gesture it flies off and is gone.

    • PlethoraofBooks

      I want his shoes so badly, and I’m a woman. And I agree Daddies TLo – too young and too pretty!

      • mshesterp

        x2–I like a man who looks like he’s got something naughty up his sleeve. This dude is blandly handsome, but VERY blandly handsome, I’ll give you that.

      • Stella Zawistowski

        Ditto to all of this.

      • Rhonda Shore

        me too, i want the ladies version of those shoes!!!

    • filmcricket

      He does nothing for me, but I do dig the shoes very much. Those – or versions of them – have been showing up a lot lately, and I’m amused that Loubis are apparently becoming as ubiquitous for menfolk as they are for ladystars.

      • I just saw some very similar ones for ladies, and I don’t even rock a shoe like that, but they had me considering which bill I could not pay to make them mine.

    • jw_ny

      I’m so happy to see a white shirt that I’ll ignore the fit issues. πŸ˜‰ (I’d kinda like to have seen some buttons tho)

      But, those shoes are awesome…perfect touch for the outfit.

    • Not into him one bit. And that jacket is very much too big, but I want those shoes something chronic!!

    • Janet B

      The shoes and suit are making me so happy.
      Good looking and well groomed.

    • ashtangajunkie

      Cute boy, cute shoes. Not a bad start to a Friday.

    • misstressofsylar

      He’s pretty but any boy who does a blackface on Halloween is a big no no.

    • crash1212

      Pretty. But it looks like he put all the lovely on over Dockers.

    • skitzfiggitous

      He looks like an artist’s rendition of “pretty, pretty man.” Those shoes would make my husband squeal in delight like a toddler in pit full of bubbles and puppies.

      • formerlyAnon

        You do know it’s one of life’s minor blessings to have a man who recognizes a gorgeous pair of shoes? At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m going to my grave without ever knowing what that is like. (Not father, brother, husband, son or any boyfriend to date.)

        • Constant Reader

          I feel your pain. My man has his regular Timberland boots and his good Timberland boots.

          • formerlyAnon

            I laughed the laugh of recognition.

    • rkdgal

      Claire Danes, then Colton Haynes — who’s next? Natalie Maines? Claude Rains?

      • formerlyAnon

        Claude Rains gets my vote.

      • I think I love you.

      • calbear97

        Ving Rhames?

    • alyce1213

      Very cute boy, let’s see what happens as he grows up.
      I’m not nuts about the suit, but the shoooooooooooooes!!!

    • boweryboy

      Does his shoes light up whenever he takes a step? Why are they glowing?

      • kimmeister

        I’m trying to figure out where the red that they are reflecting is coming from! Especially since in the stock photo, that part of the shoe doesn’t even seem like it would be reflective.

      • fursa_saida

        Congratulations, you have summarized his character on Teen Wolf. (His entire function was to be a cruel, desperately insecure popular bully whose greatest trial in life was that he was the co-captain, not the captain, of the lacrosse team.) You don’t need to know this, it just made me laugh that you got it so on-the-nose just by looking at his face.

        • boweryboy

          Never heard of Teen Wolf outside of the Michael J Fox film. If this is the case, then kudos to the casting director.

    • shopgirl716

      He’s beautiful. But very, very young.

    • mjude

      I would so wear those shoes. he is a little tiny doll

    • I can’t wait to see how this one ages. He’s a little too embryonic to affect me just yet. It’s a bit disturbing: a beautiful man who brings out my maternal instincts. **shiver**

      • formerlyAnon

        The real shiver moment is when you look at a young man who’s firmly in your wheelhouse, start to perk right up, and then realize it all feels slightly pedophilic (possibly not a word).

        Fortunately, this effect only works for me in real life, not celebrity photos or on film. I’m waiting for it to spread, though.

    • marlie

      Those shoes are all sorts of awesome. The jacket is also gorgeous, but the fit is funny. He’s pretty, but too pretty for my taste, too.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Wow – what a doll. Yes too young…but wow.
      A Sausage Fridays suggestion…a pic of Hugh Jackman in Oklahoma! that is playing on PBS – absolutely dreamy!!

    • LipstickForPigs

      I would normally find him too pretty, but his character on Arrow makes me feel otherwise…in my pants.

    • housefulofboys

      I can’t tell without a point of reference – is he really petite? Or is it just the ill-fitting jacket? Pretty, yes, but does nothing for me…

    • I don’t trust a man that pretty. In the words of a very clever friend of mine a great many years ago “He looks very… smooth” (the boy in question grew up to be a man who walked out one night while his pregnant wife was asleep). Never trust the smooth ones, unless they are advising you on shoes.

      • Hilarious. I am also a fan of the addage, never trust a man with two first names.

        • conniemd

          What about a man with two last names? πŸ™‚

        • ShaoLinKitten

          So Jan Michael Vincent must be the most untrustworthy guy on the planet.

      • formerlyAnon

        I am wary of the too-pretty, also. Especially in the relationship category. Often they’ve never had to try very hard, and come with an unconscious aura of entitlement.

    • Blair Sylvester

      Man I looked at the men’s loubies and I now know where Christian Audigier now works

    • Snailstsichr

      At first glance, I thought I was seeing red shoe laces – and then, after a closer look, it was love. Yes. I love those shoes!

    • Latin Buddy

      Speaking as a gay man into beefy hairy men, I can definitively say this boy does nothing for me πŸ™‚

      • TonyGo

        He’s cute enough, but I can’t get past his gay porn-sounding name.

    • MilaXX

      I wish he was wearing the shoes you pictured here . The red in the ones he is wearing kills an already iffy look.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      I flove those shoes. Happy skippy love those shoes!!

    • mmebam

      Dem SHOES!

    • Diego!

      I don’t like the jacket but I want to buy desperately those shoes for myself!!! πŸ˜€

    • formerlyAnon

      Best – if unexcitingly – dressed boy at the very swank Senior Prom

      He’s like Channing Tatum’s prettier little brother. IOW, Not For Me.

    • Belvane

      Fifties bandleader at the Copa.

    • WendyD

      Am I the only BK who watches ‘Arrow’ and enjoys seeing him doing the CW pole dancing so Stephen Amell can stay in Vancouver and keep getting more and more buff? Also, I think Colton is cute and agree that his skin is wicked flawless. He’s fun on Twitter.
      And I covet those shoes.

    • slizzy

      Very pretty boy. Smile to die for.

    • ChristySchiff

      I had to look him up, because I thought he was in a boy band. A boy band with surprisingly good taste in jackets and shoes.

    • Lesley

      his face is super pretty, but looks a little too short for me

    • dorothea_brooke

      Colton is the stupidest of the quarterback names.

    • Trickytrisha

      Those. Shoes. Are. Amazing. He’s okay, but his pic next to Idris is like showing a kitten next to a lion. One is cute as hell, the other magnificent.

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Oooooh, sex in a suit on a stick. Yummy!

    • lalahartma

      This is the best guy in a suit that I have seen in AGES.

    • kimmeister

      So I guess there is no rule against matchy-matchy shoes for men?

    • Renaissance_Man_ATL


    • demidaemon

      I think I am having my first ever case of shoe lust. Also: very pretty man.

    • ItsDicey

      Damn, those shoes need to be mine!