Ariana Grande in Dolce&Gabbana at the 2013 American Music Awards

Posted on November 25, 2013

Ariana Grande attends the 2013 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California in a Dolce&Gabbana dress paired with Sergio Rossi shoes, a Jimmy Choo clutch and Tacori jewelry.







[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/]

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  • PastryGoddess

    Can we talk about WTF is going on with her hair please…please!?!

    • It’s very much Pekinese after the dog-groomers.

    • Jessica Freeman

      ….you mean the fact that the already horrific half pony tail is also OFF CENTER. Look away, my friends.

      • marlie

        It’s as if the combo of the off-center ponytail, and the 20 pounds of hair extensions are causing her head to tilt to the side in EVERY SINGLE picture.

        • ccinnc

          And has yanked her eyebrows up.

          • Glam Dixie

            Eyebrow. Singular. It’s very odd.

        • Danielle

          God, those extensions are KILLING ME. Less is more, dear. Less is more.

        • MK03

          The whole look just screams “Brittany from The Chipettes goes to prom.”

          • marlie


    • gabbilevy

      … can we NOT?! (Rather forget the whole thing)

    • frannyprof

      And I can’t with the bobby pins.

      • marlie

        Seriously. Showing up on a red carpet with visible bobby pins? And not even the (semi) pretty embellished ones…

      • CakesOnAPlane

        Or the drugstore hair elastic!

      • AMEN. Bobby pins?? Is there a shortage of hair bling at her local WalMart?

    • MsOlympia

      Seriously – looks like one of those 10-lb. wigs the Irish-dancing little girls wear. I do like the dress, though. The dual-toned sequins are pretty.

    • formerlyAnon

      Slumber party makeover hair.

    • Sam Smith

      Charo, Jr.?

    • Pterodactyl111

      Her head looks like it fell out of a middle school in 1989.

  • bertkeeter

    She’s not woman enough to pull thius off! What’s with the hair…I think it’s alive!

  • AzSportsGirl

    This is a whole cup o’ lotsowrong

  • random_poster

    She needs a lot more attitude and camp to pull off Charo.

  • “…I’m a little girl….I’m a porn star….I’m a little girl…I’m just not sure what I am….”
    That’s all I ever get from this chick. She makes me stabby.

    • Elle E Dee

      I feel really terrible for her. Her expression always makes me think that she has witnessed and experienced things no child her age should.

      • There was some interview with her recently where she talked about the demons that plagued her, and she wasn’t being in the least bit metaphorical. It was worrisome.

      • I agree!

  • Courtenay P

    what in toddlers & tiaras hell is this?

    • marlie

      Also, she’s *20.* She intentionally tries to look younger, probably to cater to her audience. But it just ends up a little… disconcerting.

      • Courtenay P

        I think part of it’s her expression. I think she’s trying to look coy but she just looks uncomfortable. Girl, if you’re gonna wear a red sparkly dress, own it.

        • marlie

          That’s true too. But that expression is permanently pasted on her face, the same way that that hair is slapped on her head.

        • CakesOnAPlane

          Her expression says it all in this series.

        • Kristin McNamara

          All I get from her expression is: “Ariana Grande is not amused.”

      • Danielle

        SHE’S TWENTY?!

      • nancymae

        She’s 20???? I heard her song over the weekend and just knew she was some overly managed 14 year old wunderkind who clearly insists on Barbie hair extensions.

    • Haha. She’s like a My Little Pony in human form.

  • Erica_Vuitton

    I can’t with the friggin child pageant hair she ALWAYS wears. Its 100% wrong for that dress.

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    Her stylist has a severe case of ADD.

  • Sweetie, send this back to Sophia Vergara and take some lessons in dressing your age. And that hair… no.

  • Mary Carpenter

    Sofia Vergara called, she wants her dress back.

    • MM4321

      At least these photos don’t show what I saw on tv last night . . . she literally had to do this tortured hop-shuffle thing to move in that dress.

  • She needs to lose five pounds of hair.

  • Karen Belgrad

    Holy crud, it’s Blair Warner’s hair… Or Miss Piggy’s. Truthfully, I always thought their hair-do’s were pretty similar.

    • TAGinMO

      Or Chrissy Snow’s.

      • Karen Belgrad

        But Chrissy had two piggies…. yes, I watched WAY too much TV as a child.!

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Big whompin’ Tacori diamond ring and a … is that a friendship bracelet? Please just stop.

    • AnnaW

      Giuliana actually asked her about it last night — it’s a Kabbalah bracelet.

      • I don’t like to dump on people’s religious beliefs but really that irritates. If it was a Kalava I wouldn’t mind so much.

        • AnnaW

          I was really surprised when she said that, because I kind of got the impression that Kabbalah was sort of a trend that had gone out of fashion quite a while back, i.e. when Madonna was its main celeb devotee.

  • sojourneryouth

    I really like this girl, but that dress is too mature for her, not her color, and the hair is just wtf in color and style.

  • lunchcoma

    I hate the hair, but if she absolutely must pair that hair with that dress, she needs stronger makeup to go with the look. As it is, she looks like a high school girl who skipped last period to go try on prom dresses.

  • marlie

    I know she’s supposed to be sweet and wholesome, but this girl BUGS. I can’t stand the hair. I know it’s her “thing,” but she really should try a different style. And not have two different colors of hair. And try a different style (it’s worth saying more than once).

    The dress is… fine. At least it’s not as cavity-inducing twee as she usually wears, but it’s also not all that exciting.

  • Mariah Carey-lite.

    • Ginny Ellsworth

      Mini Mariah Me?

      • raeb23

        mini mimi?

  • hillmad

    I had never heard of this child before so I looked her up. She turned 20 (I was sure she was no more than 15!) this summer and is 5-foot nothing. This is entirely too much dress and too much hair and too much everything. She looks as if she was kidnapped and told to smile or else by her captors!

  • Jessica Freeman

    Just No. You look like you’re 12, and wearing a Jessica Rabbit dress does not make you look older. It makes you look like you’re playing dress up. Especially with that hair.

    • marlie

      She’s 20, but wants to LOOK like a 12-year-old playing dress-up.

      • Jessica Freeman

        Mind. Blown.

      • MoHub


  • She is too old for that hair.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Too much hair, cute dress though.

  • Matthew Davie

    Saw this on TV last night and felt like I was watching a girl play dress up in her lounge-singer mother’s closet.

  • Too Much Hair!!!!!
    She looks like a Tressy doll.
    *remember those, BKs?*

    • formerlyAnon

      *Oh yeah.*

    • decormaven

      Raises hand.

  • Fred Vaughn

    Little girls in pretty boxes…

  • MissFern

    could she look more bored?

  • Carolyne

    Everyone’s so freaked out about her hair that they didn’t mention how hideous those fake nails look. It looks like she got a box of Lee Press-Ons and didn’t even bother to put on nail polish – she just stuck ’em on and jumped in the limo

  • stubbornthoughts

    Her left eyebrow is very concerned about this entire decision. As it should be. That hair, especially, is a bipolar mess.

  • Little_Olive

    After seeing this, I’m left with the feeling that nothing, no matter the label styling, color, material, fit… nothing can work past that hair.
    It depresses me.

  • CLoverleaf

    Ew. I feel like this is maybe kiddie pron and shouldn’t be on the internet??? Yeesh.

    • MilaXX

      Yup, thats her look and despite having a really great singing voice, I can’t stand her because that’s exactly the vibe I get from her.

  • Jaeda Laurez

    she used ALL the weave. That hair is too much for such a tiny frame- it’s making her head look relatively huge compared to her body.

    • boweryboy

      ALL the weave. ALL of it.

  • frannyprof

    OMG, that hair. Seriously seriously ugly.

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    Is it too bitchy to say this is a scroll-up fug?

    (Owing only to the hair and the expression, her genetics are clearly top notch.)

  • elirt

    She and Will Smith’s son should compete for the most confused face looks. they both look like they’re thinking “How did I get here? Who are you people? Is this supposed to happen?”

    • boweryboy

      “How do I work this? Where is that large automobile? This is not my beautiful house.”

  • Contralto

    Such a pretty child. Unfortunate style choices, though.

  • Maryanne525

    I can’t with the damn half-pony schtick she keeps doing.

  • neeBarbero

    How old is this child? She looks like a 12 year old playing dress up.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I think she’s about 20.

    • MilaXX

      She’s or 20 or 21. She’s extremely talented but she not only has a baby face, the hair looks too young as well. I’m glad she wore a gown to this because typically her clothing reminds me of Britney in the Hit me Baby One More Time video.

      • marlie

        Yeah, she usually sports the “schoolgirl” look, so this dress was actually a welcome change, even if it’s not quite right for her, or all that exciting. Now, if she’d only get rid of the schoolgirl hair…

        • MilaXX

          Somebody called it Toddler’s & Tiaras hair. I think that name suits it better and explains the disconnect between what she sings and how she looks.

      • BrooklynBomber

        I only know of her because the young teenage daughter of a friend of mine LOVES LURVES LOOOOOVES her and has shown me stuff on youtube. There’s such a disconnect between her very young look and her mature singing ability.

  • boweryboy

    Why so sad, Ariana? Oh… you hate the dress too?

  • Lesley

    Rosie Huntington-Whitely already WERQed the hell out of the “Jessica Rabbit” look when she was making her rounds for “Transformers.” Sorry, Ariana looks like an 8 year old playing dress up at a tacky costume store.

  • Danielle

    That’s a lot of extensions for one little girl.

  • Sarah

    Don’t you raise your brows at ME, missy. I am not the one who forced you to wear Charo’s wig.

    • Nika E


  • Nika E

    Her style confuses me. The half ponytail/bangs swooped to the side, the toddlers in tiaras dresses(not shown here but u know what im talking about) and Jessica Simpsonesque platform stilettos? Now we have this and I dont even know how to describe this. Im just confused.

  • Sadie-Ann

    She reminds me if a baby version of Mariah Carey starred in a version of Big.

  • Nika E

    Is that a black bobby pin holding her bangs down!? *walks away*

    • marlie

      TWO of them, in fact.

      • Sarah

        And a brown elastic ponytail holder. Barf.

  • HeatherMcIlrath

    her hair always reminds me of ’90s barbie dolls

  • Lucas

    Her acceptance speech was so funny! I hadn’t really heard of her before, but she did a great job at the AMAs. I wonder if she went for big hair and heels because, as was apparent on TV, she is suuuuuuuper tiny.

  • SewingSiren

    Poor little thing was having a hard time walking in the dress when she received her award.

    • pop_top

      I loved that moment. She sooo wanted to get on stage quickly but just STRUGGLED in that dress.

  • thatguy9


  • 8daysaweek

    I’m sorry is that a visible Goody hair elastic and bobby pins I spy? Girl, go home, hire a professional to do your hair and when you come back, act like you are attending an awards show, not Algebra class.

  • formerlyAnon

    Schizophrenic child/woman look. Nails wrong color and cheap looking. And, looks like she had her hair done at a slumber party makeover session (one with lots of fake hair). (Maybe at the same time as the nails?)/

    • Qitkat

      Since I have no idea who this child is, I was just admiring her fresh young hands (though you’re right about the nail color), how unwrinkled and unblemished from life they are. [Compared to mine; I guess you could say I’ve earned the character of mine though. That’s all in her future.]

      • formerlyAnon

        “I’ve earned the character of mine”
        I think I’ll memorize this and start using it. There are so many other things besides my hands to which it applies. 😉

  • Coleen

    She and Taylor need to switch dresses.

    • French_Swede

      I was going to post the exact same thing!

  • KT

    THAT. HAIR!!!!

  • pattie capet

    she has just hit the scene pretty big and is very young. it’s probably still a bit overwhelming for her. she will figure out the red carpet/super tiny thing. i think she’ll be around for a long time. she is so talented.

    • alyce1213

      I hope she does, as I agree she’s talented and will stick around. It must be tough to be a 20-year-old who looks like a 12-year-old and figure out what to wear for public appearances. This is not the right look, she needs good advisors.

      • marlie

        I get the impression that it’s not simply a matter of her having a young face, but that she actively tries to makes herself look younger. There’s not much one can do with a babyface, but changing up the hair, makeup, and clothes goes a LONG way towards not looking 12.

      • marlie

        Interestingly enough, I IMDB-ed her, and it seems the character she plays on her Nickelodeon show looks/dresses older than she does here (but STILL like a high school kid). THIS current iteration of her seems to have developed over the last year or so.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    I’d have super bitchy resting face too if I had that side ponytail. Her expressions in the 2nd and 4th photos are priceless and hilarious.

  • Imasewsure

    At least it’s not twee but I might prefer twee to this look… grow out of the extensions sweetie… not working for you really

  • Kent Roby

    Horrific hair, completely-over-it expression, and wrong dress. No. Please come back to the party in 15 or 20 years with a good stylist and a better attitude.

  • jw_ny

    poor thing…her neck doesn’t seem to be able to support the weight of all that hair.

  • MightyMarshal

    Sally Hansen called. She wants her press ons back.

  • TAGinMO

    I have no idea who this person is, but in all but one of the pictures in which her face is visible, her expression seriously needs to be smacked right off.

  • Aidan B

    She is way too tiny for all of that hair.

  • She wants so badly to be Mariah Carey but only succeeds in looking like a child’s pageant entrant. Also, every time I accidentally catch her on tv, the baby voice she uses for her character makes me want to smack her.

    • marlie

      I had to You Tube it to see what you were talking about, and now I dislike her even more. That VOICE.

      • I think it’s supposed to be cute and innocent but all it reminds me of is a whinier version of Paris Hilton, which should be impossible.

        • marlie

          And everything she said (in the clip that I saw) was monosyllabic and unintelligible, and STILL rage-inducingly irritating.

    • save_the_hobbit

      YES. She’s trying so desperately to be Mariah Carey, you can tell in the way she sings. She’s certainly not an awful singer, but her voice is far too thin for the kind of music she attempts. And Nickelodeon’s whole “trying to make her look like a slutty child” thing is really creepy. She’s an adult, yet she always looks like a toddler at a beauty pageant.

      • Plus, Mariah always did the innocent/butterfly thing with a cheeky wink; she always came off more savvy and knowing regarding her persona – she knew the camp of it. Here, it’s all drag, no wink. There’s just no joy and humor to it, which KILLS it.

  • tereliz

    Ariana Grande has Jessica Rabbit moment, fails miserably.

    • crystal76


  • Tracy_Flick

    Well, I was going to mention the hiddy cheerleader hair and the weird black band across the top of the dress. But I just can’t bring myself to criticize, because I love a red sequined gown so so so much.

  • jilly_d

    That gown looks great on her but I can’t with the piano recital hair.

  • ThesisMonkey

    whyyyyy, girl? why.

  • CommentsByKatie

    I like her better in Kenley Collins; she always looks so happy with what she’s wearing. She looks sad in this dress.

  • Madam Von Sassypants

    I’ve no idea who this is and am too lazy to Google, but homegirl has mastered the bored teenager, IDGAF face for certain.

  • amanda lynn

    She looks really bored with this whole thing, doesn’t she?

  • melanie0866

    So happy she didn’t wear another Minnie Mouse/skater dress!

  • Jacob Bowen

    DAMN YOU ARIANA GRANDE! With ACTUAL styling (not child pageant bs) you would be a WERQ in this dress!

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I’ll tell ya, she doesn’t look too happy to be in that dress.

  • jmorino08

    She always looks like she’s either exhausted or apologizing with her eyes, or in this case both. Soemone get this girl a nap, please!

  • save_the_hobbit



    I can’t stand her, but she is gorgeous. BUT A PONYTAIL WITH A RED CARPET DRESS.

  • Too. Much. Hair.

    • SierraDelta

      I think the hair weighs more than she does!

  • Tom Markiewicz

    That’s quite a talent to make a FIRE RED SEQUIN DRESS look boring…

  • sunflower

    They need to let her wear a different hairstyle

  • leenabelle, my five year old fashion expert, wants you to know that she is on nick and her show is called sam and cat.
    she’s also on victorius. she thinks her dress is cute and those people who think that her dress is ugly, it’s actually cute. so says leenabelle.

  • quiltrx

    I think the hair is actually ‘just so’ to cover up whatever fake-tan disaster that is around her armpit in that one picture.
    She’s a lovely girl, but I don’t think she’s really found a personal style yet. I think she’s *trying* to look more mature here, but she doesn’t look like she’s having any fun at all, and the elements of the look are a woman/kid confusion.

  • CarrieBaby

    She has exhausted the hell out of this hairstyle. She should have worn it fully down in loose waves to complete the Jessica Rabbit look she is going for

  • SorayaS

    Neck down- love it. Neck up- some serious styling issues. Nobody needs 10 pounds of fake hair. And stop doing that stupid Joffrey Beiber/Jaden Smith quizzical eyebrow pose!! Ugh youths!!

  • Lily-Rygh

    Total Charo hair.

  • Akmall Razlan

    the dress is okay… but her make up, HER HAIR?? wth???? please… having great voice does not mean anything you have bad bad taste in fashion, please, do not make Xtina as your reference. Please…

  • Marie Sea

    I saw the back story on this step and repeat. She was nervous when she first stepped up and the photogs started yelling that she was being ugly, that she was too stupid to pose, that her 5 minutes were up and to move on. So I guess it’s hard to look happy when you are 16 and grown men are verbally abusing you. The video of this is sickening.

  • pookiesmom


  • She looks like a Bobblehead, or a Bratz doll. Tiny body in a glittery dress with a GIANT HEAD.