Yea or Nay: Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 Bags

Posted on October 31, 2013

Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 Collection







[Photo Credit: IMAXtree]

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  • mjude

    I think I might want them all!

    • MoreShoes

      Me too. These are cute bags.

    • Danielle

      Me too! It’s really rare when I like all the bags in a collection, but this one is all perfection.

  • Diego!

    YAY! They look very 90’s sort of way, but YAY YAY YAY

  • Hell to the Yay.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Oh most definitely YAY. There’s a few in there that even I wouldn’t carry (and that is saying sooo much) but the majority of them are chic and fun.

  • Kelly

    Resounding nay. More than half of them look like the matronly sort of straw bag my grandmother carried in the 60s. Not all old styles are worth reincarnating. And I’m so over the ancient-Rome-as-fashion trend.

  • Lori

    Nay. There are a couple that I like, but the majority aren’t my thing and some of them have that cheap look that seems to happen every time high end tries to be clever instead of just high end.

  • Lilithcat

    Once again, I like these, but most of them don’t say “spring” to me.

  • ModernDowager

    I say Yea. I don’t usually get all that geeked up about handbags but these are interesting, cute and fun

  • styrch

    Yay! Roman coins!

  • SewingSiren

    I would buy the gold lamé trapezoid if I saw it at a garage sale. And I would carry it in an extremely ironic way in order to embarrass my kids. Other than that, probably not.

  • Kate Andrews

    I’ll take one of each. Love that coin-shaped bag with the little charms!

  • YoungSally

    Kind of fabulous — even the one or two that are too Versayse for my taste.

  • kittenwithaquip

    Nay. I like a good granny bag, but I’m not so sold on D&G doing their Versace/Italian widow drag.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I am mostly Yay on these.

  • Like always with this brand, it tends to border on tacky (some bags more so than others), but overall: YAY!

  • marlie

    Most of these read as too granny-ish OR childish to me, although I’d cut a bitch for the snakeskin bag 3rd from the top.

  • Kent Roby

    Columns and gold medallions always read Versace to me, but I do love all these (and there’s such variety in this collection)

  • Glam Dixie

    Hmmm, let me think, yes, yes, yes to that one too, yes, yes, I guess the anwer is YEA!

  • MilaXX

    Mostly YAY! I’m not a fan of that giant coin, or the last bag, but most of these are quite lovely. I really like the first bag.

  • mlle

    Nay. That woven bag with the column looks like something you’d buy at a museum gift shop.

  • I adore these, I would carry any one or twelve. YAY

  • formerlyAnon

    These would be on the BEST EVER church rummage sale accessories table. As a designer line they look a bit too random and seen-before.

  • CatherineRhodes

    Team YEA.

  • DTLAFamilies

    I do like these bags, but doesn’t it feel like D&G have run out of ideas?

    • conniemd

      Yep. My thought was if the post had read Guess who made these bags. My very first choice would have been D & G. Nay.

  • wisenhar

    Who doesn’t need an Ionic Column Sophia Petrillo purse?

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    LOVE! Love love love love love – all of them! D&G never disappoint on bags, do they?

  • boweryboy

    A few of these are nice, mainly the ones that are classic handbag shapes. However, most of these look like craft projects for advanced kids at summer camp.

  • Evan

    Nay to most of them. Some of these look like something a tourist would pick up at a souvenir shop.

  • Paula Pertile

    Yay, definitely.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I really like 1,4 and 6, but I wouldn’t say no to any of the others.

  • Yea! Their aesthetic can get really ridiculous when spread out on large items like dresses and such, but in small doses like a purse makes it fun. I would put that first one under a glass dome just to admire it every day.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Yay. Except for the one’s that look like props from “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum”.

    • Snailstsichr

      My husband used to be a Latin teacher, so those are the ones I love! 🙂

  • trisker

    Too Pop Art for me.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    That raffia number (third from the bottom) will pill any fabric it rubs against. Such a poor choice (always) for something that comes in contact with a garment. And I know from experience with other raffia and raffia-type bags. As to the rest – mostly fun to look at, never something I’d buy myself, and most are pretty occasion-specific.

    Does a person want to carry a bag that is so memorable that when she carries it again (and again), folks say, Oh, yes, that bag…. ? If the reaction is positive, I imagine so; if the reaction is otherwise, I’d go for low-key.

  • mmebam

    It’s too much of… something.

  • 30frames


  • lalahartma

    Mostly yay! But some look cheap.

  • Sophia Finfer

    YAY. I would die for the round, blank Roman coin purse.

  • Aidan B

    Yay to half of them, head scratch to the rest of them. Not really sure how I feel overall.

  • AmeliaEve

    Yay. I am oddly charmed by the use of raffia.

  • Nothing special. They may be beautifully made, but they are arts and craft projects. Not like the stunning Prada collection from yesterday…

  • Claudia Fernandes

    Nay, like a fashion history catalogue

  • VioletFem

    YAY. Especially the first one.

  • filmcricket

    Love the shapes, but for the most part hate the execution. Nay.

  • Rhonda Shore

    Even if i won the lottery, i wouldn’t buy any of these. They look cheap.

  • save_the_hobbit

    I actually really like the coin one…everything else looks like the stuff I rifle through and then throw aside at the local Goodwill.

  • ovarB

    There are a few nays in there but for the most part…YAY!!

  • kimmeister

    Yay! I like almost all of them, just not the coin ones or a few of the woven ones.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Negatory. They all look cheap and tacky to me.

  • gracedarling

    Oh Lord YEA! Cocktails on the porch with Dorothy Lamour.

  • Trickytrisha

    Over blown, poor taste in a rather nouveau riche style?

  • Synnamin

    NAY. I can’t believe I’m saying this (especially as I loves me some good couture), but given our current level of income inequality, the big gold coins for this entire collection was a huge turn-off for me. I like a couple of the bags, but the whole thing has an “in your face, poor people!” quality that is, to me, pretty distasteful.

  • Oh, I really like some of these. My grandma had a really pretty gold bag that she always let me play dress up with when I was little. I would love to have one!

  • quiltrx

    The black Battenburg is GIVING ME LIFE. The rest, meh.

  • ankali

    Hell Yea!

  • One of each, except for the penultimate “ruins among the flowers” design. Let me know where to send my address.

  • PeaceBang

    I’m not terribly in love but I look forward to the knock-offs of the coin designs.

  • Tashina Savage

    I am having some serious bag love with the last two bag posts featured here. These are all sooo great.

  • Contralto

    YEA! But then, I am a D&G slut.

  • YEA!!!

  • swanpride

    in…barely….some go a little bit tacky, especially the all gold ones and the ones with the pictures, but when the combination works, it works.
    But why are all bags currently designed to be hold in the hand all the times? We need more shoulder bags!

  • So many of those are SO grandma. I’m a NAY.

  • Miss B.

    For those that like to wear granny pants under something see through, any of these will definitely go with the granny pants.

  • demidaemon

    Nay as a whole, but there are some yea bags in there, when you get to the stripped down ones.

  • willworktomorrow