Philip Winchester at the Carry Forward Awards

Posted on October 11, 2013

“Strike Back” star Philip Winchester attends The Wounded Warrior Project’s (WWP) Carry Forward Awards at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.






[Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

    • Diva in 4 Inch Heels

      As Damien would say, “Mikey’s cleaned up nicely.”
      Such a lovely man and I love his glasses.

    • homofascist

      I really don’t like those shoes with that suit, and actually I really don’t like that color of suit. Maybe if he were at a beach wedding. Although what do I know? I’m wearing bright blue pants and gray oxfords (to be fair, it is 76 degrees in Chicago today).

    • Bill Craven

      Am I allowed to say “Woof” on T&L? because, wow. Yeah, the shoes are a little disconcerting with that suit but I love that color leather so I’ll forgive it. Plus, yeah…

      • homofascist

        I am *pretty* sure WOOF is allowed! :)

      • NoveltyRocker

        I’ve definitely used “WOOF” here but I’ve always heard it in life like, “ooph, that’s rough.” Woops. This is important to no one at all but imperative for me to state—I was NOT feeling keen on either that PR accessories wall or recent Chanel show, and whatever other cases I’ve woofed at and don’t remember. This man looks pretty WOOF worthy in the good way though, love the matching shoes and belt.

    • veriance


    • JasmineAM

      No idea who he is but he is beautiful. The suit is great, if a bit disheveled, & I’m loving those shoes.

      • Ms_Flyover

        My first thought was “who is this adorable thing, and why have I not heard of him before.”

    • MilaXX

      well done! Mama likes!

    • Nonmercisansfacon

      Dayum Stonebridge! He needs to wear those glasses on the show, along his bicepts-showing tight shirts. I volunteer to take Martinez’s place when they finally do it!

    • Imasewsure

      Love the shoes… like the suit but I’m not sure I love them together. He looks nice though… great way to go casual and not look like a slob

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      No idea who he is, but I approve. ummy.

    • boweryboy

      Oh my.

      Everything about this is smoking hot perfect. Who is he? Wait. I don’t care.


    • annabelle archer

      I’m on the fence. I don’t know him, so I need to see him in action to properly take him in.

      • boweryboy

        Mmmm Hmmm…..

    • boweryboy

      I wanna have freaky circus sex with him, but he would hafta keep the glasses, suit, and shoes on…

    • NurseEllen

      Well, what do you know: the semi-shaven look *CAN* be pulled off successfully. It just takes a lot of trimming, a mirror, and some sensibility.

    • formerlyAnon

      He’s cute. In the “bears further investigation” way, not the “awwww” way.

    • GillianHolroyd

      The only noun I recognize in that sentence is “Los Angeles”.

    • tixilyttik

      I think the brown shoes are very sexy for the very reason that they look “wrong” with the suit. The stylist knew what he/she was doing.
      Beautiful man.

    • editrixie

      FINALLY. A guy I love on sausage Friday! (Aside from the occasional Idris Elba pic, it always seems to be guys I don’t like.) For those of you who don’t know him, you should check him out in Strike Back, his current series, and Crusoe, which ran a few years ago. He’s luscious.