Pairs Division: George Clooney and Sandra Bullock at the Gravity NYC Premiere

Posted on October 02, 2013

They kind of look like commemorative salt and pepper shakers. Order now and you’ll also receive this lovely condiment tray that looks like Julia Roberts’ face.


George Clooney and Sandra Bullock at the “Gravity” premiere in New York. Sandra is wearing a Giambattista Valli dress paired with Giuseppe Zanotti pumps and Martin Katz jewelry.

Giambattista Valli Resort 2014 Collection

Giuseppe Zanotti Bicolor Leather Safety Pin Pump

Oh, Sandy. You hurt us real bad. Actually, just your shoes and your hair hurt. The dress is actually pretty fab and your face looks fierce. But girlfriend has a real tendency to pick the focus-pulling, clodhopper shoes. And when you pair them with micron-flat hair and a colorless dress, you know what you get? You know what people see? Feet. They look at you and see feet. It’s all about balance, Sandy. If you want to wear the giant shoes, then you need to give the eye somewhere else to go. This is why we urge you to try more color and print in your dresses and also to -please, for the love of god – zhuzh up your hair a little. But still, you look like a movie star. Score: 8/10.

George, you always look like a movie star, but since you’re fairly style-deficient most of the time, we have to say we’re loving the shades tucked into your pocket. Nice touch, Mr. Movie Star. Score: 7/10. It’s a look that required practically no effort on his part.

Combined Score: 7.5/10.




[Photo Credit: Dara Kushner, Jennifer Graylock/,,]

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  • RussellH88

    I’d like her dress if I hadn’t seen the picture of it on the model because I love the drama of the head piece. Plus, it brings to mind Little Edie and Little Edie >>>>> Everyone else.

    • LipstickForPigs

      I love me some Little Edie. “This is the best costume for the day” is me inner dialog each morning.

      • RussellH88

        Every outfit should be a revolutionary costume for the day.

    • TLJezebel

      The model has a diaper on her head and Sandy has diapers on her feet.

  • MilaXX

    No quibbles on either scores, but OMG I am hating Sandy’s shoes. Come girl, you can do better.

    • I simply can not with those diaper shoes.

      • tereliz

        Oh, man, I was really loving those shoes, but now… Yup, diapers. 😛

      • majorbedhead

        My first thought – “Why is she wearing baby doll diapers on her feet?” And then I looked at George and all was right with the world again.

      • mshesterp

        What in the hell are those things? Since I couldn’t see the heels I thought they were white grandma sandals. They’re awful. And so focus pulling!

        • filmcricket

          Yes, grandma sandals is perfect. If they were pink or orange, I’d expect to find them in Mrs Roper’s closet.

      • decormaven

        Nailed it!

      • Tess Danesi

        Thank you. First thing I saw were diapers too. And combined with the white dress with that draping, which I kind of love, the whole thing just goes straight to diaper. No, Sandy, no.

      • DTLAFamilies

        I was just about to post diaper shoes then saw you beat me to it.

  • bellafigura1

    She’s looking very Marcia Gay Harden in these pics.

    • jackie cohen

      YES! I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • SewingSiren

    The shoes! I looks like she stepped on toilet paper in the bathroom. I just gagged.

    • seelebrennt

      i was just coming to comment that it looks like she got toilet paper stuck to her shoes!

  • GorgeousThings

    Funny, I feel just the opposite. Love the shoes, HATE the dress.

    The hair is just meh. But George? Even at a 7 I’d take him.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    See, I don’t see feet…I see bracelet. WANTS THE PRECIOUS.

  • 7.5 is a respectable score. But when you’re talking stars of this magnitude and gorgeousness it is a bit sad. I hate that we never got to have the are they or aren’t they boning speculations. Sandy has flown solo for much of the pole dance and it has her already looking tired and over it.

    • EveEve

      If Clooney is only a 7.5, it must be on some sort of negative curve, otherwise Brad Pitt wouldn’t even move the needle. I can’t think of another star of his stature who dances around the pole as consistently well put together as Clooney. Having said that, he bores me to death. C’mon George – snazz up your tie and live dangerously with a wild pocket square!

      • filmcricket

        I think that’s it, that he defaults to black and grey way too often. Also his pants almost always need hemming. Grey is appropriate for NYC, but it’s too bad while they were cavorting around Italy that he didn’t take the opportunity to Willis it the Fuck Up.

    • mhleta

      I just read about all she had to go through to shoot this movie, as well. Dangling from wires in a space suit for long long days and acting her balls off in a void. This whole thing must have rung her out. She’s got a young ‘un at home, too!

  • PlethoraofBooks

    She feels… lacking in Oomph to me. And several of her previous appearances have had a lot more Oomph. So this is disappointing to me.

  • Mr C clearly knows how to show up.

  • Kelly

    I hate white shoes on principle — they *always* pull the focus to your feet. You don’t even need the goofy safety pins.

    I’m a woman-loving woman, but if anyone could get me to switch teams (for a night, say), it would be Mr. Clooney. No one should be that effing handsome. It ain’t natural.

  • jw_ny

    I see feet…bandaged feet.

    oh Sandy….

  • aeb1986

    Those shoes look awful in this look but I think they actually look sort of cute in the ad picture. I think the fact that the carpet is black and you can only see the diaper looking part is what makes them so terrible in these photos

  • Erica_Vuitton

    Ah HA! There he is, I’ve been wondering why she’s been doing the solo promo thing. Just me or does his tie knot look too small & tight? She needed a belt I think and for sure different hair. And I sort of liked the shoes until I read @kiltdntiltd:disqus diaper comment and now that’s all I can see.

  • Danielle

    He looks fab but her shoes wound my immortal soul.

  • Judy_S

    I think Mr. Clooney deserves better than to be taken for granted….

  • Fannie Wolston

    Put those shakers on a shelf! Looks like they are running out of steam together. Flat chemistry,

    and if kittens could choose any shoe, kittens would ALWAYS choose a fierce shoe, what’s with these people?

  • Jacquelyn

    Ugh those shoes!

  • DesertDweller79

    The shoes have a safety pin in them! Hilarious. I’m not entirely sure I love the dress, either.

    No matter! At least I have Clooney to look at.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I absolutely love Sandy’s dress. The shoes are atrocious, but she looks fantastic. The Clooney always looks good.

  • Really? Am I the only one who adores the shoes? Not on her, of course, but on me…

    • kategs

      No you aren’t! I think those shoes are fabu.

    • formerlyAnon

      I like the shoes as shoes, borderline love them in the photo of just shoes. But on an actual person, at least as shown here, they don’t work for me. At all.

  • cocohall

    What a missed opportunity to deploy the snood! I’m kidding. Sandy is so not a snood gal. But the model is giving modern “Girl with the Pearl Earring” and I love it. I don’t understand why anyone wants flat hair. It has never made sense to me for anyone; but Sandy must love herself this way as it is her default look. So blessings. I love that George is neither “Pitting” nor “Peacocking.” He is confident enough to know that his picture will appear everywhere without resorting to any fashion frippery, and yet respectful enough of the institution to shower and put on a suit. Blessings again.

    • Qitkat

      😉 Some of us have the *flat hair gene*. No matter what we do…

      • formerlyAnon

        Same class portrait vibe. (’70s)

      • cocohall

        Some of us cheat big time and get body waves to combat the dreaded flat hair gene. I have friends i’ve known for years that think I have naturally curly hair . . . Virtually no one I know likes her own hair and spends a fortune coloring, straightening, etc. Good news for the hair industry, right?

        • Qitkat

          Good for you (seriously).
          I had great hair til my mid 40s. Sometime after that got my last permanent wave and looked like a Halloween fright wig. Cut it all off, and hated both looks. Ever since I’ve stuck with straight chin-length, keep it well-trimmed, hydrated, use body shampoo, hit it with a flat or curling iron, and it looks good for at least 3-4 hours! Fine, thin, aging hair. I could have worse problems 😉

  • LipstickForPigs

    Diaper Toes = Glamour Don’t

  • Jessica Freeman

    It really is time for something new with the hair…and for the shoes to be burned.

  • Darren Nesbitt

    The model looks like something form AHS. Sister Jude

    • E2_Remote

      Glad I’m not the only one that thought that!

  • Scott Cooper

    If the two of them got married, this is how they’d look.

  • mhleta

    I give George an enthusiastic 9. I’m just craving a hint of color somewhere–threads of red worked through the tie, a pocket square (but then we’d lose the cool glasses) or some such. I’m not feeling the dress or the severe hair with her sort if finely chiseled face. The fussy design of this dress and shoes is not easy to pull off. She’s a no-nonsense kind of a gal doesn’t really need an assortment of bells and whistles such as this.

  • anonylind

    Those are not pumps.

  • allcapsERINN

    My laugh-out-loud moment of the day: “They kind of look like commemorative salt and pepper shakers. Order now and you’ll also receive this lovely condiment tray that looks like Julia Roberts’ face.”

  • mlle

    I like her more the longer I look, since the harsh hair is messing with the rest of the look. I also think her makeup is a little too heavy for such a light outfit. But the dress. So lovely.

  • quiltrx

    George, you’re defaulting to ‘Cary Grant Realness’ a little too often. Mix it up for us, won’t you dear? A little color won’t kill you. Still, yum.
    Sandy–it won’t kill you to have a little wave in your hair. You have such pretty hair–go look at some of your older movies and see how pretty it was. Step away from the flatiron.
    And the shoes! At first glance I liked them. Then I got a good look, and…not so much.

  • GoAwayKardash

    Thank you George Clooney for reminding gentlemen how to be dapper.

  • E2_Remote

    God I hate ankle straps. Makes even Sandy’s great legs look stumpy.

  • gubblebumm

    Flying nun does red carpet after leaving the church….its her first date and she feels a tad awkward.

  • BrooklynBomber

    “salt and pepper shakers” – I love it . How do you come up with this stuff?
    They both look to me like they were up way too late and had to get up way too early. And she has way too much make up on, which isn’t helping as far as that impression goes.

  • Coco Cornejo

    SF Gate Daily Dish headline: ‘Sandra Bullock: George Clooney ruined my dress.’

    After seeing pix of their Gravity pole dance I have to admit this headline took me to a not so nice place.

  • Imasewsure

    Plus flap shoes with a flap dress… UGH

  • Qitkat

    Mmmm…George. When he smiles, who needs color? Love the sunglasses on the pocket.
    Sandy looks…nice. Pure white is very flattering on her. The sixth photo down looks like a senior class portrait from my generation (’60s).

    • formerlyAnon

      Same class portrait vibe. (’70s)

  • Sam Smith

    The shoes are horrible, but dress, face and hair really come together when she poses with the capelet forward (the right shoulder).

  • kathrineb

    Her shoes look like her they have napkins or loo roll stuck to them. Also she wish she would rock curly of wavy hair again.

  • Lola Channing

    Sandy is awesome but the dress does look like parts of what they wrap mummies in, no?

  • alyce1213

    Choosing diaper shoes to echo the wrap of the dress was a rookie mistake.

  • formerlyAnon

    No good looking man in a perfectly pressed white shirt, nice tie and good suit that fits can *possibly* score less than an 8. So I’ll up him to 8.5. I think she’s doing amazingly well with this dress, it’s daring for her but in a way that she can pull off, as well as she pulls off any dress, anyway. Equivalent hatred for the shoes & hair. I’m tempted to downgrade her to to a 7 out of over-straightened hair hatred (I mean, [some] teen age girls know not to do that!) but I’ll be merciful because she didn’t ruin the dress with a dreadful belt or some other embellishment. 8.25, overall.

  • Rachel Sawyer

    I would buy those commemorative salt and pepper shakers–not the condiment tray, though.

  • Tracy_Flick

    The dress and shoes together skew a bit tablecloth-and-napkin-y, though I like them both separately. I disagree about the make-up, I think it’s harsh and aging in a “Ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille” sort of way. About 75% of the eye-make-up and blush would be a lot better, IMO.

  • sagecreek

    I applaud the idea behind those shoes, but oh, my, the execution is butt-ugly.

  • Monday1900

    I think her makeup looks ghastly! Outfit is meh. George always looks the same–but good!

  • marlie

    Her hair is too flat, and THIS is when you’re supposed to deploy the red lip. Still, though, they look good together. And a little bridal.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    When you have George Clooney as your arm candy, I can overlook the hair and shoes. Damn.

  • Ruth Preston

    A waiter will be over later to sweep the crumbs off her dress and shoes.

  • procrastinatrice

    Actually, the makeup is what annoys me here. It is so heavy and aging, and in some of the shots, its downright scary with its shadows. But I suppose that is partly the lighting. Still, I think she looks ten years older that when we saw her last…like a couple of days ago.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    I could look at George Clooney all day. And as my landlady used to say,”he could put his shoes under my bed any time.
    I do like Sandra’s dress, the shoes not so much, but it’s the hair that really bugs…mostly because I’m so not a fan of hair that’s been flat-ironed to within an inch of it’s life.

  • I’m seeing wedding cake toppers.

  • Monabel

    Witty shoes.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I looooooove her dress. The shoes are funny.

  • nannypoo

    The model looks like a slutty nun. Sandy looks great.

  • Randy Noak

    Her feet look like they have little diapers on them.

  • Linda LaPaz

    Those shoes are silly. And not in a good way.

  • Sunraya

    The shoes look like she had toilet paper stuck on them at first glance!! I think he looks better than he has in a while.

  • He’s a 10 out of 10 in my book. Oh right. This is a fashion blog. Sorry.
    Sandra and her shoes – exactly what you guys said. It’s the first thing I saw. sigh…

  • kim bunchalastnames

    … but are they a thing yet? oh george. JUST SWEEP HER UP INTO YOUR ARMS AND … oops! sorry. wrong board.

  • Call me Bee

    Maybe she wears attention-drawing shoes because she has beautiful legs. I would….

  • e jerry powell


  • Haley Buchanan

    7.5? No way. MY husband and I could look like that if we put in an hour worth of effort. A couple of folks as rich, talented, beautiful, and famous as George and Sandy should look a little more stunning than that, in my opinion.

    • Haley Buchanan

      And, to leave a piece of specific feedback, I HATE the straight-ironed hair. Leave it in the 90’s, dear. It didn’t look good then either, but at least it was on trend so we all were fooled into thinking it did.

  • demidaemon

    A condiment tray with Julia Roberts face? Nightmare inducing.

    I agree about the shoes here. They are pulling focus from everything and they are HIDEOUS.

  • xmixiex

    Clooney is classy as fuck, as always.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    Agreed. Love the dress but the shoes are going through me like a huge safety pin.

  • Lily-Rygh

    …the fuck with those shoes??

  • loveisblind1

    Those shoes look like little old style cloth diapers. What the…