Madonna in New York City

Posted on October 14, 2013

Okay, we’ve been urging Madge to adopt a new style persona for a while now, because the current one’s been going on too long and hasn’t been serving her that well, but…


Madonna leaving the Kabbalah Center in New York City.

If we’d had any idea she was going to turn into Michael Jackson we would have kept our mouths shut.






[Photo Credit: Elder Ordonez/]

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    • Kiltdntiltd

      shredded pants? no. just no.

      • paginatrix

        Maybe she got a new puppy.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          Hey, I have a new kitten, and my clothes don’t look like that! (My sofa, yes. My clothes, no.) She just looks insane.

          • Lori

            The look really goes with her getting banned Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for repeatedly texting during a movie, which may or may not have involved her saying to the person next to her, “‘It’s for business… ENSLAVER!”

            IOW, it’s cray.

            • NYCGlamourpuss

              Yes! That story was insane, and this outfit totally fits in with that mental image!

            • formerlyAnon

              Well THAT had to be a prime example of entitlement. It’s not like they don’t tell you that they really, really mean it about their no texting rule.

            • Lori

              Oh, for sure. You have to check out the EW story about the incident. Google “Texas theater chain bans Madonna after reported texting incident.”

              It talks about the fact that people get tossed for texting on a fairly regular basis and includes a voicemail from some random young woman complaining about being thrown out. Let’s just say that Madonna is not the only text-obsessive doofus with entitlement issues.

            • formerlyAnon

              They’re so proud of it that at one time (haven’t been in an Alamo Drafthouse for months) their announcement of the policy before a movie included some of the complaining emails and voicemails from those who’d been asked to leave, with commentary that basically paraphrases to “Tough. We told you we meant it. We warned you. Then we made you leave. And we’re not sorry.”

            • Lori

              Good for them. If you can only keep some of your customers happy you should pick the ones who aren’t rude and annoying.

            • How to Faint

              Oh, please, please, please God, let Alamo Drafthouse team up with Patton Oswalt to recreate this. Please.

              LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER.

          • ewes_urn_aim

            Yay to adopting new kitties!

            • NYCGlamourpuss

              Thank you! She’s a love; just a baby, but I’m nuts about her already!

        • sleah_in_norcal

          i have a five month old puppy and a fifteen month old baby, and my whole house look like that. grandchild, by the way. the puppy, alice, totally ate the crotch out of my favorite pants and started working on the legs! was she trying to tell me something? ps you won’t see me wearing them on the streets of manhattan. or anywhere else.

          • formerlyAnon

            You must be having a blast and utterly, miserably exhausted. Hopefully more of the former!

    • Cubana Loca

      WTF. She’s become a freak! The boots are kind of cool but not here.

      • Nelliebelle1197

        Tragic woman

    • Lily

      Looking past all the crazy happening here, I have to say that coat is really beautiful and I would wear it in a heartbeat. I just can’t deal with the rest of it.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        See, I want to like the coat, but it’s just kind of busy. Maybe if it were the main focal point in an otherwise simple, streamlined look, it would be fine. But it’s just like she rolled around in a bunch of crazy clothes, and this is what stuck to her.

        And I had such high hopes from the thumbnail. Then again, that seems to be my Achilles Heel here at Casa De TLo. I always walk smack into the Thumbnails.

        • Lily

          Yeah, that’s what I failed to say in my comment. The coat should be the focal point of the outfit. It’s really busy by itself (I could be ok with a patterned scarf, maybe), so it just doesn’t work with this outfit.

        • Emily Dagger

          I think it’s also probably the sort of coat that only lays well closed. Like you’re meant to walk about in it looking all zipper covered and sharp as shit, and then open it and take it off quickly. Not wander about with it open, zippers flapping madly this way and that, exposing the 17 layers of insanity you’re wearing under.

      • StelledelMare

        I’d actually like the coat alot more if there weren’t zippers on the arms.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          Yeah, the zippers on the arms may be too much. Then again, it’s hard to isolate just that when there’s so much crazy going on.

    • crash1212

      Cool coat. Great shoes. Nice deployment of weather-appropriate scarf and hat. Cut-off frayed pants? Not so much. Perhaps she ran into a vicious dog on the way out of the house and bare escaped with her life.

      • Rhonda Shore

        I’d love those shoes even more if they were black mad ivory rather than black and white, do love them though…

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I actually laughed out loud at these pictures – and given that I’ve pretty much adored her since 1984, that’s honestly never happened before. Not even at her most ridiculous – I’ve never actually LAUGHED at her until now.

      • Darva Sutra

        I know, right? So very sad that one of our long-time icons has fallen so low on the style front the past ten or so years. She is a fairy tale warning to us aging girls about how NOT to do it. With her success, money and fit shape I am so disappointed that she has gone so far overboard with the facial work and at the same time either dresses in shapeless, figure-obscuring clothing as this or in slutty desperate costume-like looks. She SHOULD be giving us timeless elegance at this point, but her (surely very expensive designer) looks are about as sophisticated as a 16 year old playing dress up.

    • xmixiex

      good lord that is some scroll down fug. it’s not bad until you reach the point of seeing her hands… then it all goes to shit.

      • broke&fashionable

        I just do not get her obsession with her hands. I understand that the thin skin is the first to betray your age but the more she covers them up the more it highlights them. (sorry, something that has bothered me about her for years!)

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          I’ve never really complained about her covering her hands before, but you’re right. The gloves just draw attention to the fact that she’s trying to cover up any aging on her mitts. She really should just leave them alone and roll with the punches.

          And believe me, I can speak firsthand about leaving the hands uncovered and just dealing with it. I have eczema on my hands, and the dryness has aged them more than I’d like. But I just keep my nails neat, short and polished, keep my hands moisturized, and honestly – no one has commented or really noticed. Then again, I”m not Madonna!

          • giddypony

            That why she is covering her saggy nylon neck too. Although I do like the scarf.

        • LANDRU3000

          I heard you can get your hands done (just like everything else, it seems). I wonder why she doesn’t.

    • decormaven

      If she starts wearing epaulets or bandaids next… I can’t even go there.

      • tereliz

        I don’t mind if she wears epaulets as long as they don’t have matching gloves.

        • MoHub

          That would be A matching glove.

      • 3boysful

        Maybe she’ll go the dancing bear route instead.

    • GorgeousThings

      I saw that coat in Barneys. It’s a Junya Watanabe, and it’s really gorgeous. Shame she ruined it with the MJ tribute.

    • Andrew Tidd

      Is that a tallis she is wearing as a scarf?

      • another_laura

        YHWH I hope not.

    • foodycatAlicia

      Scroll-down Charlie Chaplin?

      • NYCGlamourpuss


      • Introspective


      • Constant Reader

        My first thought was “Madonna in ‘The Little Tramp: The Life And Times of Charlie Chaplin’.” Sadly, I don’t think she could ever do Chaplin as well as Gloria Swanson did Chaplin. Come to think of it, she’s not doing crazy and insecure as well as Swanson did it, either.

    • mary ellen orchard

      she always covers her hands…. and now you can see why! there are some thing age insists on putting out there. and no surgery can correct it. age… it is a cruel mistress.

      • schadenfreudelicious

        She just needs to leave the fingerless gloves to Herr Lagerfeld, all she is doing is attracting attention to her hands

    • Cathy Smither

      Yoko Ono does it better.

    • valerie747

      Don’t you see? She is single-handidly supporting the beleagured zipper industry!

    • YoungSally

      Looks almost as crazy as Galliano when he was doing his hasid thing while temping at Oscar de la Renta.

    • princessricky

      i like it from the wrists up.

    • ashtangajunkie

      All that money and she chooses pants that make it look as though she survived a raccoon attack.

    • EKW2


    • tereliz

      I am totally onboard with everything from the shins up. Talk about a scrolldown-da-fuck?

    • shirab

      Love the bemused expression on the bystander/handler guy.

    • Sarah

      She looks bulky like when a group of elves/kittens/tiny-somethings puts on a trench coat to pass for a grownup. Like her head is just a sham, and her outfit is full of underage leprechauns trying to sneak into an X-rated movie.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        DYING! And see, you’ve got me laughing again – now I’m picturing tiny innocent little kittens trying to sneak into an X-rated movie! “No, Buttons, you have to walk straighter than that, or we’ll all tumble down!” “That wasn’t my fault, Maxie! It was Mittens who wasn’t walking straight!”

        • Sarah

          No Kittens! COVER YOUR EYES! You were never meant to see such smut!! Run home and resume making adorable biscuits immediately!

      • Darva Sutra

        YES!!! Nailed it! hahahahahahaha

    • lobsterlen

      I am wondering what is going on with her neck that she has it covered up like that.

      • Joanna

        Precisely what I was thinking. Yes, it’s been on the chillier side here in NYC, but not THAT cold. I immediately wondered what work she had done.

    • quiltrx

      I would cut any number of you for that coat! But the rest…yikes. MJ was the first thing to mind, but even he wouldn’t have worn chewed-up pants and that cheap-looking hat.

    • marlie

      What the…? Those pants? Those shoes? I might like the jacket if there weren’t quite so many zippers, but as it is? I’d be looking for my car keys for DAYS with that many pockets.

    • fringebenefit

      100% love for the coat.

    • another_laura

      BWAH hahahahahaha! *gasp* hahahahahahaaaa!

      Thanks, guys, I needed that.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        I’m just going to go around “liking” anyone who laughed at this outfit so I don’t feel so guilty about laughing at her myself.

    • MandyM

      I was thinking Helena Bonham Carter. I don’t know that Michael Jackson would have worn those particular pants. The hat and coat, yes, but not those ratty pants. Now HBC? That’s a different story. This would be downright dapper for her.

      • Darva Sutra

        For whatever reason I kinda dig HBC’s dirty victorian gypsy fug. It seems to work for her, even if not for any of us. Madge’s feels over-thought and desperate. She tries to cover SO MUCH, it just makes things worse.

        • MandyM

          I love HBC too and I don’t hate this look; just not on Madge.

    • Viviennne

      Madonna needs a fashion direction ….. everything here seems either out dated or trying too hard …… and that hat – oy!

      • another_laura

        So very tired of this run on the fedora.

        • Viviennne

          It’s not even a classic fedora form……and it looks inexpensive ….

    • kingderella

      The shredded hem is the only thing I truly dislike here.
      But between the gloves and the hat, it really reads MJ, and that’s not a good reference for somebody with lot’s of plastic surgery.

    • nannypoo

      Are you sure that’s Madonna? Well … Kabbalah, silly gloves … I guess it could be her.

    • Erika Schultze

      I immediately thought Truman Capote.

    • annabelle archer

      Do you think if we tell her that her stupid pants make her look sorta fat, she’ll get over self and the obsession with the hands?

      • formerlyAnon


      • sleah_in_norcal

        i’m afraid she cares not a fig for what we think.

        • annabelle archer

          Oh she cares. Hence the gloves. She most certainly cares. Bless her heart.

      • kmk05

        The thing is, if she weren’t wearing those tight gloves, I doubt her skin would be bunching up like that! Too tight leather half-gloves are no one’s friend.

    • mjude

      I would so wear those shoes “back in the day”

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Oy. When will she just go away?

      • tereliz

        I don’t want her to go away, I just wish she’d stop trying to morph into Karl Lagerfeld.

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      I like the hat, the coat and the booties, but not all together, and definitely not with those stupid looking pants. We all miss Michael, Madonna, but let’s not with the tribute fashion, eh?

    • lrhoff

      So did she have a sex change, also? If not, she apparently stuffed her pants with something. Good grief.

    • Danielle


    • International Model

      Madge in the fall makes me crave pumpkin spiced drinks and foods.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      She looks like Claude Rains as The Invisible Man, where he piled up hats and scarves and sunglasses so there was a there there. Oh, Madge. If only you were invisible.

    • Glam Dixie

      ahhhahahahahahahahahahahahaha, omg, hahahahahahahahahahaha. That’s awesome, haven’t enjoyed a celeb style post that much in a while. Keep up the cracked out work, Madge.

    • PeggyOC

      I deeply covet those boots. Anyone know their origin? I would sell a kidney for these.

    • lobsterlen

      Madge is leaving the Kabbala Center? The long wool coat, the hat, the scarf/stole is it her interpretation of Michael Jackson as Hasidic?

      • sleah_in_norcal

        by george, i think you’ve got it!

    • *crickets*

      Is there a Kabbalah commandment that women cover their hands? Or is she just obsessed with covering them?

    • formerlyAnon

      Those pants hems are . . . mistaken. Otherwise, I have no problem with the overall look for a wealthy woman who is insecure about her appearance for no reason but aging and delusion.

    • ewes_urn_aim

      Does anybody remember those Versace ads she did in the early 90’s, with the flat-ironed long hair. And in one picture she was wearing a simple fitted jacket and skirt, pushing a baby stroller- THAT is what she should have aged into. I think of that image every time I have to see her looking like… this.

      • lobsterlen

        I just googled … she looked fantastic. The best of her entire career. This is just sad now.

    • lalahartma

      The gloves are sad.

    • alyce1213

      There’s such a thing as too many zippers. And I can’t even talk about the frayed pants.
      The boots I love — with the right trousers, they are very cool.

    • Heather

      Even by New York standards, this is weird. Like people would actually LOOK AT YOU while wearing this. People might actually SPEAK to you.

    • bassfemme

      This is awful on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin. First, though, how did you know it was Madonna piled under all that? Was it the omnipresent bike gloves? They’re about as identifyable as her fishnets.

    • H2olovngrl

      More money than sense.

      • formerlyAnon

        One of those sayings that has simply endless applications, once it pops into one’s head, no?

        • H2olovngrl

          For me, the other that is apropos and also useful SO often on this site is: “trying too hard.”

        • H2olovngrl

          For me, the other that is apropos and also useful SO often on this site is: “trying too hard.”

    • River

      Right??? Awful.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Well, thanks for telling me it’s Madonna, because I would have never figured it out from these pictures. This has an old school mobster look to me. She’s maDONna…or maybe Eric Von Zipper reincarnated.

      • EKW2

        Eric Von Zipper, great reference!

    • CatherineRhodes

      I’m getting a Yoko Ono vibe.

      • Coco Cornejo

        Perhaps from the face. But Uncles are right. That outfit is pure MJ.

    • MaryAtRealityTea

      Did she get more facial fillers? I couldn’t even focus on the outfit atrocity for the inability to turn away from bloated post-surgery puff face. Please someone help this woman. She needs an “aging gracefully intervention”. It’s becoming Baby Jane…

    • sleah_in_norcal

      wait, is she starring in american horror story: coven?

    • Jake Donohoe

      Its gotta little Yoko Ono in there too. Sort of like MJ, Yoko and Adam Ant had a style baby.

    • marshmallowjane

      That isn’t my favorite style of hat. I think it looks too small for her head. Any hat experts here?

      Her gloves draw attention to her hands. If it’s cold and you need gloves, wear them. They don’t help much without fingers. Maybe they’re driving gloves. Her fingers look really wrinkled; I think the gloves make her hands look worse. Seriously. I think I’m 10 years older than Madonna and I don’t have wrinkles like that. I think the gloves are too tight or something. (I should add that my hands are my only body part that look better than hers, unfortunately–for me.)

    • MilaXX

      I was thinking Karl Lagerfeild

      • tereliz

        LOL, exactly. But Karl wouldn’t let Choupette use those pants as a scratching post.

    • Monday1900

      Spot on T&L, spot on! Never thought I’d say either of the following things but I’m really rooting for Madonna to get it back together (she hasn’t been the Madonna I loved for years now) and those pants make her look dumpy (which you know damn well she isn’t at all). Not a good look

    • oohsparkley!

      Were her pants were too long, so she tried to shorten them by chewing and ripping them? She had nothing else with her to wear? Is she wearing a fat suit under it all? She’s a mob boss from Fuckingwithustan? So many questions!

    • Tanya Wade

      Slovenian gangster.

    • NMMagpie

      I just cannot unsee those sad sad sad driving gloves.

    • SignLadyB

      Are we even sure it IS Madonna?

    • GillianHolroyd

      Y’know, it’s the STUPID hat more than anything that makes her look ridiculous.

    • Melanie Suzanne

      If ever there were the need to deploy “What is this I can’t even” it is this look. Wow.

    • hellkell

      Madge, set the hands free. Lose the gloves.

      I really thought that if any celeb was going to embrace aging, it would be her. This kind of insecurity is so disappointing.

      • Not applicable

        or go to full hand coverage. yikes.

    • Violentcello

      Did her pants get stuck in an escalator?

      • Not applicable

        yes. no wonder she’s pissed- those pants likely cost more than my car.

    • Caitlin Rain

      I figure she’s just dressed for the “Couple of Swells” homage in her next video, right?

    • VioletFem

      I love that coat, even with all the ridiculous zippers.

    • Trickytrisha

      I don’t think her goal was to make people laugh. But dang, Madge… we are. At you, not with you.

      • Lori

        Can you imagine being “the help” for Madge? I suspect it’s a classic case of “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.”

    • tmchale

      How many zippered pockets can one woman need?

    • J. Preposterice

      I un-ironically love that jacket and would build my entire fall wardrobe around it. But maybe not in such a literal MJ-homage kind of way.

    • Morales Mike

      Kabbalah? She’s still trying to make that happen too?

    • Tracy_Flick

      She’s exhausting.

    • Bethany Fairbrother

      Or Yoko Ono.

    • jeanmarie

      scroll down flat crazy and fugly.

    • Kristi Puckett Carrillo

      I guess Billy Jean is not her love?

    • Sonja Brisson

      Dear Madonna:

      Disappear for a year. Come back as an adult humanoid without hand covers, and date someone over 24 who can call you on your shit and stop you from leaving the house/$10,000 a night hotel suite/yacht when you just look crazypants.

      Use your endless money to find a stylist with taste and a sense of what looks good on you. These endless outfits from Forever 21 and Lovers Package do NOT look good anymore.

      And stop with the filler. I’m sure you look just lovely in your natural non-puffy state.

      I want to keep on loving you but you won’t let me!


    • d4divine

      The first thought in my head…Madge is headed to the Rhythm Nation

    • jw_ny

      My first reaction upon seeing her in this, especially with those shoes, was MJ too. Ha!

      I rather like this look tho…except those pants! (eh…the shades and gloves aren’t my favs either…)

    • blondie707

      I like the scarf, but there are too many zippers on that coat.

      She’s definitely overdue for a style revamp. I’ve always been partial to the “League of Their Own” era.

    • ShaoLinKitten

      She got banned from the Alamo Drafthouse for texting during 12 Years a Slave… I think she’s sort of turned the corner into lala-land.

    • Dagney


    • BrooklynBomber

      Oh, good lord.

      WHAT happened to her hand?

    • BrooklynBomber

      I just realized that’s a PRAYER SHAWL around her neck.

    • appliquer


    • Fred Vaughn

      HELL NO on the pants.

    • jmorino08

      Post-op chic! Madonna is killing it!

    • A Shiny O’Connor

      Mmm yes, Michael Jackson as envisioned by Karl Lagerfeld.

    • Kimberly Wilcox

      All comments being true, its almost like that Jacket was trying. Its a fun jacket. the rest is just well…TLo are right, she turned into MJ on us. Madge, come back to us girl…

    • carnush

      I LOVE this look. It’s the gloves that take it into Jackson territory. The coat and shoes are killer.

    • NOLA_gal

      I would say she’s trying to go incognito, but unless she thinks it’s normal for people to walk around wearing $1000 shoes and shredded pants, I’m not sure what her style theme is here. Look at me, at a guess.

    • Kent Roby

      She gonna be startin’ somethin, got ta be startin’ somethin.

    • Erica Woods Tucker

      wow…disturbing is an understatement

    • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

      Gotta give it up to her: she came with a look that’s more stupid and silly than any of the looks she tried during her entire career. I bet she does this on purpose to embarrass her daughter.

    • venusvelvet

      She’s verging on Lagerfeld territory here.

    • Jane

      The pants are insane! What is she thinking, yuck. I hate the gloves so much the only reason I believe she continues to wear them is she hates her hands because they give away her age, and by covering them no one will see them, but I think they just make you look even more at her hands. I want a different Madonna one that will embrace her age and rock the shit out of it. Not this desperate Madonna who can’t figure out who she is.

    • guest2visits

      Ok…not my cup of tea, exactly. But I get it now.. Madonna is turning into a little German person. Her recent looks are a bit Dietrich and today… some kind of German director? Not loving it, especially the pants and shoes.