Liev Schreiber in New York City

Posted on October 18, 2013

We’re not entirely sure why, but we can tell you, as two people who spend all day perusing the photo services for celebrity pictures, there appears to be an intense fascination with Liev Schrieber and his bicycle among the NYC paparazzi set. Not quite as bad as the fascination with Sarah Jessica Parker taking her kids to school, of which a hundred pictures are available EVERY SINGLE MORNING (no lie), but still. They all seem to love following him around on his bike.


Liev Schreiber gets bundled up for a bike ride around New York City.

He’s cute. We can forgive everything but the Jiffy Pop hat.




[Photo Credit: Ralph/]

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  • RussellH88

    Shouldn’t the edges of the hat be folded so that it fits snugly around the head?

    • StellaZafella

      Not when you want to look like a punk Smurf.

  • Anna Vasquez

    It’s pretty hilarious to be on your way to work in the morning, look across the subway car, and see Liev Schreiber sitting there, for all the world like some dude-brah taking up too much space on the bench.

    • Agreed, I feel like one of the signs that you’re a true New Yorker is running into him and the lovely family somewhere in the area of Broadway and Houston.

    • YoungSally

      It’s much sexier than seeing Tim Gunn on the 2/3…..always impeccably dressed and always standing.

      • Anna Vasquez

        There should be some kind of continuum… and seeing Tim Gunn is sexier than seeing James Lipton on the 6.

        • YoungSally

          Oh most excellent — maybe we can use degrees of separation — so Tim Gunn on the 2/3 is at least 2 degrees better than James Lipton on the 6….

  • hughman

    Shouldn’t that box have a bird on it?

  • newleaf1

    I’m glad he has the earbud only in one ear. I always worry for those bikers who ride with earbuds – afraid they won’t hear the bus that could take them out.

    • decormaven

      I’m more concerned for the fact he is not wearing a helmet. There appears to be one in his carryall; however, proximity will not ward off closed head trauma.

      • TAGinMO

        It’s possible he’s hiding one under that goddamn hat.

        • decormaven

          Ha ha! Does make one wonder what’s under that thing.

      • marlie

        I think the helmets are for his kids, as I saw a picture of them wearing the helmets while on the back (and front) of his bike a few days ago.

        • Carolyne

          His brain is as important as his kids’ brains. His kids shouldn’t have to take care of a drooling brain-damaged dad.
          I was a non-helmet wearer until my 22-year-old kid fractured her skull while riding her bike sans helmet. She’s fine, but we’re all helmeted now.

          • Glad she’s OK – that must have been terrifying.

          • marlie

            No – I’m not at all saying he shouldn’t wear a helmet – I hate seeing bikers without them. I was just responding to the part about not wearing a helmet when there was one visible in the basket, but the one in the basket (I think) is a child’s, thus doing him no good anyway.

            ETA: Also, not so positively, I have a friend of a friend who is in a semi-vegetative state after being hit by a car. She’s only alive *at all* because she was wearing a helmet.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            Plus, with the way bike riders ride in NYC, they all need helmets. They zoom around at top speed, go through red lights, through groups of pedestrians, and generally feel the rules of the road don’t apply to them since they’re not driving a car. I’ve almost been clipped plenty of times by bike riders who are just zooming right through a stop sign without a care in the world. I’m not saying that he’s one of the irresponsible ones, I’m mostly just venting. But yeah, he needs a helmet.

          • marlie

            There are some like that in Philly, too. They give the responsible bikers a bad name.

  • Clueless_Jock

    He’s kind of hard to miss.

  • boweryboy


    I would follow him around on his bike, too.

    • Rhonda Shore

      Me too. He’s a Hottie McHotHot…

  • I was going to suggest because he just looks really dorky, but maybe that’s just today.

  • What is Liev planning to shop lift in that hat?

    • charlotte

      A bike basket?

  • MilaXX

    The hat cracks me up. My hat sits like that if I pile all my locs on top of my head to get them off my neck, but I have no idea why his is sitting up like that.

    • Lori

      Trying to avoid hat head?

  • Rand Ortega

    Love him. Hate Ray Donovan.

    • deliadee

      Me too. I had such hopes for it but the characters are so cliched.

  • They’re all upset that he has a wooden box for a bike tote, instead of a big name designer brand.

  • charlotte

    This is only the light version. According to Suri’s Burn Book, the entire Schreiber-Watts family enjoys being huddled on that bike.

    • Emily Smith

      Suri would have a burn book.

      • marlie

        It’s a Tumblr blog. It’s hilarious.

        • Emily Smith

          Oh god I need to look that up immediately.

  • kipper

    can. do. no. wrong. 🙂

  • AwesomeMargie

    Wasn’t a bag of Jiffy Pop popcorn used in Scream in which Liev starred in? Boom.

    Okay. I may be a little burnt out and need a vacation. Life has been hard. Also, I love Liev and his voice.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Liev, please put that helmet in the box on your head. Before you wind up in a box. Thank you.

  • Chuck Barthelme

    That’s an awesome bike. Also, you’d think an actor would wear a helmet. Wouldn’t want to mess up the goods, would he?

  • Trisha26

    Does Naomi know he’s doing this? And btw, what’s he doing?

    • Fordzo

      He’s making my pants dance.

  • Fordzo

    He DID have the entire fam-damily on the bike yesterday. Naomi, both boys and a bunch of backpacks in the box.

    But, anyway…God Bless Sausage Friday.

    • marlie

      I couldn’t tell if that was Naomi in between him and the kid on the back. Those photos were hilarious, though. Kind of like how I’d see a family of 4 and the dog all crammed onto a motorbike in the crowded streets of Bangkok.

      • Fordzo

        I couldn’t tell, either, so I googled around and found better pics. You forgot the crate of chickens. There’s ALWAYS a crate of chickens hidden somewhere.

        • formerlyAnon

          To this day, I half-expect a few chickens when I board a flight to a certain country in which I have family ties; despite the fact that current baggage rules make that expectation even more exaggerated than it was 40 years ago, when it was formed.

          • Fordzo

            We must have family in similar countries. I love riding buses with chickens. Especially when the chickens are not even crated, but are in burlap sacks. It’s always exciting and a little scary to wonder what is thrashing around in the bag as the people board – even more exciting when half of your seat is empty and there is a strong possibility that the bag in question will be flopping around mere inches from you for the next 3 hours.

  • Helmet

  • lobsterlen

    Is Liev making some extra cash moonlighting as a take out delivery guy?

  • tereliz

    “They all seem to love following him around on his bike.”

    Well why wouldn’t hey? Just look at that glorious… box. Baby seat is cute, tho.

  • Adrianna Grężak

    That bicycle is amazing and comical on so many levels. I don’t blame them for following him around

  • kimiakay

    “Jiffy Pop hat.” ! Made my day, guys. It definitely stands out, even with the bike so encumbered. Isn’t it hard to ride a bike around NYC? It looks there are so many people out that you can’t even walk, let alone ride. Oh, and his clothes are o.k.

  • bravobravp

    Just out of curosity I goggled SJP after reading this…top story that comes up is how her twin daughters are wearing matching outfits, covered by E News. I really hope that whatever Halle Berry and others are working on to stop paparazzi taking pictures of kids goes through.

    • demidaemon

      It did go through, but it only affects California currently. Therefore, unfortunately for SJP, it does not apply to her, unless celebs in NY are working on something similar.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Hey, no riding on the sidewalk. (I almost got creamed by a bicyclist on the sidewalk the other day, so I’m a little cranky. But maybe if the cyclist had been Liev things would be different.)

  • traceyishere

    The bike is almost as charming as he is.

  • Trickytrisha

    Welp, I got my daily giggle from this. He is so dorky it’s adorable.

  • Fordzo

    So, in NYC does everyone just ride their bikes on the sidewalk? Because that’s a no-no where I hale from.

    • nyll18

      It’s a big no-no here, too. Kids ride on the sidewalk sometimes but it’s rare to see an adult doing so. Maybe he pulled on to the sidewalk to park his bike?
      And while I’m making a comment, one of my big pet peeves is people who ride around with a helmet hanging off their handlebars (or in a wooden box as the case may be), instead of on their head where it should be!

      • Robin

        Riding-on-the-sidewalk-laws vary from city to city. I live in Santa Rosa, CA, and it’s okay here (lots of kids riding to school, not so many bike lanes) so long as you’re not in a commercial district. I did die a little inside when I saw his helmet unhelpfully stowed in his wood box. Also that he bicycles with a wood box.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      It’s a HUGE no-no in NYC too. But the bike riders don’t seem to let that hinder them. Basically, they have to use the bike lanes or follow the same rules as cars. Most of them don’t. While I appreciate that they’re not spewing toxins into the air, I would really appreciate not almost getting run over everytime I’m on the sidewalk.

      • my daughter got run over by a kid on a bike, at full speed, when she was just learning to walk. she was walking next to her stroller and i was right next to her. kid came around the corner, didn’t even look and ran right over her face. fortunately, babies heal up quick. she’s twenty-five now, and i’m still pissed off about it.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          HOLY shit!! Honey, that’s horrible! I’m glad she’s okay and healed up. I almost got creamed by a guy going top speed on a Citi Bike – he was on the sidewalk, and just came barreling through a group at rush hour, right where the sidewalks crossed (sort of a pie shaped area where the sidewalks converge). He slammed on the brakes, but I actually had to put my hands out and grab onto his arms to get him to stop fully.

  • quiltrx

    It’s that box on the front. It’s completely adorable, and so is he.

  • H2olovngrl

    Oy, that hat…

  • formerlyAnon

    Re: hat technique
    I was taught that leaving an air pocket between head and top of hat improved insulation & thus the ability of the hat to keep you warm. Maybe he was also, and it’s a habit.

    • Shawn EH

      People teach that? Liev looks like he’s hiding his dreads!

  • how can such a handsome man look so dorky? we’ll talk about the neck beard later. i can forgive him anything.

  • demidaemon

    I find your report on photog target choices way more interesting than any of these photos.

  • kim bunchalastnames

    i’m always so distressed when i see pictures of people riding bikes without wearing helmets.