Lady Gaga in Louis Vuitton in London

Posted on October 30, 2013

We’re almost disappointed in ourselves for liking this so much.


Lady Gaga seen leaving ITV Studios in London in Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 Collection

We initially saw this as a breath of fresh air from her; a costume that didn’t speak of mental illness or debilitating skin diseases; a costume that, despite the ridiculous platforms, she’s mostly free to move in (assuming no strong winds in the area); a costume that looks like something Cher would wear to the Oscars in the ’80s. What’s not to love here? But then we saw that it was Louis Vuitton and we realized she wasn’t so much wearing a costume as she was wearing really high-end fashion and worse, duplicating the runway styling almost exactly.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but we feel bad that it’s the only thing she’s worn lately that we remotely like. Her various attempts at ART through costume lately have left us either or bored or actively annoyed. Maybe it’s us. Or maybe she just does better when she lets a high-end design house take over completely.






[Photo Credit: WP/, IMAXtree]

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  • lundibleu

    Just as she has with her recent music (really, what the heck is Venus supposed to be other than a holy mess), she has lost the plot with her fashion and more often than not ends up looking a total disaster. I fear she’s becoming a caricature of herself, rather than moving forward.

    Also, I see some of her fans defending things she’s worn and bitching about Miley and wonder quite how much Gaga can get away with in the eyes of her fans because of who she is.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Yes, Steffi needs to stop playing dress-up and work on creating listenable music again…because whatever creative energy she has was certainly not channeled into her last album.

      • lundibleu

        I’m with you there. From what I’ve heard of the new album it seems like even less creative energy has gone into it!

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I don’t mean to speak for TLo or to pretend I know what they were thinking, but I don’t think they meant any disrespect with the “mental illness” comment. In Gaga’s past couple of outings, she’s been wearing clothes that have been very reminiscent of both Miss Havisham and Ophelia – two great literary characters who suffered from mental illness. My guess – again, not intending to speak for them – is that they were referring to looks that made one think of those two characters.

      • lundibleu

        I’m sure they didn’t mean any disrespect, and to be fair to them they are getting a bit of my complaining about it due to things I’ve read elsewhere too in the last few days/weeks. I just think that to say looks remind people of people with ‘mental illness’ or ‘look like a mental patient’ is getting more and more common place, and I don’t like it. As someone who has suffered from mental illness, and some associated stigma to it, I’d rather it wasn’t said or was worded differently.

        Besides that, this is one time that Gaga doesn’t look like she dressed in the dark and applied her make up by catapult, so that’s a plus.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          I totally understand your point of view on this. You can vent to us, that’s part of what we’re here for.

        • YoungSally

          Makeup by catapult – you win. Reminds me of old TV sketches when someone would shout “makeup” and be smacked with a giant powder puff.

          • lundibleu

            Heh, thanks! I was thinking a bit of Homer Simpsons make up gun too.

    • tixilyttik

      I think that’s it exactly. She can no longer follow her own plot. She’s just lost it somewhere along the way.

  • Well, at least her make up here doesn’t make her look like she’s in the active stages of leprosy. That’s a step forward.

    • Lucía Gavello

      Exactly, now… if we just erase the duckface.

      • rks

        ummmm, I don’t think enhanced duck faces can be erased…too many visits to the “spa” if you ask me. I am am shocked one of her handlers wasn’t close by incase she toppled over maybe they are just as tired as everyone else of her outfits. Just sing your songs LG!

    • dalgirl

      You have me wondering if there’s a DORMANT stage of leprosy….

  • Adrianna Grężak

    I think the key here is that her make up looks professionally done. I also like her stance and attitude, since she’s kind of a black peacock showing off to attract mates

    However, the top suggests she’s competing with Miley…

    • Levedi

      I teach medieval literature and one of my students asked why so many late medieval pictures show women with their shoulders back and their stomachs thrust forward like this. I told them it was caused by the super heavy/tall headdresses that required the posture for balance and showed them this picture as an example. So I guess Steffi’s nuttery has some purpose after all.

      • Again – T.Lo say this is an entertainment site but good god I learn stuff here! I had always wondered that about those postures. I thought it was because they hadn’t figured out perspective and the frocks were unflattering.

    • Celandine1

      Gaga was already there before Miley, Madona was there before both of them, and Cher is the prime. This screams way more imitation of Cher than some kind of one upmanship of tongue girl.

  • jilly_d

    I don’t have much nice to say about this getup but I will admit her makeup looks great here. She looks so beautiful when she’s not using oil paints on her face.

  • Diego!

    Finally she looks like a person and not like a mental patient! Her make up is doing wonderful things to enhance this look. I hate her shoes tough, but since she is very pétit, we forgive her for that. Nicely done Steffi!

    • lundibleu

      This may be entirely personal, and I’m sure you mean it just as a figure of speech, but I really don’t think comparing someones looks to a “mental patient” is a wise move. There’s enough stigma attached to mental illnesses without attributing how people look to that. Personally I don’t think I look that different to anyone else, and would defy anyone to declare that I had any mental health problems just by looking at me.

      A couple of stores in the UK recently came under massive fire from charities and public for having “mental patient” fancy dress costumes.

      • EveEve

        TLo are the ones who said that she is wearing “a costume that didn’t speak of mental illness” – certainly some of her costumes seem created to make her appear deranged. Sure, not all mental patients are deranged, and not all deranged people are mental patients, but let’s be real – some of the stuff she’s putting on is pure whack-a-doodle.

        • lundibleu

          How about let’s be real and not even try to make that equation. If we mean she looks deranged, then we say she looks deranged. If we mean she looks like she dressed in the dark and blindfolded, then we say it. And yeah, I know TLo said it first, and I called that out in my other comment.

          • EveEve

            Good grief, I did NOT mean to infer by my last comment that people who are under treatment for mental illness are “whack a doodle.” This is a fashion and celebrity blog, not a mental health blog. I meant exactly what I wrote and no more: some of Steffi’s get-ups are whack a doodle. Shall we move on please?

  • Ginger

    Why does she actively try to look miserable? Honey, it can’t be all that bad!

    • Adrianna Grężak

      I think it’s her attempt at “fierce”

  • MilaXX

    All I see is a designer remake of a costume Cher wore back in the 80’s.

    • Tanya Wade

      Somewhere Cher is laughing hysterically and saying, “Gurl, pleaz.” Or not. These mere mortals and their foolishness don’t concern Cher!

    • mjude

      totally Cher, not that there is anything wrong with that.

    • MoHub

      Cher’s was Bob Mackie, which automatically makes it better.

  • Jessica Freeman

    Its a touch of insanity I may be able to get on board with.

  • Kathy

    Do I detect duck face?

  • Mrs. Julien

    If this were yellow, it could pass for one of the costumes in Strictly Ballroom.

  • ovarB

    What…she didn’t demand a fountain and black furry carpet to complete the look identically?? Copy it all or not at all. 😛

  • Louis Vuitton in such lovely surroundings…a forethought of juxtaposition or plain old sloppiness?

  • carnush

    It’s weird seeing her in something that’s almost wearable (minus the headpiece). Also, why put this on and get photographed in some basement garage?

  • MoHub

    Barbra Streisand’s “hands over boobs” Oscars top merged with Cher’s black feathered extravaganza from around the same period. Trying to find images, but no luck so far.

    • decormaven

      For Babs, it’s the 1969 Oscars, the Arnold Scaasi pantsuit. For Cher, it’s the 1986 Oscars, Bob Mackie dress and headdress.

  • Kent Roby

    I just want to see her getting in a limo in that!

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    And kudos for working Gothic peacock in a darkened car park.

  • decormaven

    It’s a shame- a black peacock of an outfit parades in such a grimy, downtown location. I’m all for the arts transporting to another level, but this is not accomplishing that goal. The make up is more appealing than the looks shown of late.

  • It screams Cher, in, I think, a very good way. Still I have to wonder where she’s off to in that headdress. I hope a venue with extremely high ceilings. This is, hands down, the best of the week in Gaga.

  • A bit much for a late night taco run, no?

    • EveEve

      Not if you’re Lady Gaga, no.

  • Gretchen Bourg

    Lady (Needs A) BraBra

  • alyce1213

    Is that her version of bitchface? Actually, her makeup is beautiful.

    On another note, I just read that Kerry Washington IS pregnant, about 4 months. We were right.

  • Kelly

    Cher and Bob Mackie did it better, but as you say, at least there’s no homage to flesh-eating skin diseases. And it sort of pleases me that she so often wears that same pair of shoes. The shoes themselves are silly, true, but the fact that she seems genuinely to like them (as opposed to just wearing an ever-changing costume) gives a little touch of reality to the Gagaverse.

  • DinahR

    I am disappoint. I’m okay with duplicating the model’s look, I guess… but why on earth is she modeling this in a driveway? I realize you could maybe only wear this outside, or on a stage but, c’mon. There had to be a better backdrop she could have popped up in front of. Seems kind of amateur this way.

  • bellafigura1

    You are all being very kind! She looks absolutely ridiculous to me! Cher/Mackie brilliance was that she stepped into a costume that looked like she was still in her own skin, but had found a way to expose her talent through the clothes. Gaga looks pained, confused and unable to control her head and face. The cut of the shirt is giving her pregnant-belly, which may be why she’s pushing it out? I don’t know.

  • ashtangajunkie

    “Fashion face” aside, her face looks really beautiful here. Gorgeous skin. Like everyone else who has posted, I preferred this outfit when Cher and Bob Mackie did it. I hate the shoes Gaga wears like poison.

  • jjtxgrrl

    Fabulous. THIS is the direction to go in!! No more gross makeup pleeease!

  • marlie

    THIS is the “fashion-y” Gaga I like: take something utterly crazy from a runway show and wear it on the street. Sure, it’s nuts, but she doesn’t look like she wandered out in her nightgown with some sort of mystery powder all over her body.

  • crash1212

    My first thought at first glance…”At least her face isn’t molting”…then looked at outfit. Liked. Actually, love those pants.

  • fringebenefit

    After a string of just plain silly outfits culminating in the spackle face yesterday, it would seem that she is even more desperately bored with Lady Gaga than we are.

  • Iva

    Ug. Less fabulous Cher. NEXT!

  • cocohall

    I am seeing a demented Halloween baboon muppet face on her top. It is something about her stance where she is pushing her belly forward and rounding out the portion over her belly. Just another reason to listen to your mother and STAND UP STRAIGHT. Her skin is luminous – maybe there is a secret ingredient in all the face paint? Or maybe she had a really intense peel, and the cake makeup was covering up some lingering inflammation? She wants us to believe she suffers for her art – maybe it’s true!

  • NMMagpie

    Cher did it better.

  • kt

    nail, meet head. She does far better when she lets real artisans (designers) take over. She herself is desperation.

  • velomango

    My Halloween wish….for Gaga to step out in khakis, a white polo shirt, and keds. Oh, and maybe a scrunchie in her hair. How fantastic would that be?

  • Why doesn’t she just wear stilts? She obviously wants to appear taller so badly. Go ahead and exaggerate it, girl.

    I do want that hat. You know, just for wearing around the office. Ha!

  • twocee

    Cher did it better…

    She definitely looks better in this than anything I’ve seen her in the past 12 months or so. But that isn’t saying much considering that her last outing had her looking like a cross between a ghost and a Victorian consumption victim.

  • Shawn EH

    I think what’s going on with her will make more sense when the album’s out. I think they’re all song-related characters we’ve been seeing.

  • stubbornthoughts

    This is what happens when one gets in too deep, and takes themselves and their “art” too seriously. What happened to fun, fashion Gaga with awesome hit records and some worthy causes? I need some Bad Romance, Poker Face, and Telephone to possess her again.

  • quiltrx

    The outfit itself is pretty fun, and those pants look mega-comfortable but they’re eye-catching at the same time.
    I think wearing couture stuff that’s ‘on the edge’ but still relatable is where she should spend more of her time. Too often she crosses the “interesting” line and goes over into “ridiculous”.

  • Jumpingjacks

    normal face, no ugly wig.. see it isn’t that hard.
    If she really wants to do some good with fashion, she should have her team seek out young designers and act as a platform for them. Nobody is doing that, so if she wants to stand out why not help others as well

  • boweryboy

    Now that’s more like it.

    She’s born to wear high end fashion. I wish she would stick to more stuff like this and cut out the attention seeking antics.

  • NC_Meg

    I DEFINITELY think she looks better when she lets a design house take over.

    A little while after the video for “Telephone” came out, I remember an interview where she said she’s actually a little embarrassed by the video. She said she had so many ideas and directions she wanted to go in and ended up smashing them all together. I love her but I feel that way about her clothes a lot. Too many ideas getting smashed together and she ends up looking a little messy. Let someone else take over more often, Steffi.

  • Eric Stott

    Cher would have OWNED this – Gaga’s just renting it.

  • SewingSiren

    I was rather enjoying the whiter shade of pale Gaga. This Cherette Gaga is a little too done.

  • CurbGirl

    But where is hot bald handler????

  • Imasewsure

    I wish she was smiling or at least looking like a “regular” star here but this is exactly what I want from my Gaga these days so I love it as well. I just want her to be the edgy high end girl – the Swinton of Music – not the exhausting mess she has become. Copy the runway exactly Gurl… I’m fine with it!! And love this outfit in particular for its Cher-ness

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    The headdress is really fab, and her makeup is definite improvement over her recent efforts.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I just keep thinking of those oversized vases a certain kind of just-out-of-college woman used to get at flea markets to decorate her first “big girl” apartment. She’d hot-glue sparkly bits to the outside, stick ostrich feathers in it, and park it in a corner next to the futon sofa.

    In terms of actual Lady GaGa and her outfit, as opposed to my imaginary Lady Boho Vase, I am amused how far she has to lean back to stay on those shoes/stilts. Keep on truckin’!

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Oh, it’s TOTALLY a Cher rip off! She’s just so tiresome.

  • Cher called. She wants her schtick back.

  • unbornfawn

    K-mart Cher

  • rks

    The outfit is gorgeous and I think she is ruining it with the way she is standing and those god awful shoes. With all the money that girl has you would think she would own more than 2 pairs of shoes. She wears those hideous black shoes with everything!!!! Her makeup does look flawless but that pooty mouth has to go. And her NOT wearing a wig that looks like a fried out perm from the 1980s is so refreshing too! Just go back to singing pop songs and stop trying so hard to be an “Artist”!!

  • Danielle

    Call me crazy, but I like how she went so close to the runway styling, large head fountain and all. If you get to wear Louis Vuitton, you go big or go home.

  • CommentsByKatie

    She dressed up like Cher for Halloween. Awww.

  • OrigamiRose

    My Cher doll just slapped the screen and shouted, “Snap out of it!”

  • Milos Mom

    OK…. it is time for her to stop “giving face”. Over it. Wear whatever you want but don’t take yourself so seriously ALL THE TIME. Big snooze.

  • kimmeister

    Her belly has an impressive moustache.

  • What is she doing at ITV Studios to be wearing such a thing?

    This look is tempered for her, which is really sad. I’m going to try to avoid both Gaga and Miley photos. These ladies are both so self-indulgent.

    • She was taping the Graham Norton Show. She looked really good in this one, she sang Do What You Want, but at the end she sang Venus, wearing a dreadful shell bikini thingy, a cheap wig and not much else. The song sounded like a 1980’s Eurovision entry… Also, terribly delusional about her “art”, poor thing… I had gag reflexes when she was talking.

  • Cognitive.Dissonance

    Black Duck(face)

  • tixilyttik

    What does she do, go outside of her hotel, walk around and go back in?

  • D J H

    My 2 cents:
    IRL People with mental or emotional disorders look like people and not like their disorder.
    Gaga has been looking like a Hollywood stereotype of a mentally disturbed person.
    I too have found Gaga’s looks boring and/or irritating. NEXT!

  • LondonMarriott

    If only there was a hot ginger handler to complete the ensemble.

  • MoreShoes

    When I see clothes like that i wonder who is going to wear them. Gaga obviously. At least she gives personality to the outfit. On the model it just hangs there.

  • julnyes

    I continue to love everything about this London trip – Lunacy on Parade!

  • Trickytrisha

    So, apparently she’s going for a Nefertiti/Pocahontas on stilts by way of Paris kind of drag? Wonder what she’ll use to cover her cast when she breaks an ankle? Probably fur, skin, or feathers from some endangered species – or is she a World Wildlife Fund supporter?

  • “This is my FASHION face. Do you see it? HIGH FAHSH-ON.”
    ETA an actual quote: “You think you know fashion, but fashion’s a stranger/ you think fashion’s your friend, my friend, but fashion is danger!” – FotCC

  • traceyishere

    LVMH paid her to walk across the parking lot. I wish I could get that job.