Coat Porn: Julianna Margulies in SoHo

Posted on October 29, 2013

Coat porn.


Julianna Margulies seen out and about in SoHo, New York City.


You want it, ladies. You know you do. If you’re anything like us (and really, shouldn’t you be?) you go into a light fugue state when you encounter a really gorgeous coat.

Don’t you just want to touch it?

Miss Julianna clearly loves it, that’s for sure.




[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • RussellH88

    That’s more than just coat porn, that’s a coat money shot.

    • KirFla


    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Russell wins the internet today!

    • another_laura

      I feel dirty ‘liking’ this … but it’s true!

  • Carleenml

    I’m a coat whore. Yes, you nailed it. Jackie O. is looking down and smiling, don’t you think?

    • Ginger

      See, paired with the shape of the sunglasses and the Tiffany bag, I’m getting all kinds of Audrey Hepburn realness.

      • Carleenml

        you’re right! the big smile, too.

  • mshesterp

    It’s so swirly! God, I covet her entire wardrobe on The Good Wife. She looks like she could be on set.

    • LongTall_Sally

      Sometimes I wish TLo would review The Good Wife just so I can look at stills of her wardrobe and Diane’s suits.

      • Kate Andrews

        Did you guys loooove this week’s episode? That show is just so good.

        • jayetyler

          Best episode this season. First time I absolutely could not predict any of the plot twists. My husband and I had to stop and rewind a bunch of times because we kept squeeing and yelling “OMG, I can’t believe that just happened.”

          • Kate Andrews

            I thought Alicia and Will were going to keep going back and forth, back and forth — and now, whooo boy! War. The only thing missing from this week’s episode was Stockard Channing, but I’m sure she’ll weigh in soon.

        • Sunraya

          I loved it!! But what bothers me is that after this week, I really don’t like her character any more, and I liked her through four seasons. Great acting, all around, but I am definitely rooting for LG.

          • Kate Andrews

            She learned too well from Will and Kalinda. I feel like Diane’s a bit more ethical, but only just. But yeah, Alicia’s definitely stepped over a few lines.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I do. I want it real bad.

  • I admit to being an unabashed coat whore. This would look smashing over a kilt. (jus’ sayin’)

    • StellaZafella

      Maybe even a Tartan sash for those dressier occasions?

  • Sobaika

    I’d rather have what’s in that blue bag 😉

    The rest of you can fight over the coat.

    • calimon

      Ya, who knows. Maybe that’s the real reason for her belligerent grin.

    • TropiCarla

      I hope it’s that hot ass arm-candy husband.

      • Sobaika

        That Ivy-league educated so handsome you can’t stare at him directly husband. She did all right.

  • Fordzo

    That’s too much happiness for a Tuesday morning. Reign it in, Julia.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    I’ll take all of it including the Tiffany bag

  • StellaZafella

    Nice neck line for that Hermes scarf…when the time comes.

    • decormaven

      My first thought- a scarf would have been the perfect accent.

  • Kimberly Wilcox

    She seems so thrilled to be running around town in that gorgeous coat…not to mention, she’s super thrilled about something!

    • If I’d been shopping at Tiffany while wearing that coat, I’d be damn happy!

      • Kimberly Wilcox

        True Story. And the bag is pretty big…I suspect its a great reason to smile!

  • Eva_baby

    That smile says: “I am wearing a fucking awesome coat. And I just bought something equally awesome in this kicky blue bag that contrasts so wonderfully with my fucking awesome coat.”

  • veronkimo

    If you look at the first shot without looking at her feet, she looks like she’s skipping.

  • crash1212

    This made me smile. LOVE the coat. Love. And it looks like she has the perfect LBD on underneath. That and the swingy pony and HUGE grin makes for a fab Julianna.

  • zenobar

    I’d happily rock that coat. But I personally would add a big-ass black leather belt and tall, tall, shiny shiny black riding boots.

    Maybe there’s a little Russian in my blood.

  • tereliz

    Oh, god, it just keeps going… *drools*

  • Nancer


  • Tatiana Luján

    This is how clothes should make you feel.

    • marlie

      I think this is my new clothing mantra. Clothes should *always* make you feel this good.

  • Who wouldn’t be overjoyed in that coat. Oh I want it. I want it so bad!

  • mlle

    That coat is perfection.

    • Rhonda Shore

      AND that is the perfect color for her!

  • Diego!

    STUNNING! How come this is not a WERQ?? She goes shopping in THAT outfit? B!tch! I envy her! LOL xD

  • kittenwithaquip

    And that poor puffy coat right next to it! It must be having some major insecurity issues. Poor, poor puffy coats.

  • BerlinerNYC

    Is it really lightweight? I mean, it was not that chilly in NY. It’s gorgeous but seems like overkill unless it was for an exterior shot for TGW.

  • jjtxgrrl

    THAT is what movie star looks like.

  • Catiline

    The best accessory is the FUCK YEAH, MY COAT grin!

  • mjude

    of course I want the coat & the little blue bag too 🙂

  • jmorino08

    I have a thing about wool coats with no collar or lapel. They look unfinished to me. But that color and cut is fantastic and she looks amazing, so I can’t hate too hard.

    • DTLAFamilies

      I only have a problem with no collars because your neck gets cold unless you’re wearing a scarf and I don’t like wearing a scarf unless it’s absolutely freezing out.

      • marlie

        See, I’m a scarf whore, so I wouldn’t have a problem with collar or lapel-less coats at all.

  • DTLAFamilies

    The best thing about a gorgeous coat is you can be wearing a dirty sweatshirt underneath and it doesn’t matter because you look fab anyway. Same effect with a truly great bag.

  • Emily Giovanni

    Coats that lack pockets are just rage-bait to me. Still, it is gorgeous.

    • stellamaris73

      I suspect she may have on-seam pockets there in the front, about 6 inches from the buttons.

      • Emily Giovanni

        Ah yes I think you’re right. Well then I guess this coat is the whole package. 🙂

        • Adriana_Paula

          It’s nice that this coat is so well cut that the pockets don’t gap open at all. And of course, she probably never puts her hands (or anything else) in them. I have a vintage sixties coat with pockets, but they’re not cut/placed in such a way that it’s at all possible to put hands in there. They’re more like coat earrings than useful items.

    • imakeart

      Looks like pockets in the seams.

  • Jessica Freeman

    Want. Need. Covet. Please.

  • mmebam

    I. Need. This. In. My. Life.

  • RuthGo

    It’s a really simple coat but it just works so well.

  • marlie

    She looks fabulous, head to toe, and I have serious coat AND bag envy. Hmm… I *do* need a new winter coat this year…

  • Mismarker

    Julianna Margulies appears to have the world on a string. And I love her for it.

  • sagecreek

    Gorgeous, and she looks so happy! Of course, I’d look happy too if I had a shopping bag from Tiffany’s that size 🙂

  • Tamara Hogan

    I can admire her coat from afar, but a coat that’s too tailored to wear over a bulky sweater is useless to me.

  • ChaCha_70

    Yes, she looks absolutely gorgeous but does anybody else miss her naturally curly hair?

  • Violentcello

    I like the color and love the length, but the collar is really boring.

  • Shawn EH

    Is she audtioning for some sort of FLOTUS movie role lately?

  • Nan

    It’s perfection. sigh.

  • bellafigura1

    I don’t like the length with pumps, it needs a boot. It’s pretty but very red.

  • Jackie4g

    Like the days of Audrey and Givenchy when coats were always gorgeous.

  • jilly_d

    She looks fantastic and knows it. I just watched Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife, having never watched a second of it previously, and have to say I am totally hooked. That was an hour of truly excellent TV.

    • MikeW_Vegas

      I’ve been watching it the past three seasons, and it definitely kicked it up about 7 notches this past week. Shit just got GOOOD..

  • Lilithcat

    That coat is fabulous. And I say that as someone who owns a fabulous red winter coat, too. (Seriously, strangers stop me on the street to tell me what a great coat it is!)

  • Leah Elzinga

    All I can hear in my head is “swish, swish, swish, swish”

  • Karen Belgrad

    That’s her “Did you see Sunday’s episode? I just won another Emmy, bitches” smile!

  • rkdgal

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • Michelle Gennari

    It’s pretty – gorgeous color. I need a collar though somehow.

    • Tracy_Flick

      I was just thinking that… or some sort of something to give the neckline a bit more interest. It’s gorgeous, though, and so is she. I’m dying to know what’s in the giant Tiffany’s bag.

  • RedRaven617

    Love. That. Red.

  • KinoEye

    Oh wow. The coat of my fantasies, right down to that rich, incredible red. Oh, the things I would do to get my hands on it. Even if it was only for five minutes. They would be the most chic five minutes of my life.

  • decormaven

    Money on the hoof… That’s an accomplished look for sure.

  • Tanya Wade

    She looks perfect from tip to toe. And yes, I would cut a bitch for that coat.

  • And bag porn. And sunglasses porn. And Tiffany’s shopping bag porn. And attitude porn. In short, a complete porn package.

  • ChristySchiff

    Growing up in Southern California, I didn’t get the coat thing. But now that I live in an environment with winter coats needed from October to April – and the same #$&##*!! coat (or maybe two) all the time – I totally get it. This is not an every day coat, and I would love to be able to invest in a closet of coats. I’m pretty sure I’d have the same smile on my face!

  • This is such a perfect rich bitch look paired with such a lovely genuine-looking smile. This is how not to be hated for being beautiful.

  • MilaXX


  • Imasewsure

    She looks amazing! Love it

  • kimmeister

    Look at that swinging ponytail!

    It seems to me that the length of skirt rules should apply to coats too, no? I’d prefer this if it didn’t hit mid-calf.

  • zuzu

    One of the saddest things about leaving NYC for Northern California is that the weather here does not require full-on winter coats. I do so love gorgeous outerwear.

  • I scrolled down slowly and then had a cigarette when I got to the bottom.

  • Maya

    oh yes, i don’t often look at celeb outfits and think WANT, but with this i do. beautiful beautiful coat!

  • ThaliaMenninger

    And her show is great, too, so… Julianna is having a very good week! Has she played Jackie O? She oughta. She totally oughta.

  • Nicola Anna Molly Page

    Love. The coat, the bag, the glasses, the smile. Perfect!

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    The world needs porn like this every. single. day! Thanks, TLo!

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    I don’t really have room for another coat, but I would gladly get rid of some I already own to make room for this beauty.

  • twocee

    Why do I love winter? Coat porn.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I not only want the coat, but I love how she’s serving up Jackie O realness!

  • vickilu

    Even the shopping bag matches! God bless her.

  • kat89

    Wait, she goes shopping looking like that? Seriously? She’s not filming or anything? Wow…
    The coat is gorgeous. I want!

  • Danielle

    Hashtag NOT SAFE FOR WORK. That coat is giving me lady wood.

  • Bradio311

    Gorgeous. However it’s NOT THAT COLD yet here in NYC.

    • Adriana_Paula

      The lady next to her is also wearing a coat; some people just have thin blood, as my mother says.

  • LJCdoc


  • steeg of their own



  • I’m not sure whether you’re serious or not. This is a beautiful coat, and it’s cut properly so that it won’t wrinkle the clothes underneath. The shade of red looks nice (this can vary, depending on how our computer screens are calibrated).

    She probably tried on a hundred coats to find this fit. I hope she loves the coat enough to wear it more than once.

  • Kate4queen

    I love it and I love her, she is my go-to style inspiration 🙂

  • DuBey2

    Total WERQ

  • MannahattaMamma

    it’s almost like she’s shooting a commercial either for the coat or for the ginormous gotta-be-tiffany’s-bag in her hand. I love the coat and the ponytail, both.

  • SugarSnap108

    She looks thrilled that it’s finally cold enough to bust out that coat. And I can’t blame you, girlfriend.

  • allcapsERINN

    Am I the only one who thinks it might need a tiny bit of tailoring? (Probably. I don’t know jack.) It looks a little too big on her from the waist down to me.

  • Samuel Joesph Donovan

    That coat is hideously outdated. My grandmother has one in every color. From Talbots.

  • Qitkat

    I miss the beautiful coats Jillian created on PR. Julianna would look even more beautiful in one of those with more of an edge.

  • I think it’s spectacular. A few seasons ago, one of my catty friends called my red coat a ‘blood clot’ and I haven’t forgiven him yet.

  • I love how it looks like she’s fist-pumping out of excitement for how good she looks.

  • I love beautiful coats. It’s unfair that I live in a sub-tropical climate! Also, The Good Wife is better than ever. Alicia is kicking ass.

  • Lattis

    you go into a light fugue state when you encounter a really gorgeous coat.

    hahaha so true. Might be genetic. I seem to have passed it on to my sons.

  • lrhg

    I love the fact that she looks like she’s saying “YES!” (properly said in an Olsen-twins’ voice circa 1996) in that first picture.

  • andi56

    That is one fab coat! But extra-specially fab is the woman who is wearing it. Has anyone noticed that her cuffs are exactly the proper length? Because how many of you, in addition to me, HATE it when cuffs are sloppy and dragging over half the hand? I mean, get your damned cuffs hemmed, or buy the right size! Who else saw “The Good Wife” the other night? Was that brilliant?!

  • Hannah Prutton

    its really not cold enough for this shit yet…. no matter how much i do looooove my coats.

  • CeeQ


  • Joanna HK Wong

    I have not much use for the coat in the tropic here…. but I WANT that pair of sun glasses…. GOT TO HAVE THEM!!!

  • quiltrx

    Gorgeous coat! I feel the only thing that could improve it is a nice vintage brooch somewhere between collar and boob. Or maybe that’s just an affectation I like. 🙂

  • Lilak

    Thank you, TLo, for cleansing my brain of the Bosworth post.
    A divine coat, a great look, and a great attitude.
    Margulies is a breath of fresh air — Bosworth, a fog of artificial fragrance in a very small room.

  • fursa_saida

    I am emotionally compromised by this coat.