Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger at the Autism Speaks 2013 Blue Jean Ball

Posted on October 28, 2013

Let’s keep this brief and simple, shall we?

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger attend Autism Speaks 2013 Blue Jean Ball in Hollywood, California. Diane Kruger is wearing an Emilia Wickstead dress accessorized with a Charlotte Olympia clutch.

Emilia Wickstead Fall 2013 Collection


NO to: Her red shoes, bag, and nails, because it makes her look like a Valentine. Big YES to: The dress, which is adorable and chic at the same time.

NO to: His lace-up boots with a suit. YES: to the suit, which is gorgeous.

If we had to give them a number grade, they’d be somewhere around, oh… let’s say 8.5/10. If he’d shaved and worn dress shoes, and if she’d chosen black over red accessories, we’d be snapping our fingers and shouting “WERQ!”





[Photo Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images,]

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  • Olga Frayman

    Let’s just all hate them. They’re too perfect. Bleh

  • sagecreek

    I love that dress, although I bet it hurts to sit down.

    • Ros

      That was exactly my thought! Great dress to wear for a standing around event, but no sitting down.

    • 3boysful

      Not to mention how does one keep the good china covered when you sit in it?

      • demidaemon

        My thoughts exactly. I thought, “Isn’t calling this a dress a bit of an exaggeration?”

        • AnneElliot

          I think that Tim Gunn once said that if you’re not sure if it’s a dress or a top, then it must be a top. Obviously, Diane Kruger is not following this advice — it would be great with skinny black pants. And I hate the red accessories with the blush color. Why must she copy the model?

  • Strange fantasy – invite them to an intimate dinner party where the other guests and I watch them be beautiful and speculate on how scandalous they must be.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I want to invite Joshua Jackson and Kenneth Branagh to a party and ask them to perform something where they play father and son.

      • …slip me an invite to that party…?

        • Tatiana Luján


      • Fyolette

        this is the best thing I never knew I wanted

  • Supernumerary

    I can’t take JJackson seriously without his scruff. Fringe taught me that it makes him; without it, he is baby-faced Pacey.

    Although to be fair, much as I adore the man, I also can’t think of him as anything other than Diane Kruger’s ongoing outfit accessory.

  • marlie

    I like her dress a lot, though it seems just a smidge too big. But agree about switching out the accessories for a different color. I like his suit, but it’s a tad boring.

  • Tatiana Luján

    her dress looks like one of my grandma’s jackets (she doesn’t forget to wear pants under it, though).

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Word! Exactly my thoughts.

  • MilaXX

    Her accessorizes read more of a burnt orange on my monitor, the dress reads as a pinky peach color. I like them with this dress. Totally agree he is wearing the wrongs shoes and I wish he had put the pin on his label instead of his tie.

    • Sarah

      Yah I didn’t get Valentine either. But I think it’s too big for her. And I agree on that tie pin. It is like a bullseye for his sternum.

  • AvaLehra

    I think you have a typo. Instead of dress, I am sure you meant to type jacket. Because c’mon — look at that bitty thing.

  • 1tsplove

    I think his shoes add a little attitude! They’re not scruffy or worn so he still looks pretty darn sharp.

    • homofascist

      I am kind of digging the shoes too. It is a ‘Blue Jean Ball’ after all – no need to be THAT formal. They are no doubt really expensive and beautiful boots, and they aren’t scuffed. Willing to overlook. Also my preference would be for more scruff…

  • ashtangajunkie

    She’s lovely. I don’t mind her accessories (they’re more orange on my screen). Not a huge fan of the boots with his suit, but I’m not really looking at his feet when his face looks like that anyway. 🙂

  • crash1212

    Agreed….with all T & Lo said. I love that dress and am so happy that she is either a) smart enough to know that it was way too short on the model and so had it let down or b) is so short that it ended up an acceptable length without alteration. Either way – length is great on her.

  • hughman

    Kudos to Kruger for wearing that dress with both of her arms.

    • homofascist

      OMG I just saw that – so odd!

    • random_poster

      Holy crap! What a strange, strange thing to Photoshop!

    • kittentoes

      Can’t stop staring.

    • hahahaha wait, WHAT? i scrolled back up and can’t stop staring either.

      Edit: Found the arm. Damn mondays.

  • jjtxgrrl

    Meh. Not liking the dress….if that’s chic, I’m gonna go raid my grandmother’s closet. Or not.

  • kayleymaybe

    They seem overdressed for something called “the Blue Jean ball”…

  • Vtg Fashion Library

    Who is that model? Does she truly only have one arm, or am I missing something? I that’s the case, kudos for runway diversity.

    And I hate the severe hair, Ms. Kruger.

    • In_Stitches

      You can see her other hand popping from behind the skirt and a bit of her arm above it in the background.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    “Boring & Bland, how may I direct your call?”

  • kcnitch

    Unfortunately, when I see that dress I think of a pilled-up sweater.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    The dress looks better on Diane than it does on the model. How often does that happen?

  • kirkyo

    JJ gets 10% hotter with every post. Keep ’email coming TLO.

    I want that suit.

  • Shawn EH

    They are forgiven all. It’s for a good cause.

  • Imasewsure

    Shoes matching her lipstick is also a bit of a NO. Would have loved something edgier to get this out of Valentine/Candy Striper land. Cute though.

  • alyce1213

    This is Queen Elizabeth chic.
    Got pants?

  • kimmeister

    That lip color is really flattering on her.

  • formerlyAnon

    I love them here. They both look great, and they look equally dressed up.

  • Patrick Cleary

    Those clear lucite bags with the bags inside them makes it look like starlets have stolen bags without removing their anti-theft devices.

  • Sif

    I have to disagree. Suit with boots is apparently a trend. GQ November even did a spread called “Give Your Suit the Boot”. So I have to give him credits for trying and looking so put together. Besides, it’s called the Blue Jeans Ball, so I think boots with suit is not only appropriate for fall, but also appropriate to this occasion.

  • I like the dress in theory, but it does very odd things to her proportions. I usually think of her as very leggy, but this makes her really long-bodied.

  • tereliz

    Hate the red with this. But she looks all right. Pacey looks like a banker who rides his Harley to work.

  • MoreShoes

    Is that a dress? I thought it was just a jacket and she forgot the pants. Nope.

  • Little_Olive

    That is one dapper suit. Sometimes I want o be a man just for the clothes.

  • Jacob Bowen

    Take away her bag and I think it’s fine! I like the shoes!

  • gsk241

    The dress(?) is cute, but it looks like she forgot to put pants on.

  • Trickytrisha

    Parroting just about every one else…I can’t find much wrong here, except with his boots and her bag. She’s lovely, the dress is exceptional and I don’t mind the red shoes. The dress is short, yah… but not nearly as short as on the model which is approaching the Mount of Venus short.

  • msdamselfly

    Dress looks way better on a brunette

  • Laura F.

    I dislike that dress. The drapey sleeves and the color work together to make it look like a ’60s dressing gown that she had hemmed.

  • quiltrx

    Cute dress, needs some length to not look like she forgot the bottom half of her suit. Accessories are awful.
    His suit is fine.

  • Sunraya

    The balance on her dress and hair seems off. The first thing I noticed is that this dress, with the severe hair, makes her head look huge and her body look tiny. It is all out of proportion, and I think it’s the clothes.

  • Cognitive.Dissonance

    Josh Jackson is not Josh Jackson w/o the scruff. It’s is best accessory … hands down.

  • livesarah

    I feel like black accessories would suck the life out of this dress.

  • NOLA_gal

    Sorry. She forgot her pants. Can’t give her a passing grade on this one. I’m all for a good shirtdress, but this one never gets to the dress part.

  • Tracy_Flick

    Stiff, bland, dated-looking dress, harsh makeup. Yuck.

  • vitaminC

    Gray or navy blue would also have worked with the pink.

  • Bokharitt Kinantahz

    That suit is cool and they both look great as per usual. But there’s always something missing. can’t put my finger on it.

  • paintedfish

    i think the dress is just missing the “Sexy Nurse” hat.

  • RoseJB

    I love the dress on the model, but the proportions don’t seem quite right on Ms Kruger. I feel like it needs to be nipped in a bit more around the rib cage. Or maybe the sleeves need to be shortened. It just looks off.