Jennifer Lawrence for ELLE France Magazine

Posted on October 24, 2013

GodDAMN, this girl has turned into a world-class FACE-giver.



Jennifer Lawrence covers the November 2013 issue of ELLE France magazine photographed by Emma Summerton.

Just breathtaking.

Christian Dior Fall 2013 Collection

Christian Dior Fall 2013 Collection

Just gorgeous. A-list actresses learn the poise thing pretty quickly as they go on the journey from being nobodies to the A list. The ones who don’t learn it don’t get to be A-list, for the most part. But even so, we don’t think we’ve ever seen someone so young pick it up so quickly. It took Winslet, Hathaway and Portman the better part of a decade to become this charismatic and comfortable in their own skin.





[Photo Credit: Emma Summerton for ELLE France Magazine]

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  • RussellH88

    I want her to be my best friend. That’s all I want out of life.

    • Kathy_Marlow

      I’m right there with you. She is the coolest chick on the block.

    • snarkykitten

      She seems so delightfully…human. Really down to earth.

    • KC

      Totally. Her and Mindy Kaling are my BFFs in an alternate universe.

    • sleepycat

      God, so true. She seems real and she is striking. Can’t wait until I see something she acted in. (I’m not a big movie buff except for the high, lush, epic dramas that never get amazing reviews despite my epic and emotional love)

      • jtabz

        Oh, watch Winter’s Bone on Netflix! Admittedly kinda far from the sweeping epic drama genre, but she is absolutely amazing in it.

    • rage_on_the_page

      You can have her, if I can have Tina Fey.

    • Andrea Lane

      My dream is to get completely drunk with her and Adele and roam the streets of NYC.

      • Cz

        Can I come with? I’ll bring the prosecco.

    • Nicole

      I think everyone wants to be her best friend
      literally everyone.

  • tereliz

    This is the first time I’ve found that Dior heel clutch chic. LUV HUH!

    • decormaven

      I know! Loved seeing that clutch- just the right accent for the outfit.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      When I saw that clutch originally, I thought “where could that thing possibly work.” Now I know.

  • annabelle archer

    “Oh honey, you’re a model.”

  • Charlotte

    She should kidnap that make-up artist. I adore her, but that’s the first time I’ve ever really liked her make-up.

    • gabbilevy

      The hair stylist, on the other hand, should be flogged.

  • Glam Dixie

    The cover shot is gorgeous, I don’t love the hair in the other 2 but she still looks so lovely despite it.

  • International Model

    She’s amazing. I can’t believe she’s in the X-Men franchise. I am mostly really surprised and happy with who is in the X-Men franchise (now with Fan Bingbing!). There is one notable exception that keeps angering me the more I see Angela Bassett.

    • tereliz

      Preach, sister! (Still mad at a certain actress for ruining the best super-heroines in not one but TWO universes.)

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      You’ve just reminded me that we desperately need a new Fan Bingbing post…..

      • zuzu

        Bring on the Bingbing!

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I’m trusting TLo to scour the globe and find her for us!

    • foodycatAlicia

      She was SO good in X-men First Class.

  • S-k-s

    Oh, she’s already left Hathaway in the dust.

  • Nicola Anna Molly Page

    I think a big part of her appearing comfortable in her own skin is that she already *is*, not just paying lip service to the idea of it. Just my opinion though.

    These photos are beautiful.

    • Emily Smith

      That’s what I think, I think she was comfortable with herself before fame ever happened and she’s handled becoming uber famous with aplomb. I get the impression it hasn’t really changed her as a person, and I think that’s why she’s so comfortable with herself still.

      • Nicola Anna Molly Page

        Agree 100%

    • tereliz

      Her pics from when she was a teen have this same unstudied grace. I think you nailed it with the “comfortable in her own skin”, whatever size she is.

    • RussellH88

      I remember reading an interview with her where she said that when she was offered The Hunger Games, she knew what would come with it, so I like to think that she was mentally prepared for it as opposed to someone like Kristin Stewart who didn’t seem to really know what she was getting herself into.

      • tereliz

        I must have read the same one. Where she compares being thrust from obscurity into an Oscar nominee for Winter’s Bone, being primped and dressed and made-up to the scene where Katniss meets her stylists. She probably read that scene in the book and knew she’d have a lot of life-experience to draw on for that portion of the film.

      • Emily Smith

        Not that I’m a Kristin Stewart fan, but I don’t think she had any way of fully knowing that she was getting herself in to a movie series that had such a fanatical and rabid fan base, based on how royally awful the first movie was (low budget, bad script, etc). In fact I think Twilight was the example for that kind of obsessive fan following is like and is a part of why JLaw knew what she was signing up for. You could argue Harry Potter was like that but it was a big budget movie from the very start.

        • RussellH88

          Oh, I understand. I didn’t mean to come across like I was bashing or insulting Kristin Stewart. I think she signed up to do the movie and then suddenly had to deal with a lot of crazy Twihards which is probably why she usually seems so uncomfortable with the press.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I don’t envy any actor who ends up dealing with a truly fanatical fan base-there literally is no pleasing the diehards.

          • RussellH88

            Any fanbase that has the Twilight Moms is a fanbase to be feared.

          • Emily Smith

            There’s that saying that no one hates twilight more than robert pattinson lol.

          • DuBey2

            Maybe so, but I think I might be a close 2nd.

          • Emily Smith

            I think she’s just a super awkward person in general actually.

        • Katie

          I also think JLaw actually wanted to be famous and a star. If a recall she has said in interviews she knew that from a very young age. I imagine people like Kristen tell themselves that fame isn’t what they were really after when they started this whole Hollywood acting gig-they did it because they’re “artists” so now act all surprised with everything that comes with being a name.

          • lbl

            Pretty sure Kristen Stewart started because her parents were crew and she was captivated with idea of being part of a film set from a very young age.

            But yes, I know the actors of you speak of. Calling themselves artists while living the Hollywood lifestyle. So annoying.

          • Emily Smith

            That’s so lame “omg I’m famous how surprising and weird”. Go cry in to your millions if you’re that upset by it.

  • ModernDowager

    She’s a prodigy in so many ways

    • Rand Ortega

      So true. She makes it all seem so real & effortless, on & off screen. I find her luminous. Meryl Jr. But even that doesn’t encapsulate her allure & talent.

      • ModernDowager

        Did you read the Vogue profile on her? I don’t always read those, but hers was really interesting and very good. She really is something special

        • Rand Ortega

          I did. She’s so wise beyond her years. Wonderful interview.

  • Danielle

    She’s my spirit animal.

  • Emily Smith

    I think the key thing here is that she was comfortable in her own skin to begin with, before ever becoming an A list star.

  • ccinnc

    I want that last houndstooth dress. Can’t figure out what her leg is doing in the strapless number.

  • Sarah

    Since I work at the Illustrious Public Library, I just took in one of her older covers from a patron last night (don’t recall which one) and it literally made me gasp. She is a close-up pro. I adore her Enchanted Freckles of Loveliness – which are the only thing missing from this cover.

  • crash1212

    SO good. I love a hounds-tooth and would cut a bitch for the dress in the last panel. I think the key to Miss Jennifer is that she kind of knew who she was before all this acting stuff…seems pretty grounded to me.

  • SugarSnap108

    She looks gorgeous on the cover. The other two shots, esp the second one … She looks like she’s made of plastic. I dunno, it bugs me when naturally beautiful people aren’t allowed to look naturally, humanly beautiful. That recent photo shoot where they didn’t airbrush her moles away — She looked stunning.

    • Sarah

      That’s what I’m talking about. Girl has freckles. Can we see them, please?

  • buffythekid

    Her face and body are incredibly expressive in these shots. I’m super impressed.

  • another_laura

    The cover is serving some Boticellii Venus realness ….

    • Taylor Bigler

      Yes! I was wondering what it made me think of.

  • MilaXX

    Further proof that this young lady is the real deal.

  • mjude

    love her. I think her mama had lots to do with her attitude.

  • KinoEye

    She makes me sigh with happiness. I’m a sucker for houndstooth, so I’m seriously coveting the second and third looks. Especially loving her eyebrows on the cover. Gorgeous, well-rounded, talented woman. I’m glad she’s in our lives.

  • kcnitch


  • Dreamwr8tr

    Amazing. The cover reminds me of young Tori Amos or a Botticelli Venus. I love everything from the makeup to the hair to how she carries off the clothes.

  • alyce1213

    She’s one of a kind. Pure magic.

  • AzSportsGirl


  • PinkySlinky

    ‘It took Winslet, Hathaway and Portman the better part of a decade to become this charismatic and comfortable in their own skin.’…fact!

  • JaCory Deon

    She’s such an american girl even styled like this. It’s quite pretty!

  • NurseEllen

    Want. That. Purse.

  • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    She’s giving pure Dior eleganzza in the pictures on the inside, I didn’t think she had it in her when she started being famous.

  • marlie

    I like the second and third pictures a lot, but the face she’s giving on the cover looks like the same face she usually gives in photoshoots.

  • lbl

    The cover is actually an outtake from a 2011 photo shoot. But the rest… it’s not her and we know it, but she’s learned how to fake it very quickly. I guess that’s why she’s good at her job.

  • sleepycat

    I have been looking at these photos for at least 5 mins because I love them so much!

  • kim bunchalastnames

    i dread the backlash. i just know the day will come, and soon, when everyone starts to hate her because everyone loves her.

    • DuBey2

      Sigh….That may be true, but I just hope She doesn’t change/become unapproachable. I hope she keeps her realness and keeps blurting out inappropriate things for her whole life.

  • Chase

    It probably helps if you’re shagging Nicholas Hoult every day. That would give anybody confidence.

  • formerlyAnon

    Not in love with the cover but her face in the other shots is really striking. I like the layout makeup a lot.

  • Trickytrisha

    Dang it.. I had a gushy, over the top love fest comment ready to go, but realized it isn’t necessary. She is purely amazing. We are lucky. That’s all.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    i just watched smyrna vinings facebook. then when those two atlanta hipster drama queens bored me, i rewatched silver linings playbook. jlaw has ridiculous presence. her wordless scenes — i could see her making a silent movie. deniro finally gave the best performance in possibly decades, and she put him the fuck in his place. she just walked all over him. totally understand the oscar. she is absolutely a star, with that ‘it’ quality that you can’t define but when you see it, you know it.

  • ferngilly

    Are you serious? She looks nothing like herself. I’m surprised this is getting such accolades. In fact, if she is as down-to-earth as everyone believes she is, it seems doubtful that she would even endorse something like this. However that might just be her “thing” and she’s really turning into a star now, which is understandable…I guess…but I am still a bit bummed out by this.

    Also, she’s gorgeous and a superb actress…but is anyone else out there even the least bit “eh” about this as I am?

  • pattie capet

    i think she used to be a model.

  • HobbitGirl

    I LOVE her. She seems to have a genuinely good heart. I want us to be best friends and go shoe shopping and drink lattes.

  • MannahattaMamma

    She’s beautiful but in these shots it’s like there’s no there there — and that seems like a function of her youth: she’s a blank. And thus a wonderful canvas for clothes but … more than that? Eh, not so much. Not yet, anyway.

  • rage_on_the_page

    I think it’s because she already WAS so comfortable. With the exception of Winslet in the list above, I think the others are still kind of “acting as if.”

  • Rebecca Clifford

    I see a young Tori Amos in the cover shoot. I just love this gal.

  • broke&fashionable

    Sigh I just love that bag. I have wanted for whole entire weeks. When will the madness end?

  • RoseJB

    She is undoubtedly gorgeous when she’s giving face, but I just can’t reconcile the Dior image of her with the goofy, laid-back public persona we all love. Shouldn’t style be true to a person’s personality?

    • DuBey2

      Not when Elle covers (and Vogue, and InStyle, and ….) are always actresses now. I like that she can be totally different people in photos, just like in her roles. Also, ALL those same mags now photoshop the cover photos into oblivion. Sometimes we can hardly recognize the actresses.

      • RoseJB

        I like the cover image. I’m just not feeling the Dior shots. It just doesn’t seem like she’s the best spokesmodel for the brand, no matter how beautiful she may be. Something feels off. Kind of like Blake Lively for Chanel.

        • DuBey2

          I get what you’re saying. I love them all. To me the Dior shots look like I’d expect and want them to look if I personally could buy Dior for myself. Again, I love that she can change it up and do all different types of styles — I, for one, like that freedom in my own (Budget-conscious) wardrobe choices. I just think Everything changed when all the fashion houses and all the mags started featuring actresses almost exclusively in their print/online fashion poses. And I’m not sure if I personally liked the change. Now I can’t even tell which models are still “only” models. Karlie Kloss? Carolyn Murphy? (2 of my favorites)They certainly look quite different from one Vogue spread to the next Chanel etc runway. At least to me.

  • guest2visits

    1st and last pics are beautiful – the middle is not happening whatsoever; she is swallowed up in the coat and the pose is not showing off the clothes or her in a very flattering way. Dull, flat tone in the photo as well.

  • seelebrennt

    i think part of the reason she hasn’t had the longer learning curve is that she seems to have learned to be comfortable in her own skin BEFORE this insane rise to fame. i love that she doesn’t seem to have let it get to her head and maybe it’s because of that comfort and knowledge of who she really is. i love that about her. also, i’m in the long long LONG line of people who want her to be their best friend :)