Jada Pinkett Smith at LAX

Posted on October 08, 2013

We love these pictures. Not just because she looks crazy-fierce here and we’re loving her hair …

Jada Pinkett Smith at LAX


…  but also because her tiny little smile of satisfaction is endearing. The lady knows she looks fierce.

We could’ve done without the grunge-flannel tied around her waist, but maybe she had a little accident on the plane. We don’t care. Still fierce. Bowing down to those boots.





[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews.com]

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  • RussellH88

    That’s some ass-kicking, punk, My So Called Life realness.


    • MilaXX

      Speaking of which. I saw a clip of Jared Leto singing Rhianna’s Stay for a BBC show and he absolutely slays it. Thus ensuring my Jordan Catalano crush will go on forever no matter how emo he is.

      • Kimmu

        It’s ok. I feel the same way. Like I don’t even care if his pants are ridiculous or his hair is greasy, I will always sigh because of Jared Leto

      • terpsichory

        Ha! I never went there. I still remember being 13 and absolutely not getting the Catalano hype when Brian Krakow was right there. And he had curls>/i> and was so much smarter.
        But then, I was also basically married to Lucas Wolenczak at the time so I guess my preferences showed.

        • boweryboy

          Oh, thank god. I thought I was the only one who preferred Brian Krakow over Jordan Catalano.
          Geek minds thinks alike.

          • terpsichory

            Thank you! You are honestly the first person ever to agree with me on that one

          • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

            Brian Krakow 4ever! When she finds out he wrote the letter, OMG. The feelings!

  • Sobaika

    Where do the stalkerazzi ever find the courage? I would flee from her, immediately.

    This is meant to be the utmost compliment.

  • Gurl knows how to work the hard edge thing like mad, doesn’t she?

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Serving Grace Jones fierceness!

  • MilaXX

    Love her grunge warrior look and also love Willow being a teenager and being over the whole thing and hiding.

  • Krysta


    • Kristin McNamara

      Yea, Macklemore really did wonders for that hairdo. Bringin it to the masses like crazy.

  • looklook

    I thought she’s already went through her mid-life crisis when she joined that high-school rock(-ish?) band.

  • Jessica Freeman

    Wished she had the flannel shirt on…but overall, I’m loving it all.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I actually wish she’d lose the flannel shirt all together, because the rest of the outfit and the hair is perfection.

      • Jessica Freeman

        Also a good solution.

  • Diego!

    I love love love love love love her new haircut!!! She looks FIERCE AS SH*T INDEED!

  • Thundar99

    It’s the flannel that’s pulling all that fierceness together, if you ask me! Just the right pop of grunge-colour!

    • Adriana_Paula

      I agree.

  • I would not fuck with her for a truck load of money. Stomp it out, you fierce Momma!

    • Imasewsure

      Eh she’s tiny.. we could take her… and then take those boots!!

  • seelebrennt

    those boots remind me of the goth buckle boots that were all the rage in the early 90s. i super want her version though. they’re hot as shit.

    • Badriya Al-Badi’a

      Those boots date back to at least the early 80s, I had pretty much the same pair in ’84–this makes my undead heart so happy 😉

  • Jaeda Laurez

    I love it, ESPECIALLY the earrings and the jacket with the boots.

  • bellafigura1

    Funny, I think the shirt makes it, and the boots are cliched.

  • hughman

    Can you imagine being Willow and Tree Stump (or whatever her kids are called) and this is how your MOM dressed? Tree Stump (or whatever his name is) is really wasting an opportunity to be the fiercest gay with a Mom like this.

    • kimmeister

      I’m trying not to howl audibly inside my cubicle at “Tree Stump.”

    • algaechick

      Tree Stump needs to realize there’s no need to hide from the paparazzi-they’re there to take pictures of her fierceness, Ms. JPS, not his mopiness.

  • Rhonda Shore

    She looks like Victoria Beckham’s long lost cousin here…

  • marlie

    FAB. I love everything about this *except* the flannel around her waist. But I’d never say that to her face for fear of being killed on the spot with that death glare.

  • SugarSnap108

    I don’t know…I kinda like that she’s got Eddie Vedder’s shirt around her hips. Everything together just WERQs.

  • Fannie Wolston

    That is some franken outfit, she’s making it work, somedays I dress like this, o dark thirty fetching caffe con leche after dropping off the spawn.

  • Miss WKS

    yes, fierce, agreed. but on the heels of Miley’s hair do it’s a little disappointing….
    i’m torn between two lovers….

  • jw_ny

    I like the flannel…color and interest to an otherwise pedestrian look…aside from the boots and hair (or lack thereof.) She’s always had strong features, which, imo, made it difficult for her to do a soft look (which she has pulled off)…anyway, I guess she decided to just go full out hard and bad ass chick..which really suits her.

  • boweryboy

    Go on girl, with your bad self!

  • Little_Olive

    Sorry, but with the flannel shirt I immediately thought “Rihanna’s mom” and now I can’t get past it.

  • mjude

    i cant get over the hair. what am i so shocked?

  • kimmeister

    I really like those sunglasses. Miley’s probably going to think she inspired the new ‘do. Heck, maybe she did!

    Tomorrow I shall be going to the airport, and I will be wearing shoes that are easy to slip off to go through airport security. Good thing I won’t be photographed!

    • sagecreek

      I have to admit, my first thought was “who flies in those shoes?”

      I am old.

  • tereliz

    Love those shades. Totally fierce.

    Seriously cannot get behind the “tying a flannel around your waist for no fucking reason” thing. There is no room anywhere in her outfit for that extra layer. It’s like serving a meal with inedible garnish. Bah!

  • Andrew Gromek

    If it looks like a DYKE, and sounds like a DYKE, then it’s a DYKE! Too much BS with women. The scientology crap, the no talent children, the closeted husband, her vague sexuality and now all this business about addiction and the philospohy of marriage. Save it, bitch! We don’t care.

    • tereliz

      Wow, can I downvote this again? Why bother commenting with such vitriol if you “DON’T CARE”?

  • Imasewsure

    Don’t get the Eddie Vedder touch but love her hair and the rest of her look. Fierce fierce fierce

  • formerlyAnon

    That’s an LAX WERQ. She’s fierce and hot and looks remarkably un-stressed.

    This is also what I spent most of the ’80s trying to look like, so why wouldn’t I love it? (I had a slightly more Victorian-era-esque-trimmed version of that jacket and I wore it out.)

    LOVE her hair. God she’s got a pretty-shaped head.

  • jen

    So this flannel around the waist is officially a thing huh?

  • acevedob


  • I may be biased, but I love short, bold hair.

  • decormaven

    Those boots! Stomp it out! Snaps of respect.

  • anotherkate

    LOVE IT. God, I wish I weren’t job-hunting/growing my hair out/such a coward or I’d do that to my own hair in a heartbeat.

  • Slanted & Enchanted

    This is the sort of outfit I put on and then get self conscious and change before I leave the house. (Or rather, at least take off the flannel.) This shall be my inspiration to stick to my guns.

  • LaSylphide

    Who would have thought a fashion-conservative, little old lady like me would LOVE that hair? Love the whole look, but that hair . . . fabulous.

  • crash1212

    Crazy fierce. Including grunge wrap around…I think it makes the look. Want the jacket…BAD.

  • Rand Ortega

    Serving up the Living Color realness!
    Chic Soulful Grunge Punk!

  • LipstickForPigs

    I need those sunglasses

  • MaggieMae

    The story I’m making up in my head is that the flannel shirt belongs to her boyfriend, and she has wrapped it around her waist so as not to lose it. Okay, maybe it’s her kid’s shirt. Not nearly as fun of a story.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    Ooh I’ve a pair of boots like those in the attic. Thanks for the reminder TLo and JPS.

  • Dan_In_NYC

    She looks amazing – and strong. I know many a lady-loving lady who would kill to rock this look.

  • d4divine

    Werk Jada!! That little lady has the fierceness of a giant!! I bow as well!

  • joything

    Bowing down to the jacket, the hair, the glasses, the knowing little smile.

  • ItsDicey

    Dayum, I want to rock this so badly!

    p.s. I did back in the day. Just sayin’.

  • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

    I don’t like this look at all. None of it. Is she fierce? Yes. Methinks she’s all about looking fierce and acting the bitch, too.

  • River

    Basically, love.

  • Jacob Bowen

    The flannel was clearly an accessory (dumb) because who would wear a button-up flannel shirt over another button-up shirt and then with a jacket on top of that. I think the outfit would look WAY chic-er without it.