Elizabeth Olsen in Chloé and The Row at the “Romeo And Juliet” After Party

Posted on October 18, 2013

We got all caught up in those fall hormones again as soon as we saw this look. You know what we mean; that surge inside you right around this time of year that calls for pumpkin-flavored things and warm mugs and sweaters.

This obviously doesn’t apply to our Bitter Kittens who live in tropical climes. You get our pity. But don’t worry, you’ll be back to getting our envy when we have to go out in 15-degree weather because we’re out of bread.


Elizabeth Olsen attends the after party for “Romeo And Juliet” Off Broadway opening night production at Pangea in New York City in a Chloé top and The Row pants.

Chloé Resort 2014 Collection/Model: Marique Schimmel


Anyway, that sweater is freaking adorable. ADORABLE. We will not hear a word against it.

We don’t quite get what’s going on under that sweater, and what all those things are hanging out of every opening, but the sweater itself? Super-cute.

When Tom was a teenager and, like all good closeted ’80s teens, hung around with a bunch of gal pals, he picked up one bit of bitchery they coined back then and he still uses it; one last bit of ’80s Mean Girlness that he can’t shake because it’s so perfectly descriptive. It’s what the gals used to say about prissy good girls who always had dates and looked down their noses at anyone with an extra piercing or who favored Chuck Taylors with their stone-washed mini-skirts:

“Oh you know her. She’s one of those Pretty Sweater Girls.

Go. Use it freely. But make sure those last three words are dripping with disdain when you say them.

Elizabeth’s outfit has too much edge to be a P.S.G. outfit. P.S.G.s never wear black and favor blouses with Peter Pan collars under their pretty sweaters.



[Photo Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images, style.com]

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  • So, on the model there are bits hanging out as well but no sleeves. Which is better, I think. She really could have brushed her hair though, and maybe tucked the chain in, so I am not intrigued and nosy about the wedding ring on it. Tribute to a lost grandma or a secret lover?

  • Karen Belgrad

    In my school, we just called them “cheerleaders”

    • We were city kids in the ’80s. Our cheerleaders smoked and had maternity uniforms.

      • Karen Belgrad

        Today we just call that “an episode of Glee”.

        • NYCGlamourpuss


      • NYCGlamourpuss

        See, in my high school, the graduation gowns doubled as maternity dresses – no lie! Class of ’82, high school graduation in my Atlantic City suburb HS: TWO of the girls from our school’s National Honor Society list graduated pregnant. So that little group got to go up and get their diplomas first before the rest of the unwashed masses did (i.e., us). And they got to give speeches about how much smarter they were than the rest of the graduates – except two of them weren’t smart enough to not get pregnant. My best friend and I are sitting down with the rest of the class (she in a David Bowie tee shirt and me in a Rolling Stones tee shirt under OUR gowns), just snickering. “Weeell, gee, guess we’ll just wait in line with everyone else to get our diplomas while the SMART kids – who obviously weren’t taking down notes in Health class – get their diplomas first!”

        • RussellH88

          I went to a private Catholic high school from K-12 and I’m honestly surprised that my entire class made it through without a single teen pregnancy.

          Granted, there were only 24 people in my graduating class so there weren’t a lot of eggs floating around.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            We had this one girl who was such a hard-ass biker chick, the entire football team was terrified of her. I actually did see her take down a guy or two during between-class hallway brawls. My school was magical…

          • YoungSally

            It was a Catholic school — so OF COURSE — there was no premarital sex….and no contraception because — well, the Pope said so!!

          • RussellH88

            Oh the stories I could tell.

          • YoungSally

            Wouldn’t surprise me….I only did a short stint in Catholic school when my family was traveling, but my aunt is a Dominican nun and my Grandfather (as well as my best friend) both went to Regis HS in NYC….My mom went through a lot of Catholic school and likes to point out that she escaped only with a drinking problem…although I suspect there was a lot more.

  • SewingSiren

    Oh yeah, Elizabeth Olsen is a Pretty Sweater Girl down to her soul. No matter if she wears her shirttail hanging out. Just look at that face. Pretty. Sweater. Girl.

    • YoungSally

      I wonder if it is a shirttail or actually a special pants appendage…like the new skirt pants

  • The only part that annoys is the overlong, clearly too big shirt under the super cute sweater. This outfit was headed somewhere great and fun, when it got hijacked and ended up in Laundry Bin Land.

    • 3boysful

      Nevertheless, at least she is not sporting the usual designer bag lady get-up.

    • gabbilevy

      It’s how we know she’s an Olsen Sister. They seem to have a genetic predisposition for shapeless black sacks doubling as clothes.

  • Scimommy

    The shoes on the model are awful. They look so uber-heavy, I wonder if the model could lift her feet. Maybe she didn’t walk in them, maybe they were dragged to the spot by a muscular production assistant, then the model stepped into them to take the photo?

  • Tanya Wade

    I love the use of the roving for the flowers in the sweater. And after spending the morning perusing my old college yearbooks from the 80s, I can safely say I was never one of those Pretty Sweater Girls. But I did eat a few for breakfast, and then stole their boyfriends.

    • ballerinawithagun

      I’m doing needle felting right now so I love the roving also! So happy to see fiber art touches in high quality clothing. Chris Benz even uses fiber artists to produce felted fabric for his line.

  • Love it! Wish the shirt under the sweater wasn’t senselessly long, but that is my only quibble. Lizzy looks like the nicest of the Mean Girls, the one who still talks to the geeks and can get away with it because her daddy bought her the nicest car and the other mean girls wouldn’t dare call her out, for fear of not getting to ride with her to school.

  • Janet B

    Pretty Sweater Girl; that was me for a half a second. I did love my Chuck Taylors, too.

  • jw_ny

    I rather like the things hanging out of every opening…in theory, but not in execution. That mess of hair is what bugs me most…she’s a P.S.G. trying real hard not to look like one. Not foolin me tho. 😉

  • Introspective

    love this sweater. want this sweater. PSG or not, box this up and send to me in a 12 thanks.

  • RussellH88

    I love sweaters with a passion (I’m wearing one in my cubicle right now) but I can’t not see the little pink penis on her arm.

    • jw_ny

      ok…now I can’t not see that too! XD I can just imagine some disgruntled sweatshop worker having a good laugh at tacking that on.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      You had to penis – I mean POINT – that out, didn’t you?

      Cannot unsee it now…

    • Yup, there it is. Thanks, I think 🙂

  • teensmom99

    OMG–I never heard PSG before but as soon as I read it, I knew exactly who the PSG girls from my college days were (that’s where I was in the 80s–college). And she looks great.

  • mom2ajs5

    Love the Pretty Sweater Girl name! In college in the 90’s we called the stuck up sorority girls Bow Heads for their love of the gigantic bows of course. Awful. Just had to share 😉

  • flamingoNW

    LOVE it

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I was NEVER a P.S.G. in the 80s. NEVER. I want you to be proud of me, TLo…

    • DTLAFamilies

      I was a vintage sweater bought at Andy’s Chee-pees girl.

  • Emily Dagger

    GASP! in the ’90s, when my friend and I were for some reason wearing snug angora sweaters even though we lived in Arizona, my great aunt told us “in my day, we had a name for girls who wore sweaters like that. [Pause] We called them ‘sweater girls.'”

    So apparently in the ’40s, it meant “big ole whore.”

    • ThaliaMenninger

      I think that meant girls with tight sweaters and big boobs, especially big boobs encased in pointy bras that made the girls look like they were launching rockets from their chests. Lana Turner is the Sweater Girl who comes to mind. My brain tells me “Sweater Girl” was coined for her, but I have no way of knowing if that’s true. There’s some sense of masquerading as a nice girl (sweater) while really being a tart (Look at my boobs!), as you suggest.

      • I think Jayne Mansfield was another “sweater girl”, although with her the tart factor was always higher than the sweater factor.

        • Bexxx

          I ended up google imaging, boy those were some pointy boobs.

      • I think Lana Turner was the “sweater girl,” and this was a compliment. She was so beautiful. She played some manipulative women, as in, “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” that may have changed her image. Later on, having her boyfriend (husband?) killed by her daughter didn’t help her image. Betty Grable was the “legs’ girl.

    • omg_dora

      We think of sweaters as covered up but I think thin ones would have
      looked fairly skimpy in the 1940s, when the average blouse looked like a
      suit jacket and hung loosely from shoulder pads.

  • kat89

    I want to know whose wedding ring she’s wearing around her neck?

  • kat89

    She looks like her sisters dressed her…

    • NYCGlamourpuss


    • Her sisters designed the pants.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        With input from their 20 cats.

  • ovarB

    Someone needs to get the pills off that sweater. Shave that thing!! Oh you mean the puffy pulled out thingys are supposed to be there??

  • ovarB

    PSG’s were known as “Bow Heads” in these parts. Oh and they had the pretty sweaters too. Pretty sweaters would also ascended up the family tree as the Junior League attending Mothers would often buy new pretty sweaters just for their weekly JL meetings. Irony is now those sweaters are in high demand to be worn at annual “Tacky Christmas Sweater” contests held at many a company Christmas party.

  • Laura Renee

    Man, she’s rocking that face. Looks terrific with the sweater, too.

  • JulieTy

    Love the sweater, but I have a question: What is a fuzzy, cozy sweater doing in a RESORT collection? I am very confused. xoxo

    • Lori

      I don’t think it’s you that’s confused. The whole fashion calendar is just chock full of crazy.

  • I wish her big sisters would take a dressing clue from her. That’s how you do “covered up” without being a bag lady! She looks great!

  • Tatiana Luján

    I like the whole look, even the weird parts hanging under the sweater,

  • swanpride

    You might not want to hear it but: The sweater looks like she rolled though cotton balls. Doesn’t work for me at all.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I am not digging this sweater. It’s making me itchy just looking at it. Also, the pink looks a bit like my attic insulation.

    • tereliz

      Welp, I USED TO think this sweater looked cute and soft. Now I’m just seeing insulation. *itches*

  • awtchy1

    Smiling from ear to ear :).

  • lbl

    Love it. I like how long the tails are, but wish she’d rolled and tucked them under the sweater like on the model. And I wish she’d worn better shoes. The change in pants is great though. I imagine the number of celebs who would’ve copied the models look exactly and want to hug her.

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    The stuff hanging off the bottom reminds me of sweater/faux button-down shirt tops I wore a lot in college for some reason. Instead of showing the button-down shirt on top, it’s hanging out the bottom…

  • lalahartma

    I like and on the model, too. 🙂

  • Alanna

    Every time I see her name on my laptop screen, my reflexive reaction is to shout “PEGGY!”

  • tereliz

    WANT! But alas, I already own exactly four sweaters. Thinking of picking up a sweatshirt just for the weekends. That ought to just about cover me until March. *sigh* Love new sweaters, hate real winters. It’s a conundrum.

  • “Pretty Sweater Girls” is going into my vocabulary, tropical locale be damned.

  • Imasewsure

    Awesome sweater… and seriously, when is this girl going to be cast in a Joni Mitchell biopic?

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Bahaha! Wish I’d heard that back in the 80’s. I wore my sweaters backwards with a jean mini and Doc Martens.

  • MilaXX

    I love this look and thin Elizabeth looks great in it. I thought the PSG were idiots and hung out with my sister and her college aged friends.

  • Kate4queen

    I don’t get to wear sweaters any more because I live in Hawaii but I love this one. 🙂

  • Madam Von Sassypants

    It looks like she owns pinky peach cats.

  • I tried to fight against the PSGs by making all my own clothes. I couldn’t compete so I did something else entirely. I’ve never known for sure how that went over except that I eventually hooked up with two friends who sewed like I did, and they were the best part of my high school life.

    I’d love to be an Olsen. I’d rather be an Olsen than a Kardashian any day.

    I love this sweater.

    Elizabeth’s makeup is beautiful and perfect. I’d like to see more women celebs wear eye makeup like this, instead of wearing thick eyeliner that hides the eyelashes. SGP looks best when her makeup is more like this, instead of lining the pink part of the lower lid.

    • amaranth16

      Agreed – I love that dewy clear look with lush eyelashes.

  • paginatrix

    OK. I’m late to this, but I had to add that in Beverly Cleary’s sweet 1950’s novel “Fifteen,” the protagonist complains to her mother about the “cashmere sweater types.” (Her mother helpfully points out that she has one cashmere sweater.) Those PSGs have been around FOREVER!