Cover Girl: Jennifer Lawrence for Harper’s Bazaar UK Magazine

Posted on October 01, 2013

God, what a breathtaking cover.


Jennifer Lawrence covers the November 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine photographed by Ben Hassett and styled by Julia Von Boehm.

It’s been a pleasure watching her blossom under the glare of the spotlight, from slightly gawky cute girl to couture goddess. There’s a reason certain people become stars and the rest of the ones who attempt it become footnotes at best. She’s just got It.

Christian Dior Fall 2013 Couture Collection


We feel like the model’s doing the dress a disservice after seeing it on Jennifer. Honey, don’t even bother. She’s got this one.



[Photo Credit: Ben Hassett for Harper’s Bazaar UK, IMAXtree]

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  • Kent Roby

    She’s definitely got “it”. Love.

  • International Model

    I read “blossom” as “bosom” because…reasons.

    • Nicole C

      Me too!!! Glad I’m not the only one 😉

  • annabelle archer

    STUNNING!! Though, I can’t help but wish there was more going on behind the eyes. I’m not a fan of the blank doll expression, though I am loving the porcelain, delicate feel of the overall image.

    • Laura Renee

      Yeah, that’s my only critique here. The look isn’t made for me, no matter how gorgeous the materials and applications, until I see some life in the eyes.

    • Kent Roby

      Oddly, and perhaps because of my bias towards her, I see (imagine?) an entire story behind her “blank” eyes.

      • sagecreek

        Me, too, Kent, I don’t see “blank” at all.

    • Maria

      Actually I thought if the eyes were made up a little more the look behind them would work.

  • MilaXX

    She looks gorgeous!

  • Isabel

    She rocked the dress!

  • RussellH88

    She is giving me life. That picture is everything.

  • alyce1213

    I love this lady star so much — my favorite of all young actresses. The beauty part, with her taking on high fashion and all, is that the slightly gawky cute girl is still in there. She has more it than anyone I can think of.

  • Constant Reader

    Love. It brings to mind the elegance of vintage Bazaar covers while still looking modern and fresh. And Jennifer is just so beautiful!

  • tonibaloney

    That lip color is G-G-GORGEOUS!

    • tereliz

      That was the first thing I noticed. 😉

    • poggi


    • decormaven

      Yes, would love to know manufacturer/shade. I couldn’t wear it, but that is just stunning.

      • mlle

        I would be worried about applying it myself. Fear of overshooting glam and landing squarely on clown prevents me from wearing strong lips more often.

  • Sobaika

    I’ll be in the minority and say that she looks like a mannequin. A beautiful mannequin, but I detest the dead-behind-the-eyes-oh-so-chic-model-fashion look.

    • tereliz

      I don’t know, I feel like it’s more thoughtful than empty…although the hand placement does border on “getting a headache”. Great now that’s all I can see.

      • conniemd

        To me the eyes look like deep pools rather than dead and empty.

    • MalCo09

      I have to agree. Plus they photoshopped out all of her freckles. Basically, they’ve taken all of the character and realness out of her look.

      • tereliz

        To be fair to the graphics department, it’s just as easy to make freckles disappear with make-up and lighting.

      • BrooklynBomber

        At least they didn’t give her bird arms. That’s something.

    • marlie

      I agree with you. She looks pretty, certainly, but a little… soulless.

  • Donny F

    Is this the subscribers cover? Because I always just love it when a cover is not filled up with the annoying walls of text surrounding the picture.

    Miss thing looks amazing! While I love her, I never saw her really as the “Dior” girl. But she is selling this dress like gangbusters! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Jess Collett

    I just saw that and thought of a beautiful Vogue cover I saw from the 50s.

    • Kristin McNamara

      I thought 90s. That dark lip color together with that (I’m sorry) stupid scarf all up on her neck like that reads totally 90s to me.

  • willworktomorrow


  • TAGinMO

    Beautiful, but unrecognizable.

  • prettybigkitty


  • Maya


  • Erica_Vuitton

    I’m spending WAY too much time trying to figure out what happened to her nipple. Sorry Jen but this is not my fav look. It looks more like a Dior ad instead of a cover shot of HER. I like my Katniss as she is, not all airbrushed into China doll perfection like this.

    Breathtaking to me will always = ugly thanks to Seinfeld.

  • Latin Buddy

    Don’t know guys…they sand blasted all the personality out of it. She looks a little like a young Jennifer Aniston.

    • susu

      Huh, i never would have thought to compare those two, but I can kind of see the resemblance.

    • Kristin McNamara

      I just posted above about how this struck me as very 90s-looking. And I was about to click “edit” and add that on closer inspection (and keeping in mind the 90s-ness) she was definitely giving me some Season 1-2 Rachel vibes. Then I happened to scroll down instead and saw I wasn’t the only one who thought that! I wholeheartedly agree.

  • ashtangajunkie

    She’s just great – it’s impossible not to smile at the sight of her, even when she’s working a serious fashion look on the cover of a magazine.

  • HM3

    “Oh dear, I’ve forgotten the children at the grocery store.”

    The hand-to-the-face pose is beautiful, yet it always strikes me as hilariously unnatural; one of those rare behaviors allowable only for starlets and supermodels. When’s the last time you delicately cupped your cheek in wonderment?

  • Ashley Alvarez

    Seriously, out of this world.

  • Jessica Freeman

    It’s a gorgeous cover, if it looked like her….

  • Rand Ortega

    Couldn’t have stated it better, Brothers T & Lo. Actually, Ms. Lawrence has “got” Hollywood. She owns that place like Trump’s got his Towers. We’re just livin’ in it.

  • jjtxgrrl

    Loooove her. By far the classiest actress in her 20s in as long as I can recall.

    Many “starlets” should take note….. As should Miley. As if.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Wow. The “color story” is just gorgeous.

  • Lynn

    She has no bone structure.

  • anotherkate

    Yes, she’s got “it.” She’s got ALL of “it.” I love how versatile she is.

  • luluransom

    Saw this this morning elsewhere and gasped. Been waiting to hear you guys do it too. Breathtaking, indeed.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    LOVE HUH. To everyone who says she’s plain– suck it, haters.

  • steeg of their own

    Give it up, poor model, you didn’t stand a chance. Jen’s on top of this one.

    I must say, that’s a really nice cover. Every time I think she’s done as many fashion covers or as many poses as her look can take and soon she’ll start repeating herself, she manages to startle me. So well played, Ms. Lawrence. Exceedingly well-played. You keep on with your badass unexpected self!

  • Trisha26

    The cover is giving me Stepford realness – where did I put my brain cell?

  • bertkeeter


  • Laura Grai

    Wow, that cover is gorgeous! If I had seen that dress without seeing the cover, I would’ve said I hated it – but she totally changed my mind.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    I wonder why the model was styled with that spiral-ish red and blue striped “necklace”? Without it this dress is so much more elegant. But still, Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous here and she is working that dress. She does have a very “porcelain doll” look, but I like it in this instance.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty


  • Jacquelyn


  • GoAwayKardash

    That is the best looking fashion magazine cover I have seen in ages.

  • Plink

    She just does not do it for me in any way, shape, or form. Sorry.

  • kathrineb


  • xmixiex

    Gorgeous. She should wear the dress for an event.

  • RuthGo

    What’s so interesting about her as she’s always struck me as “girl next door pretty”, like someone you believe if they told you they worked at the ice cream place near the mall. But she really does have the potential to be breathtakingly beautiful. It’ll serve her career well as she goes along.

  • mlle

    Those rings are gorgeous.

  • MandyM

    I love the cover but I really wish they would stop airbrushing her so much. She is so lovely WITH her moles, freckles and beauty marks. It is ok to leave them, especially when she is known for it.

  • Clair Ellis

    I have feelings for her. Strong feelings. She’s just so amazing! And gorgeous and unassuming and gorgeous… Oh wait…also the dress, I hope they let her take it home bc it was clearly made for her.

  • formerlyAnon

    She’s the centerpiece required so that The Team can nail it as they have done here.

  • Lily-Rygh

    Flawless. Her make up is stunning!

  • Stephany M.

    She looks lovely, timeless

  • dalovelee

    I’ve not seen this cover before …but I agree. It’s stunning. She looks stunning, goose bumps stunning.

  • Nicole

    I absolutely love this
    that dress looks way better here than on the Catching Fire Red Carpet