Charlize Theron in Loz Feliz

Posted on October 16, 2013

This is what Charlize Theron looks like when she does her grocery shopping.



Charlize Theron stops by Gelson’s to pick up some groceries in Loz Feliz, California. Charlize is wearing a perforated jersey off the shoulder from Twenty Tees.

Stars. They’re not just like us.

A reminder: This is what she looks like when she goes to the gym. She’s not human.

We’ve been thinking about flats a lot lately. We realize that’s a silly thing for grown men to say, but what the hell. This is where we wound up. We think we’re heading into a time where they’re going to be a major trend. The women who came of age right around the time the platform pump with 4-inch heel became standard are heading into their thirties now and we suspect a good deal of them are just plain Over It when it comes to complicated, heavy, damaging footwear. And the Miley generation doesn’t seem as enthralled with the mega-high heels at the moment. This could all change, of course. And the runways are still full of the big, clunky and painful, but we think the flat is going to become more popular in the next few years than it’s been in a couple of decades.

Which is a long way of saying her flats are super-cute.



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  • VioletFem

    Those flats are super cute. I feel like flats have been popular for quite a while now. I walk to a lot of places and took the train and bus all throughout college and for most of grad school, so wearing heels everyday was NOT an option.

    • Calinda_L


      “We think we’re heading into a time where they’re going to be a major trend.” — I think you might be a few… years… behind the ball on this one. Cute shoes, though.

      • kmk05

        Definitely agree! They’ve been in for what, about 5 to 6 years now?

  • Latin Buddy

    I’ll take ballet flats over wedge heels, chunky heels or platforms ANY DAY…and I’m a gay man. They’re not aesthetically pleasing.

    • Stella Zawistowski

      AGREED. I hate when it looks like a girl has a brick tied to her foot!

    • is that you in your avatar? you look heckacute! oops, off topic.

  • mmebam

    I’m okay with this trend.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Sure, she could wear flats with an evening gown — she’s 8 foot 10!

    • aeb1986

      Right?!? I wear flats with a skirt and it looks like I have two tree stumps for legs.

      • BrooklynBomber


  • filmcricket

    Ballet flats have been “in” on the street for quite some time; they never quite went away from the last time they were all over the fashion pages. If they start showing up on the RC, though, that’ll be new.

    I was thinking about Charlize this morning, and I know they both have partners and progeny already, but she and Matt Bomer really need to find a way to procreate, for the good of humanity.

    • Nicholas

      Pretty sure there’s a bunker in Nevada with a back-up sample of their DNA already.

  • ovarB

    What I am liking is seeing a little pizzaz added to ballet flats. They are no longer just plain flats but now have some adornment to them such as nail heads or leopard print.
    Having watched my Mom deal with double bunion surgery because of years wearing high heels…I embrace flats.

    • MoHub

      Your mom and mine.

    • Sarah

      My mom always wore flats. I tried to break the mold, and promptly shattered my ankle in platform wedges. I now am flats-for-life. I may be short, but I won’t be having any more surgeries, thank you.

  • Diego!

    She looks so… so… chic! B!tch! She comes from another world! She is so gorgeous!

    • Rhonda Shore

      i love this hair cut on her.

  • Erica_Vuitton

    That is a super cute skirt!! I can never find flats that don’t rub all the skin off the back of my heels :(. Maybe its just the way I walk but my only flats are sneakers, Uggs or flipflops in the summer (no matter how much they make the Uncles cringe).

    • Little_Olive

      You just need to wear them for a while until the skin in your ankles toughens a bit. And if your feet are too narrow so they sink into the shoe, go for insoles.

    • MoHub

      I had that happen and found out that I was wearing a half size too big, so my heels were going in and out of the shoes in the back and rubbing and developing calluses. Once I went down half a size, the problem ended, and my shoes consistently moved with my feet.

    • Danielle

      Invest in some blister block! Band-aid brand makes a great one and it’s saved the back of my heels from many a blister.

    • whirligig7

      Two things I’ve found helpful are to have bandaids for the breaking in phase, but also to chosoe flats where the back/heel covering can be pushed down. If they don’t budge, you’re out of business….. Calvin Klein, Nine West, and Madden are the best in this regard. Also make sure there is room in the toe.

  • dorkopolous

    She looks incredible, as always.

  • Little_Olive

    I know I’m an exception here but I very rarely wear heels… because I very rarely find them cute. The heel itself is usually either too chunky or too slim or ruins the shape of the shoe or whatever. I’m lucky I’m 5’7″, though. So yay flats!

    As per Charlize, well, what can anyone say about sheer perfection? I’d jump the fence for her in a heartbeat. In fact seeing her pull of a jean pencil skirt with a front zipper without getting a belly pouch… step away, I’m jumping.

    • I don’t know that you are an exception! I rarely wear heels because a) I’m fat and my knees can’t take it b) I mostly use public transport and need practical shoes c) I’m old and sensible.

      I didn’t even notice her lack-of-belly in that skirt because I was drooling over her backside. What a way to do casual!

      • Ginny Ellsworth

        I beg to differ. You are not fat; you are luscious.

        • Bexxx

          Fat is not a bad word!

          • Ginny Ellsworth

            Didn’t say it was.

        • You are very kind! My knees (and my mother) say otherwise!

          • Ginny Ellsworth

            My mom does too which is why I say lush, curvy, Rubenesque, zaftig, luscious, rich etc. etc. etc. My beloved husband just says I am beautiful. 🙂

          • I love that!

    • Anne

      I’m seriously hanging on to the heels I have until they are totally kaput, because I can’t find anything I like in current styles. How about a basic pump with a 2-inch heel? Anybody? Buehler?

      • Jessica Freeman

        Cole Haan has some with a lower heel.

      • Little_Olive

        Mid-wedges? Tough with boots, though, I know.

      • Watts

        No kidding. I went shopping with high school girls for homecoming dance dresses and when we were looking at shoes everything was either over 4-inch or flat. If it wasn’t, even my 96 year old grandmother would think it was a bit on the dowdy side.

      • tereliz


      • VictoriaDiNardo

        I am devoted to United Nude’s elastic fabric shoes with the medium heel – they stretch to hug your foot and the heel is tapered but substantial. And I always get compliments because they’re a bit different. Love them.

      • mlle

        If you’re willing to spend a bit more, Via Spiga. I had a pair of single-soled 3.5 inch pumps with a classic heel (narrow, but not stiletto thin) that were, once I broke them in, the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn.

    • Tess Danesi

      My first thought was “so that’s what a denim skirt is meant to look like.” No matter how thin I was, I was never been able to achieve that no pouch look with a zipper front denim skirt. She really isn’t human.

      • oohsparkley!

        I might have to dig out my denim skirts. I haven’t felt like they were “in”. But if they are good enough for Charlize, then they must be “in” enough for regular folks. Hers fits perfectly!

    • Jessica Freeman

      That’s my main issue with heels, they have become hockey pucks in the front with a 5 inch or more heel in the back. I’m 6 ft, so anything over 4 inches is a no…I have a few low wedges, but I just went to flats and gave up on the sky high stilettos.

    • Ginny Ellsworth

      I’m into flats in a big way but I have found a few pair with low heels which I wear whether they are in style or not. I’ve waitressed in heels and that cured me of yearning for them ever again. Don’t get me wrong, I own some higher heels but they are beautiful, comfortable and only worn for the occasional event.

  • OpinionatedMtnGirl

    I am on a denim skirt hunt and hers is awesome – I want. I’m sure it’s in my price range :/

    • decormaven

      Yes, I’d like to know the manufacturer as well. It looks great on her, but then and again, almost everything does. Big thumbs up on the flats- they are super cute!

  • Eva_baby

    She does look nice, but I see lots of everyday women who rock very similar looks as they run their errands. Maybe their clothes aren’t as expensive and they aren’t as genetically blessed as Charlize, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider this look exceptional.

  • Erica Woods Tucker

    I love the flats. And I’m of a generation that blew out the arch in my foot from wearing ridiculously high heels. I’m all about flats now.

  • I love flats. To have been proudly rocking flats during the heyday of 4 inch platforms and sky high wedges…man, I’m a survivor. So, as you can tell, I’m pretty amused that now everyone is along for the flats ride. All abroad!

    Anywho, Charlize looks cute. I like everything about her outfit except for the denim skirt. I don’t mind denim skirts, though.

  • Rand Ortega

    Yes, my alien overlords are even chic grocery shopping.

  • hellkell

    I had ankle surgery two years ago and can’t wear heels over an inch high. Viva la flats!

    • marlie

      My mom has had some health issues that now prevent her from wearing heels (that’s ALL she used to wear), but it’s been fun to help her restock her shoe wardrobe because there are so many cute flats out there, even “dressier” ones to wear with nicer clothes.

  • Jaeda Laurez

    I am a recovering high heel addict(i didn’t own sneakers until i got pregnant), although I still indulge upon occasion. I’ve made peace with gladiator sandals and ballet flats and flat boots, but it hasn’t been…instinctive. That said, I think the pair that she’s wearing are super cute, and she looks comfy but stylish.

  • MoHub

    I grew up in the 1950s and watched my mother destroy her feet in pointed-toe stiletto heels. Eventually, she wound up having three foot surgeries.

    I swore I would never wear anything but flats, and I have stayed true to that vow. My feet are corn- and blister-free. Besides, it’s become kind of a sport for me to find flats to fit a variety of occasions, in a variety of colors, and in a variety of materials.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    Forget the flats (although they are cute) — I want her top!

  • Janet B

    I put on my denim skirt on yesterday, if it looked this fabulous I wouldn’t have already tossed it in the donation bag.

    • marlie

      I didn’t even bother putting mine on.

      • Janet B

        Wish I hadn’t.

        • marlie

          I dropped off 4 trash bags of clothes at a charity just yesterday. I started by trying things on, but then I gave up on that and just started tossing things directly into the bag.

  • Fordzo

    I love how her hair is growing out. This is a cute, cute cut.

    I wish I could find flats that are comfortable and supportive. When I wear flats to work (I’m on my feets all day) my legs ACHE. Luckily, I work in a hospital and can get away with Danskos most of the time.

    • leahpapa

      I adore that cut! Pretty sure a picture is coming with me on my next visit to the salon.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I have entered the land of the flats, and am happy to see they are trending…. I love my heels, but agreed, now that I’m in my 30’s, I just don’t care much about the towering insanity that heels have become..

    Charlize looks lovely and in my imaginary life, I would be capable of throwing something so cute together to make a trip to the grocery store.

  • Love those flats. This is an on the street look I could and would rock any time. She is perfection.

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    Hooray for flats! And geez Charlize, thanks a lot. I feel the need to dress for my trip to Winco this morning.

  • gloriana232

    I always thought it was weird that flat shoes were at a time not in? I never wore high heels and probably won’t for a while. My mom never wore heels either. How can there have been a time when heels were the only option? That seems very weird to me. (I’m 28.)

  • JulieK

    Hallelujah for flats!

  • Adrianna Grężak

    Speaking as a NYC twenty-something, I have completely abandoned the idea of heels and pumps – flats all the way. All the women wore flats in my corporate-casual work environment. I attended a twenty-somethings’ wedding in NJ this past summer and everyone was in flats.

  • Laurie Cubbison

    Hooray for flats!

  • ashtangajunkie

    I love her casual, on the street style. Those flats are really great. I like and wear flats, but I’m still a sucker for a fabulous pair of pumps. Or twenty.

  • PaperPusher2

    Has she ever made a mistake with her haircut? Ever??? Her outfit is cute, yes, but for me it’s that perfect haircut, which she seems to have in abundance.

  • boweryboy

    I want to look like that when I go to the grocery store.

  • I. Hate. Heels.

    They are so uncomfortable and what’s the damn point anyway? I’m already tall. I’m 5’11 for gosh sakes. I have nothing to prove and I just want to wear comfortable shoes and MEN GET TO so why can’t I?

    • Ginny Ellsworth

      I kind of feel like that about underwire bras. I’ll wear one when they start to make underwire jockey shorts.

    • kathrineb


  • marlie

    Bitch. Seriously, how does she make such simple elements look so freaking chic?! I have a denim skirt and black ballet flats, and I do NOT look like this when I go out.

    As for the flats, I do love me some heels, but I started transitioning to lower heels and flats because I decided that I hated wearing one pair of shoes to work only to change once I got there (lots of walking). Also, I’m tall and finding long enough pants is hard, so flats. Also also, I tower over my bf when I’m in heels, and while he doesn’t mind, sometimes I don’t want to, so flats again.

    • Synnae

      I’m 6’2″ – if you want some tips on long pants/jeans let me know.

      • marlie

        Yes! Do you have favorite brands that generally work for you?

        • Synnae

          It depends on your clothing size and body type of course and I am European so you may not know all brands or be able to find them if you live elsewhere.
          I’m a EU 40-42/IT46-48 – slight hourglass.
          H&M dress pants are too short for me but in recent years their jeans have gotten very long. A 34″ leg is actually most of the time a 35″ or even 36″ inseam.

          Zara and Mango both do long pants & flared jeans but they size Spanish.
          I found Levi’s demi curve works for me in skinnies but as they only go to 34″ I usu. wear them with boots.
          Long Tall Sally goes up to 38″ but their sizing is not very regular, so ordering with them is always a bit of a gamble. They do a lot of dress pants but sadly they are often mostly synthetic fabrics.
          If you can find them on Ebay, Dutch brand Claudia Strater pants are always 35-36″ (as Dutch women are the tallest in the world), but they cut for pears and with a higher rise which means that most of the time their waistband hits me on the hips and cuts in my belly. Their sizing is quite generous though, I am usu a EU40 in them for pants.
          Replay Jeans 34″ jeans – esp in flares – are usually a 35-36″ too.

          • marlie

            This is great – thanks so much! xo

  • bellafigura1

    Heh, I live and work in Manhattan, and I promise you, for we NYC ladies they’ve not gone out of style, check out the hipster L train or the 1 or the 6 — we walk miles a day, carrying our lives in a bag (no one is bothering to throw high heels in there too, unless there’s a dinner or event later), on the go, on foot, from morning until nighttime. When I go out to lunch or drinks with my colleagues and peers, it’s easy to tell the tourists or newbies by their footwear!

    Flats rule … except when you’ve got the limo waiting.

    • Synnae

      And I was that tourist who shopped herself broke all over lower Manhattan in 5″ platform wedges after f-in up my feet the first day in very cute but also very arch support lacking sandals. Some feet are better off in heels 😉

      • bellafigura1

        Fair enough! I should have excluded the heavenly platform wedge, footsaver! I really mean those terrible stiletto platform pump things (in nude, of course) that are so five years ago!

        • Synnae

          Christian Louboutin has a lot to answer for as far as I am concerned!

  • PastryGoddess

    I’m also just hitting my 30’s and I cannot stand the stripper heel/hoof platforms. Give me a nice pump with a 3 or 4 inch heel and I’m happy. I’m also a big fan of wedges

    I just brought my first pair of flats last year and I like them. I’m not in love just yet, but I’m getting there

  • Ceur

    That skirt is extremly ugly. Charlize, on the other hand, is not.

  • quiltrx

    She is preternaturally beautiful. She’s grocery shopping and looks better than I looked on my wedding day. But I can’t hate…she seems like a cool chick, and I like her style!

  • I’m all for the Flatticus Finch. I can’t stand to see the heeled sandals where toes are clinging for dear life.

  • luluransom

    That face, combined with that hair: holy cow. She could wear Kleenex boxes on her feet and still look killer.

  • Essie Atienza

    As a woman heading into her 30’s, I can confirm that yes, I am so over high heels. Sensible flats FTW.

  • Tracy_Flick

    I have that exact same haircut. But oddly enough, I don’t look like that when I’m loading groceries in the trunk (also: distinct lack of man-candy helpers). She’s amazing – I think she’s 2045’s Helen Mirren.

  • Imasewsure

    Everything above and below that hideous (Katie Holmes) skirt is great. Love love her hair like this!

  • Brittney Garneau

    I am among the ” women who came of age right around the time the platform pump with 4-inch heel became standard are heading into their thirties” and could not agree more. When it comes to sky-high stilettos and platform pumps, I am SO. OVER. IT. Huzzah for flats!

  • Not applicable

    the problem with all these flats is that they are UBER FLAT- meaning no arch support or structure. so- they are also damaging unless you have perfect arches and feel totally comfortable walking barefoot on pavement. I love the idea of flats- but these hurt me as much as heels- just in a diff way.

    Come on designers- just a little surface under the flats so I’m not pounding the pavement!

    • minnye

      My sentiments exactly. I bought a few pairs of ballerina flats as a nod to my company’s “business casual” summertime dress code, and found I totally missed my blazer-and-high-heeled-boots mojo. Not to mention the support. Platform Borns FTW!!

      • mlle

        High heeled boots are some of my favourite shoes. Easier to walk in than pumps, and although I can feel like a casual outfit is finished with flats, anything more formal needs heels (this might be because I’m 5’1″ and want the extra height)

        • Not applicable

          i’m 5’1″ too- and yea, a nice square heel works fine for me. I typically tell people that at my height you just learn to adjust & walk in heels! I need at least SOMETHING the super flats- make my whole foot hurt.

      • Not applicable

        hahha- Platform Borns? Really? those exist??

        • minnye

          They’re real… and they’re spectacular!

          • Not applicable

            lolol!! Seinfeld/Terri Hatcher throwback- thank you for the smile!

  • Synnae

    I came of age and into a massive shoe collection in the 90s too, most of which were platform chunky heels, followed later by stillettos and wedges, a lot of wedges. I tried to do flats when ballerinas came back in fashion and they literally killed my feet (stress fractures, constant feet cramps). Turned out I have very high arches which means that a. I need really good insole arch support and b. 2-3″ heels are naturally more comfortable for my feet.

    99% of the cute flats out there do not have any insole support whatsoever! So with the exception of Birkenstocks and TEVAs (great foot bed), and some trainers and biker boots which all have Birkenstock/Dr Martens insoles I am sticking to a minimum 2″ heel in every day life and will go as far as 4-6″ if the shoe design and fit are good.

    BTW having just read some of the comments made by taller readers: I’m 6’2″ – I am taller than most of mankind already so what is another few inches?

    • Synnae

      As for Charlize, I love her style. Would love to know which brand that skirt is.

    • NDC_IPCentral

      Look into Beautifeel shoes – I’m wearing Beautifeel flats with a 3/4″ heel today, and they have cushy insoles but very robust shanks. I have extremely high insteps, too, and these provide excellent support. I gave up on high heels years ago. My Achilles tendons had shortened from wearing high heels, and I had other foot problems that they triggered. Wearing flatter shoes for over 15 years now lengthened the Achilles tendons once more and ameliorated the other negatives. High heels are for short-term, occasional use for me only at the most.

      • Synnae

        I do switch my shoes around a lot in order not to f-up my feet. I never wear stilettos two days in row for instance.

        My problem with a lot of the brands above – apart from not being sold in Holland – is that they don’t work with my personal style. I spent my formative years in mosh pits and my style is still edgy
        rock chick – it just got a lot more expensive and stylish 😉 I’m usually draped in
        Rick Owens nowadays.

        I hope it will improve with flats becoming more popular but most brands who know how to do an proper foot bed, including the ones above, tend to be rather “safe” in their flats. We have ECCO & Gabor here – great foot beds – but again usually quite mainstream – especially in their flats and ballerinas.

        • Not applicable

          I just never wear super high heels on pavement– unless it’s just a block or so… it’s just not worth the damage to the pigs. but on carpet- like in the office, no prob. I agree about switching it up-

    • MilaXX

      Look for flats with hidden wedges and arch supports. There are stylish ones the proved support that aren’t docs or Birkenstock

    • Laurie Cubbison

      Also look for Naots. They have a cork footbed in shoes that don’t look orthopedic. They were what got me walking normally again after my foot surgery.

  • twocee

    Yea flats! And especially yea to cute polka-dot flats.

  • Krysta

    Her hair looks surprisingly like any non-movie-star soccer mom’s hair.

  • Joanne Abrams

    Thank goodness for flats! Can’t imagine life w/out ballet flats

  • JP

    I have that style of flats and that style of skirt, but I will never look that good in them.

  • And Finally…

    Is “flats” a retronym? Because until the last decade or so, I always just called flats “shoes.” and high-heeled shoes “heels.” Maybe I just wasn’t hip to the lingo.

    • TigerLaverada

      I’ve known shoes such as Charlize is wearing to be called “flats” since the late 50s, anyway.

  • Ann VerWiebe

    Flats have been the go-to shoe for regular people for a few years now.

  • MilaXX

    I like this look mainly because it’s easily duplicated at an average person’s price point. As for the flat, I do see them being more of a trend, which is what I think TLo are saying. I’ve also noticed kitten heels making a minor come back. While neither never went completely out of style, it’s likely that we may see more of them on the RC and in celebs about town photo ops. The result meaning cuter options trickle down to us regular folks.

  • God this is adorable, and something the average human could easily replicate. Even her hair looks so amazing!! No awkward growing out phase for Ms. Theron it seems.

  • jen

    Oh my god, you guys are psychic! Lately, I, a 38 year old devoted wearer of heels for many years, have just been OVER heels and the pain they cause. Oh, and Charlize is definitely not human. Bitch looks fabulous in EVERYTHING.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    YAY Flats!! I certainly don’t look anything like Charlize, but this is how I dress to go to the grocery store in the warm weather. Sure my flats have a thicker sole, and my denim skirt isn’t nearly as cool as this one, and my bag’s not as big or as expensive, and I don’t wear a top with cut-outs in it…but generally speaking, this is my summer errand-running outfit. Now if only I could figure out how to look like her.

  • dorothea_brooke

    It’s like she has her own invisible lighting crew with her at all times.

  • Heather

    I always like a good jean skirt, especially in summer/fall with a cute top. Anyone know who this is by?

    And, I recently embraced the ballet flat after a NYC summer. Too much walking for heels; no open toes on vile/infectious NYC sidewalks. Aldo is a good source for these.

  • Heather

    I’m always amazed when stars DO their own shopping. Don’t they have ‘people’ for this? Is there no Fresh Direct in LA?

  • DominoEstella

    I’m with you on the flats. It’s not easy to tote around an infant carseat in heels. It’s possible, but not easy.

  • formerlyAnon

    “We’ve been thinking about flats a lot lately. We realize that’s a silly thing for grown men to say, but what the hell. This is where we wound up.”

    Is this code for a collective impending midlife crisis? If so, I hope you quash it with plenty of self congratulation on what you’ve accomplished.

  • here’s hoping. and kitten heels, too. they can make a girl feel sexier that stilettos.

  • formerlyAnon

    An additional demographic driver for this is probably the entry of the youngest of the Baby Boomers into their 50s while the oldest inch towards 70. That’s a big population bump decreasingly able to wear heels and mostly not yet ready to settle for orthopedic oxfords and terry cloth slippers. I think that supportive, stable, attractive flats are going to become much easier to find over the next few years.

  • formerlyAnon

    Also: if that denim skirt was not custom tailored for her backside, I am going to wail and gnash my teeth. It isn’t enough that she’s gorgeous? I refuse to accept that off-the-rack denim skirts fit her like that, no matter how high-end.

  • stagmania

    I wear flats nearly every day, and so do all the ladies I work with, so I’d love that trend to make a big comeback. I do too much walking in NYC to be messing with heels. Even the women who do wear heels to work keep flats in their bag for their walk to/from home.

  • CeeQ

    I LOVE FLATS. I’m wearing them right now!!! In my 20s….OH SO LONG AGO…I wore heels every day to work but that’s because 1) I was secretly playing Sex and the City soundtrack in my head as I walked my (then) cute ass to work, feeling all empowered and shit and 2) cuz we all had to wear suits to work every day (remember the days before Business Casual was THE NORM….I kinda miss it).

    But now, I just pretty much live in flats because yes, I am very much over the whole heels thing. You can’t run down the stairs to the cafeteria for your daily panini if you’re worried about face planting halfway down. Plus I don’t want to make a choice when to go to the loo cuz damn it, I gotta walk there and my feet hurt from my bloody shoes. Plus plus: DSW has quite the range of flats to suit every fancy. ALSO ALSO: with the right pair of pants, flats will look fabulous =D

    So again: I heart flats =D

  • Some flats are super cute. Some flats look fugly. No bows, no ‘faux moccasins’, no beat up flats. Thems my rules.

  • thesevenendless

    As much as I love cute flats (especially Charlize’s), I am a little cautious for the possible popularity of flats because shopping for flats with incredibly narrow feet is the thirteenth of Heracles’ Twelve Labours.

    • LambeeBaby

      Oh THANK YOU! I. Thought it was just me. No matter what I do they never stay on my feet.

  • kathrineb

    Is it weird that I consider myself a girly girl that loves clothes and dressing up despite the fact that I almost never wear high heels? I also do not collect shoes. Go figure.

    Sure they are sexy and glamorous but i’m pretty tall and I have wide awkward feet that rarely fit fancy shoes.

    I do like heels on other people but I feel so much more confident when I am not wearing heels. I feel kind of fussy and not myself, like I am trying too hard.

    Also I walk A LOT. All the women teetering around in heels seem really limited and slowed down. Only option for heel lovers is to take a cab everywhere or carry around extra shoes, which seems like added hassel.

  • superemang

    i have those flats.
    from payless.
    i have tons in all shapes and colors.
    …so, Yey!!! my choice of footwear is finally in!

  • HobbitGirl

    I think FLOTUS’s love of the flat has helped them too. I wore the stripper heels all through college, but now I am ALL ABOUT some cute flats.

  • MzzPants

    How many men does it take to load Charlize’s groceries into the car?

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    She looks fabulous, the flats are ADORABLE, and I’ve officially been over heels since 2002 and LOVING it!

  • ItAin’tMe

    Charlize doesn’t need heels to help her look thinner and longer-legged. So, style is not an excuse to give up heels. Some people need ‘me, like me! The heels don’t need to be platform end though….thin soles are feminine.

  • Diana

    here i am, sitting on my bed, considering that maybe i could pull that haircut off (spoiler: i totally can’t!) but only charlize would make me think i might. what a perfect outfit.