Blake Lively in Paris

Posted on October 30, 2013

Oooooh, so close, Blake.


Blake Lively leaves her hotel in Paris.

We don’t love it wholeheartedly, but we do like this look a lot, which is really saying something, because we can count on one hand the number of times we’ve said that about one of her ensembles.

We like it for its boldness and sass. It’s an outfit that demands a little attention. But while we’re big fans of pattern-mixing, we don’t think the houndstooth and the stripe are really bringing anything out in each other. They’re not quite fighting, but they’re not exactly getting along, either. And the pants are too tight. And the purse is a migraine-inducing misstep. A red bag would seem like a freaking no-brainer here.

Still. Kinda cute, kind different. We can’t hate. It’s an outfit with personality, and since we’re not entirely convinced she has one of those herself, it’s only doing good things for her. Except for maybe in the crotch, which seems to be gasping for air.





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  • RussellH88

    If you Photoshopped Taylor Swift’s head on her body, I’d say “Of course.”

    Maybe she’s going as Tay Tay for Halloween?

  • Karen Belgrad

    I’m ok with the purse because it looks like it’s actually full and being utilized. If this outfit had black, red, or blue skinny jeans it would’ve been her personal best.

  • leahpapa

    I keep hearing Reverend Tim’s guidance: think of your silhouette in thirds. She’s statuesque and willowy, but the hard break at her waist really bifurcates things in an unflattering way.

    • kimmeister

      That is the best piece of dressing I had ever heard. I miss that show. Totally agree with you; that top is sooo the wrong shape for those pants.

  • MilaXX

    Cute in principal but not execution. I like the pants paired with those shoes, but I think the top needs to be a solid color and the bag is too big & the wrong color for the look.

    • What material are those pants made from? They look like vinyl. She’s an Alabama tailgater’s dream.

      • Bexxx

        Roll damn tide.

      • Sarah

        I know that houndstooth looks like it was printed from a blurry low-res photo ONTO the vinyl. No likey.

      • kimmeister

        Contact paper.

      • demidaemon

        Have you seen the designer on Rihanna’s show who is obsessed with latex? It’s a little weird and awkward.

  • So close to looking like a total ass.

    She lost all sense of irony and cool when she paired this with that diaper bag/granma purse.

    • Rhonda Shore

      It’s just not working and i’ve never gotten the Blake Lively thing, that she’s a spokesperson for Chanel and supposedly a style icon…

  • mmebam

    It’s like there’s this weird ombre thing happening. Pale bag. Pale top. Darker pants. Dark shoes.

    • shirab

      Also, dark roots. What is it with these rich and famous people that they can’t/won’t get their roots done?

  • kayleymaybe

    I’ve been waiting for the TLo treatment of the (probably Chanel) dress she wore to be announced as the face of L’Oreal…

  • Adrianna Grężak

    This would have benfited from some color – I kind of hate this b/c of the gray bag

  • The proportion of hounds tooth vs. stripe is off – one needs to be bolder, the other less so.

  • hughman

    “OMG you guys, I am SO late for my Cultural Studies Class I can’t even. Just please move, ok? OMG, HI! BRITTA, IT’S ME! Do we even have time for a Bucks before class? I am so not going to make it.”

    • Karen Belgrad

      Britta? I’d imagine she’s calling Carmen, Lena, or Tibby*

      *you’ve got another book to read if you chose Tibby.

    • St. Ace

      You just know she’d be friends with Britta Perry. I guess she Britta’d that friendship!

  • JR Labrador

    The best dressed person in these pics is the doorman.

  • marlie

    I really, really hate the sweater. And the purse. And the shoes. If the pants were a size bigger and everything else were different, I might like this. I do like the slightly darker hair color for her, though.

  • mjude

    tlo says – Except for maybe in the crotch, which seems to be gasping for air…….LOL

  • Clueless_Jock

    Not a hot look.

  • Little_Olive

    Those pants are either too tight or needed to be ankle-length and tighter round the calves.

    I dunno, it certainly is an interesting thing coming from her, princess of Meh, but something is either too much or not enough and I’m too hungry to figure it out now.

  • The pants are bunched up in the knees and around the crotch. Yes, they’re tight. But I think they’re too long as well.

  • MoHub

    The pants: Love the houndstooth; hate the cameltoe.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I walked smack into that thumbnail again, as soon as I saw the pants paired with that top. Do we have a medical plan around here? My nose hurts.

  • NoveltyRocker

    Houndstooth pants sound interesting but that print looks like a graphic that got blown up past a good resolution. And they’re shiny, and they’re punctuated with shiny shoes. With bows on them. Nothing is giving way for anything else here and making things pretty noisy for an otherwise simple outfit.

  • ccinnc

    “Except for maybe in the crotch, which seems to be gasping for air.”

    Now there’s a mental image I can’t get out of my head.

  • Tatiana Luján

    the pants are a bit too tight, but great outfit.

  • Emily Smith

    I covet her shoes hard. Hnng.

  • Imasewsure

    Such a cute outfit but the colors or sheen or something don’t match up. I like the pattern mixing but just a bit off as our dear uncles have mentioned

  • giddypony

    God I hate this. Those pants look like they are made out of naughyde.

  • Roz

    If the sweater was longer/oversized and the shoes higher this could work, in my mind’s eye. Also seeing a crossbody bag and her hair up. And the pants not so spandex-y of course.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    She’s another person I’ve been wondering what happened to. And,again, apparently nothing good.

  • MannahattaMamma

    frankly i want to know the name of the cute guy with the little smile who is standing behind her. maybe he’s smiling because he heard her crotch gasping for air?

  • Ginger

    My skinny jeans bunch up like that because they’re a little too long, so I roll them up a tiny bit at the bottom and wear cute flats with them. My teenage son says it makes me look hipster, which is a good thing to him (I think/hope). Where was I going with this story? Eh…not sure.

  • decormaven

    Shoes are too shiny for the look, and the bow frippery on them bugs. The bag is nice, but it’s the wrong choice here.

  • Jessica Freeman

    Those look like some form of tap shoes…which is the least of her problem with this outfit. The houndstooth print is too big, along with the sheen of the pants. The sweater is way too short. Damn it Blake, I had high hopes because of the thumbnail. I should have known better.

  • 3boysful

    I love the shades, but my eyes–straight woman of a certain age here–go straight to the crotch-pulling. Which is saying something, given the huge houndstooth and the stripes.

  • Hallie

    it’s all just too much

  • Jen

    It looks like she went to the Isabel Marant for H&M party… the pieces are cute, but I don’t get the outfit as a whole.

  • YoungSally

    She does all her own styling (can’t say how I know this)….so she’s bound to make some mistakes…but ideally they won’t be huge risk-taking mistakes such as those taken by stylists trying to “make a name”

  • VioletFem

    I like the pants, but geez louise, do they look uncomfortable on her. She should have gone up a size.

  • CeeQ

    A perfect example of two garments that are good on their own and terrible together.

  • amber.

    Either pants and the shoes, or shirt and the shoes. Not both.

  • KinoEye

    Both of those patterns are fairly busy, and really need a bold solid color to set them off — the sweater would kill with a pair of red skinny jeans, and perhaps knee-high boots. Not too sure about what I’d put with the pants, but I do like them. They’re striking.

  • Janet B

    Your average girl trying to mix prints with some success.

  • Kelly

    Maybe TLo can’t hate, but I can. I don’t think anything’s working here — not the pieces together, not the size of the pants, not the whole idea of the pants, not the waiter’s shoes (with bows, no less). If a camera adds pounds, then skintight-and-shiny trou with giant contrasting-color houndsteeth (is that a word?) add inches.

  • The purse is migraine-inducing? Fellas, I need a new prescription in my glasses, and the whole shebang is strobing like crazy… (I know that’s not what you meant but the black & white and those prints are making my eyes twitch. Literally).

    • boweryboy

      “The purse is migraine-inducing?” was my initial reaction too.

    • cocohall

      Yeah, my migraine started before I even noticed she was carrying a purse. I had to scroll back to see it. You could induce seizures with that outfit. Wear with Caution.

  • Sabin

    Wow, my 13-y-o just bought that sweater. At Kohl’s.

  • Is it my monitor, or are the slacks blue and the sweater black? *twitch*

    • somebody blonde

      It’s your monitor, I’m pretty sure.

  • Trickytrisha

    I have a pet peeve about tops that end a few inches above the crotch with tight pants. It always seems that the focus is forced directly on the said crotch, and yep that’s pretty much the case here. Or am I just being all pervy and picky?

  • nannypoo

    I don’t like it, but the men in the pictures seem to think it’s just fine.

  • AmeliaEve

    I am a bold and shameless pattern mixer, but the colors have to be spot on for it to work. The sweater is warm toned and the pants are almost bluish. Fail.

  • webslice33

    she looks cute…

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I’m good with everything but the bag. No-brainer, indeed.

  • Tashina Savage

    I like it! Everything, but the shoes.

  • demidaemon

    I can’t get over the exceedingly floppy shoes. Talk about focus pulling and ugly.

  • papillon

    I like the sweater. I wish the pants had just been solid black or something.