Benedict Cumberbatch at the “The Fifth Estate” Screening

Posted on October 14, 2013

Looks like someone got himself a stylist. Attaboy.



Benedict Cumberbatch attends the screening of “The Fifth Estate” at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City.

He’s never looked quite so put together before. And he’s never demonstrated an ability to pair a plaid suit with a skull print tie. That takes an eye. We want to fix his cuffs and tighten his tie, but this is easily a personal best for him.


[Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

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    • decormaven

      That look is made of W-I-N. Well played.

    • tereliz

      How to take the stuffiness out of a windowpane plaid suit? Pair it will a skull tie, natch. (McQueen?)

      • misstressofsylar

        wasn’t this the same suit he wore in the Graham Norton show? (not that I stalk him, heeh) I remembered this because i got distracted with the cuffs. for the BK Cumberbitches though, watch it for his mean Chewbacca impresion. and has anyone seen his Alan Rickman off with Fallon?

        • Kristin

          And on Jimmy Fallon, and on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter… (Not that I stalk him either! Certainly not.) When Benny loves an item of clothing, he wears it to death. It’s utterly charming, really.

          • misstressofsylar

            don’t we all!

            • Kristin

              Yes! Although I do think it’s slightly more unusual behavior for the regular public appearance set. :)

        • Aerialgreen

          From your comment went straight into youtube search mode ~ thank you :)

          • misstressofsylar

            Let me know how it went. Too often I dread going to YouTube as I always get sucked in a blackhole and barely get any work done

            • Aerialgreen

              Found it right away! kinda knew I would, because it’s Jimmy Fallon on NBC late night, which means they are DESPERATE for viewers and won’t take down any non-profit promotional outlet

        • Jessica O’Connell

          Well NOW I’m watching the Rickman-off. And it is fantastic. Thank you for this wonderful gift!

      • MissAmynae

        Absolutely McQueen. and Absolutely PERFECT.

      • Emily

        Exactly. Nicely done.

    • jtabz

      That tie.

    • Danielle


    • International Model

      I can’t wait to see what the girls at The Lady have to say about this. (It is my new favorite publication that I have never read.)

      • marlie

        A mag from the UK?

        • International Model

          Not just any UK mag, a classy one with boy toys dressed in classy clothes, getting ready to take the reader on classy dates that involve gingerbread, horseback riding, and other classy things. I imagine it to be if, “What if Barbara Taylor Browning was editor and chief at a magazine?”

          • Elizabeth Phillips

            You mean Barbara Taylor Bradford?

            • International Model

              ….yes….proper apologies are in order.

    • Julia

      *faints* *cuts self on cheekbones on the way down*

    • marlie

      FAB. Love everything about this.

    • Scimommy

      My theory is that he got himself a stylist around the time of the Toronto International Film Festival or before. He looked pretty darn sharp for all the TIFF appearances, as well as the ones since then. Glad to see he is keeping this person on staff.

      • rumcg66

        Exactly. He hasn’t missed once since TIFF.

    • Rachel M. Murray

      Curious what kind of cufflinks would work here. Thoughts, kittens? What about tie pins?

      • MissAmynae

        McQueen, of course- to match the tie :-)

    • amanda siegelson

      that’s one great suit. swoon (for the suit, aside from the voice, the boy leaves me meh… ).

      • Sarah

        It’s okay. You’re not alone. He don’t float my boat, either. Good actor, though.

      • marlie

        The voice (and the talent) are the only things that do it for me, but THAT VOICE.

        • Domo_Konnichiwa

          If there needs to be a voice for a big, mean dragon in a movie, Benedict Cumberbatch is the only qualified person for the job.

          • marlie

            I’d listen to him read a menu. Or the phone book.

    • hellyesiwould

      Too much bronzer!

      • YoungSally

        Agreed — although I was thinking pancake.

    • Kimmu

      I do like the tie and plaid combo, but man, whenever I look at him, all I can see is the jazz hands monster from Pan’s Labyrinth. He is that unattractive.

      • Lee Rickards Frew

        Oh Kimmu, you nailed it–well done!!

    • Elizabeth Phillips

      I like his hair to be a little messier. This is a little TOO…

      • WendyD

        His hair is super short right now for his role as Alan Turing so I don’t think there’s much to be messy with.

        • fursa_saida

          Really? They would have been done filming it months ago, no? (Seeing as how it’s out now–and reportedly terrible. Not because of him, because of the writing and production style.)

          • WendyD

            No, “The Fifth Estate” is currently out now where he plays Julian Assange in a blonde wig.
            He’s just filming “The Imitation Game” currently. Just on a quick break to be over in the states promoting “Fifth Estate”.

            • fursa_saida

              WHOOPS, I just swapped it in for some reason. My b.

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Lovely. Just lovely.

    • ConnieBV

      I hate the shoes, but other than that this is a win.

    • formerlyAnon

      Yeah. The tie is either someone with chops or complete dumb random luck. And he’s never seemed to try anything out-of-the-safety-zone when dressing for appearances.

    • msdamselfly

      I just dont get his appeal. I find him way too buttoned up.

      • Judy_S

        Do check out the Chewbacca impression.

    • seelebrennt

      was he wearing a suit? i didn’t notice…

    • sugarkane105

      Even his head looks better than it has in a while. Less makeup and better hair.

      • Loola234

        The hair is WAAAYYYYY better. Make-up may be better, but it’s still not good.

    • thecitysleeps

      His face is just so strikingly beautiful, I die. I love the plaid/skull tie idea, perfectly done.

      • lundibleu

        And he manages the nice trick of looking like both of his parents. Wanda Ventham was quite something when she was younger.

    • 3boysful

      Very nice, but the loose/crooked tie almost spoils it.

      Why don’t guys get that?

    • WendyD

      He wears that tie often. It is his personal style :)
      LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Thanks, Uncles :)

    • River


    • rumcg66

      This entire press tour has been made of win for him. He’s looked amazing at every stop.

    • Janet B

      Lovely suit.

    • MilaXX

      Love the tie/suit pairing. He looks very well put together .

    • majorbedhead

      I may explode if Sherlock doesn’t start up again soon. These little teases are only whetting my appetite.

    • tmchale

      I think the pocket square is my favorite part.

    • blondie707

      His suit looks nice, but I’ve never found him attractive. I can’t scrub the numerous classist quotes and moaning about how difficult it is being a rich white man from my brain.

      • not_Bridget

        Don’t get all your news from The Daily Mail!

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      I applaud the tie.

    • DTLAFamilies

      He’s not my saucer of cream but this is the first time I’ve ever dimly understood his appeal.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I love his current hair color.

    • Brittney P

      He has never been more attractive to me. OMG.

    • Snailstsichr

      Holy macaroni! I thought it was Friday for a moment! Now I must go fan myself.

    • Trickytrisha

      Looking good. The only thing that bugs me about him is the lack of definition in his eyebrows. His eyes appear to be rather deep set and the brows just kinda sit on a shelf above them. Just a little quibble though – he’s a doll.

    • Ash Takarai

      I love the tie!

    • DesertDweller79

      When I saw the photo, I thought, “That tie absolutely must be McQueen, no?” Thank you kittens in the comments for confirming that. He looks terrific! Yes, I’ve seen him in this suit at least once before. I remember it because I remember thinking it was fantastic the first time I saw it. You go, Benedict! Be like us mortals who wear pieces we love over and over.

    • tixilyttik

      I still just don’t get the big attraction of this man.
      He’s got makeup on and lots of it.
      The suit is too small.
      I bet if you walked around downtown London you could see hundreds of him slogging off to work.
      He must be wonderful actor. I just can’t bring myself to watch another Sherlock Holmes, but I guess I must.

      • rab01

        Yes, all the fuss is because of his work on Sherlock. Unless you see a couple of episodes, you won’t understand the appeal. Also, the show happens to be very good so it’s not a huge imposition 😉

    • carnush

      He looks really, really dapper. Super polished with a tiny edge.

    • JP

      It’s the suit he wore for his spread in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. I adore that skull tie!

      • not_Bridget

        Andrew Scott wore a McQueen skull tie when he played Sherlock’s nemesis, the villainous Moriarty… Whoever dresses the actors for that show definitely knows what they are doing.

    • Cyprienne Zed


    • Pauline Wong

      He totally does it for me — the voice, the eyes, the cheekbones (THOSE DAMNABLE CHEEKBONES), the sense of humour, the slight awkwardness, the everything.
      The suit? Ya the suit’s good too. Whats underneath the suit however….

    • awtchy1

      SHOUTY CAPS… I just don’t get it. Yuck x2000

    • cheekypinky

      Damn it, TLo.

      That is the second time your site had made me pregnant today.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      LOVE it, especially the skull tie.