Ariana Grande at the “Sam & Cat” UK Premiere

Posted on October 15, 2013

All of our teeth just rotted and fell out of our heads upon viewing this outfit, but we can’t complain.

Ariana Grande attends the UK Premiere of “Sam & Cat” in London.


Don’t get us wrong; there’s pretty much nothing to recommend it from a style perspective, but we’ll take this twee-as-fuck wallpaper dress over the 40 funeral dresses we’ve already covered this week.

But MAN, the shape of this thing is kind of weird and ugly, no? From the back, it pretty much looks exactly like a figure skater’s costume, but from the front, it’s a relatively standard cocktail dress with a way-too-high waist and hem. Weird frock. BUT NOT BLACK, which makes it one of the prettiest dresses we’ve seen in ages. How sad.




[Photo Credit: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]

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  • anabel22

    Everything is a no. And she probably wearing Kenley Collins, isn’t she?

    • MilaXX

      Probably not because it’s doesn’t look like a designer ripoff.

      • anabel22


  • Is a monster taking her picture? Because she seems a bit “deer in the headlights” in these…

    • tereliz

      She’s thinking “I swear there was more skirt down there when I put it on…”

    • marlie

      She always seems to have that expression on her face.

      • Imasewsure

        I think it’s her version of “little minx” but it doesn’t really work

      • Loola234

        She probably needs an update to the brows – perpetually surprised is no way to go through life…

        • marlie

          I get perpetually dubious. But yeah, you’re right.

    • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

      She reallyreallyreally wants the photosession to be over to finally cover her legs.

  • another_laura

    It’s an ugly dress, too damn short, and the shoes are yucky. So yeah, it’s not black, but there is nothing else going for it.

    • misstressofsylar

      at least those shoes fit.

    • Lanus

      It’s a premiere. So she has to sit down. On a movie seat. In a skirt that short. which means her cooch is all up in that joint.


  • charlotte

    I know she is 20, but does she want to channel JonBenet Ramsey?

    • MoHub

      Definitely seeing Toddlers and Tiaras in this.

      • TropiCarla

        I was about to say — that’s a lot of leg for a 5-year old.

    • Agatha Guilluame

      She’s 20???? Not 11? Are you sure?

      • charlotte

        I just googled her.

        • Agatha Guilluame

          Yikes! She has a baby face so even dressing age appropriate wouldn’t look appropriate but there must be some sort of middle ground…and that middle ground cannot be whatever the heck she’s wearing now…and the caked on foundation…nope…no…no…

          • giddypony

            She needs to look at Kiernan Shipka, of course.

          • Agatha Guilluame

            We all should.

          • charlotte

            Words of wisdom.

      • 3boysful

        And if she were 11, the stilettos would be totally inappropriate.

        • MoHub

          Agreed. If she’s going to dress like a toddler, she needs to wear Mary Janes and anklets.

      • demidaemon

        Yeah. Color me surprised on the age as well. My original thought was 12-15, and I have seen her giving television interviews where I originally had this notion.

    • Little_Olive

      She is 20???? I was assuming she could give the dress another run in a Quinceañera party. It’s worse than I thought, then.

    • Heather

      I know, right? The fact that she’s 20 and not 14 makes this somehow… ickier.

  • Emily Smith

    Oh my goodness it’s so wee.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I think those shoes are a bit much for a four-year-old, now, come on!

  • Renee

    Can her hair only be styled that way? Seriously it’s all she ever does and it’s beginning to weird me out.

    • marlie

      It’s like she’s always in costume/in character. Always.

    • quiltrx

      Like one of those Barbies you wanted SO bad and then get her home and start playing and realize all you can do with her hair is brush the very end of the ponytail. 🙁

  • Glam Dixie

    Too much makeup and way too short is at odds with the twee image she’s trying to project here.

    • Done by design, I’m sure. Ugh.

    • Looking at the makeup I have a teensy suspicion that she is one of those women who has skin problems and only feels comfortable with very heavy makeup. Which only draws attention to them, unfortunately. And they’ve chosen the wrong colour for her.

      • marlie

        But then I wonder if the super heavy makeup – especially the makeup used on set/under the cameras – is partially to blame for the skin problems. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • hughman

    “Hi, I’m Bijou. Call me at 1-800-OK FACE.”

  • dorothea_brooke

    I prefer her hair color on the show. Yes, I do have a child, why do you ask?

    • Jaeda Laurez

      I know this life. #Solidarity

      • dorothea_brooke

        That moment when you actually laugh at “Sam and Cat.” (Shame.)

        • Leah Elzinga

          that moment when you laugh and your kids… don’t.

          • marlie

            My BiL is like that with Spongebob. It cracks him the hell up.

          • demidaemon

            I remember in HS I had teachers who talked about watching Spongebob and Catdog (??? I think this is what it was called). It was….awkward.

  • Jaeda Laurez

    I think she’s dressing for her audience, which is my 8-year old, not her 20-year old contemporaries. So I don’t fault the twee, because her music and image are basically aligned.

    • MilaXX

      I thought she was like 16. Never mind. google says she’s 20. That only makes me hate that look more.

      • Mazenderan

        I thought she was about 14/15 in an inappropriate dress. The fact that she’s 20 and in this squicky get-up makes it somehow skeevier.

        • MilaXX

          Exactly! It’s a weird vibe.

  • marlie

    Nu. Un uh. I’ll take her any day over certain other people, but I still can’t get behind this outfit.

    Also, the tweeasfuck little dress, and hair, and then six pounds of makeup. No.

    • anyalama

      The outfit doesn’t make my teeth hurt so much as the makeup makes my skin hurt.

    • MoHub

      Especially coupled with those shoes!

  • Agatha Guilluame

    Congratulations. You’ve been added to a watch list for clicking on this post.

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    She seems to be doubting her sartorial choice, going by the look on her face.

    • anyalama

      That seems to always be her expression.

  • MilaXX

    I know they were going for twee, but all I see is ice skating costume and payless shoes.

  • What’s going on with her legs? Spray on tan?

  • mjude

    sad indeed

  • LadyBossyBoots

    That looks like a Young Lady who does not like what she’s wearing.

    My 11 year old gets the same look on her face when she goes shopping with her Grandmother.

  • This girl is top ranking on my You Say Irrational, I Say Tomato, Hate List.

  • alyce1213

    That dress is simply embarrassing. Her face needs a good scrubbing and attention to complexion problems. They have products now to take care of that, and they work.

  • pop_top

    Even her hair is tired of those curls.

  • AlisonS

    I’m beginning to think she is not built anatomically correct and thus, does not care that she’s about to pull a 2007 Paris, Britney, Lindsay and show her cooch to the world.
    Or, she has thousands of shares of Victoria Secret stock ’cause you know nothing says Twee-As-Fuck thank PINK plastered across your ass.

  • Little_Olive

    Oh, girl, you are far too young to look this tacky.

  • rosie5215

    Her facial expressions are distressingly similar to Jaden Smith’s.

    • Sabin

      I that it? I was mostly pondering how my 15-year-old niece “smiles” just like that, and wondering whee it came from.

      The dress, shoes, and expression all seem very confused by each other.

  • ovarB

    Are you sure this wasn’t the result of a PR episode of “make a dress for a twee star?”

  • Danielle

    Hey, at least she didn’t resort to a silly putty shoe.

  • kmk05

    Is it just me, or does she look like a young Jessica Alba?

  • PastryGoddess

    That’s a lot of hair

  • Constant Reader

    Ariana, darling, call up Emma Watson and ask her to give you a tutorial on how to look young and fresh and sophisticated instead of like a superannuated toddler.

  • neonseattle

    That expression she constantly has on her face is not a good look. See: Jaden Smith

  • Melissa

    I have nothing of import to add, but the lighting on this makes her legs look like a Spalding basketball for some reason.

  • LipstickForPigs

    She looks like she’s been styled for a Lolita-themed porno. Too much make-up. Too short skirt. Ridiculous come-hither expressions.

  • save_the_hobbit

    Her whole manufactured “persona” is driving me nuts. They make her look even younger than she is and then put her in little girl dresses. Nickelodeon’s all for the pedo, obviously.

    And can I just point out that when it comes to the guys of Big Time Rush on Nick (who are all 23-25), they won’t let them be inappropriate in any way. When it comes to the girls of Nickelodeon, lingerie is a necessity.

    • MoHub

      Gotta wonder if this is her image at 20, will she resort to Miley levels of skank when she’s 30?

  • Janet B

    She looks so unhappy, poor thing.

    Hurray! Purple!

  • Imasewsure

    I was going to rail against this… and then I too had to thank the little thing for bringing some non-goth life in to our humdrum little (fashion) lives this week

  • AnnaleighBelle

    What is it with the waistlines lately? Is my eye just behind the times? Every time I see a peplum or a defined waist lately I want to hoick the top down.

    • marlie

      You’re not alone. I *loathe* these high waistlines.

  • jilly_d

    I don’t know who she is yet, but I feel an irrational celebrity hate coming on.

  • rebeemoon

    Methinks the over-bronzing has sunk into her pores. Thus, teen-tiny leg polka dots.

  • Tursiopstruncatus

    I agree with the assessment, but has anyone heard her voice? She has an album coming out or it is out or something (obviously I don’t really keep up with her), and her voice is phenomenal. Like a little Mariah Carey.

  • quiltrx

    Well, she is the sweet, goofy one on the show, so this fits.
    And apparently her ex-bf says she’s a cheating skank, so twee was probably the media way to go.
    You know, like dressing like a movie librarian if you’re on trial for murder.

    • demidaemon

      Twee may have been right, but I’m thinking the length of the skirt is not helping the new image she may be trying to promote.

  • BrooklynBomber

    kind of weird and ugly, yes.

    How old is this girl? Face-wise, she looks 12. But she’s got the make up and high heels of a 35 year old. I’m all confusled.

  • Jacob Bowen

    Can someone PLEASE get her better gays?!??!??? She is too beautiful and talented for this kind of styling!

  • Erica_Vuitton

    Omg STOP with the child pageant hair!!!

  • Erica Woods Tucker

    It would also be nice to see a young person NOT in high heels…but that’s just me. Especially since she’s hawking a kiddie show.

    • marlie

      With a skirt this short, lower heels wouldn’t have been such a bad thing.

  • lobsterlen

    Give the girl a blanket before she dies hypothermia! Her legs are covered in goose flesh. It would be tragic if that dress was the case of her death from pneumonia.

  • she needs a haircut

  • Aaminah Khan

    Okay, I NEVER say “too short”, but this? TOO SHORT. Not because I care a whit about hemline-related modesty, but because the proportions make it look like she’s wearing a fancy bathing costume from the front. And if starlets are going to start showing up on red carpets in fancy bathing costumes, I am DONE.

  • She should hang out with Sarah Hyland.

  • Toddlers in Tiaras.

  • aelizabethpm

    Those goosebumps on her legs are really distracting….

  • Trisha26

    Lolita as cocktail hostess. Oh dear.

  • Can NOT sign off on that hair. Ugh.

  • Crystal


  • demidaemon

    Her doll eyed stare is unsettling. This is twee slutty, which I think are two things that should never meet but unfortunately have. Me no like.