Scarlett Johansson for Harper’s Bazaar UK Magazine

Posted on September 18, 2013

Scarlett Johansson covers the October 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine in photographed by Alexi Lubomirski and styled by Leith Clark. All looks by Dolce&Gabbana.


The cover’s actually kind of awful – she looks sallow and a little sweaty – but we are LOVING that black-and-white shot.

She looks lonely without her gigantic honking engagement ring on. Poor thing.



[Photo Credit: Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar UK Magazine]

    • Trickytrisha

      Terrible cover. Bad makeup and lighting. I suspect most celebs don’t want their nose to look like they got too close to the camera. B&W shot is fun. Third doesn’t look like her, and I am so over that tattooed bracelet. Harper’s took a beauty icon for their “Beauty Issue” and brought her down a few notches. Phooey.

      • Jenmac

        Agreed. In the third she looks like Claire Danes to me. Certainly not ScarJo.

        • Belvane

          Or Keira Knightley.

        • kmk05

          It’s a bit eerie! I did a double-take, but then her lips brought me back.

        • Rachael

          I thought Nicole Kidman for a minute

        • kittenwithaquip

          I was thinking Debi Mazar.

      • Pudgy Possum

        I agree, too! However, what’s wrong with her nose? Haha

        • Trickytrisha

          I adore her nose, it’s perfect for her face. Just don’t care for the way the picture makes it look. Maybe just me.

    • Sobaika

      Did they use an Instagram filter on that cover??

    • kimmeister

      She looks a tiny bit like Drew Barrymore in the b&w.

      • 3boysful

        I thought–and this is way random–Alicia Silverstone.

    • Random Compliments

      She looks high on the cover, and gorgeous in the b&w. Last one is a bit scary. What’s up with the terrible covers this month (ahemVOGUEahem)??

    • alyce1213

      I’m nuts about the shoes in the black & white shot. Is that not her gigantic honking engagement ring on her left hand in that picture?

    • Belvane

      The B&W shot is great. The bottom one looks nothing like her. Once again, a fashion mag editorial has managed to suck all the Scarlett out of her.

    • aeb1986

      Girl can rock a dark red lip. Total envy

    • Jacquelyn

      Holy black and white shot! Gorgeous. The cover isn’t fantastic.

    • Imasewsure

      Two hideous covers in a row (ok she’s probably on 10 covers right now, but two bad ones from TLo Central anyway). Who did she piss off anyway?

    • harlowish

      The cover shot isn’t great, but I appreciate that it looks like there’s been less Photoshopping on her face than is the norm for magazine covers. (Or at least, less around her eyes.)

    • LaSylphide

      Cover is awful (only one eye is in focus; is that an artistic statement or just a bad photograph?), B&W great. Unfortunately, if I hadn’t read the caption, I wouldn’t have a clue who it is.

    • MilaXX

      Love the black and white pic!

    • jilly_d

      I’m not familiar with Lubomirski’s work, but isn’t it bad form to only have one eye in focus? She looks great in the b/w though – she’s making me covet that plaid coat.

    • NC_Meg

      The cover is weird. I love the other two shots, even if she doesn’t quite look like herself in the bottom one. I’ve never noticed her tattoo. I love the way bracelets look but can’t stand things on my wrists so I kind of love it.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Who’s mouth is that in the cover picture?

    • msdamselfly

      I think the cover is gorgeous! SHE looks raidant!

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      As Nina often says, ‘it looks cheap.’

    • Coleen

      I wish they would have taken a chance and made the B&W shot the cover.

    • Diego!

      The cover sucks big time!!! I would have chosen the last pic as a cover. The B&W pic is amazing!

    • conniemd

      She is certainly appearing everywhere these days after a hiatus from the public eye. I love the black and white, too, both her and the outfit.

    • crash1212

      I love the broody last shot.

    • Deborah Lipp

      Too much red on the cover. I love the black and white hard.

    • jspark

      You guys are nuts! The B&W is my least favorite.. she looks like Ms. Piggy. The last photo is what works for me, it’s like a high fashion selfie, that angle works for EVERYONE.

    • kingderella

      oh well done, miss scarlett!

    • marshmallowjane

      When she was the little girl who’d lost a leg in The Horse Whisperer, I never pictured her as a confident sexpot type. She is respected for both her craft and her looks which is pretty cool.

      They put too much dark eye-shadow underneath her eyes. I used to do this when I’d called in sick from work (in my twenties) and needed to look tired and ill the next day.

    • Neva Reese

      Scar has one of those faces where you can’t put nude lipstick on – it’s instant ugly. Always happy to see her lips – the b&w is really stunning.

    • rage_on_the_page

      They should’ve used that third shot as the cover! The first one’s a bit… Cover Girl.

    • kathrineb

      that black-and-white shot is A M A Z I N G.