Project Runway Finale Collections: Justin, Kate

Posted on September 07, 2013

The remaining designers as of this past episode of Project Runway (with one notable exception) showed their collections yesterday at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week. We’re putting these posts up in alphabetical order by designer, and the looks from each collection are going up in no particular order, because it’s impossible for us to keep track of such things right now. These posts are not complete, as it takes some time to pull together all ten looks from each collection. Please be Patient Kittens instead of Bitter Kittens.











[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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  • Frank_821

    Justin’s is better than I hoped and refined.

    Kate has good ideas but some of it is very standard as well. as with some of the other collections she should have more time to better develop her designs

    • tired_mommy

      Agreed–Justin’s was better than expected and Kate’s was worse. Seems like she was trying so hard to show range she may have missed the mark.

    • Topaz

      Yes very pleasantly surprised by Justin’s. Nothing jaw-dropping, but all looked stylish and modern – and a very coherent collection too.

    • Kent Roby

      Honestly, Kate should’ve been developing ideas for her collection since being on the previous season of PR. I expected more from her.

    • swanpride

      Kate’s looks like she tried to hard to get away from her “little girl” style, but the result is that the collection has no narrative at all. It looks like two different collections, one very pedestrian Hawaiian styled one, and another more interesting one (minus the cheap looking golden gown) which looks film noir inspired. I’m not surprised, though. Kate is always better when she works with the ideas of someone else as opposed to developing her own.
      Justin’s is slightly more interesting than I expected, but due to fitting issue and the colour of the fabric more or less every second look reminds me of a “unconventional material” challenge. A lot dresses looks like they are made out of some sort of paper, but not fabric.

  • EmilyMullasWilson

    Is it the lighting, or does that gold dress really look cheap and Vegas-tacky?

    • Frank_821

      it does photograph poorly. also it doesn’t go with the rest of the collection

      • mhleta

        I can’t wait to hear what contorted theme she came up with to make this seem like it goes together. I think she’s really talented, but this is doesn’t show it, really.

    • MilaXX

      that gold dress looks really cheap and Vegas-tacky

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      It has Boobs Legsly’s name all over it.

  • madscntst

    Wow, Justin and Kate did OK. However, Justin’s model from look 5 looks like she needs some time alone to finish her cry.

    • Sarah

      You are so right! She is definitely looking unhappy. I’m thinking that’s one of the weaker looks in the bunch, and poorly fitted on top, and she knows it.

    • Kristin McNamara

      She also looks like she has a 5 o’clock shadow. (Or a ski goggles sun burn or something’s….?!) Seriously, what is up with the color difference between the top half and bottom half of her face, and also between her jaw and her neck?!?

    • Kristy Sheldon

      Model number 9 has the same problem. Or maybe it is the same model but looking more slender.

  • madscntst

    I’m guessing Kate’s unconventional material dress was look number 2 – in which case, nicely done.

    • Michelle Wilson

      It’s the only thing I like in her collection.

      • madscntst


        • Michelle Wilson

          Yeah. I’m not a fan. Even if I really liked Kate, I think I’d be terribly disappointed by the lack of any forward thinking in her collection. I hate to think another more interesting designer missed being top 3 or 4 to make room for so much nothing.

    • pottymouth_princess

      Agreed on both counts. It’s my favorite piece from her (very underwhelming) collection.

  • MilaXX

    Justin’s is nice, safe & boring. Kate’s is okay, but a little dull despite the bright orange colors. It also lacks cohesion. I like the black mini & the white gown. Otherwise it’s a big snooze to me.

  • Jacquelyn

    Justin’s is okay. It’s rather bland.

    I kinda hate myself for liking quite a few of Kate’s looks.

  • DinaSews

    So Ken is the obvious exception. Does he get the auf this week?

    • TropiCarla

      Hopefully … that asshole! It would serve him right. Pulling the “first lady”/spiritual advisor card made me hissing mad. I am sure she was mortified when she saw his behavior.

    • pottymouth_princess

      He must be the next auf. All I’ve come up with is that after the 8 were sent home to make collections, production decided to air the show a week earlier than originally planned, hence the screw-up. Or, in my world, Kkkken was the bitterest of Kittens and told PR to FUAD, severing all ties. In either case, good riddance.

      • BelleBook

        I was *wondering* why there were apparently only 8 designers and not 9 at Fashion Week! If Ken’s the odd one out, when he got the boot instead of going home and making his collection he refused to give the PR guys the time of day! And I agree — good riddance to bad rubbish!
        Belle Book

  • Akmall Razlan

    I love Justin’s, yes, I do! Justin creations are way better than the rest. He really made the white looks whiter and black looks blacker. Love that and the futuristic element on his garments presented is fabulous! love it, Kate> well, not so much. Sorry.

    • Rhonda Shore

      Maybe Justin’s just not good With thematic challenges and the time constraints. Much better than I would have expected.

    • Isabel

      Tim did the right thing to save him. I would love it so if Justin won!!

    • I agree…as I was scrolling down, I was like, “Is this Justin’s??? Really?” I really like his collection…more so than the others, even…the vest from look #3 is so me! I am not impressed at all with Kate’s collection. I was expecting more since aside from the duvet dress she made in one of the first challenges. she really kind of grew on me with her designs from this season…she proved she is more than just wedding gowns…this collection brought me back to snoozeville with her, though. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • cheesebomb

      I did really like Justin’s collection. I did not like the hair styling or eye make-up (which looked overdone on several models), but I did like the red lip with it.

      • Akmall Razlan

        Overdone Cheesebomb? Disagree on that. Look at the plain fabrics he used and the constructions of each piece, the make-up and the hair actually compliment each other. It gives contrast.

        • cheesebomb

          To each his or her own. It didn’t read “complimentary” or “contrasting” to me so much as “competing.”

          • Akmall Razlan

            Personal opinions are the matter to self. But, we love Justin’s collection right?

          • cheesebomb

            That we do!

  • Sarah

    Seriously, I know there’s a TV show, but is orange the new black? Because there’s quite a bit of it cropping up. I like that the “notable exception” is not in the show. He didn’t deserve it.

    • MilaXX

      I’m wondering if he gets auf’d next week and there was a scheduling misstep.

      • Sarah

        That or DRAMA took place betwixt then and this week. Then again, with Ken, it is likely to be dramatic either way.

        • MilaXX

          I hope not. I am over the interpersonal drama this season.

    • Michelle Wilson

      There was a lot of orange in the audience as well so it must be the color of the moment. Fine with me as it’s one of my favorites.

    • EveEve

      A small part of me wanted to see what Ken could come up with when he couldn’t blame anybody or anything else for his inability to work up to his potential. At the very least, I hope they disclose what happened to him.

      • Sarah

        Sure, I can say that despite his antics, I thought he was talented in construction at least. He just acted so poorly! I don’t know if they will disclose because average viewers might not even know about the decoy collection thing, so producers might slip it under the rug.

        • Becky Simmons

          I had no idea about the decoy collections until I was re-watching PR last year and decided to look up Chris March. On his site was a photo gallery of a distinctly PR Finale runway show. Doing a search for “Project Runway decoy collections” landed me here…. and now I can’t imagine watching the show without TLo. It’s *way* more entertaining this way!

          • Sarah

            That it is!

          • Lanus

            No kidding. I think that I might have stopped watching the show if it weren’t for the fear of losing good TLo and Bitter Kitten analysis!

            The Elves need to give them All the Perks.

  • mhleta

    I’m really impressed by Justin’s collection, even though it kind of looks like a Muslin challenge. It’s cohesive and there are a few really creative things happening, (the last two looks and the grey dress are my favorites.) The styling and accessories are pretty cool too. I finally get him. Kate’s is not a winning collection to my eye. I love the tangerine, the white gown and the white dot mini, but it’s not cohesive and she put the slit in a very unflattering place both on the dress that she herself is wearing and on the long skirt. Kind of disappointed in her. I hope she didn’t win.

  • Imasewsure

    Well it’s official… no winner this season… Auf to all of you! Not one collection worthy of the crown… let’s give it to Mondo

    • madscntst

      Well, that would be a surprise twist!

    • Samuel Joesph Donovan

      Can we not talk about Mondo anymore? Please? If anyone wants to know why they chose Gretchen over Mondo, I highly suggest that person check out their post season 8 work. Gretchen has only improved, while Mondo has regressed into what’s essentially cheeky childrenswear, just as the judges feared.

  • Slade Thunderdragon

    Justin, Dom, Helen, and Alexandria would be my choice for the final 4…

    And I HATE saying that I hope Alexandria is in the final 4 because of her stealth-bitchiness. Her collection is really interesting though.

    But my 3 faves are Justin’s, Dom’s and Helen’s. I really couldn’t care less which ever of them won. Leaning more towards Justin or Dom than Helen.

    But these are the best decoy collections in quite some time. 150 x better than last season’s horrendous-ness.

    Bradon’s wasn’t near as impressive as I was expecting. Alexander’s was interesting, but perhaps a little too over the top. Some cool ideas, though. Jeremy’s only contained a few good looks. Kate’s was surprisingly unimpressive to me though.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Ken. Hope that means he’s out next week. If not, some weird controversial thing happened for the best.

    • Michelle Wilson

      I agree with you on nearly every point. I’m kinda blown away by the quality of the decoy collections. Every designer has at least a few outstanding looks they can be proud of. Everything is well fitted, well compared to last season anyway, and it’s tough to see who the three finalists are.

      My favorites are def Alexandria, Helen, Justin and Dom. I give Helen the edge because she was the most consistent in her vision and it’s on trend. Alexandria is a close second for me but the money dress is a huge clunker.

  • alyce1213

    Okay, so I guess Tim Gunn was right to save Justin. There are really nice pieces and it’s a collection. It’s one of the best IMO. My other favorites are Dom and — damn it — Kate.

  • Verascity

    I find his unbearably boring.

    Hers is kind of pretty.

  • valerie saenz

    Justin’s collection surprised me …. in a good way.

    • lissonifan

      Agreed. It’s quite stylish and intelligent.

  • Adrianna Grężak

    I haven’t been watching the show so I don’t know who created what in previous episodes, but I like Justin’s first two looks and the last gown.

  • Justin’s collection is very cohesive. There are a few duds (don’t like that last gown) but overall, surprisingly good!

  • epenthesis

    The finale shows do have a way of messing up the patterns established by the challenges. Justin’s collection is markedly better than anything he’s done on the show thus far, and that’s taking into account the higher budget. I don’t think he’s a finalist, but this is entirely respectable.

    Kate’s is simple and pretty, no surprises.

  • Slade Thunderdragon

    Justin: THIS collection is why he was saved. His is one of the most interesting out of everyone’s, and the way he played with architecture and structure and lines is gorgeous. His fabric choices are tied with Dom for the best, and the little details in his looks are what make them fabulous to me. I love the dusted appearance of some of his looks. The second to last one is a great example of that. His final look is a stunner. Tied with Helen’s orange, something-embellished, fold-y dress and Dom’s opening look for my favorite looks out of everyone’s. Sci-fi realness. I would have loved to see Halle Berry wear that dress back when she was hyping up the Cloud Atlas movie.

    Kate: One of the disappointing ones also. The only look I really care for at all is the white honeycomb looking dress. The rest either have tacky fabric choices or really uninteresting shapes.

  • M. H. Leader

    Justin’s clothes are very very nice. I like them. It’s a cohesive collection–maybe too cohesive. When he strays from that general look of the first few designs, he swings into not-so-hot realms. I like him…will he be good enough to get a win? Not sure. I hope he’s a finalist, at least.

    Kate…she’s the winner I think. Not sure I personally like hers the best, but her collection seems strong and unified. A nice range of dresses, but no separates, no pants, no jackets. If anything denies her the win it’ll be that point. Nothing but dresses.

    AND…Ken isn’t here. Little Miss Prima Donna Jerk is GONE. Love it! He needs to go home, and I gather he does.

    • Michelle Wilson

      I dunno. I find Kate’s collection quite boring compared to everything that went before it. Safe and uninspired. Also, not particularly cohesive. I expect her to be one of the top 4, but not to win.

    • bertkeeter

      Justin’s collection in person looked beautiful…very calm and clean. And his accessories, looked like tiny ribs from a bird or fish, as neclaces, belts, etc were really delicate and interesting!

      Kate’s looks much better on line …in person really didn’t have much appeal…seen that, that and that all before!

      • tired_mommy

        Yea Bert! Thanks for sharing your insight here!

      • Lanus

        Always love some smart commentary from Bert!

  • Monday1900

    I’d give it to Kate if I had to pick.

  • bertkeeter

    Justin’s collection looked very good in person on the runway… Very calm and understated!
    Kate’s was ALL OVER THE PLACE… No vision or energy!

    • DuBey2

      What site did you see live runway of this? Please? I’d like to watch.

      • bertkeeter

        Was there in audience!

        • Bert, do you know if there was a requirement to do one unconventional materials outfit? It’s not obvious that Justin or Kate had one, unless it’s his feathers (?) or her white dots (paper stick-ons?).

          • bertkeeter

            Yes another unconventional garment demand! ENOUGH already!

      • MilaXX

        If you search for PROJECT RUNWAY Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York Spring 2014 on youtube there is a video.

        • Sandy


  • hughman

    the two of us need look no more.
    You’re not showing cause you’re such a bore
    Guess it was “Auf Wiedersehen”
    Because you are insane
    You may think you’re so gay
    But you’re just so cray-cray.
    (It was the end of Ken).”

    • SewingSiren

      Waring: Ben ear worm may ensue.

    • Lattis

      Hughman, we are all laughing here at casa lattis. Hats off to you!

  • Gineral

    OK…, between Kate’s second to last look above and her look for the “glamping” challenge; she seriously needs to go back to school for Remedial Babydoll. Proportions on this one are almost as off as the enciente linebacker. The wide sleeves + collar + tubular dress shape + hem length combines to make the model look blocky and really does no favor to her thighs or neck.

  • SewingSiren

    Justin’s is very refined. I don’t see any clunkers , but also no show stoppers. That would be a problem.

    Kate’s is okay. She most certainly is in the finale, but I think here collection is very unflattering to the thighs.

  • Lauren Lynch Fox

    I think Kate is taking it. I think that has been decided all season if we like it or not.

    • Imasewsure

      I was kind of hoping that she would knock it out of the park since she was likely for the win anyway. I don’t love anyone else’s collections either though so I am just waiting for the judges’ deliberation to see how they pump up the winner (Kate or not) and ignore all of the flaws (Kate or not).

  • EverybodysStarling

    Oh my. I never noticed Kathy Griffin was in this season.

  • dharmabum8

    Justin seems like one of those designers who does better work outside the confines of the show, without the time restrictions. Nothing terribly exciting but still leaps and bounds better than his output on the show this far.

    Kate strikes me as just the opposite…her work on the show was much more inspired than this collection. I think she is a good contestant but not a particularly interesting designer.

    • demidaemon

      It is entirely possible he could be this season’s Kara Janx, which would be unfortunate, again.

  • docholly

    of the ones shown I love 4 of Justin’s – I think #3 & 5 and the last 2. I loved all of kate’s except the poofy jacket & the last gold dress. If its between Helen and Kate based on just this.. I think Kate has it. I think it’s Braden/Helen/Kate for the final. and glad to see Mr. Crankypants was absent.

  • Sally3000

    I’ve been rooting for Bradon and Dom all season, but Bradon’s final collection doesn’t appeal to me at all. Dom’s and Alexandria’s collections appeal to me most.

    I wonder how much time the contestants had to put these collections together. I wish they still got 10 weeks or 3 months or whatever it was back in the early seasons.

    • Frank_821

      it use to be 6 months. Most designers at this level would need that amount of time to prepare a worthwhile collection. Although the season 11 people had that amount of time and the majority of them were not able to capitalize on it

    • MilaXX

      Filming wrapped late June, early July. I think they had roughly 2 – 2 ½ mths

  • bertkeeter

    Yes there was an “unconventional fabrics” last minute design ..YAWN…challenge!

  • Sarah Caponigro

    I didn’t watch this season but Justin’s collection really appeals to me. I think I love it.

  • M. H. Leader

    Okay, second thoughts.

    My personal favorites are (in alphabetical order):

    Obviously all four of these can’t be finalists, but I think Kate is the weakest of this group per my personal taste. I’m not sure how I would order Alexander-Bradon-Justin. All of them had at least one design I thought was weak, but the majority of their clothes were very very nice.

    I’m thinking Alexandria is gonna be aufed. Jeremy needs to be aufed from lack of style. Dom…I think she’s not on a par with the four above. I like that she did a bathing suit but…it’s very much a cruise collection, doesn’t serve her well in this competition I think.

    Helen really shot herself in the foot. Her collection is awful. I wonder if she gets aufed before finals and this is her screw-you collection. It kind of has that feel to me.

    Probably means Helen or Alexandria is the winner because those are the two I disliked most.

  • JaCory Deon

    For me Justin’s is clean, refined, and very elegant. There’s something very euro going on with his in the best possible way…where the hell has this designer/aesthetic been all these weeks on the show??? Well done.

    Kate, ah well, all that build up for nothing. She’s done more ambitious stuff on the show, WITH restraints. Very meh on her.

    • muzan-e

      It reminded me of exactly what T Lo said following the episode during which he was (almost) auf’d: here’s a designer of clear skill and talent who simply isn’t suited to this sort of competition or working within its constraints. I agree absolutely: ‘refined’ is precisely the word that came to mind, refined and the expression of (I can’t believe I’m saying this, but) the ‘clear voice’ that the judges are always wanting for.

  • Orange is hideous-making on me, but I seriously LOVE that first orange dress of Kate’s.

  • Rand Ortega

    Very disappointed w/ Kate’s collection. Dreading how effusive the judges are going to be about it despite the fact it’s dull & has only 2 standouts (looks 2 & 4) max. Justin’s collection is better than expected. His last 2 looks are fantastic.

  • guest2visits

    I liked Kate’s in general, but not sure if it was innovative enough to be the winner.
    Also liked half of Helen’s – but not the dribble-stain she used on some.
    Half of Alexandria’s were also interesting but so very sleek, I just thought MODEL WEAR INC.
    Several of Dom’s were very cool but the prints are reminding very much of Viktor Luna’s work.
    No idea who’s in the top.

  • Swiftlytiltingplanet

    None of them registered enough for me to love it or hate it. Except maybe Helen’s. Which pains me to say. I, personally, didn’t like it, but it was memorable enough (loin clothes, anyone?) for it to register.

  • Samuel Joesph Donovan

    Justin is the only designer who didn’t give his models his own haircut. SERIOUSLY THOUGH.

    • BeccaGo

      OMG, you’re right!!

    • tired_mommy

      Great catch!

  • marlie

    I think Kate is definitely in the final three, and I could see Justin there too. These are both interesting collections. Not perfect by any stretch, but definitely well done.

  • quiltrx

    Justin’s is definitely cohesive and looks well-made–I think Tim will feel his save was worthwhile.
    Kate’s is odd…I really like some of the pieces, but others are kind of a big old nothing.

  • DamH

    Justin’s look surprises me the most, it’d definitely the winner except for some colour issues IMO.
    Kate’s collection is hiddy and tacky, hate the silhouette. I think it’s as disappointing as Helen’s.

  • Chartreusite

    Out of the collections and with my mere glance I’d say that the best contenders for the win are Helen and Dom. Alexander’s is cray-cray and I appreciate the drama of it, but it doesn’t seem as refined as it needs be to keep from looking a little sloppy. Alexandria’s collection is sometimes admirable, other times way too low-key, and Bradon’s just isn’t wowing me. Jeremy’s is a little on the sloppy side, I admire Justin’s polish, but again a little too low-key, and I can’t help but feel like Kate didn’t really do anything wow-worthy. I think Helen’s for sure making it to the end (rarely, if ever, has someone accumulated three wins as quickly as she has and not made it to finale week, if not the very end, Michael C Sonjia and Jerrell being the main exceptions. But I do think Helen’s has way more polish than theirs) and I feel like Dom can make it if she doesn’t choke from not getting too critiqued. Besides that, I’d say Kate or Alexandria would be the most likely to join them. We’ll see.

  • CommentsByKatie

    Justin’s is really interesting. I’d be curious to see what they look like off the runway. Love that rough cottony fabric paired with the organza; I’ve not seen that before.

    Kate’s is all over the place – I think she’s very skilled at responding to a challenge and giving the judges what they want to see; but once they let her go wild without restrictions, she was lost. No point of view.

  • kismet026

    Dom and Kate are my favorites, with Justin and Alexandria right behind. I love Kate’s pieces, but I think her collection is not as cohesive as the other top collections. That gold gown just does belong anywhere near the rest of her collection, and the collection would be much better off without it. I’m okay with any of those four winning, but I’m really hoping they give it to Dom.

  • Sandy

    Justin’s collection is fantastic it’s so fresh and clean looking. It just made me smile. My favorite of the bunch.

    Kate’s collection is a big Yawn! Been done before nothing new and original.

  • Pril Wood

    Justin either needed more time during the challenges or he is benefiting like crazy from the advice he gets during his work time in the final three. His collection has some really lovely pieces.

    Kate on the other hand–ugh. Left to her own devices, she sinks straight to SCHMALTZ.

  • tired_mommy

    Some of these designers seem to have forgotten they were dressing for tv–Kate is dressed so much better on the show than she is here. Those shoes look ridiculous!

    • tired_mommy

      Am now pondering if Kate fell into the trap of trying to fix an in-season blunder. Her shoe episode shirt/pant outfit wasn’t really up to her normal standards. Wonder if she was unconsciously trying to show she can design an outfit to highlight shoes?? Am also wondering if that is why she included the much improved white/black shirt/pant outfit in her final collection??

  • BelleBook

    My opinions on the last two designers:

    Justn’s designs were beautiful! I’d definitely call him a finalist but up until now he was either safely in the middle or in the bottom — and he was even eliminated, only to be saved by Tim Gunn!

    Karen’s designs were pretty as well, but a little too middle-in-the-road for me. Theoretically should be a finalist, but her outfits make me wonder.

    • Christy Bishop Cricow

      Justin seems like Mychael Knight in Season 3, but in reverse; Knight worked brilliantly under the constraints of a challenge–was a problem solver in that way, and so he thrived through the competition. But turned loose to do just anything he wanted, his collection turned to caricature. I’ve seen students like that in (interior) design school–they do great in the confines of academia, but out in the world, not so much. Justin had a really hard time translating the weird artificialities of reality show challenges into good designs that also communicated his design aesthetic…..but his collection seems to me to be really cohesive, elegant, mature. I hope he is a finalist, but even if not, I’m happy he had a chance to show. Seems like a nice man, with an inarguable talent.

      • BelleBook

        In some ways, I think you’re right. Michael didn’t really have a strong point of view, so he could work well within the constraints of a challenge but would flounder if he had to do anything he wanted. Justin had the opposite problem — he had a definite point of view but wasn’t flexible enough to jump through the hoops of various challenges successfully enough to let his design aesthetic shine. I don’t think he’ll be a finalist because of this weakness, but if not, at least he got to show his collection.

  • UsedtobeEP

    If Justin’s in the final, he’s got this, in my opinion. But that’s a big ol’ if.

  • I gasp when I saw Kate’s orange gown. That’s gorgeous! Out of all the collections, I have to say I like these two best. As usual I’m not keen on all the looks, but over all, I like them best.

  • spooki C

    Since when did Justin make interesting clothes? Pleasantly surprised.

    Don’t like Kate’s at all.

  • WTF? I’m disappointed in everyone.

    I’ve had a high opinion of Tim until he said that this season’s designers are the best in all the years at PR. I think this is the least compelling season.

    I’ve thought from the beginning that it would be between Kate and Bradon. They can both make beautiful clothes consistently. Alexander has great skill; he isn’t consistent in his choices. Alexandria could be the wild card. She is a bit of a rogue, but I’d like to see her be fashion forward without including funny pants.

    I haven’t been impressed by Helen this season so far. Her collection went downhill from there.

  • BeccaGo

    Wow, Kate’s is TERRIBLE.


    Is it just me or does every single collection suck?

    • geeeque

      it’s not you. can nobody win?

  • Tatiana Luján

    Justin’s was great and Kate’s was boring.

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    Justin’s looks are beautiful, but I feel like the execution looks half-assed.

  • conniemd

    Amazing the different perspectives on Kate’s collection. I found it garish and uncohesive. Justin’s was stunning in its beauty and sophistication.

  • Micaela Cannon

    Is it just me or do all of Kate’s models bodies all look vaguely….bizarre? Definitely some major distortion happening in these photos to me. The wedding gown is stunning though, if nothing else PR should definitely help increase her clientele.

  • Aisa Ginger Jake Psenicnik

    all Justin’s clothes look like they were made with drywaller’s drop cloths.

    • Sandy

      Last season Heidi loved Fabio’s drywaller drop cloth collection. And so did I.


    It would be nice if Kate and Helen were in the final. Kate’s collection is more conventional than Helen’s, but there are a few nicely extravagant pieces in there. Funny how they chose similar palettes and neither one immediately brings to mind Halloween. Justin’s is passable, but he shouldn’t be there, so I won’t comment further.

  • SimpleSins

    So where is Coco Montrese’s collection? Can we assume that means we’ll finally be seeing the last of her this week?

  • Samuel Joesph Donovan

    I’m going through all of the collections, and I totally forgot that Kate was even still in the competition, so undeserving is she of being on this show a second time. That said:

    Kate–Will probably be a finalist purely because of the fact that she’s being shoved down our throats. The said, there’s no way they could give this collection the win with the amount of BORING it is. Pretty orange and white combo, and pretty paillette ideas, but unless Belk paid for this season to advertise some big “Kate Pankoake” launch, I can’t see any reason to give this a win. (That theory actually doesn’t sound too far off…) Either way, there’s a lot of work in this, which probably means she’s in the top four, but I cannot envision her winning with the “legitimate competition” direction PR has seemed to try to push the last two seasons.
    Justin–Obvious decoy. Fantastic, mesmerizing finale gown, but the rest of it is a bunch of sloper garments in what looks like three fabrics and two colors. He, Jeremy, and Alexander all have the axe painted all over themselves looking at these collections.

    • Sandy

      I wouldn’t say that Justin’s collection is obviously a decoy. I thought his collection was fresh, light, and beautiful.

      Many seasons there has been a true “top 3” contestant that produced what I considered a lackluster collection, as well as a non “top 3” contestant that really knocked it out of the park. It’s hard to tell.

  • RR May

    Ken seems to be able to control himself in front of Tim and the judges and Heidi. He behaves himself on the runway in front of people he wants to impress.
    Then in the workroom he is noxious and dangerously aggressive. Perhaps after the show he can get some counseling and medications.

  • Annie Lure

    Kate: I abhor just about every piece. Most of the skirts/skirt portions have a highly unflattering cut (i.e. look #4– it’s quite grotesque in that it effaces any curves but allows the legs to emerge as if out of a cave or something.) There’s also quite a bit of poor sewing and fitting, as evinced by look #5 (what’s up with the handkerchief-like fold that feels very last-second stitched on? and the top of look #4 (it creates the illusion that there’s something severely wrong with the model’s spine). I’ve never responded to Kate’s aesthetic. To me, it’s too precious, too saccharine. However, I’ve noted her ability to construct detailed work in a very finite amount of time. Her technical skills during the show have come across as formidable, especially for someone as young. That is why I’m shocked at how poorly executed most of these looks are.

    Justin: I kind of love it. Don’t get me wrong– it’s far from perfect, or even great (there are some fit issues as well as tulle that seems more of a shove-in than an overlay). But it is cohesive (perhaps too much so, leading to repetitiveness– i.e. dress #2 is too similar to dress #4) and thoughtful: he’s presenting garments that possess commercial viability as well as fantasy. I like the glitter, esp. in look #4 where it effectively evokes a winter-scape. I LOVE most, if not all, of the embellishments with the multiplicity of striations. They form a motif, and there’s variance in how he appropriated them (as collars, shoulder enhancements, and belting). The concluding look is absolutely stunning, and he was smart to keep the silhouette simple so as to better showcase the detailing. I’ve looked at Justin’s portfolio, as well as his website, and I’m damn impressed with his technical skills (some of the pieces there do get a little crafts-like and overwrought, but he’s got a few garments in which he’s mimicked realistic– what buildings actually look like– architectural details via fabric manipulation onto the human body. It doesn’t matter if this collection wins or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s a final collection or a decoy. It is BY FAR the very best collection.

    • Sandy

      Justin has already won in my opinion. The message that he is sending to the deaf community and beyond is priceless.

      • Annie Lure


  • generic name

    Both better than I thought they would be but both were kind of boring. I liked Justin’s designs but he seemed to pick the wrong fabric.

  • Shawn EH

    Justin, King of Epaulets? Kate: that black mini dress is super cute.

  • FlamingJune1967

    TLo: You forgot to tag this post. Just mentioning because I easily found the other two finale posts, but had to keep going back until I found this one.

  • write_light

    Is that a middle finger motif on Kate’s first dress?