New York Fashion Week Spring 2014: Watch the Shows Live HERE!

Posted on September 04, 2013

Watch the New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 show live HERE!




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  • Fanny_Trollope

    You boys are so good to us! Thank you!

  • jdoodad

    Bryan Boy and Susie Bubble in the promo video!!!! Suzy Menkes must be having conniptions.

  • hughman

    To complete the experience :

    1. Have your dog and/or cat refuse to let you in your house because “you’re not on the list”
    2. Once you get in, watch it standing crowded with 1000 other people, many who have questionable outfits that are bound to poke you in the head
    3. Realize you now know all the words to “Get Lucky” and could recite them if you were in a coma
    4. Before the video ends, jump up and push your way to the door so you can take a 5 hour cab ride around the block and come home to watch the next show.
    5. Dog/Cat : “I’m sorry, you’re not on the list.”

    • SewingSiren

      I’m doing it! My dog can be a real snot when he wants to be.

      • hughman

        Pull a “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” and see if that works.

  • Funkykatt

    Fun! I love FUN! Thank you!!!

  • calimon

    What window of time did was this supposed to be available? I am on the west coast, and clueless.

  • I feel like this should be the TLounge on non-PR nights during fashion week. Also, I haz a sad because my desk is in a very public place so I can’t really watch fashion shows while I “work.” Sad.

  • Isabel

    Will you be able to attend the Oscar de la Renta show this year? I read in the Daily Mail that he is sending out only 350 invitations.

  • Qitkat

    No video on my monitor 🙁
    and I turned off AdBlock.

  • Remember to hydrate, you two! and wear gel inserts in your bestest shoes.