Nautica Spring 2014 Collection

Posted on September 07, 2013

God bless Nautica, you guys. If you like beautiful boy clothes, it’s a treat. If you like beautiful boys, it’s a gift from heaven. If you like both, well, let’s just say it’s not hard to tell. Some of the men sitting in that tent looked like 6-year olds who woke up to pee on Christmas Eve and found Santa in their living room. And yes, we’re guilty.

But seriously, what’s not to love here? Modern menswear classic looks, loaded with that identifiably American style of masculinity, beautifully made. The kinds of pieces that would look good on a whole lot of men.

Knocking us out with those American thighs.




[Photo Credit: IMAXtree]

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  • MilaXX

    Thank you Nautica! No skinny twinks here. Just healthy hunks all around! I’ll take one of each please.

    • Emily

      Amen. Love the rugged guys too. They look like MEN rather than little boys. Swoon.

    • Daenyx

      Heh. And “American masculinity” is exactly why I’m completely lukewarm about this lineup. The clothes, objectively, are fantastic, though.

      • Akmall Razlan

        Skinny twinks are too skinny to be on the runway. They do not fit Nautica clothes. Thank God!

  • hughman

    They are great. Mostly because they look like real clothes for adults not something Justin Bieber would wear for a munchie run to Chuck E. Cheese.

    • There are clothes in this post? I guess I missed that.

    • shirab

      Also, there’s no sign of any Bieberesque (as in, ill-conceived and immature) tattoo galleries.

  • stephbellard

    From left to right, I’ll take the face of #3 and the THIGHS of #9 please. GUH.

    • MilaXX

      I’m partial to models #7 & #18

  • Bless you, TLo.

  • sleepycat

    So I have American Thighs! Yay! I love this collection. Too bad they don’t make it for 38+ waist and XXL shirts, or are menswear sizes different then womenswear. Also, I am mad at my cousin-in-law for not working at Nautica anymore, but then again he is an art director now at another brand. I will also take the blonde bearded guy in the blue ombre shirt.

    • Toby Wollin

      Why is it when I read “American Thighs” all I can think of is that Don MacLean song with the Chevy to the levie? As much as I really like this collection (I can see just a huge percentage of guys being able to buy/wear this stuff), there is part of me that still sighs over that collection (Prada? Last fall? Two falls ago?) where they showed it on Jamie Bell, et al. Yes, it was fantstical Steampunked –up Nazified frock-coated stuff, but still…

      • quiltrx

        I’m with you! A Facebook page of a film site posted a couple pictures of Gary Oldman in that Prada the other day…and I swooned all over again!

      • fursa_saida


  • Karen Ferguson

    Oh my! Where is my fainting couch!!

  • Janet B

    Thank you.
    I look forward to Nautica every single season.

  • unbornfawn

    Just order me up some of that man-flesh.

    • Stella Zawistowski

      Srsly. I’ll take one in every color, please.

  • Trickytrisha

    Refreshing to see lovely young men in lovely, manly clothing. After the madness that some designers have foisted on us recently, this is super welcome. Huzzah!

    • conniemd

      Yes, designers for men need to realize that an awful lot of men’s clothes are bought for men by the women in their lives and they do need to design clothes that look like women want their men to look like. (Not being a gay male I don’t feel competent to comment on what men want their partners to look like). My husband occasionally shops for his suits, but his sweaters, dress pants, shirts, shorts, casual wear is all bought by me and I believe that is true for a lot of men.

      • demidaemon

        I would say that, in general, your vision is probably not that far off for the average gay male. At least, in my case, I’ll take well-put together over wackadoo any day.

  • Jessica Freeman

    Refreshingly beefy men. Just the way I like it. Bless.

  • I <3 men!

  • Aidan B

    Well. Everything seems to be in order here.

  • Kate

    I had to go back through tho collection because by the time I reached the comment section I realized I had not looked at one article of clothing. Instead, I picked my favorite face in the line of three.

    I’ll take one of each, please (the men, I mean).

  • Call me shallow, but I love it when they use pretty people to sell me pretty things.

    • Fordzo

      I don’t even need any man clothes, but I’m reaching for my credit card.

      • marlie

        I hope my bf doesn’t think it weird that looking at hot men has inspired me to want to re-do his who wardrobe.

  • EveEve

    Wouldn’t mind some of these under the Christmas tree this year. The clothes are nice too. (p.s. Santa, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, can you deliver them with some chest hair? Thx)

  • majorbedhead

    Oooomph. I’ll be in my bunk, etc.

  • snarkykitten


  • Fordzo

    I call dibs on the guy with the beard. I realize there is more than one, but I’ll take any/all of them.

  • jw_ny

    scoop neck sweaters and tees, and capris, on men, are always a ‘no’ in my book. I generally like Nautica tho.

    • veriance

      They aren’t capris, they’re shants.

      • jw_ny

        clever! 😀

        • demidaemon

          Shants somehow sounds worse than capris, if that is possible.

          • jw_ny

            it is if you look at the first definition for shants in the urban dictionary! O.O

  • quiltrx

    Rawr! It’s like a freshly-opened box of Russell Stover candy…I can’t decide which one I want first. 🙂

  • susan6

    Men’s thighs might be making a comeback! I’m definitely sick of seeing guys at the beach or pool wearing unflattering maxi-skorts into the water.

  • Citagaze

    Why on gods earth did they only send out Third-Row-Down-Far-Right Thighs McBeauty once in the entire show? That is…just criminal…

    • conniemd

      Wow, that’s an amazingly square jaw and some pretty powerful thighs on that dude. Yummy, yummy.

  • Derek_anny

    Poor guy with his farmer’s tan on display.

  • marlie

    I love this. Wearable, flattering pieces for just about any guy. And the models are HAWT.

  • BitterOldQueen

    Relatively natural men (well, natural men who have zero percent body fat and whose families have apparently cornered the market on the flawlessly good-looking gene, anyway) is nice, and not only are the clothes attractive and generally useful, there’s some color (but not so much as to be laughably cartoonish) and styling that even someone who isn’t 22 can wear.

  • Little_Olive

    God, if I’ve ever done something good, make me crash #10 softly with my bike. I’ll take it from there.

  • alyce1213

    Love love love the lengths of the shorts. It’s nice to see a collection of great looking men’s clothes without feeling challenged to like it. This is all so easy on the eyes.

  • Luke Pacheco

    Gods I love to see shorts coming into style that hit on the thigh. I’m beyond OVER man-capris and uber baggy board shorts that hit below the knee.

  • I particularly love the tan line on the boy in the red sweater.

    • Anplica Fiore


  • jmorino08

    Those are some chiseled jaws on those boys! I can’t stop staring at the chin on the guy in the navy sweater and white shorts.

  • I’d like funding for my dissertation on the precise angle of jaw required to cut glass, please.

  • Kent Roby

    Damn, after working hard to get last season’s thighs, I discover that squared jaws are now in.

  • decormaven

    Candyland! Bless you, uncles!

  • conniemd

    Thank you. After some ghastly men’s spring collections we saw a month or so ago, these look like real men in real clothes and age appropriate men, not skinny boys barely post pubescent. Tongue hanging out worthy. I’ll take a handful of any of them. (men, not the clothes)

  • fauxprah

    Isn’t nautica a tired PVH brand? The issue is these clothes will look nothing like what you see once they hit the sales floor. They’ll look like something you’ll find on clearance at tj max.

    • Kent Roby

      Hmmm, yes, I would like to see these clothes all hit the floor; I hope the models will oblige!

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    My man would look amazing in pretty much all of this, but I’d never get him into it. Maybe a couple of the simple blue sweaters. My male artist friends would not look quite so amazing, but would wear it all happily.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Oh, f*** me. This collection is gorgeous!

  • Jacob Bowen

    I want the scoop-neck sweaters and the knit v-neck hoodies!

  • clairellis

    Now these are men. My panties are dripping. Ill take one of all of them. Also the clothes, that’s what I like to see. Real clothes that real men wear. I’m in LUST.

  • Fred Vaughn

    Boy oh boy oh boy… This collection is a lot worth liking.

  • guest2visits

    Wow. Everyone wore the extra large size portion of smoldering. Like most all of the jackets, pants, etc.