Michael Sheen at the Masters Of Sex New York Series Premiere

Posted on September 27, 2013

It feels like Showtime must have directed the stars of this show to really step it up on the style front for their poledancing. It’s like they looked at the first several years after the Mad Men cast hit the spotlight and recoiled in horror at the array of lousy fashion they all sported on the regular.


Michael Sheen attends the “Masters Of Sex” New York Series Premiere at The Morgan Library & Museum in New York City.

It’s a gorgeous suit, but unfortunately, he’s got the wrong button done and it’s throwing off the whole shape. Also, you need to shoot your cuffs and straighten your frikking tie if you’re going in front of cameras, Michael. Must we tell you everything?

A shame, because he could’ve looked sharp, if  a little colorless here.





[Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images, Roger Wong/INFphoto.com]

    • PlethoraofBooks

      He also looks a little bit wrinkled. And man, funny how one button off ruins everything in terms of the look.

    • kirkyo

      Rookie mistake there with the button.

      • Chuck Barthelme

        I don’t see another button hole. Could it just be a single button, and badly pressed?

        • Reality TV Casting

          agree- there is ONLY one button hole and these lapels are strange
          put the blame where its deserved …on the designer

      • Chuck Barthelme

        I don’t see another button hole. I wonder if it’s just badly pressed.

        • kirkyo

          It’s hard to see but you would never put a single button that low.

          • Linda LaPaz

            It sure looks like the designer did. I don’t see another button hole either. Really awkward placement.

    • MK03

      “I can’t go back to England. I can’t bear the thought of us hosting the 2012 Olympics. We’re not ready, Liz. Have you seen the Beijing opening ceremonies? We don’t have that kind of control over our people!”

      Sorry, my default setting for him is Wesley Snipes from 30 Rock.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOctocornNetwork International Model

        “There’s only one Wesley Snipes!”

      • ThesisMonkey

        gangway for footcycle!

    • Imasewsure

      He looks so tiny but it may be because the suit is kind of roomy. Nice beard though. Suits him well

    • siriuslover

      what’s weird is that suit looks like it has only one button, but that can’t be right.

      • Jacqueline Wessel

        You know I can’t find the other button either.

        • Karen Belgrad

          Glad it’s not just me…I was wondering where the “right” button was!

          • siriuslover

            The more I look at the pictures, the more I am convinced it is a jacket with only one (poorly placed) button.

    • MilaXX

      Nice look. Jacket appears to be a teeny bit too large, but nice to see a male star putting in the effort.

    • jjtxgrrl

      Meh. He’s not my favorite sausage fridayy contender…. but it’ll do.

    • JoDo11

      Can someone explain “shoot your cuffs” to a girl?

      • Karen Belgrad

        According to urban dictionary: A male preening gesture, whereby a man wearing a suit extends both his arms rapidly outwards (i.e. shoot), so that his dress shirt sleeves extend nicely beyond his suit sleeves.

        • JoDo11

          Nice! Thanks!

          • demidaemon

            You learn something new every day! I sure did here.

    • Chuck Barthelme

      Also, shave the neck beard, buddy.

    • Morales Mike

      Looking really hard but I don’t really see where there IS another button. In the first pic the right lapel seems to go straight to the button. It’s like the jacket was designed to show off the vest. Maybe on him it just falls wrong?

      • conniemd

        I’ve noticed several one button jacket suits lately. Bad fashion idea. And my oft repeated woe, would it seriously hurt a guy star to wear a colored pattern tie for once? Plain black/gray is so damn bland.

        • Gloriana Reginata

          Nooooo! Or rather, yes, but not for this tie, which is making my heart sing in its charcoal wonder.

          I have rarely lusted after a tie. Don’t diss it – it’s gorgeous with that suit.

    • MzzPants

      Beard meeting collar top. No.

    • crash1212

      Does that jacket only have one button? If so…they certainly placed it in a weird spot. Also…do men’s suit jackets have only one button?

    • GillianHolroyd

      It’s the folded-over lapel. But even worn the correct way, the vest underneath throws the whole thing off.

    • http://completeflake.com/ LaVonne Ellis

      Showrunners and movie producers should include stylists and wardrobe in their promotional budgets. Then everyone would look much better.

    • Erica_Vuitton

      These one button jackets just look weird to me. Its placed too low to fit properly both here and with Taye.

    • boweryboy

      Am I missing something with button because I only see one?

    • twilightgirlportland.com

      Love his eyes and smile. He looks pretty good to me. Yes, off a bit with the suit.

    • andi56

      It’s a single-button, and the reason why it looks funny is because the lapels are funky! Now, go BACK to the dugout, and do it right, rookie! Sheesh. Do we have to tell you guys EVERYTHING?!

    • decormaven

      Aww, so close and a miss! Study the Style Basics handbook and better luck next time.