Lady Gaga in London

Posted on September 04, 2013

Honestly, we can’t even make the attempt to keep up with Steffi’s thrice-hourly costume changes. It’s exhausting enough checking in every few days. We have no idea how she manages it. Then again, we think her self-enforced need to constantly change her costume is leaving her with some rather limp or boring ensembles. And when she’s not going in that direction, than she’s doing something cringe-worthy.

Walk with us.


Lady Gaga leaves her hotel in London in Alexandre Herchcovitch.

This is fine. Inoffensive and a little on the dull side. We could write a couple thousand angry words about a woman who sets herself up as a role model going out of her way to infantilize herself by carrying around a pink teddy bear, but we don’t have the energy and besides, you’d get bored.


Lady Gaga at the Boujis club in London.

But this is post-Miley tragic and positively reeking of desperation. There. We said it.

Even the bouncers look dubious.


Lady Gaga at the Roundhouse in London.

And this is just awkwardly batshit.


Lady Gaga leaves the Langham Hotel in London in Balmain.

But we love this kind of Steffi. The one who seems to have a bit of a sense of humor about her image. The one who isn’t afraid to look silly but manages not to look stupid (an insane balancing act, to be sure). Yeah, the mouse ears aren’t new and no, the outfit’s not remotely flattering, but we feel like she’s playing a character here. As opposed to the two previous ensembles which seemed direction-less and a little desperate.


Lady Gaga arrives at the Boujis Night Club in London in Thom Browne.

Call us hopelessly conventional, but this is the Steffi we like the most; the one who really knows how to use fashion to make a strong statement. The Steffi who manages chic.

We’re surprised to see her recycling her shoes so much. Surprised and impressed, actually. But you know what they say, once a girl finds a comfy pair of heels, she can’t stop wearing them.

Okay, no one says that.

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  • kbshee

    Someone give her a nice cardigan. She must be cold in those first three outfits, bless.

    • Imasewsure

      How about a nice straightjacket instead? NONONONONONO

  • Latin Buddy

    Would you guys ever consider doing a site where we can submit pictures of ourselves and let people assess the fashion (keeping your rule about no body snarking or mean-spirited comments)?

    This is just a tangent since these costumes are so boring.

    • Sarah

      Even without the no body snarking/mean-spirited comments, people are HIGHLY critical in anonymous comments. It could be brutally painful to hear that your favorite outfit was not appreciated. Takes tact to point out flaws constructively. Best left to the pros, IMO.

    • Erica_Vuitton

      Fab Sugar has a look book site where that’s exactly what people do. Limited body snarking its a nice feature for their users.

    • 3boysful

      Very tempting, but Sarah (below) is probably correct.

    • StellaZafella

      Latin Buddy, in the gay restaurants and bars of the 70’s and 80’s ANY entrance was treated the way TLo are here…in your face and with no holds barred. I got my share of Saturday Night “reviews” ranging anywhere from “Oh crap, it’s HER!” to standing ovations…it takes me back. But my point is you knew what you were in for and you played the game willingly, taking your chances…Just as Gaga and her kindred do…but the everyday Joe and Jane may only think they’re up for that kind of scrutiny…sometimes, we bitches can be HARSH!

    • Bethany Roullett

      I’ve wished for a forum or somesuch around here at times myself. Not that I would expect TLo to reply personally, but so many times I have wanted to ask the Bitter Kittens directly “I have an event to go to, what should I weeeeeeaaaarrrr?” and offer photos of my options. I value the options of the BKs!

    • mickiemonkey

      Reddit has a Male Fashion section that does that pretty well. It is only for boys.

  • Jacquelyn

    Please write the post about the anger you feel toward her attempt to “infantilize herself by carrying around a pink teddy bear” because I would read it and relish it. Those first pics aren’t offensive clothing wise, but statement wise I have issues. The second set is really just her in a bathing suit and screams “Look at me! I’m still relevant! Miley isn’t the only one who can be in the news!” The third set I don’t even know what to do with. The fourth set does seem more classic Gaga, it’s not flattering or even nice to look at but it’s her character. The last set is again typical but at least makes a statement that isn’t offensive or attention grabbing for the wrong reasons.

    • Yes – I didn’t say it as pithily as “post-Miley tragic” but that is what I meant!

    • Erica_Vuitton

      There is no “statement” being made she’s holding a stuffed pig a gift from a fan, how is that offensive to you?

      • Imasewsure

        Everything she wears, carries or says is staged so I’d have to agree that I don’t love the infantile “statement” either but I’ve seen worse

        • Erica_Vuitton

          There is no statement that’s what I’m trying to say. I can’t explain the concept of her iTunes performance being Swinefest she had dancers dressed as pigs, she wore a glittered pig mask, fans threw stuffed animals at her. It was a whole thing. So really… no statement. Just a gift from a fan who’s into the Swinefest concept.

          • But she is only carrying a stuffed toy when the rest of her costume is sort of sweet Loli infantilised.

      • ankali

        If that’s a gift that she was just handed a few minutes before the photos were taken, then I am relieved. If it’s a stuffed animal that she’s carrying around as an accessory, then I have an issue with it for the same reason TLo does.

    • Little_Olive

      To me, the second one is very Gaga but in the “Yes, I wear a white bathing suit though my legs are less than perfect” thing. ‘sokay in her “we are all beautiful” message.
      Which does not necessarily contend TLo’s assessment.

  • Judy_S

    I love that cape in the last photo.

    • Fanny_Trollope

      J’adore the cape. Boy, I’ll bet she sweating in it, though.

  • Kate Andrews

    I like the cape in the fourth grouping. It’s nifty, like something Sherlock might wear.

  • fiddlecub

    Love the final look. I am reminded of some of Cristobal Balenciaga’s shaped, voluminous classics.

  • blogless

    “We could write a couple thousand angry words about a woman who sets herself up as a role model going out of her way to infantilize herself by carrying around a pink teddy bear, but we don’t have the energy and besides, you’d get bored.”

    No we wouldn’t. I love this.

    • blogless

      I’m going to reply to my own comment by adding that the second group of pictures bothers me more because it’s so contrary to her earlier proclamations about the importance of young girls having healthy and realistic body images and self-esteem. In those shots it’s not about style but just showing off what a great body she has now (no dispute there) – and it does reek of desperation in its own way and I really didn’t think she’d go there. She’s contradicting her own prior (fantastic) message.

      • formerlyAnon

        That contradiction seems to be, eventually, an almost inevitably present contradiction with successful female pop star advocates of any form of (terms used inexactly:) girl power/female empowerment message, eventually.

        There is absolutely a discussion to be had discussing the institutionalized and internalized forces that create the phenomenon. I do not have the energy.

      • ankali

        When you say she has a great body “now”, does that imply she didn’t used to? I’ve seen a couple of references to her having lost weight recently, and it confuses me because I don’t see any difference between now and, say, the “Poker Face” video.

        • blogless

          For a while she was getting a lot of flack for putting on weight and these wonderful internets were replete with unflattering pictures, especially of her backside. I understand that would make anyone feel bad but she came out with some really great things to say in response about how these types of criticisms were terrible for young girls and their self-image.

          I loved it, which is why it made me sad to see the pictures of her now seemingly trying so hard to show how hot she is – like pretty much everyone else in the entertainment biz.

    • largishbearishAtlish

      I can’t sew, but am sure I could sew a better outfit than this. yech. Go to ANY sci-fi convention (aka “cosplay”) and you will and can see better looks than some of the crud she has been wearing lately… (google Yaya Han). A shame.
      The last 2 pics are the REAL DEAL Gaga, this is the Gaga I love(d?). art and fashion and a wink, come back come back!

      • demidaemon

        I think it’s a lack of focus. Think: if you had to wear seventeen outfits in a day, chances are half (at least) would be boring and/or batshit insane. If she just focused and didn’t mind going more than one place in the same outfit, there would be better quality. Pro: we wouldn’t half to sit through a post of seventy percent shit outfits to get to the good stuff. Con: We would lose out on some of TLo’s wisdom and commentary.

  • queeniethebold

    Alas, and au contraire: She does, in fact, look stupid. Stewpit. Stoopit.

    • hellkell


  • mlle

    The bustier in her first look is doing nothing for her breasts; the second look isn’t an outfit, it’s a see through bathing suit; the last two costumey looks are fun; she looks better with her natural hair than in any of those wigs; I still wish she would go away.

    • 3boysful


    • AnneElliot

      If those last pics are her natural hair, I love it (and wish I could get my hair to do that). But she has so many wigs I haven’t the faintest idea of what her natural hair looks like.

  • Leslie Streeter

    So…bored…I love that look with the boxy tweed for the same reason you do – it’s fun, edgy and stylish. The rest of it, especially the bathing suit…bored.

  • mjude

    i do love the boxy tweed jacket.

  • MilaXX

    The Miley ripoff is an all time low. Only the last look comes even close to the Gaga we used to know.

    • marlie

      But can you imagine how fabulous it would have been if it were a well-deployed *mocking* of Miley? Lady Gaga missed a great opportunity here to say “child, THIS is how it’s done.”

      • MilaXX

        Jon Stewart did a better mocking of Miley. Not sure how Gaga could top that. Miley herself is a bit of a mockery since her looks appear to be “borrowed” from so many who have done it better before her.

  • Rhonda Shore

    *yawns* at most of Steffi’s costume changes.

  • Paigealicious

    Not that surprising about her recycling shoes. She’s been wearing these boots since at least the Applause video. Previously she was obsessed with those black “hoof” boots and never seemed to take them off. The last “look” is my fave. She must be giving her old looks a nod with the hairbow and mickey ears…

    • marlie

      It seems like she didn’t used to recycle shoes so soon after she wore them (with the exception of the hoof shoes, which were certainly a “thing” for a while). Now it seems more frequent. I don’t have a problem with it, but I certainly notice it.

  • flamingoNW

    The last one made me smile. The rest just leave me confused or rolling my eyes.

  • marlie

    The last look (and maybe the second-to-last) are the “fashionista” Gaga. Sure, she’s always been a bit loony, but she’s been the poster child for avante-garde fashion, the last looks is why people keep turning back in to see what she was wearing.

    That white bodysuit (and the babydoll dress, to a certain extent) smack of desperation, and… something else. I think TLo’s thesis on her infantilizing herself would get into it much better than I could.

  • Cathy S

    I like that last one, but that’s it.

  • Erica_Vuitton

    That’s NOT a stuffed bear meant to make her look “infantile” its a stuffed pig probably handed to her by a fan in support of one of her new songs Swine. Most of the time you’re on it but that comment is 100% off the mark Uncles.

    I love how she wears little known designers (look one and three) and The Bubble Dress 2.0 is a work of tech art.

    The bodysuit is just underpinnings for the bubble dress/jacket I’m not offended by it nor do I think its a Miley nod.

    • Sarah

      If it’s just an underpinning, why is she wearing it out? And with different shoes? I get that you’re a fan, but she did wear it out and about, for whatever reason. It is just a matter of opinion on whether or not it looks sad and desperate for her to do so.

      • marlie

        I agree with you on this one. Seems like the “old” Gaga almost never went out only half-dressed (unless that was the whole “look”).

      • Erica_Vuitton

        She wore the bubble dress first with the saw blade shoes (yes saw blades!!) leaving her performance at the iTunes Festival. She took off the dress and added the coat walking into the club. She changed into (for her) more comfortable shoes and didn’t wear the jacket when leaving the club (prob drunk AF). Quick change artist.

        • Sarah

          Okay, that makes sense – for Gaga, anyway. I don’t really think she’s nodding to Miley either (why would she?) but it doesn’t matter what she meant – she’s in a biz where perception is everything. I perceive her nipple flowers, and I wish she would’ve put some pants on. But that’s just me.

    • marlie

      I’m not trying to be confrontational, but how do we know it’s a gift from a fan and not her own prop? If it’s a gift that a fan just handed her as she exited her hotel, that’s one thing. If it’s a prop, then it is intended to make a statement (whatever that may be).

      • Erica_Vuitton

        She has a number of fan sites with galleries showing her walking down the stairs empty handed and then walking over to the fans and walking away she has the pig. YouTube her performance of Swine you’ll get it.

        • marlie

          Thanks. No – I get the performance, and I get why the pig is relevant, but I was wondering where this particular pig came from.

  • formerlyAnon

    That final outfit: Girl’s on her game. Or at least, the part of her game that interests me. May she gravitate to that spot for good, eventually.

  • hellkell

    Eh, the whole thing’s starting to reek of desperation at this point.

    • Rhonda Shore


    • kimmeister


    • Getoverit

      With all the parading around in costumes when does she have time to create her “POP ART?” I am sure I flubbed that up somehow.

      Also – why is she holding her belly in the onesie pics?

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    I don’t understand how someone could wear shoes like that after having major hip surgery. You’d think she would be under doctor advisement to wear more sensible shoes–they could still be fabulous, but perhaps not require handlers to assist while walking.

    • marlie

      Perhaps that’s WHY she’s using her handlers to help her walk. There are a number of infamous pre-surgery photos of her wiping out in those crazy-high heels.

      But, yeah, I can’t imagine that Gaga (unlike mere mortals) would be practical and say “no more heels for me.”

    • 3boysful

      Really! And for all the talk that heels are “empowering,” and they are, to a certain extent/height, wearing shoes in which you can take only tiny, tottering steps does the opposite. Just don’t get this hoof-y, super-platform, stiletto nonsense.

      • marlie

        The right heels, at the right time, and on the right person are hella empowering, sexy, and appropriate. Teetering on 4 inch platform heels at a major league baseball game, when one can barely walk in them is not empowering (recalling someone my bf and I saw at a game just a couple of days ago).

    • Beardslee

      What? She had hip surgery?

      • twigg


  • Therese Bohn

    The shoulder pads on the fourth one remind me of Romulans. I just wonder what’s under it.

  • Imasewsure

    Like the last outfit and laughing (AT not WITH) the rest, particularly when she is serving up Joey Ramone realness in that hideous black wig

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    What if Gaga is the reason all the designers have to put out a collection every two months now?

  • MsMajestyk

    Love the cape! As much as I miss HGH, I’m loving the new, hot, bald handler. What a beast.

  • GorgeousThings

    I miss Hot Ginger Handler.

    There, I said it.

    • carolynmo

      Me, too!

    • Pennymac

      I said it on last weeks Steffi post; playing spot the HGH made her appearances something I looked forward to. As for her multiple personalitied wardrobe, Meh. Trying too hard in every look except the Thom Brown cape/dress/snuggie thing.

    • formerlyAnon

      And thank-you for saying so. I’ve decided that as an [allegedly] functioning adult, I’ve made that comment as many times as I reasonably should, or maybe a few more, in recent months. So I’m happy to pass the baton to others. I see an unending chain, years of us taking our several-months turn, no single individual appearing to be too, too far from reality.

    • Alloy Jane

      You know, I think this is why I’m so bored with the many manymanymany photos of her. No hot ginger handler = no interest. I keep looking for him and his absence makes me sad. I don’t think I ever realized what a big part he played in my eagerness to look at Lady Gaga pics. Just goes to show, you never know what you have until you lose it. *sigh*

  • NoveltyRocker

    The bubbles thing is delightful but on first glance, that contraption took me back to my back brace wearing days ~cringe~

  • Monday1900

    This makes me long for the days when it took Madonna years to come up with a new look (and it paid off).

  • Qitkat

    Honestly? I don’t care any more.

  • elemspbee

    First two: desperada. Why is she covering her bellybutton in that see through onesie?

    Love the structural get up, and the last piece. Guess I like her in structural get ups.

  • Trickytrisha

    This woman has enough actual talent to be at the top without the circus (or more accurately, carny side/freak show) that she uses to present herself. She’s lovely without the bizarro crap, sings well, writes well, and has enough money to do what she pleases. It’s a shame she decides to be a preening, mincing joke to the 98% of the world that isn’t in her little monster brigade. And yes, the cape is cool. The rest is sad.

  • decormaven

    The last look is the only one I can really back with conviction. Really disappointed in how this is playing out.

  • Joyce VG


  • bertkeeter

    There is enough Camel Toe in some of those pics to keep Michael Kors screaming for a week!

    • SouthernGirlRena

      It says a lot that I didn’t even notice she had on mouse ears in that black and white jumpsuit because the camel toe was so distracting.

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    I would love to know how she walks in those shoes.

  • Miss WKS


    and zzzzz.

    • Alloy Jane

      I heartily agree with this sentiment. I wish she would stop though, it’s just pointless for her to keep doing this if she’s going to half-ass it (no pun intended).

  • BrooklynBomber

    I like her haircut. That’s all I’ve got.

  • Lilithcat

    I don’t think you’re being mean to Steffi. Poor girl has got herself in a box. She obviously feels that, having established that image, she has to dress crazy and keep topping herself, and that’s a tough thing to do and still not look desperate. Girl needs to calm down.

  • quiltrx

    Always nice to see HBH looking fine in the backgrounds (though I miss HGH)!
    I really like the cape. Though, if I could have one, I’d likely wear pants with it. 🙂

  • Linda LaPaz

    Hot handler in suit in the first photo is quite the slice!

  • Jan de la Rosa

    So, she’s wearing, literally, a bubble making machine dress and we are bored. What’s the world come to?

  • Trisha26

    As I said before, and will say again, I LOVE her. Love the Thom Browne coat and the bubble dress. Not excusing or justifying, but the pink teddy bear could have been a gift from a fan (I didn’t see her walking out of the hotel with it so have no idea) and it could be a pig, one of her new songs is SWINE.

  • Where has Hot GInger Handler gone? I miss him.

    • harlowish

      I thought I noticed him handling another starlet in a set of photos I saw earlier this week, but now I can’t remember who it was or where I saw it.

      • formerlyAnon

        Well, you have your brief when/if you spot him again, yes?

        • harlowish

          The Bitter Kittens will be the first to know! (Actually, I was so excited when I saw him I almost emailed TLo to tell them.)

    • formerlyAnon

      TLo said a few Gaga posts ago that he’s set up his own security firm.

  • YoungSally

    Love the Thom Browne…it’s like the little sister of David Byrne’s big white suit.

  • crash1212

    Two things I love about this post: 1) the magnificent stank-eye being deployed by body guard in first picture; 2) that last look…would cut somebody for that coat.

  • You know what men, what I get from the first few looks is ‘Steffi is making fun of us.’ Seriously. I agree with you that I like her best when she has a sense of humor but to me, though they are not her most exciting outfits, I find the first three purposefully hysterical. Teddy bears, bathing suits, robot costumes. She’s having some fun with us.

  • conniemd

    The back view of the see through swim suit is bad in so many ways, not the least of which is the way the suit is riding up on her buttocks.

  • broke&fashionable

    I can’t stop looking at the crotch fit on the second to last one. Bleh.

  • Houndstooth camel toe. #vomit

  • pookiesmom


    • demidaemon

      Ah, foaming vagina, you have appeared in front of our eyes once again. Yay.

  • ankali

    She is made for Thom Browne and vice versa, but I kind of wish she’d chosen one of his showier pieces.

  • I think the more desperate her attempts to seem unusual and interesting, the more boring she becomes.

  • carnush

    Oh thank god she’s over there now.

  • Kent Roby

    I 100% agree with my dear uncles on the assessments of each of those outfits. And Bald Handler has me all Yentyl Babs singing “There’s no chill, and yet I shiver”. Dayum!

  • knockknockknockpenny

    One of her new songs is called “swine”, hence the cute pink pig. Love the Thom Browne

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    It seems she has created a situation wherein she cannot leave her house without being photographed and therefore she must “turn it out” every time she goes out. That alone makes me so tired just thinking about it. I kinda feel sorry for her, but she’s making the big bucks so I don’t feel too bad.

  • I haven’t been following her very much but from what little I’ve seen, does it seem like some of the whimsy is gone out of her style? Like she’s trying to wean everyone off her previous looks and lower the expectations for her? I’ve been getting that kind of a vibe from her lately.

  • AnotherJulie

    She looks like fun and doesn’t take herself seriously. Her music is upbeat and fun and her concerts must be amazing. She is obv a tough cookie (setting herself up for criticism w/her outfits) but also seems like she would be a nice person. With the exception of the sheer white leotard, which I agree is sadly desperate, the rest is silly but not hurting anybody.

    I find her WAY less offensive than Miley Cyrus who was literally a role model to 5-year old girls as Hannah Montana.

    • demidaemon

      True. At least some of the time there is a bit of a wink and a nod with what she is doing. I don’t get that with Miley.

      • AnotherJulie

        Exactly. Steffi knows it’s all an act, then she goes home and hangs out with her decent, supportive parents. Miley C unfortunately doesn’t have anyone stopping her from crossing the line from fun into vulgar.

  • vitaminC

    The first thought I had when I saw the cover photo was, “What the hell happened to Diane Keaton?!” Probably not the look she was going for.

  • I like the last two outfits, but all the enforced edginess is exhausting. The teddy bear doesn’t bug me, probably since I’m a middle aged Hello Kitty fan and a full on feminist.

  • dschubba

    She’s bringing that Penny Marshall realness in the 4th look.

  • Corsetmaker

    Oh please do a google image search for Hilary Devey 😀 Black wigged, extreme shoulder padded businesswoman and Dragon’s Den regular. I thought Madonna was channelling her at the Met ball, but Gaga has really gone for it!