Girl, That’s Not Your Emmys 2013 Dress: Lena Dunham in Prada

Posted on September 23, 2013

This makes us weep.



“Girls” star Lena Dunham attends the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California in a custom Prada gown paired with Neil Lane jewelry.

Because that fabric is absolutely stunning, and does, in fact, look amazing with Lena’s coloring.

But we are constantly amazed by the ways in which white-hot stardom gets people to agree to things they probably never would have under other circumstances. In other words, the people responsible for this look, like her stylist or the rep from Prada, were obviously struck blind by the fact that Lena’s a big deal right now. Because if this was worn by any woman lower on the fame ladder than Lena, everyone involved would have taken it right off her and found something else for her. This OBVIOUSLY is not her dress. The shape is absolutely horrible. We were going to add, “for her,” at the end of that last sentence, but we think it’s a pretty bad shape for anyone. There’s no shape or structure to the top, which kind of hangs on her; the waist sits way too high, and the skirt is almost ridiculously full.

Its time for her style defenders to give up on the whole “She’s not into fashion/this is all just a joke to her/she’s just trolling the red carpet” argument. You don’t wear a custom-made Prada gown to the Emmys because you hate fashion. You don’t match your eyeshadow to your dress because you don’t care. She’s trying to be stylish and she’s largely failing at it because she doesn’t know how and no one’s willing to say “Lena, that’s really not your dress.”





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  • prettybigkitty

    This makes me laugh.

  • Alloy Jane

    I laughed out loud. Good times. I mean, from the “coppertone baby” posing to the RIDICULOUS, unflattering eye makeup, and of course, that hilarious toilet paper cover dress, how could I not laugh?

  • Mariah J

    It’s a shame that they ruined a lovely fabric by making a horrible dress out of it 🙁

  • Miranda Prince

    Lena Dunham is way slimmer than that dress makes her look.

  • kalisa

    Sometimes I think they get so caught up looking at the dress (“It’s so pretty!”) that they miss somehow seeing themselves in it (“I look so pretty!”).

  • Ma. Gabriella Dutari

    I don’t like the shape of the skirt. I also don’t like that she matched her eyeshadow to the dress (like January Jones did). But I really like the fabric and think the bodice is not that bad?

  • Jrae

    the eyeshadow makes her look like she has strabismus….

  • jabes

    I like the dress from the side (although she could have used some support in the bust) and from the back. It’s just the front that bothers me, with those weird pleats or whatever they are. And if she had a lighter hand with the eye shadow, I would have liked that, too.

  • quiltrx

    The bodice is way too much Nothing to deal with all that Something in the skirt.
    It’s a shame–the fabric is lovely, and I bet it would have made a great Dior-ish shorter dress.

  • Weeping right along with you. What’s up with the makeup?

  • saintebeuve

    Like most people here, I don’t think this is the right dress for LD, but damn if she doesn’t rub a lot of people the wrong way.

  • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    I think the worst sin of this look is the fact that the dress is HUGE. I’m pretty sure that the so-called “waist” is supposed to hit right below the bust, but this is so ridiculously big that it was bound to look like a tent.

  • demidaemon

    Let’s talk about that eyeshadow for a minute. Not only is it a bad idea to match your eye make-up to your dress, it is also horridly applied. When you notice it more coming out of the crease between your eye and nose than where it should be (on the eye, of course), something has gone horribly wrong in the application. Lena needs to fire her entire team and start over. And also learn to wear a proper bra and give her girls some support and wear dresses that can hide that support–no more spaghetti straps, definitely. Strapless is conditional upon getting a proper strapless bra.

  • the only thing that really botheres me here is the eye-shadow. yes, she looks “big” in that dress, but she *is* big, right? no need to try and “conceal” that, if thats even possible, right? or am i just not getting it? (im a fag, so thats entirely a possibility.)

    • poggi

      I kind of agree, she doesn’t need to hide the fact that she is bigger than the typical woman on the red carpet. But when I wear a dress I generally want to create a nice hourglass with my clothes (maybe a bigger hourglass than any Hollywood star but an hourglass none-the-less). This dress gives her an unflattering trapezoidal shape–it seems to obscure any difference between her waist, chest and hips.

      But I also wholeheartedly agree on the eyeshadow.

  • I blame Prada entirely for the fit of that dress. She’s paying for custom, which includes someone being knowledgeable and in charge and saying HONEY NO when it’s called for. I know she can come off as a bit of a twit, but this is unacceptable. Poor thing.

  • Oh, I just thought she was trying to make herself look as terrible as possible (and terrifying. That eye makeup makes me jumpy.)

  • berlinmama

    I agree with ReadBarbara: she must be trying to make herself look horrible, I guess?

  • Melissa

    I literally said, “Oh my god,” out loud when I saw that dress. WHAT IN THE WORLD.

  • Miranda Neville

    I want that fabric for curtains.

  • She’s in desperate need of a real enough friend to just say no.

  • Mojone

    Love her. Love the fabric. There’s just way too much of it for a chubby person. Maybe Claire Danes should have worn it instead of what she wore. But Lena – save the top and wear it with jeans or a short black skirt.

    • Mojone

      And put an open jacket over it.

  • Lena please show off your hip to waist ratio and legs!

  • granite5

    Just wanted to say that I never understood your hatred of this dress. I think it is interesting, quirky, and fits Lena’s body — and personality –extremely well.