Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2014 Collection

Posted on September 09, 2013

From the show notes, DVF implores us to “Be your own oasis … an unexpected source of renewal, serenity, and beauty,” which is kind of funny, because a lot of these ladies look like they’re not interested so much in serenity as they are in a night on the town. But that’s always been the DVF dichotomy of empowerment via the dance floor. It still works all these years later because it’s so appealing; the idea of expressing your strength through clothing, while at the same time showing off your ability to be fun, spontaneous and sexy. It may be too tall an order for most ladies to fill, but the aspiration is sound and DVF will always make sure you’ve got something fabulous to wear for your attempts. This is one of the most-fun shows of Fashion Week and we both turned to each other when Naomi Freaking Campbell came out to walk the runway and said, like any two self-respecting fashion queens would, “We can die happy now. We saw Naomi walk.”

Bold, bright, sexy, fun, strong. It’s all there, like it always is with DVF.





[Photo Credit: IMAXtree]

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  • Lucía Gavello

    DVF never fails to give me a case of the WANTS.

    • PlethoraofBooks

      There are several pieces that I would happily do almost anything (donate a kidney? Not a problem) for about 90% of this collection. I want jumpsuits… and that is not something I normally EVER say.

      • ballerinawithagun

        I love the black and white jumpsuit!

  • Frank_821

    That one model looks like Julianne Moore. Yes a fun set of prints as one would expect from DVF

    • Ginny Ellsworth

      I thought so too but I think it is the gorgeous Karen Elson.

    • Monzerrat Ontiveros

      so you don’t know anything about fashion models…

    • random_poster

      And, honestly, Julianne should pay some attention. She could rock a lot of this.

    • Alloy Jane

      She really does, doesn’t she? DVF needs to send her that fourth gown from the bottom. So beautiful. I love almost all of it, and what I don’t love, I like.

      • Imasewsure

        She would just cut it in half, and sew it together with some ugly half dress she already has hanging in her closet… you know Julianne makes those herself, right? No other explanation is possible….

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    Ya know, a lot of these pieces remind me of Michael Knight’s finale collection years ago. From the safari prints to the gold pieces, I’m getting flashbacks.

    Maybe this is the collection Michael meant to make instead of the cruddy one he ended up making.

    • throwaneyeonthis

      I think you are on to something. I felt something familiar as I scrolled down the pictures but couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Season 3 reigns as the best season of Project Runway.

    • DuBey2

      Yes, and I was so disappointed because Michael was so outstanding in the early part of the season. I was hoping he’d have the best finale, but that was not to be.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    Can you imagine being one of the other models in this show, finding out you have to share a runway with La Campbell herself? I’d have fled in abject terror, shrieking “I am not worthy!” all the way.

    LOVE this show. DVF, like Tracy Reese, exemplifies fashion as fun.

    • marlie

      Fun, and wearable, classic, and stylish pieces that ANY woman could wear.

    • Her models look like they are going somewhere and that they’re happy to be doing it. And for the most part, they have a little meat on their bones and don’t make you wonder how their legs are supporting them. Happy clothes for happy models = sales to happy customers.

  • Gotta give it up for the gal. BOY HOWDY does she know what she’s doing. Great shapes, most of it wearable by a huge range of ages and sizes. The color play is delicious. Great work, DVF.

    • Ms_Flyover

      You nailed the appeal, for me at least, with the “huge range of ages and sizes.” Rather than having to appreciate the artistry or interest of her clothes, I can actually envision wearing them.

      And she is still the Goddess of prints.

    • conniemd

      I remember the challenge with DVF on PR where they got to use her fabrics. She really has a great eye for what will be striking. I own a DVF maroon sweater cape that is ages old but still fashionable and looks great with a lot of of looks. The woman is timeless and dresses all women.

  • lexilexi

    Just curious, TLo, what makes one model stand out from another? To me they are all skinny, unhappy/and or angry. Of course, they are instructed to look that way. Do some strut differently that others – with more attitude?

    • shelbywoo

      most of these models have that smirky look women get when they look way better than normal. A “my ass looks GREAT in this” expression, if you will.

    • marlie

      Most of these models look maybe a little smug, but a lot of models in other collections look downright dour. But that’s usually all based on their art direction. Someone tells them to mold their faces that way.

      I think some of the differences between models is also in the way that they walk, which we obviously can’t see just from the pictures, but there can be a lot of differences in that respect.

      • golden_valley

        These girls are human hangers. We’re just supposed to see clothes moving so the walk is important and the face really isn’t. Still photos show us something that people sitting the audience don’t see.

      • MoHub

        I still remember Jay McCarroll instructing the models for his PR finale collection to walk like real people and eschew the usual walk and facial expressions. I will always love him for that.

        • Several years ago, TLo featured an Isaac Mizrahi show where the models were told to just have fun. It was a pleasure to watch and made the clothes look that much better.

    • altissima

      At least somè of the models in us show are actually smiling! In the Victoria Beckham show they all looked positively pissed off.

      • demidaemon

        Well, considering that VB basically designs for herself, the models were probably told to “act like VB would.” They just took that direction to its natural conclusion.

      • AnneElliot

        The fact that some of the models had real smiles stood out for me immediately. And it’s really refreshing to see some real ethnic diversity in the models. I love DVF more than ever because of that.

      • Micaela Cannon

        the only model I see smiling is the asian in the white dress with red strapes, and then again in the blue wrap dress. and i dont blame her….girl has got adorable cheekbones.

        • wontons

          I’m surprised by how that dress captivates me. I’m a hippiechick who never met a print she didn’t like, and DVF has lots of amazing ones here. But that white with the red…stunning.

  • gabbilevy

    Love this so much.

    • Clueless_Jock

      Great clothes. Beautiful models.

  • hughman

    And then there’s Naomi, like the kooky inscrutable toy you find at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box.

  • MilaXX

    FABULOUS! I think I fell in love with this collection somewhere around the white tunic/pants look. Not too crazy about the cork like patterned stuff, but soooo happy to see another collection using, bright saturated colors.

  • Synnae

    DVF- love the prints and the shapes. As usual. Those red-white-blue maxi-dresses (or skirt/blouse)? WANT! RIGHT NOW!
    I love the midi-skirts too, esp. that brown A-line with the pockets, but as I’m tall (6’2″) they are a no-no as every single retail DVF midi dress/skirt always ends at an awkward mid-thigh length for me.

    Also loads of great wedges although I am getting a bit worried by now as almost all NYC S/S collections seems to have one or more pairs of summer lace-up sandals/wedges. They look great but usually hurt like hell when you actually wear them..

    • Agreed. The red/white/blue print is my favorite. I think the first is a maxi while the second is separates.

  • Rand Ortega


  • Ashley Ellen Wilson

    Ooh–I love THAT….and THAT….and THAT….and THAT…..AND THAT OH GOD I LOVE THAT….and THAT…and on and on

  • Kate4queen

    I love the skirts and tops best I think but overall lovely as usual. 🙂

  • Jacquelyn

    I will take one of everything please.

    • oekmama

      If we did that, we’d never be able to get dressed in the morning….How to choose just one look? I know! We could change for lunch and dinner!

  • GillianHolroyd

    It all looks very random. (shrug)

  • Katesymae

    The Naomi/grand finale dress looks a little underwhelming. And slouchy in the bust/torso. Maybe it was the kind that’s uber-fabulous in person, because how could you dress that fine diva in anything but the best?

    • oekmama

      Agree, actually. I was enjoying the looks, that I almost forgot I was looking out for Naomi. And then her dress wasn’t so free-flowing. Made her look a bit thick around the middle, sadly.

      • Katesymae

        Totally agree. I think I would’ve preferred her in the next-to-last dress – the maxi. Maybe she wanted to show off the gams?

  • vitaminC

    Love everything except the lace-up detailing–to me, that’ll never look anything but tacky as hell or renfair.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    So many cute little skirts! Lots of nice mix and match separates — I’m all over this one.

  • marlie

    There are more than a dozen pieces that I would sell a kidney to own. The pieces that are subtly 70s-referential are GORGEOUS. The ones that lose me are the pieces that are a little too literally ’70s’ – too costume-y. But for the most part, the color palette is beautiful and vibrant; especially the blues.

  • tereliz

    Love the patterned textiles, especially that cork-looking fabric. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I DVF’s use of bra tops for spring is quite lovely.

    • marlie

      I suppose if one is going to wear a bra top, at least you can wear one that actually seems to provide some real coverage.

  • UsedtobeEP

    I love that blue and zebra-ish wrap dress above all else. Well, not zebra more like squiggly. Black and white. Whatever. This is a great collection.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    You can always count on DVF to deliver the goods. There are so many wearable (by me) pieces here.

  • elemspbee

    is that naomi campbell, looking a litl like Angela Bassett?

  • Kristobel

    Applause to DVF for using women of color in her show. And for designing a jumpsuit that I actually like. More so for the first one.

  • steeg of their own

    Her models seem to smile more and look a lot more comfortable in their clothes than at any of the other shows at fashion week. It’s not as thematic as some of the other collections, but there are more pieces that I’d love to wear here than at most other shows.

    • AnneElliot

      Yes, they actually look like real women who want to wear these clothes — and seem happy to be wearing them.

  • LaSylphide

    Likable collection. And what a pleasure it is to see models with good makeup. They all look like beautiful women instead of three-day-old corpses.

  • Miss WKS

    THIS is how you do it.

  • MissusBee

    What I love is that some of the simplest pieces are, to me, the most fabulous. If a regular person wore them (which they could) it would scream elegance from about ten blocks away without looking like you’re trying too hard.

  • queeniethebold

    i’m sure it’s a pretty delish experience to get to see Miss Campbell do the walk in person. That said, the still of her is majorly underwhelming. The dress isn’t that sensational, whereas most of the other items in this collection are really and truly fabulous (as are many of the other models — particularly the non-Caucasian ones — very, very striking … and yes, i do know that models = nothing but clotheshorses, but still: it’s hard NOT to look at their faces and gauge their expressions, or lack thereof, sometimes). The vivid oranges and blues are breathtaking! The collection is pretty spectacular.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I love DVF. Her clothes have a magic quality – kind of a ‘throw this on and hey, I’m fabulous.’ Gorgeous colours and patterns, as always.

  • LearnedFoot

    It’s funny – I saw bandage dresses in the Herve Leger collection and yawned. More of the same old, same old. I see wrap dresses in a DVF collection and want them all, in all the colors. Maybe some “classics” are more classic than others?

    • demidaemon

      There is also this:

      Bandage dresses = wearable by .5% of the female population

      Wrap dress = almost universally flattering.

  • oklund

    Want everything in this collection. Want, want, want and want. Also, smiling models is a great idea – hope this becomes mainstream.

  • Erica_Vuitton

    And here is the post where I reach my fashion week limit. Crochet crop tops? Lion King print dresses? Zebra tunic shirts?? Gold lame short shorts? !? I’m done.

  • NinjaCate

    I actually didn’t even pay attention to the clothing because I’m so distracted and impressed with how diverse the runway is. Was that so hard? Geez.

    • conniemd

      Asian, dark black, light black, swedish blonde, brunette. She may have missed the noticeably Hispanic, but basically she hit on all cylinders of women skin tones.

      • CKMia

        There’s Joan Smalls who is from Puerto Rico. I’ll take that.

      • AnneElliot

        Hats off to DVF and Tracy Reese for having two of the best shows so far AND having ethnically diverse models.

  • filmcricket

    Well I’ll go against the grain and say I don’t care for much of it. There are about two looks that appeal here, and the rest look like Disney’s Lion Safari. I also don’t get the idea that these are wearable by all shapes and sizes – anyone over a size 4 could not wear the vast majority of this stuff without looking like a Golden Girl.

    • Erica_Vuitton

      I swear I made a comment about hating the Lion King dresses too but it either didn’t post or got deleted! That’s all I can see. Mufasa Chic.

      • julnyes

        and that kinda makes me love it actually. I would absolutely wear the shorter shift dress with the lion walking across it and be freakishly happy while strutting down the street.

    • SylviaFowler

      DVF spent New Year’s holiday in Kenya per her instagram.

  • Poeta Paz

    I would loose weight and go to the gym to wear these clothes. Love it!

  • crash1212

    Beautiful. I love the update shape of her wrap dress…the fuller skirt is fun and flirty. As usual, I love her textiles.

  • It looks like it literally kills some of these models to smile.

  • RoseJB

    I never thought I’d want to wear a lion dress so badly, but there it is.

  • quiltrx

    That skirt in the first picture had me at hello! Great collection–you can tell it’s DVF, but it never looks dated or tired, even when referring back to her classic styles.

  • I love that many of the models are smiling! And DVF is walking the talk about diversity with the models.

  • mariahwg

    Actual diversity. Thank you DVF.

  • PastryGoddess

    I want one of everything. I really need to get working on winning the lottery

  • Akmall Razlan

    Piece that Karlie wear on the runway is amazing, it is DVF herself, could not deny that resemblance. Love it very much!!.

    • Akmall Razlan

      Pieces on Naomi is awful! i mean, it great but the fitting of the dress is incredibly poor. It looks like Naomi has a 40 inches waist. NO good.

  • Granny panties

    Wow gorgeous collection. I’ve always loved full skirts that flare out below the hip bone. I have a big difference between the size of my waist and hips and that shape looks amazing on my body type. Beautiful prints.

  • Lilyana_F

    Favorite collection so far. Gorgeous prints and textures! She just knows what works on women, different types of women.

  • fursa_saida

    I enjoy many, though not all, of these clothes, but I’m so excited to see such a high (relatively) proportion of models of color!

  • WittyCism

    I should print these in post it sizes and stick them on my fridge door, to remind myself that I want to get thin because I want to wear this!

  • MoHub

    DVF is the Empress of Fashion.

  • I love DVF, the woman and the clothes ( and those amazing fabrics). But on to the really important: YOU SAW NAOMI WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love the first polka dotty skirt and the later moto jacket in the same print, need to put those on my wish list.

  • nyazgirl

    TOTALLY reminded me of Michaels (Proj Runway) “Urban Safari” collection!!!!

  • MaggieMae

    My favorite so far!

  • formerlyAnon

    I never love more than a handful out of each of her collections, but they’re stacked solid with “likes.” She really is good at making clothes that will work in many women’s actual lives – patrician or peasant.

  • If I was stranded on a desert island and I could only take one designer with me, it would be her. The serenity comes from wearing clothes that are easy to wear but chic and ALWAYS make you look good. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Mich

    LOVE LOVE LOVE.. I would die for that first dress!

  • Shawn EH

    Really intriguing selection of models, though the hair’s a little boring and limp. So seventies and disco, I suppose.

  • MannahattaMamma

    DVF wins not because of her clothes (which are great) but because her models aren’t an endless parade of lanky white girls. white white white, everywhere. Vive DVF