Cover Girl: Eva Mendes for Lucky Magazine

Posted on September 06, 2013

Miss Eva does the sultry thing for Lucky mag. To be fair, she does the sultry thing just by breathing.


Eva Mendes covers the October 2013 issue of Lucky magazine in Jason Wu.


“I’ll do anything for a role. For A Place Beyond the Pines, I exercised a lot. I wanted my character to feel really depleted. My mom didn’t understand why I would want to look that way. She’s constantly telling me I’m too skinny!” 

“You can ask about my boyfriend. I just won’t answer,” she says with a wink. Yet her private life is just a click away. “The way my mother keeps track of me is looking me up,” she says. “I say, ‘Please, Mother, don’t Google me!’ “

On feeling beautiful on her “off” days: “Of course, to feel beautiful, you have to have healthy self-esteem and work on yourself, and that can be hard,” she says. “And there are days when I don’t feel great, but I put on my favorite dress and throw a scarf in my hair, and it makes all the difference. Hopefully my line can do that for women. Even if you’re not feeling your best, let’s admit it, the right outfit–it helps.”

She looks great, but we can’t help feeling they missed an opportunity to put her in the prints and head scarves she favors for her street style, and which tend to look amazing on her.



[Photo Credit: Lucky Magazine]

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  • Latin Buddy

    Guuuurl, lay off the highlights. Are they still a “thing”? More subtle streaks look best ladies.

  • nyazgirl

    The 3/4 sleeve and zip clear up to her chin make her look like a bobble head. Stylin’ gone wrong!

    • MGMcD

      I’d also guess that’s a bit of the good old Photochop too. They love to shrink bodies for mag covers while leaving heads the same size.

  • sk8tfan

    She has such strong features and gorgeous skin and hair color that she can wear vivid and bold prints that many other women can’t so it’s a pity they didn’t go that route. Still, I like that jacket on her. Actually, I’d like that jacket on me. The effect wouldn’t be quite the same.

    • foodycatAlicia

      I would very much like that jacket on me. In a slightly larger size…

      • Jacqueline Wessel

        Me too!!

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    I think she is one of the most beautiful female celebrities out there.

    • Clueless_Jock

      I agree!

    • Monzerrat Ontiveros

      She’s in the Hillary Swank category..

  • MilaXX

    Nice cover. I like when the photoshop fairies use a more delicate touch.

    • NMMagpie

      I was just thinking the same thing! ^5

  • marlie

    The tiny, cropped jacket makes her head look too big for her frame. Either that, or way too aggressive photoshopping. I also really, really hate the messy hair. It just looks sloppy.

    • Sarah

      I agree, my first thought was, why is her head so big? I think it’s the jacket. I feel like the skirt could have been left off too, it just looks weird.

    • alyce1213

      I don’t get what she’s supposed to be doing with her hair, tousling herself? It looks so silly. I blame the editor.

  • oatmealpie

    It looks like she’s holding her breath. Relax, Eva!

  • Jacquelyn

    Love the jacket.

  • H2olovngrl

    That skirt seems awfully dull for a magazine cover.

  • Rand Ortega

    Love her. This is a great shot. If Ava Gardner & Racquel Welch had a baby, her name would be Eva Mendes. I just wish someone would come up w/ a suitable vehicle for her. Like a remake of “Gilda” (she has that same sexy R. Hayworth had) or “Night Of The Iguana”. She was hilarious in “The Other Guys”.

    • Denise Alden

      Well said. I adore this woman. Honestly, I don’t see anything *but* her: what jacket proportions? what highlights? And yes, loved her in “The Other Guys.”

  • Synnae

    a. shame they styled her like that, girl has great personal style, would have been nice to see it reflected here.

    b. like just about everybody else in this post, I totally love that jacket. On me.

  • Sobaika

    The proportions of the jacket are giving her a giant-sized head.

  • Glam Dixie

    That short jacket is doing her no favors. Chopping her in up like that, I don’t like it.

    • flamingoNW

      too tight, small. Do not like

  • Jaeda Laurez

    does the photoshopping look slightly off center to anybody else? it looks like they used someone’s lower body and her top half, and forgot to align them.

    • steeg of their own

      It’s not the photoshop. It’s the jacket, which is too stiff to bend with the pose she’s giving here.

  • Qitkat

    I like her comment: “Even if you’re not feeling your best, let’s admit it, the right outfit–it helps.” It sounds simplistic, but it is so true. And so is the reverse, if I’m having a not so great day, I tend to dress sloppier, eat more crap, and even my handwriting becomes more scribbly. If I make the slightest effort, my outlook improves, and I can be much more productive,

    She almost always looks great, and I adore short fitted jackets with asymmetrical closures. Wish I could wear them, but they are not so flattering on shall we say, generously sized figures.

    • kimmeister

      I agree with her comment too. Sometimes I feel like crap but have on a cute outfit, and complete strangers will compliment me on it at the grocery store. How can that not lift up my mood, at least a little?

    • Synnae

      I disagree with you on them not being flattering for fuller sized figures. They can work really well but as always, it is all in the tailoring, styling and of course body type. And of course, plus-sized, it is really hard to find a good flattering jacket. For the record, H&M has a great one (black waxed jeans fabric) in their plus sized collection now- which works really well if you have bigger arms and boobs. It is a stretchy fabric so hugs the body really well when zipped up (tip, only zip it up a bit and keep the V-neck). You may want to check that one out.

      PS: unlike most of their items, this one actually looked better in store than online 😉

      • Qitkat

        Thanks for the heads-up about H&M. I did not realize they sold plus sizes. The jacket sounds cute that you mentioned.

  • Little_Olive

    The styling is TERRIBLE. Who pairs a black, shiny, stiff leather (?) jacket with a white summer skirt? And no, it’s not a version of juxtaposition of pieces of different texture and occasion that looks right.

  • wontons

    Effortless hair! For extra lift, cram your hand up in there.

  • Lisa Hager

    I love that her mom sounds just as nosy and bossy as my mom!

  • steeg of their own

    That stiff, and overly heavy faux-crocskin jacket makes her boobs look off-center to the rest of her torso, and her proportions look all out of whack. They’d have done better sticking her in something colorful and lightweight that would match the skirt.

  • Contralto

    Such a beautiful woman! The jacket doesn’t work, though.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Definitely prefer her street style to this. Ah, well.

  • jmorino08

    That’s just a stupid picture. Sure everyone runs their hand through their hair like that from time to time, but why on earth would you chose that for a cover shot?

  • guest2visits

    I like the outfit, and of course – Eva’s gorgeous; but the pose throws the proportions off slightly.