Carrie Underwood as Maria in The Sound of Music

Posted on September 17, 2013

Oh, sweet Jesus on a breadstick…


That abbey had one hell of a dental plan and a surplus of peroxide, apparently. The cast:

Carrie Underwood as Maria von Trapp
Stephen Moyer as Captain Georg von Trapp
Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess
Laura Benanti as Elsa Schrader
Christian Borle as Max Detweiler

…and MILEY CYRUS! As Liesl, the slutty Von Trapp!

Special Appearance By… HARRY STYLES as Rolf, the dimwitted Nazi!

We will live-tweet the FUCK out of this one, you guys. Here are our SoM-bitchery bona fides to prove our commitment:

Musical Monday: The Sound of Music, Part 1 and Part 2.


[Photo Credit: NBC]

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  • No.

    • Sarah

      NOOOOOOOOOOOO (it deserved caps)

      • Mismarker

        And an eyeroll.

      • Spicytomato1

        My reaction exactly (and yes it did deserve caps!).

      • demidaemon

        That’s what my NO is.

  • I have only one thing to say. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • ana170

      I didn’t know that applied to Broadway plays. Don’t they get remade all the time?

      • Ms_Flyover

        On Broadway, yes. The re-imagined revival is a theatrical tradition and an opportunity for artistic interpretation.

        But remaking a Julie Andrews iconic film with an American Idol winner with no acting background? That’s not really an artistic endeavor…

        • Getoverit

          And LIVE to boot.

        • Daenyx

          They also don’t appear to be doing much new with it – granted, I’ve only seen photos, but still. If this is what you want to see, just watch the damn movie. It’ll be better.

    • MoHub

      Ya know, It wasn’t broke on Broadway. It was a shame Mary Martin was too old to reprise her role in the movie. She was magnificent and set a very high bar for every Maria who followed.

  • Scimommy

    Let’s hope it’s so bad, it’s good??? In any case, TLo’s live tweeting will certainly help wash it down.

    • Nicole C

      This is literally one of my favorite movies of all time, and I would be mad, but that poster made me laugh out loud. I’m in.

    • Kimbolina

      I really want to follow the TLo live tweeting. But I really don’t want to have to actually sit through this thing… This is a dilemma.

      • Morgendorffer

        Watch it on mute?

  • Lily

    I’m mad that they threw Audra McDonald, Laura Benanti, and Christian Borle in there so I’m going to have to watch this pos.

    • Mismarker

      I was totally on the fence about this until I saw the supporting cast. Man. I’ve gotta watch now. I am interested in Stephen Moyer’s abilities. The few snippets I’ve seen of his performance as Billy Flynn in Chicago at the Hollywood Bowl are just okay, imo.

    • lrober03

      I’m mad that they threw them in there as a supporting cast. Performers of that level should be Maria and the Captain. I doubt Carrie Underwood is going to drive the Nielsen ratings through the roof

      • Introspective

        thanks for making this obvious point. Audra Mc Donald supporting Carrie fucking Underwood??????

        girl bye.

        (but im still tuning in to hatewatch, gleefully)

        • Alloy Jane

          LOL, hatewatch. I may or may not do just this, you know, because of the live tweeting. But I’m not sure how far I’ll make it.

      • MoHub

        Exactly! The real talents are in the supporting roles, and the so-so ones are in the leads? If Audra McDonald didn’t get to sing “Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” the whole effort would be a waste.

        • formerlyAnon

          Which is why someone of her calibre ended up there. You can gimmick your way through a lot of the SoM numbers, but Climb Ev’ry Mountain is not one of them.

          • JohannaEG

            You mean you can’t just go down an octave at the end?

      • gabbilevy

        I’ll watch Audra, Laura and Christian’s scenes and skip the rest, thanks. What an awful idea this is.

  • Emily Giovanni

    Wait, is this real? I feel like this could be from The Onion.

    • Rhonda Shore

      It reeks of parody…

    • Janice Bartels

      I think this is something that Bill Murray’s character would have produced in Scrooged. If only it could have the Solid Gold Dancers as nuns … perhaps minus the nip slip.

    • Kristin McNamara

      I thought it was a joke when I first saw it too. That poster is far too “40 Year Old Virgin” to me to have taken it seriously.

      • Alloy Jane

        Aha! I was wondering what it reminded me of and you are exactly right. Agree with the notion that this seems straight outta the Onion.

      • Micaela Cannon

        OMG THANK YOU! I could not figure out WHAT her expression was reminding me of.

      • MoHub

        Looking at the poster, I’d never have been able to guess the period in which it was supposed to take place based on Underwood’s makeup and hair.

  • another_laura

    This is definitely a trainwreck. So happy you’ll be slaving over a hot computer to help us through it, T Lo!

  • Paigealicious

    LMAO, Lady Clairol is going to be singing Edelweiss??

    • Tom Shea

      The Captain sings ‘Edelweiss.’

      • gailfl87

        TLo’s nickname for Stephen Moyer is Lady Clairol since his dye job is so unconvincing and unnatural

        • Tom Shea

          TY for the clarification. Maybe I’ll just delete all of this then.

  • moxie_lady

    The hills are no longer alive.

    • GorgeousThings

      The hills died of shock. Sweet Jesus on a breadstick is right.

      • WittyCism

        Sweet Jesus… take the wheel… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • It is our solemn duty, as Gay Americans, to snark-tweet this to death. Only by doing so can we prevent further sacrilege.

    • I may finally have to get a twitter account for this very purpose. Gay Americans Arise!

      • You have nothing to lose but your ill-advised TV remakes of classic movie musicals!

        • And this,…thing, is supposed to be going out, LIVE?

          • Tom Shea

            The live part isn’t the problem. Underwood is a pretty good live performer, she’s just not really right for Maria.

          • demidaemon

            It’s going to be a hot mess just do to that fact. Carrie can perform live and Moyer has experience doing so, but we all saw Miley’s last live performance and I have questions about Styles’ capabilities as well.

          • SHUT THE FUCK UP. The Miley part wasn’t a joke? Surely it was a joke. TELL me it was a joke. Somebody.

          • MoHub

            Yes. It was a joke.

          • Thank the baby jeebus. I am so gullible, and I never underestimate network television’s ability to ruin shit, it could have gone either way.

          • Oh my god, I just took a close look at your avatar. Hahahahaha!

            On topic: I am so thankful the Miley thing is a joke. I just can’t with that girl. Never could, never will.

      • MilaXX

        twitter is the best for live tweeting shows. They make awards shows 1,000 times more fun. Sharknado was only great because of twitter.

        • marlie

          Sharknado became a legitimate PHENOMENON because of Twitter.

      • Please let it be so!

    • decormaven

      Bring it, I say!

    • marlie

      Not just the gay Americans. I grew up on the film version with Julie Andrews, and THIS mess is an affront to my childhood.

  • StelledelMare

    I will sit through it just for your tweets

    • Nikko Viquiera

      Here, here! Bring back musical mondays!

  • Karen Belgrad

    From Carrie Underwood’s Imaginary Twitter Feed:
    OMG Y’all, OKC totes as Australian (same thing) nun!

  • MissusBee

    Musical Monday SOM is one of of my favourite things!

  • jerseyginger

    She looks possessed.

  • The best thing to come out of this, so far, is the fact that the links to the movie reviews from 2007 got posted. Just laughed myself silly. Hooray! Now… need to go find the review for South Pacific and it’s breathy adoration of the hunky sailor known as Stew Pot.

    • We think we’re most proud of our SoM MM. Just click on the Musical Mondays tag at the bottom, or the Movies category at the top for the rest of them.

      • Danke dahlinks!

      • JDreesen

        i fondly recall the SoM posts, and was also so happy to see the links included above!

        the first thing my brain made me do after reading “Oh, sweet Jesus on a…” and flicking my eyes back up to read the title of this post was start chanting, “must find Musical Monday archive, must find Musical Monday archive…

        it’s kind of like my own version of Do-Re-Mi, but…you know…without the cadence or timelessness.

      • Musicologie

        I love the Musical Mondays posts! A few years ago I was in a seminar on the American Musical (I’m a musicology grad student), and every time we discussed a musical you covered, I’d send a link to that post.

      • MK03

        I miss Musical Mondays. There are still so many that need the TLo treatment!!

      • Introspective

        Sister Lila Quartermaine??? “FUCK YES” is what I screamed at my desk while narrowly avoiding a spray of smoothie all over the laptop. love you two. seriously.

      • Coleen

        That’s the only part of this post I approve of – the semi-return of Musical Mondays, ha!

      • Zaftiguana

        Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was pretty fucking awesome, too, but I get that it doesn’t have the same epic scope.

  • bxbourgie

    No. Just no. This is just like when they remade Annie. Why do that when there are already these masterpieces of film to watch if you just have to watch Annie or The Sound of Music. I need Hollywood to have a seat in the corner.

    • par3182

      I’ll wager that’s the first time the film version of Annie has been called a masterpiece.

      • Tom Shea

        No shit.

  • Heather


  • MilaXX

    dang Audra MacDonald deserves better than this. Oy this is gonna be sharknado levels of epic. I’m in.

    • 3boysful

      Adore her.

    • GorgeousThings

      Von Trapp-nado!

  • Mary Catherine McAnnally

    Horrifying. I have always called her Tranny Underwood, because of obvious reasons (that jaw line? Those overplucked eyebrows? Come ON, she’s hiding something), and this is abominable. It’s sacreligious.

    • Spray-tanning and bleach jobs at the convent? Egads.

    • FunButNutz

      I reckon you kids are gonna need some new clamdiggers! Shucks look at those drapes! Meet me down at the Cee-MENT pond for a singalong!

  • Jacquelyn

    This is terrible. Leave something this classic and damn near perfection the frack alone.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    AWFUL IDEA. So awful that I’m still not quite sure if you’re kidding about Miley and Harry Styles. What are they smoking to think that Carrie Underwood could EVER fill the amazing Julie Andrews’ shoes?

    Also, never saw those Sound of Music posts before and they are goddamn gold, TLo!

    • GorgeousThings

      Not only Julie Andrews, but Mary Martin as well. I’m sure she is spinning in her grave.

      • MoHub

        And Andrews wasn’t as good as Martin.

    • kimmeister

      I’ve been hoping the Miley and Harry comments were just rampant sarcasm myself, but I dunno . . .

  • Kent Roby

    “I reckon them hills are NOISY, y’all!”

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Please excuse me, I have to go and bleach my brain now. My husband (who has loved the original since boyhood) will be vomiting continuously for the rest of the day.

  • another_laura

    Kelli O’Hara must be spitting nails.

    • Ms_Flyover

      Deservedly so.

  • I’ve never seen the original. (I know, I know) But this looks like a terrible joke. Twitter, here I come, there’s no way I’m going to miss the bitchery that is going to rain down on this.

    • marlie

      What? WHAT?? When it comes on around Thanksgiving or Christmas (as it does every year), you need to make yourself a giant bowl of popcorn, make sure there’s Kleenex nearby, and settle in for a wonderful movie experience.

      Also, I may or may not have gone to SoM sing-alongs in the past.

      Also also, I was a nun in the chorus when my elementary school put on a performance of SoM. It was SO much fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Courtney

    The wrongness of this cannot be overstated. Little did we know that Maria was actually heiress to the vast Swiss Miss cocoa fortune.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Talk about a sad sort of clanging. Oh, but I’m just happy to see Musical Mondays again!

  • Maisimai

    I miss Musical Mondays and the Diva Death matches, you could repost them occasionally for nostalgia’s sake. That being said, I’ll be joining for the live tweeting event. Who messes with Julie Andrews’s perfection?

  • MsKitty

    Oh dear. I suppose I can grit my teeth and watch if I have TLo live tweeting to look forward to.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    “The Slutty Von Trapp” – I have now spit coffee onto my monitor. Again.

    • kimmeister

      How has Michael Kors not used that one already in his critiques?

  • osu86

    Is she really that hard up for money? From what I understand, she’s doing pretty well for herself…. Standards and integrity, people!

    • Frank_821

      She is doing very well for herself. Believe of platinum selling albums and successful concert tours. Of all them American Idol alum, I believe she’s built up the biggest coffers.

      • demidaemon

        Kelly Clarkson, I believe, is the only one who has had a similar amount of success.

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    Maybe I’m a bit of a dork, but I’m actually excited about this. True, Carrie Underwood wouldn’t have been the first person to come to mind for this role, but I think she could prove to be an interesting choice. It will be nice to see a big musical production on network TV.

  • mjude

    no words. but woo hoo for musical mondays!

  • Frank_821

    Who thought this was a good idea-especially with the failure of Smash.

    Who in Carrie Underwood’s camp thought this was a good idea for her?. Sure she’s got the singing ability but has she ever done any professional level acting before? And doing it live?!!!! Good lord I fear for her!

    More importantly I think she’s completely wrong for the role!

  • RussellH88

    I have not seen The Sound of Music, but even I know it deserves better than this.

  • Emily Dagger

    I can’t decide whether to be heartbroken or relieved that I’ll be out of the country for this… masterpiece.

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    This makes me want to cry. Sad, bitter tears.

  • Epidan

    How I miss Musical Mondays!! That remains one of my all time favorite features on my all time favorite blog. Totally hilarious and always brilliantly right on target. Completely changed how I view those movies too. I guess doing one a week was a bit much to ask – could we ask for a monthly musical Monday? Pretty please?

  • Mismarker

    Please go to YouTube and search for “Carrie Underwood Sound of Music”. People, it’s pretty bad.

    • formerlyAnon

      Oh I did and I am now sad. I didn’t think she’d be stellar, but I was anticipating a solid mediocre on acting and decent with occasional moments of quite good on singing. Ah well.

  • The nuns are aghast/and the hills are dying /as Underwood twirls/in a dirndl skirt……..

    Seriously, the Rodgers & Hammerstein organization approved this? They are notorious in the theater industry for the super tight short leashes they give to anyone who applies for rights to perform R&H musicals. Even high schools don’t get a break. Someone over there was asleep at the podium. I will join twitter to follow this one, BKs.

  • acevedob

    No. No. No. No. No. No. No. TLo, this makes me ever more bitter.

    • Alloy Jane

      No kidding. My bitterness is now officially caustic. I may have to express myself creatively if the youtube clip is as awful as they say it is.

  • crash1212

    Why? Why does anybody feel the need to do this?

  • hillmad

    Only way I’m watching is if the Miley and Harry casting comes true! LOL

  • kipper

    I fully admit to being culturally WAY ” over the hill ” and can really tell you nothing at all about Miss/Mrs./Ms Underwood – somewhere in the back of my brain she is bashing a car with a baseball bat – that is about it. I don’t watch idol . I am a big gay Broadway nerd though – and do not really get the outrage here, someone explain ? I am pretty much over the moon thinking about Audra McDonald doing Climb Every Mountain …….

  • SewingSiren

    Who the hell is playing THE COUNTESS? And by the way I remember that little scene were the Countess purposely burns Maria with her cigarette “Because that’s the way she rolls” like it really happened.

    • kipper

      Laura Benatni – who played Maria on B’way

      • Mismarker

        Oh, wow. I didn’t know she played Maria on Broadway. I thought her biggest credit was Louise in Gypsy (for which she won a Tony). I was sad when Go On was canceled. She was the main reason I watched.

        • ThaliaMenninger

          She was in the ensemble of Sound of Music and then the replacement for Rebecca Luker as Maria on Broadway when she was 18. She also played Cinderella in INTO THE WOODS when Vanessa Williams was the witch, was Claudia in NINE with Antonio Banderas, was nominated for a Tony for her role in WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN opposite Patti Lupone, originated the female lead in THE WEDDING SINGER and played the female lead in (the non-musical) IN THE NEXT ROOM, OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY, by Sarah Ruhl, all on Broadway. And she has a new album out.

      • SewingSiren

        I saw that name in the credits, but I didn’t know the baroness had a name. I thought “Elsa” was one of the kids. And a former Maria as the Baroness somehow doesn’t seem right. She must be some actress.

  • leahpapa

    I have always loathed “Climb Every Mountain,” but the Goddess Audra might be able to salvage it for me. Otherwise I will be watching with the sound off. And the TV off.

    • kimmeister

      Watching a blank, black screen for 2 hours might be a better investment of time.

  • YoungSally

    I want to see whether they do that sexually awkward scene in the movie between Maria and Elsa -when Maria needs to find a dress for the party. It usually brings howls from the audience at the sing-alongs

  • nannypoo

    She looks so happy, as though she has no idea how stupid she looks. I can hardly wait.

  • tb

    I checked my calendar…nope, it is NOT April 1st.

  • majorbedhead

    Oh, I’m kind of glad I don’t have TV anymore.

  • PeggyOC

    Someone is going to the special hell.

    • MzzPants

      And Christina Hendricks isn’t even in it!

  • Ms_Flyover

    If they seriously needed to showcase the singing talents of Ms. Underwood, couldn’t they have gone with Annie Get Your Gun or Grease or … well, anything else?

    • Micaela Cannon

      Both of those musicals make SO MUCH MORE SENSE for her…especially Annie Get Your Gun!

  • RedRaven617

    Will someone please tell me that Miley Cyrus isn’t Liesel? I keep shuddering.

    • Heather

      I know. I always wanted to be Liesl.

  • Heather

    NBC claims that this is a remake of the musical, not “the beloved film.” Whatever. That have to know that it is awful.

    • another_laura

      They’re trying to lower your expectations (as if!). Don’t expect to see that amazing opening bit with the Austrian Alps or to see the kiddies riding bikes through Salzburg ….

  • kmk05

    YES! This is going to be the highlight of the year. Laughs all around ๐Ÿ˜€

  • NMMagpie

    If only Christian Borle were not in it… dang, fandom. I’ll have to give it a look.

  • lobsterlen

    Honestly western civilization should end now. Its been a good run but really there is no going up from this. Could you imagine the conservation among the big wig producers when this horrible idea was floated. Did anyone protest or did they just consult the focus groups numbers and decide this was great money making venture. This is a sad sad day.

  • Lilithcat

    I so miss Musical Mondays!

  • Tafadhali

    Um, if I had to pick someone to reintroduce my children to the wonders of music, I would sure as shit choose Laura Benanti over Carrie Underwood.

    Also, I love how — while Carrie and Stephen are around the same ages as Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer — the other actors are 10, 20, and 30 years younger than their counterparts in the original film, so that every adult character falls within one 10 year age window.

  • Danielle

    I want to support my fellow Oklahoman, but I CAN’T get behind this.

  • Zaftiguana

    The only thing that will make this all worthwhile is if Audra revives the beautiful comic timing of the original and asks Carrie Underwood, “What is it, you cunt face?”

  • Rand Ortega

    The Hills Are ALIVE, Y’ALL!!!!

  • Adriana_Paula

    I miss Musical Mondays so very much. Also, random question but, isn’t she a postulant? What’s up with the luxuriant Swiss Miss hair? And the dirndl?

    • MoHub

      Precisely. Hence Julie Andrews’ pudding-basin haircut and frumpy civvies.

  • KayEmWhy

    Why is she dressed like a barmaid? NOoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MoHub

      St. Pauli Girl comes to mind.

  • Judy_J

    Holy macaroly! This is wrong on so many levels. I’m secretly glad, though, because it a) brought back a hilarious Musical Monday post, and b) I can’t wait to keep up with your tweets on this travesty. The hills are alive, y’all!

  • formerlyAnon

    It pains me to say this, but Carrie might be one of the better casting decisions here.

    And BIG cheers for a Musical Mondays reference.

  • calimon

    will she sing with a twang?? >.<

  • ChristySchiff

    This is intended to accompany alcohol, no? From Vienna (where most have never seen the original), I recommend a birnenschnaps. Repeat as needed.

  • CeeQ

    Yes, live tweet it – and then do a special reboot of Musical Mondays for it! The Sound of Music Remix! Now with more glitz and glam and high heeled frivolity! Hold on to your knickers! #sarcasm in case that wasn’t obvious…

    • rage_on_the_page

      THIS! We need Musical Mondays again so hard.

  • Sara

    I’m feeling pretty glad I was able to witness the awesomeness of the real Von Trapp grandchildren perform some of the SofM songs last night. No snark was needed as it was utterly sublime.

  • Paula Pertile

    So wrong.

  • Gigi76

    I can totally get behind the rest of this cast, but Carrie Underwood? Ummm, no thank you.

    BTW, boys, I miss the hell out of those Musical Monday recaps….they are some of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Any chance they can come back?

  • Nina Rumpus


  • Sonja Brisson


  • Therese Bohn

    I can’t wait, if only to hear your comments! Hope Maria won’t have a country twang…
    Looking at the costume just for this still–Maria is supposed to make her own clothes from the fabric given to her by the housemaid — watching 7 kids, I don’t think she’d have the time to make something this intricate!

    Oh man, this is gonna be saccharine overboard!
    Yes. please do a Musical Monday (Massacre) on this one!

  • rage_on_the_page

    I’m watching this just for Audra singing “Climb Every Mountain.”

  • Meredith_P

    Ooh, she’s twangy! I didn’t watch American Idol (so that’s where she’s from?)

    As an old person who saw this in the movie theater in 1965 as a special birthday treat, I weep. Bitter, twangy tears. Luckily, I have my DVDs of the film to keep me warm.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Laura Benanti has played Maria and has played (and sung) the role FAR BETTER than that shallow dish of vanilla American Idol pudding in Heidi braids. Underwood looks beyond photoshopped into cartoon territory in that poster image. ARGH. Benanti, Christian Borle and Audra McDonald and we get THIS as Maria? All that’s left is to weep silently over one’s cast recordings.

  • decormaven

    It’s worth anything to have these treasures reposted again. It’s going to be on for this trainwreck of a production. Saddle up the wagons, folks- we’re headed to the hills! And they’re alive!!!!

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Gott im Himmel!

  • JanieS


  • histrogeek

    Didn’t the von Trapp family suffer enough? Driven from their estates by Nazis? Forced to live in Vermont? Reduced to scrawling out music books? Now this. When will it end, sweet Odin, when will it end?

  • e jerry powell

    Kill me now.

  • I almost spit out my 3-pm coffee @ the Miley Cyrus/Harry Styles casting. HA!


  • TigerLaverada

    I don’t understand this visual — it looks like they confused Maria with Heidi (not Klum but the little Swiss goat-girl in Johanna Spyri’s novel).

    What’s next, Taylor Swift as Eliza Doolittle?

    • poggi

      Shhh–don’t say it too loudly or they will hear.

    • marlie

      Oh, please, no.

  • Janice Bartels

    And also, Mary Lou Retton as Tiny Tim!

  • deelup

    Wow. I can’t believe they’re finally making a film where I will root for the Nazis.

  • demidaemon

    NO! Though if I was on twitter, I would definitely follow TLo for this. But other than that, remakes need to die a quick death. Sometimes, the original did it best.

  • frannyprof

    Sacrilege. But if TLo’s tweeting, I’m watching.

  • Trickytrisha

    Oh god, my blood sugar just rose 100 points just looking at the ad.

  • PastryGoddess

    Wait…that’s the actual cast? But…But…nooooooooooooooo. I…ergh….*brain explodes*

  • Peeve

    Blasphemy, yes. But, hot damn, it’s gonna be all kinds of fun reading TLo’s tweets and swigging a shot every time Carrie says ‘y’all’!!

  • quiltrx

    I don’t drink these days…haven’t in years. But I feel like this may require a drinking game.

  • MzzPants

    I can’t even, with this. Carrie Underwood has a slim chance of filling the toe space of Julie Andrews’ shoes. But Miley Cyrus? What’s she going to do? Grind her ass up against Rolf and remind him how she’ll be jail-bait when he turns 18?

    Can’t -fucking- even. It’s making me more profane than normal.

  • MzzPants

    Okay…snort….I was just telling my 20 yr. old who’s playing Liesl…his reaction was ‘1-800-CHOKE-DAT-HO’.

  • deitybox

    It could have been worse. It could have been Katherine McPhee as Maria and Megan Hilty as Elsa. Actually Megan Hilty would have been awesome as Elsa.

    • MoHub

      McPhee is actually classically trained. In fact, when she was on Idol, the judges kept pushing her to lose her head tone and sing more pop style. If she’s still got her technique in gear, she’d probably make a decent Maria.

  • marlie

    This is going to be laughable bad. HORRIBLE.

  • Sunraya

    OK, guys, I just reread your Musical Monday on this. I literally snorted out loud at my desk!! You are two of the funniest guys on the internet!!! Love your humor!!!

  • Cathy S

    I would watch it if Audra McDonald was Maria. And they got rid of all those other people. Hell, she could do all the parts herself.

  • MoHub

    There have actually been some decent made-for TV musical revivals. A couple of decades ago, there was a production of Gypsy with Bette Midler as Mama Rose, and it wasn’t bad. Midler herself was chilling in “Rose’s Turn.”

  • Andy Morris

    Oh how I have missed Musical Monday! One of my favourite things to go back and re-read over a cup of coffee.

  • Just watched her butcher Yesterday on the Emmys. She’s gonna ruin your musical.

  • librarygrrl64

    I miss Musical Mondays SO DAMNED MUCH!!!