2013 Emmy Awards Red Carpet Rundown, Part 2

Posted on September 24, 2013

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston (both in Burberry)


Kiss each other on the mouth, guys. Just once.




Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren

It’s pretty enough, but my God, she’s boring.



Allison Janney in Lorena Sarbu

Awful, we’re sorry to say. Not the color so much, although it’s not the easiest color to pull off. But nothing about this looks modern (or expensive) to us.


Anna Chlumsky in Badgley Mischka

All the freaking credit in the world for wearing that dress postpartum, girl. The color looks gorgeous, but we really don’t like the Christmas glitter on the hips.



Aubrey Plaza in Marios Schwab

Yet another see-through Little House on the Prairie dress. Is this a thing?

It’s … different.



Blair Underwood

Is it us, or do none of his limbs match in size? Is there some weird optical illusion going on here?



Brooke Burke in Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Striking. It feels a little off for the event somehow.



Carla Gugino in Georges Chakra

Does the job. We would think most celeb ladies would be tired of this particular shade of red, since it’s been on the awards show red carpets every year for about a decade now.



Cobie Smulders in J. Mendel

A pretty dress in a color that suits her, but that bust is weird.



Edie Falco in Escada

The shape of the dress isn’t flattering, her boobs are lumpy, and her hair looks too casual.



Ellen Burstyn

We thought this was an absolutely gorgeous look. That’s how you do 80 with style.



Evan Peters in Dsquared2

We burst out laughing.



Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna (in Reem Acra)

Isn’t it weird how these two are sort of the old statesman of Hollywood now? They’re like an institution. He looks great, although his pants need hemming. She, it has to be said, has massively improved on the style front as she’s gotten older. She needs a little support, though.



Jewel in Tony Ward Couture

Enh. Looks a little Hallmark store to us.



Jim Parsons in Z Zegna

The fit is terrible and we were distracted the whole night by his drab, slightly see-through shirt. Put on an undershirt, Jim.



Jon Hamm (in Giorgio Armani) and Jennifer Westfeldt (in J. Mendel)

She looks preety and relatively understated, although we’re not loving the black accessories here. His pants are too big and his jacket’s too small, which is to be expected from him at this point. It’s not a look he should sport permanently or even long-term, but he does rock the shit out of that beard.



Julianne Hough in Jenny Packham

Ridiculously tacky. Line that shit and hoik up those straps, hon. You’re looking desperate.



Kelly Osbourne in Jenny Packham




Kit Harington

Pretty stylin’, we have to say. We’re a bit surprised and impressed.

The shoes are wrong, though.


Laura Dern in Naeem Khan

A blonde in pink can go Barbie so easily, but this is miles away from it. It’s a gorgeous gown – and we’re not inclined to love pink lacey gowns.



Lena Headey in Alessandra Rich

Oh, honey. This is just tacky.



Leslie Mann in J. Mendel

Interesting enough. Head-turning, in a way.

We’re so grateful we’re looking at a sheer skirt where we can’t see her panties that we’re willing to praise practically anything.



Malin Akerman in Marchesa




Morena Baccarin in Alexander McQueen

We realize it’s sometimes a condescending thing to say of a woman in the extreme stages of pregnancy, but she really does look gorgeous.


Morgan Saylor in Honor

Really didn’t like this look at all. The hair and makeup in particular are unflattering and age her up. She’s 18.



Robin Wright in Ralph Lauren

She is giving us scary, fierce bitch and we are loving her for it.


Tina Fey in Narciso Rodriguez

Great color; fits her great, but we think it’d look better with two straps instead of the halter strap.



Vera Farmiga in Theyskens’ Theory

Dramatic as hell and off the beaten path. We love it.




[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com]

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  • RussellH88

    Robin Wright and Vera Farmiga should play evil alien witch queen goddess divas in a movie together.

    • Shawn EH

      Rival Borg Queens!

      • BarniClaw

        I read this as Rival Bong Queens. Oops!

        • Shawn EH

          That’s just their characters. Obviously much to fierce for drugs IRL. Well, probably booze is okay.

    • Diego!

      Both of them are the best in this row!

    • Eva_baby

      Right? She looks like she’s like some demon sucking at my soul. And I want it to be sucked…

    • PinkySlinky

      Both should cameo this upcoming season’s ‘American Horror Story’- totally fit into the coven storyline…

  • DTLAFamilies

    Brooke Burke looks like Berenice Bejo in that photo.

    When did Harry Hamlin morph into a silver fox? I never got him when he was younger but now, hot damn.

    • Shawn EH

      I worship his glasses. It’s all cheeks and jawline, he’s aging like David Bowie.

      • Eric Stott

        The haircut is part of it – the retro look suits him to a T

        • Shawn EH

          Not to knock his acting, but I’m 100% sure Mad Men hired him because of how he looks in a suit.

  • Sara

    Vera Farmiga, you crazy betch. I’d expect nothing less.

  • Emily Dagger

    The Julianne Hough dress is about three mistakes away from being a good dress — like someone was making a really gorgeous gown during a Project Runway challenge, but then panicked last minute and turned the underskirt into a giant pair of drawers and shoved down what used to be cap sleeves to create the sleeveless look.

    • 3boysful

      And don’t you think that after they have it on they kind of forget we can see nearly everything? Like “OK, I have on a skirt. It’s not too revealing.” Ha.

    • kmk05

      I think, as is, that someone should have worn it at the VMAs. It really isn’t appropriate here.

    • marlie

      When you’re that many mistakes away, sometimes it’s just better to walk away from the dress and start over.

    • Call me Bee

      Yeah–the only thing in the plus column is the pretty ice-blue color.

    • I have zero fashion sense which may explain it, but I loved Julianne Hough’s dress.

    • decormaven

      What gets me is that I think she, her stylist, or both, said “Oh, there were a lot of similar looks at NYFW” and she grabbed this to show she is of the times. Dear, you gotta earn your fashion bona fides before you pull a stunt like this.

      • demidaemon

        And, somehow, despite (or because of) showing her granny panties to the world, she still looks 35 going on forty.

  • JasmineAM

    I was going to say that Morgan Saylor looked 13. Cannot believe this girl is 18. Robin Wright is working that fierce bitch Claire Underwood look.

    • RussellH88

      If you were to put her picture next to Kieran Shipka’s, I’d swear Kieran is older.

    • ana170

      That was my thought exactly. She’s probably trying to age herself up for that very reason.

  • Gonna say it again. Morena darling, please remember how you are being styled just now, after you finish your term. cause whatever you’re doing differently needs to continue.

    • MilaXX

      Just posted similar

    • alyce1213

      Frankly, I hope she keeps some of her baby weight as well as her pregnancy style. She looks wonderful a little filled out.

  • Elle E Dee

    Jon Snow always looks so melancholy.

    • Mrs. Julien

      Knowing nothing is surprisingly depressing.

      • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

        High five, Mrs. Julien. That was outstanding.

  • NBG

    I love how Robin Wright’s look is too badass for a purse or any other distractions. It’s like she has butts to kick and does not want to be weighed down.

    • RussellH88

      That’s because she can make objects materialize in her hands at will. She had no need for a purse.

    • mhleta

      Yes! There’s something incredibly powerful in sashaying into a room without coat or purse. “Can’t be bothered, dears. One hand for the drink and the other for the statue, and if I don’t get the statue, then hold my drink while I take one of these boys and make a man out of him.”

      • amaranth16

        Oh snap, you are my hero.

  • Margaret Grace

    I’m seeing Allison Williams at a fundraiser this weekend (casual, not black-tie) and rest assured that I will take creeper pics and report back on whether she’s less boring when she’s out of the sight of the paparazzi! (I doubt it, but hey, we can hope!)

    • RussellH88

      The way she dresses reminds me of Charlotte from Revenge.

      • That’s funny,the ways she dresses reminds me of Charlotte from SATC.

        • I like many of the clothes that Alison wears. I’m a fan. I guess I’m the only one here.

          • alyce1213

            You’re not alone. I usually like what she wears too. I like understated.

          • I don’t dislike her style. It’s not my style, but she does her thing well.

          • demidaemon

            I think this is actually pretty good, especially if you put her up against her costars. She’s miles ahead of them, style-wise. And that is a sad state of affairs for what is supposed to be a hit show and critical darling whose stars are getting every fashion opportunity (supposedly) thrown at them.

  • Not applicable

    wow you guys are definitely getting a bit grumpy after all this coverage. Love it!

  • procrastinatrice

    Very disappointed, Cersei. And you accuse Margaery of dressing like a harlot…The thing is, I could love this with a lined skirt and the right shoes.

  • kimmeister

    Roffling at Blair Underwood’s limbs.
    Brooke Burke looks good, but I don’t think Hervé Léger is right for the Emmys. Maybe for an afterparty.
    Cobie’s dress’s bust seriously shrinks her boobs.
    Not sure why Jewel was there? Is she on a show?
    Kelly O’s dress is gorgeous, but somehow it’s making her bust look really long.

  • MilaXX

    Morena has been dressing better pregnant than on 95% of the RC appearances she has made while not preggers. She is the rare woman they are talking about when they say she’s glowing.

    • AnguaVonUberwald

      She really looks magnificent here.

    • Cynica

      I especially like the baby bump tiara.

      • Alloy Jane

        That is definitely my favorite part of the dress. She looks absolutely radiant.

  • Shawn EH

    Somebody keep Robin and Vera out of the same room, or it’s a Hitchcock Blonde cage match!

  • Spicytomato1

    Funny, I thought Harry Hamlin’s glasses were part of his Mad Men wardobe. Guess not.

    Laura Dern FTW. I have a thing for sleeves and while I commend Robin Wright for their deployment, her overall look is a bit too severe for me.

    • 3boysful

      Agree on both counts.

  • Matthew Davie

    I’m sad Aaron Paul shaved his Paul Bunyon beard. It was hot.

    Harry Hamlin basically took his MadMen costume and replicated it. Smart move.

  • I like Evan Peters’ shoes.

    • Imasewsure

      I think his look sent DSquared2 back ten years (like they are now a company who designs tuxes for nine year olds). Truly awful but I didn’t notice the shoes… glad something worked!

      • Oh yeah, everything else is dismal but the shoes are nice!

  • TrixieConQueso

    For Moi’ – the Kello O look is not “pretty.” More “Pretty Nightgown for Christina Hendricks.” And Kelly’s hair is too pinhead for a blousy look. LOVE that Power blue on Edie Falco! And Laura Dern is “Dressing Like Dessert” (title of my new cookbook/style guide…)

    • Constant Reader

      I would totally buy that book! Get writing!

  • xmixiex

    I’m always struck by how handsome Bryan Cranston is when he’s not Walter White. It’s a cliche, but he truly becomes another person in that character. His arm candy isn’t bad, either!!!!

    • mshesterp

      I think they are both delicious. Mm mm mm.

  • hmariec19

    Is it weird that I want to burst into tears every time I see Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul?

    • procrastinatrice

      Nope. Early mourning. I feel the same.

  • Terri Terri

    Oh thank God. Now I don’t feel like such a bitch for thinking Allison Williams is the world’s most tedious person.

    • demidaemon

      It’s a tough category, and she is competing with her costars. Who gets the (insert completely appropriate name for the award here that sounds cool and can be advertised globally) for world’s most tedious person?

  • princessricky

    1. i can’t wait for the day i get to grow up and wear naeem khan.
    2. morena baccarin needs to stay pregnant because i’ve never seen her dress her body so well!

  • Sunraya

    I had to look up Harry Hamlin because he has aged so much!! Wow!! I guess I have, too, but he is barely recognizable!!

    Love the colors on the red carpet this year!! Especially the saturated colors.

    • Harry looks old for today’s 61. Remember when he was the young Baby Daddy for Ursula Andress? He was super hot then.

      BTW, what happened to Robin Williams, who’s the same age as Harry? Also suddenly looking very old.

      • Eric Stott

        Hamlin’s looks started to age after LA LAW & he went through an few awkward phases. He’s found himself again.

    • alyce1213

      Too much sun.

      • Imasewsure

        Actually I would say “no plastic surgery” and “aging gracefully” for Ms. Robin… not the route taken by the Hamlins unfortunately…. 🙂

        • teensmom99

          Umm, Robin William’s aging isn’t sun-related unless “sun” is some slang I don’t know for cocaine.

  • SewingSiren

    It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I like the Aubrey Plaza Little House on the Prairie quite a bit.
    And it’s a terrible shame that the Julianne Hough dress would be exceedingly beautiful if only it were lined. It is a kingdom for want of a horse situation, because as it is – it’s tacky and cheap looking as hell.

    • NoveltyRocker

      There really is something to that Prairie dress. I think it’s because it’s on Aubrey Plaza. It fits her perfectly and it just looks so peculiar in an interesting way—I feel like that’s right up her alley.

      • mhleta

        I really want to cut the sleeves off, but otherwise, I agree. It shows off her figure and suits her personality nicely.

        • demidaemon

          My problem is that once I heard the panel on Fashion Police mention that the dress has suspenders, I couldn’t unsee it and realize how horrible that made a dress I already did not like.

        • NoveltyRocker

          Since there are those lines that look like halter straps and some of that colored detailing around the neck, I think a sleeveless version would have been interesting too.

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    Quick opinions:
    Allison Williams: Is seriously channeling Duchess Kate fashion here. Just transpose their faces and bam, instant British Monarch.

    Anna Chlumsky: Will forever love her due to My Girl, but she should have chosen something without the weird accents (the color looks great on her)

    Cobie Smulders: Some sort of optical illusion happening with her chest—makes it appear like nothing’s there

    Jon Hamm: Yum (could be wearing a burlap sack and would have same comment)

    Laura Dern: My favorite of the list. So pretty!

  • mhleta

    Blaire Underwood and the statue of David have the same body and the same huge hands. Put a sling over his left shoulder and it’s pretty much the same pose here, too. In fact, lets just go ahead and have Mr. Underwood accompany us to Florence and disrobe right there in the rotunda of the Galleria so we can make a side by side comparison. I’ll take business class and a king sized bedroom overlooking the Arno. So will Mr. Underwood.

    • kimmeister

      But make sure he will be standing above you, so that you will be underwood.

  • megohd

    I actually love Allison Janney’s look. Hadn’t thought of it in terms of looking inexpensive, but I just found the contrast between her and Anna Faris onstage striking–Allison winning the moment.

    Tina Fey is more gorgeous with age.

    Harry Hamlin looks like he’s dressed as his character.

    • Twentysomething

      I agree about Allison Janney. I thought she looked absolutely stunning on stage. Loved the color as well. Too many women wear these muted colors that just wash them out and make them look sickly.

    • Eric Stott

      Hamlin’s career has had a bit of a lift thanks to Mad Men & I think he’s running with it.

  • Tanya Wade

    The back of Farmiga’s gown makes it a walking-away wonder. I would post a link but I am incompetent. And the fact that you guys liked my favorite dress, Laura Dern’s Naeem Khan, makes me feel like I have graduated style school. I was waiting with breathless anticipation.

  • Jacquelyn

    Cranston and Paul = Style, Bitches!

    Allison Williams = It’s a bolt of fabric she wrapped around herself and then walked out the door. No oomph whatsoever

    Allison Janney = I disagree, Uncles. I think she looks spectacular. Another woman who isn’t aging. She’ll always be CJ Cregg to me. I looked up to that character (and Allison) so much growing up with the West Wing
    Aubrey Plaza = The frack is that thing??
    Jon Hamm = SHAVE THYSELF. It burns!!! ARG.

    Juliann Hough = …no
    Lena Hedley = Uh….no
    Morena = Goddess Divine. Bow down.

  • kirkyo

    I am so in awe of what Laura Dern did on Enlightened. She and Mike White brought a character to the screen we’ve never seen before. I wish she’d won.

  • MilaXX

    Dammit! Heisenberg wrecks everything! Did he slip some blue meth into the website coding?

  • PastryGoddess

    Brooke Burke thought she was going to the Daytime Emmys
    Lisa Rinna get a bra
    Kelly’s boobs look amazing in that dress
    Morena, why can’t you dress like this all the time?
    Robin Wright Penn looks amazing
    Tina Fey has curves for days

  • rainwood1

    I love that blue Ralph Lauren that Allison Williams is wearing. I’d wear that in a second.

  • crash1212

    I wanted to love Allison Janney’s outfit because I adore her – but man…just can’t. When she was standing on stage next to the eye-searing yellow abomination Anna Ferris wore it felt like a Rorschach test.

    Not sure if you meant to tack on the Dolce & Gabbana collection to this post – but I love it nevertheless.

    • OrigamiRose

      I thought maybe my browser hiccuped when I saw the D&G! Must be part of the site maintenance. It was a nice surprise to see though.

  • Cheryl

    Aubrey Plaza, WTH? Amanda Peet deserved to be wearing that horrible dress, but that’s way too rotten and awful for Ms. Plaza.

  • lexilexi

    Walter White & Jesse Pinkman – you guys are gorgeous! Thanks for the memories….

  • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

    Ellen Burstyn! Just watched her in The Exorcist last night…she’s just so good.

    • alyce1213

      Remarkable actress, and she looked like a million bucks.

  • Adrianna Grężak

    Don’t know who Morgan Saylor, but I don’t believe she’s 18. More like 13, wearing her mom’s dress and make up.

  • Ramon Figueroa

    I am so sick of Marchesa and their princess dresses. And Kelly looks good from that angle, but when the tats show, she loses me.

  • Belvane

    Did part 1 of the rundown disappear?

    Vera Farmiga’s gown is gorgeous, but I’m distracted by the David Lynch hair.

    • PastryGoddess

      I can see Part 1 again

      • Trickytrisha

        Part one isn’t showing for me.

  • 3boysful

    I j’adore the blue of Edie Falco’s dress. Just not the dress itself.

  • kmk05

    Laura Dern, Robin Wright and Vera Farmiga win this round, hands down. This post was actually a scroll-down Unfug for the ladies, because they gowns got better and better! I like Tina Fey too, even though it looks sporty.

    Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are in a league of their own.

  • Lesley

    Anyone else see a young Carrie Mulligan in Morgan Saylor?

  • pippitypup

    Allison Janney has an emaciated, dehydrated thing going on in her neck and shoulders. It doesn’t look good.

  • Lilyana_F

    Robin Wright wins the night for me, hands down! That is one seriously fierce dress and she’s working it like a pro.

  • Sally3000

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Laura Dern look this fabulous. It motivated me to go back a few posts to the Naeem Khan show and I have to say I prefer the dress on Laura Dern. Wow! Also love Leslie Mann’s dress. She always looks so great.

  • marlie

    She bay be super-bland, but I loved Allison WIlliams’ dress. I thought Colbie Smulders’ dress was pretty too. Tina Fey pretty much nailed it. Laura Dern looked pretty without being too twee. Kit Harrington… ROWR. Lena Heady and Julianne Hough were two of my biggest “WTF”s of the night.

  • Carrie E S

    Leslie Mann’s legs look like they are on backwards.

    • nannypoo

      Eeeeeww. They do. What a terrible optical illusion.

  • sagecreek

    When did Kelly Osborne become the classiest gal on the red carpet? Did I wake up on Mars?

    • formerlyAnon


    • Kelly’s whole life changed when she was on Dancing with the Stars. At least the show was the beginning of her visual transformation. She lost lots of weight and, although she wanted to give up, she kept dancing and became an audience favorite. She was beginning to grow up by not quitting something that scared her a lot. She started the show as a spoiled, insecure, little girl and at the end, she was an amazing woman. She has a similar quote about herself. Kelly’s brother is a competitor this season. He was recently diagnosed with M.S.

      Kelly is very knowledgeable about designers and fashion, and she demonstrates her expertise each week on Fashion Police.

      • demidaemon

        She probably shows the most self-awareness on the show, as well, though Joan does a good job too with some self-deprecating humor.

        • I actually love Giuliana Rancic. She went through a lot, trying to get pregnant and then going through cancer treatment. She’s so wacky on “Giuliana and Bill” that she reminds me of Lucille Ball, with Bill reeling her in the way Ricky did with Lucy. I liked the dress she designed for herself to wear while hosting the Miss America Pageant. I love her personal fashion taste. They must have a great time co-hosting Fashion Police. Joan’s comments can be vulgar but she’s so damn funny.

  • marlie

    Wait… what happened to the Emmys Part 1 post?

  • jilly_d

    GOD! This post! First Aaron and Brian, then the Hamm Beard, then Jon Snow in that vest?? It’s like you guys don’t want me to get any work done today.

  • e jerry powell

    Brook Burke looks to be wearing a floor-length dress form.

    • NoveltyRocker

      That’s how it struck me too, it’s just way too form clinging and looks stretchy like a spanx.

      • e jerry powell

        That too.

  • OMG. Julianne and Evan should have gone as the most hilariously tacky prom couple of all time.

  • HM3

    That is the most tasteful picture of Kelly Osbourne I’ve seen in awhile. She looks great, despite the old-lady-lavender hair.

    • Yeah, I wish she’d move on to a new hair color already.

      • Sarah

        I read she’s contractually obligated to keep it for the next two years by E. Which is a crime, but whatevs. It’s her brand now, I guess. Her clashy, faded, tired brand.

        • Eric Stott

          She looks good, but sort of like a paper doll.

        • Why would they force someone they’re pushing as a fashionista into keeping a tired, dated look? E!, you’re run by crazy people!

  • formerlyAnon

    Aaron Paul and Brian Cranston need their own series of buddy films. Or a series. Or is the entertainment industry ready for a heartwarming romantic comedy about two guys? If so, I think they should be badass spies or something at work who fall for each other and have a surprisingly goofy, endearing private life. Which takes up more screen time than the job.

    [INSTANT new potential romantic comedy market, no? People who haven’t seen a romcom in the theaters in decades will buy tickets.]

    • kmk05

      I desire this. Who do we have to pay? Is Kickstarter an option?

    • demidaemon

      Man, I would so watch this. There are some boy-boy romantic comedies, but they always lack something (usually starting with funds which leads to other problems). We have to make this happen somehow!

  • Trickytrisha

    Lena Headey looks like she got out of bed, skipped hair and makeup, threw on the dress and dragged a crappy pair of Payless white pumps out of the back of her closet. Not the way to impress, dear.

    Morena Baccarin, on the other hand, did everything right – that’s almost too much gorgeous to process. I’m so glad she’s grown out her hair – now she’s as lovely and succulent as she was in Firefly.

  • ConnieBV

    I loved Tina in the blue and my peen-toters had mad chubs for her boob presentation.

    • Trickytrisha

      I’m impressed. Two penis references in one short sentence. 🙂

  • nannypoo

    I think Vera Farmiga is gorgeous and I love her dress. Hate her hair, though. And speaking of hair, so great is my hatred for Kelly Osbourne’s lavender hair that I did not even notice her beautiful dress. If it was being worn by someone I could take seriously I would love it.

  • rainwood1

    I’m always amazed that stylists don’t seem to know more about the different skin tones, and what shades look good on what skin tones. People can wear most colors, but only if it’s in a shade that goes with their skin tone. Shouldn’t that be basic knowledge for someone who makes their living dressing people for public scrutiny? I know that much and I can barely dress myself.

  • giddypony

    Edie Falco looks like she is wearing a formal speedo for her Esther Williams event.

  • Call me Bee

    Robin Wright FTW. She IS fierce.

    Can the whole sheer dress thing go away. I just can’t unsee all those granny panties….

  • snarkykitten

    Princess Buttercup looks like she’s going to take up the newly vacated Chief Torturer position. (This is a good thing!)

  • Morena Baccarin, that is how you do it when you’re very pregnant. You don’t wear tight maternity clothes as others recently have.

    I don’t know why you guys are so hard on Alison Williams. She’s a beautiful girl, still developing her taste, and she has taken a couple of risks. I hope you see her separate from the other “Girls” cast.

    I’m one of the only fans Julianne Hough’s dress. It’s supposed to be a flat-chested look from the days of Garbo and Dietrich. I’d like the dress better without the see-through skirt. Otherwise, I love the dress and the hair.

    I love Laura Dern’s dress.

    Harry and Lisa are a great looking couple, especially here.

    As we females get older, more of the emphasis must be on the fabric itself, soft, comfortable and sometimes seductive. I love Ellen Burstyn and her red carpet look.

    • demidaemon

      Hough needs some dire stylist help. I had hoped it would get better once she dumped Seacrest, but she hasn’t even coasted. Instead, she has gotten worse. It’s sad, really.

  • YoungSally

    I just saw Laura Dern today walking up Madison Avenue…..one tall lady…she looks great in person too.

  • alyce1213

    Day is night and night is day. I caught the usually astute Joe Zee on TV the other night RAVING about Julianne Hough’s outfit, and ranking Sofia Vergara’s go-to standard as his very favorite of the night. Sometimes I think they just paint her body different colors.

    Gorgeous: Kelly (maybe a bit too mature), Laura Dern, Lisa Rinna, Buttercup, Tina Fey, Morena Baccarin, Jennifer Westfeldt.

    Best of all — gasp — Ellen Burstyn. Stunning hair to hem (the flat, clunky nude shoes were really bad, but she may have foot problems). Beautiful jewelry too.

    Aubrey Plaza gave me flashbacks to Gwynnie’s McQueen 2002 Oscars dress.

    • demidaemon

      Joe Zee had to have been drunk. It’s the only rational explanation.

  • veriance

    Edie Falco–her boobs are lumpy — Y’all realize she had breast cancer, right?

  • Pennymac

    Aubrey Plaza has her dress on inside out?

    (Made ya look)

  • NC_Meg

    I never thought I’d say this, but I love Lisa Rinna’s dress.

    As far as I’m concerned, Laura Dern wins best dressed out of everyone. I LOVE that dress and her hair and makeup are so perfect.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    Is Aaron Paul constitutionally incapable of making a normal face for photographs? Reminds me of my kid.

  • SugarSnap108

    I normally run away screaming from the color of Laura Dern’s dress. But that thing is gorgeous.

    I could’ve loved Leslie Mann’s, too, if the underlay ran all the way to the hem. Tina Fey – hot damn, girl!

  • golden_valley

    Evan Peters! Looks like one of the guys at my 1978 Senior Prom.

    • Eric Stott

      If he was trying to be ironic I’d say he did a good job – but I think that would be beyond him.

  • Tigrrl

    Tina Fey did it! I love the dress, even the halter straps thing. I think it might have just been too boring with regular straps. She looks wonderful. Alison Williams looks boring because she’s just boring. The dress could actually be a great one on the right woman.

    • God, yes. Seconding you on Alison Williams. Even her singing is boring. She has a pretty voice in a high school musical/community college theatre half-scholarship kind of way, but she only knows one way to sing any given song (and that way is boooooring).

      • Tigrrl

        Heehee, she’s so boring that even though I don’t think I’ve ever heard her sing I still have no desire to find out what she sounds like, based on how boring she is.

        • She did a mash-up of an old Nat King Cole song and the Mad Men theme that was going around a while back. Once you’ve heard that, you’ve heard how she sings every song, no matter what.

  • cocohall

    Who is Evan Peters? Has an actual Hobbit wandered onto the red carpet?
    The second I saw Colbie in that dress I thought why would a smaller-chested gal wear a dress that wants to push her girls onto a little shelf bra that might accommodate the decolletage of a 12 year old? Small boobs well deployed can be elegant, but this is just odd.
    Ellyn B. is the picture of glamour and elegance. If we are lucky we will all be her age one day; if we are really lucky we will do it with her grace and style.

  • Lizzy

    That does does something REALLY weird to Leslie’s legs… in another picture I would SWEAR her legs were on backwards… this one just makes it look like she has a circulatory issue and that her legs are bloated….

    • Oh, nice. I thought her legs were on backwards and she had lymphedema. Seriously glad to see I’m not the only one who thought so.

  • Laura Renee

    I love how Kit Harrington’s sad little pencil moustache makes him look like a perpetual Eeyore.

    • Huh. I had just dismissed it as a bog standard molestache, but now that you said it, I can’t unsee it.

      • Laura Renee

        Heh, I hadn’t meant a literal resemblance, just “as sad as Eeyore,” but whatever works. 🙂

  • Vera, Vera, Vera, you fabulous creature. Let me borrow that gown when you’re done. <3

  • Alloy Jane

    Holy cow, It’s Dread Pirate Buttercup!!! She looks wild, I didn’t even recognize her. Kelly Osbourne’s hair has got to go. I get she’s trying to go “alterna” with her Eek! The Cat purple hair, but it’s the kinda color geriatric arts patrons sport. The dress is nice though. John Hamm needs to shave. Either that or he needs more beard, but there is something wrong with that mug. Morena is a vision, so beautiful. I don’t know who Vera Farmiga is but I want her dress.

  • ellisd123

    You rock that Dorothy Zbornak look, Ellen Burstyn! I love it!

    Vera looks AH-MAZING! She is so striking, I love that she had a look to play that up.

  • Legra Michelle

    Robin wright!

  • clairellis

    Blair Underwood is standing wrong and he didn’t take the time to adjust when he got out of the limo.

  • surfergirl70

    Hmm. I actually thought Edie Falco looked really pretty. I thought the shape of the neckline set off her shoulders nicely, color is fab on her, and the shape of the dress was flattering and suited her.

  • pattie capet

    laura dern, robin wright!

  • JaCory Deon

    Robin Wright and Ellen Burnstyn FTW! Everyone else, meh. Is there some rule that women can’t wear pants to events like these or that they all have to be little princesses in waiting? I love some chiffon like the next queen but these ladies could stand to think outside the box.

  • rage_on_the_page

    Aww, Aaron and Bryan went tux-shopping together at Burberry. Adorable.

  • aubrey: faux naked schoolmarm.
    cobey: what to wear when you want your boobs to look miniscule
    evan: appropriate that you laughed, he looks like a clown
    harry: time for a new pair of frames?
    jon: abraham lincoln
    julianne: get outta here with that gypsy striptease act
    kit: total badass
    morena: most beautiful prego ever
    robin: a bit butch, no? in a good way
    tina: casual perfection

  • rage_on_the_page

    Two straps instead of the halter may have saved Tina a nip slip! You boys need to get out to Hollywood and help these gals.

  • E. D.

    Really like Leslie Mann and Laura Dern and Robin Wright rocks it.