Oprah at “The Butler” LA Premiere

Posted on August 13, 2013

Bless her heart, the thing we love most about Oprah on the red carpet is her obvious discomfort over being put on display and the fantastically Oprah method she uses to deal with it.


Oprah Winfrey attends “The Butler” Los Angeles Premiere.


She just throws back her shoulders, sticks out her chin, puts her hands on her hips, faces the cameras, gives them what they want, and waits for it to be over. It helps when she looks spectacular, as she does here. That is a truly fantastic dress for her.

Oprah, honey. We’re concerned about your feet. The shoes you wear are good enough from a style perspective but they are all clearly causing you a great deal of pain and affecting how you walk and stand. This is not fabulous; especially when you have the means to have your shoes custom made from the finest materials and designed to comfort Oprah’s feet and Oprah’s feet alone. There isn’t a reason in the world you can’t wear a kitten heel with a dress like this. And there sure AS HELL isn’t a reason in the world as to why Oprah’s feet are shoved into a pair of too-small shoes.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PRPhotos.com, Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com]

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  • Only reason I can think of is that Oprah has a contractual obligation with someone to squeeze Oprah’s feet into too small shoes. But then again, she could buy the damned company and have them make her shoes in the right size.

    • Emily Smith

      Do you think Oprah speaks about Oprah in the third person all the time? I really hope she does. “Oprah is displeased with her shoes! You lose your job, and you lose your job, everyone loses their jobs unless someone gets Oprah’s feet a proper fitting shoe!” and then she collapses dramatically on the couch while someone fans her and feeds her grapes.

      • I think she needn’t speak at all. She merely raised one perfect brow and levels a destructo-stare at the offending person or thing.

        • Karen Belgrad

          ooooh…. imagine a stand-off between Oprah and Miranda Priestly (as portrayed by Meryl Streep)!!!!!

          • This Soooooooo needs to happen!

          • Emily Smith

            That would be amazing.

          • berkeleygirl

            Oprah would kill her with kindness.

          • AshleyDeHaye

            We have already semi-had that happen. The WINTOUR told the OPRAH to lose weight to be on the cover of Vogue and the OPRAH did as the WINTOUR decreed. Even Oprah must succumb to some.

          • Kikishua

            An eyebrow off

      • twocee

        This is my laugh of the morning. Thank you!

      • DebbieLovesShoes


    • Beardslee

      Yes, it is puzzling. Those are the feet of a mere mortal, not of someone who could have bespoke everything.

      • I know for myself, if I had the cash, I certainly would have custom everything. I would never have off the peg clothes or shoes again.

        • filmcricket

          There are days when I want bespoke clothes/shoes even more than the travelling or the slate pool that winning the lottery would also bring into my life.

          • Once you have worn clothing that is made to your measure, you will never want to go back. The ease and comfort are amazing. We tend not to even notice how ill fitted our clothes mostly are, since we all deal with ready to wear.

          • Beardslee

            Do you make your own clothes? I have always wondered how you fit clothes if you are wearing them while fitting them. Those pins would be scary.

          • I have made some of my own things. And doing the fitting for yourself is a long process. Try it on, make an adjustment, try it again, readjust, keep going till its right. And you get used to the pins. lol. It would be much easier if I had a tailor’s dummy to my measure. But Alas,…..

          • filmcricket

            To be honest I would do shoes and foundation garments first before “regular” clothes. They have to do so much more work to keep you supported and comfortable. Plus while the “buy for your biggest part and alter the rest” is a possible response to ill-fitting clothes, it is not as practical for bras or shoes.

          • To be sure, taking care of the underthings, and the feet, first, is a great idea. Then everything else can be built on that. I know from my costume work, that if the design requires a specifically corseted shape I send my client out to get the right corset first, THEN we measure and cut.

        • Darren Nesbitt

          Even though it’s Oprah, I’m sure custom shoes for her take at least a few days right? maybe red carpets are low enough on her priority list that they don’t schedule enough time for her fashion to always be bespoke.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    There are few near 60-year-olds that can rock a hot pink tight dress, metallic shoes and hoops. Fair play, O.

    • Kate Andrews

      I love the ring too!

      • A Shiny O’Connor

        Aye, ’tis fierce.

    • berkeleygirl

      Only other ones I can think of are Queen Helen of Fanfuckintastica and Dame Judi Dench – stunning with their platinum locks and blue eyes…

  • Karen Belgrad

    Can she please share her dressmakers phone number with Melissa McCarthy? This dress is gorgeous!

    • nyazgirl

      Omg I was thinking the same damn thing!!

      • Karen Belgrad

        My second thought is how much fun Octavia and Oprah would have shopping together (since they both know where to go to dress their body types).

        • GillianHolroyd

          I’m thinking that Christina Hendricks needs this dress (but in a different color).

          • Karen Belgrad

            Maybe Oprah can do one of her Master Classes (on OWN) about dressing for body types. So much of Hollywood could use it!!!!

          • VioletFlame

            I would totally be glued to the Macbook for that!

        • marlie

          Man, I’d LOVE to shop with the two of that. That would be awesome.

      • AnaRoW

        Melissa has a much different body type from Octavia and Oprah. I don’t see this dress working on her.

        • formerlyAnon

          You’re right. But Ms. McCarthy needs to put herself into highly skilled hands, as Oprah has done. It takes really well constructed – no doubt custom made – foundation garments to make even perfectly chosen and tailored clothing look this good. And Ms. McCarthy could use an expert eye & some skilled fitting, even if she made completely different decisions about comfort, shape, style, etc.

          • Donna Tabor

            And foundation garments would help Ms. McCarthy, too. She doesn’t seem to understand the benefit of anything more than Spanx.

        • I agree. Even though the cut and ruching of this dress enhance the appearance of a smaller waist, you have to start out with a waistline. Melissa M does not appear to have a waist at all.

          Oprah should have this dress made in many fabrics and colors and throw away all of her long, full ball gown skirts that she loves so much.

    • MilaXX

      And it covers the arms so Melissa could be comfortable. Please share Lady O!

  • nyazgirl

    Pay attention curvy/plus-sized rich people! THIS is how you do it. *bow*

  • This dress is doing wonderful things for her waist! I want this dress, maybe in blue.

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    Love the dress, hate the shoes.

    I love when a woman as classy as Oprah wears hoops because I always think of “the bigger the O the bigger the ho”

    • Shawn EH

      I dunno, they’re so flattering to her face, though. She’s all about the curves and circles; her eyes, her cheeks, the hoops just fit. And they help her look young, too.

  • Ozski

    I love her hair like this, so lovely. Also, I hear she is the best thing about ‘The Butler’.

    • Kate Andrews

      I follow her on Instagram (where she compared her hair to Heidi since she has braids around her face!), and I was excited to see the casting back when they were filming. Now I’m not so thrilled. It looks sorta Lifetime-y.

      • OrigamiRose

        I wish they’d gone the Backstairs at the White House route and done it as a miniseries, to honor the story with the time to fully flesh it out. The ads make me cringe, the “Greatest Hits in 20th Century History”/Forrest Gump approach. I hate seeing rich history reduced to stunt casting and history’s biggest headlines in place of substance. But I digress from fashion 🙂

        • Kate Andrews

          Yeah, and the rebellious son … we’ve moved beyond that approach. I didn’t like Forrest Gump either, and that certainly hasn’t changed with time. I guess The Color Purple will remain the only Oprah movie I see.

  • ashtangajunkie

    That is some mighty fine hair. Just gorgeous. And I love that pink on her.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I’ve always liked Oprah’s choices when she dresses fancy. What’s the point of all that money if you can’t spend it on nice things. Okay, charity. Charity is the point of having all that money, but since she’s got that very well covered, why not have nice things, too?

  • Tatiana Luján

    What I don’t like and won’t ever like are the fake eyelashes. The dress is fabulous on it’s own and also great for her.

  • kaycem

    i really need to know where to get this dress — love it!

  • MilaXX

    That is a good look. I want that dress!

  • She looks amazing. I need a dress that fits like that. Bowing down.

  • MartyBellerMask

    Simply LOVE her hair.

  • fiestyfashionfem

    Anyone know the designer of the dress? That’s my silhouette! I NEED that dress.

  • formerlyAnon

    She deserves comfy footwear. But in a way it’s endearing – her discomfort in heels is the last remnant of the hard working, ambitious t.v. news reader who worked herself into prominence but who looked just like every other working girl struggling with weight who had certain kinds of attire down to a uniform – on air interviews, for example – but who wasn’t always successful when that uniform had to be left behind (fancy awards events, for example.) I liked watching her clothing get more upscale with her success – it was an object lesson in how quality and fit do matter more than style.

    • twocee

      Interesting observation. Say what you want about Oprah (some people hate her for some reason), but she worked her butt off to get where she is, and I can see how even now she remembers when she couldn’t drop $20,000 on a bag without blinking. Who knows, maybe she still blinks and then does it anyway 🙂

  • jbj

    The Divine Ms. O is lucky enough to have a waist. Most women her age don’t. This dress flatters every curve.

  • duckgirlie

    Oprah is my well-fitted-bra-on-the-red-carpet-spiration

  • Monzerrat Ontiveros

    Amber Riley role model..

  • MaggieMae


  • crash1212

    She looks beautiful. Whoever fits her foundational garments deserves awards. Love her hair.

    • Fordzo

      I like her hair here better than last week. This is still big without being “I need to cock my head in order to stand next to my boyfriend” big.

  • TAGinMO

    It’s a WERQ.

  • Fordzo

    I don’t want to sound like I have a fetish (because even if I DID have a fetish, it would NOT be for feet), but I’ve been really disappointed by all the red carpet feet lately. Ugly shoes, ugly polish, scales, etc. It’s summer – ’tis the season for pedicures! Why does everyone look so busted from the ankles down?

  • Tamara Hogan

    I think she looks wonderful, but I share your concern about her feet. Her poor big toes!

  • SewingSiren

    This is what it looks like when you pay to have your wardrobe fit perfectly to. Good on her. Although I must say she could tone the wig down just a bit.

    • Candigirl1968

      She’s just Diana Ross-ing it. The older she gets, the bigger the hair gets.

      • Shawn EH

        Hey, it works for Diana!

  • Candigirl1968

    I think some of Oprah’s outfits would look great on Christina Hendricks, from a cut standpoint. They manage to be interesting, but they also have ample, and not distracting, coverage.

  • Dan_In_NYC

    I don’t mean to get all deep, but I love the idea that the very OPRAHNESS of OPRAH causes us to reflect on the absurdity of the red carpet pole dance in a whole new way.

    Like “I’m effing OPRAH and you just want to stand here and do nothing? Really? OK, whatever.”

  • AmeliaEve

    You know what would really set off this outfit? A Swiss handbag.

    • Angela Langdale

      Oh no you di’int! LOL!

  • par3182

    If only she could afford a handbag to go with that outfit…

  • beebee10

    Christina Hendricks, take note: This is how you dress a lovely figure. Make some personal adjustments and make it yours!

  • Warrior89

    Her hair is looking gooooooooooooood.

  • Shawn EH

    Maybe the shoes used to fit and she still loves them? Otherwise, I have no explanation. Poor toes!

  • largishbearishAtlish

    NAILED IT! the last outfit was too snug (in my bitter opinion) this on the other hand, flawless, and the poofy hair works _great_ with it. Finally! whoop whoop!

  • bertkeeter


  • marlie

    There’s some Tadashi Shiji realness going on with this dress. The fit is perfect, and couldn’t flatter her more. And the color is beautiful. The shoes are a huge miss, but I’ll let it go, this time.

  • Denise Alden

    THAT is one bangin’ bod!

  • neonseattle

    the wrap dress is a beautiful color and flatters her so well. love the big hair!

  • Ashleigh

    how many carats are those hoops, girl??

  • JauntyJohn

    Another fabulous look on a continuing winning streak for her.

  • I’m so glad she’s stopped torturing herself trying to be skinny. She looks amazing.

  • Judy_S

    Gosh, she looks gorgeous. This reminds me of the Oprah of the 80s, who validated the possibility that a woman of size (so to speak) could be beautiful.

  • Roza

    Love her braided hairband!

  • anon

    I shall explain the shoes issue.

    Both Christina and O have them. Major ones. The problem is bunions.

    Once you have them, you have a fashion Sophie’s choice. Either a) keep the bunions and be able to wear (some) heels; or b) have the surgery and NEVER be able to wear heels again…not even a kitten heel. Even Oprah is not exempt from this one. Even with Oprah money you are still looking at serious difficulties to find shoes that will accommodate a bunion.

    I had both bunions on my feet done 10 years ago and to this day the best I can manage is maybe 1″ for an hour, maybe a wedge as long as I did not have to walk or stand for more than 10 minutes.

  • Anniebet

    That dress! Love the color, the shape, and the Oprah in it.

  • Nonmercisansfacon


  • The fit on that dress is a dream, and everything I want in life. I hope she has a quiet word with her shoe and eyelash people though, because if even Oprah can’t pay to get those right I despair.

  • Karen Clark

    Yeah, I don’t understand the shoes, either. But the dress is fabulous!

  • Melinda Mary

    “especially when you have the means to have your shoes custom made from the finest materials and designed to comfort Oprah’s feet and Oprah’s feet alone. ” Funny how all these rich, fabulous ladies will pay for bespoke garmets, but don’t think about getting done with their shoes. Bespoke shoes made from a Last made of your own feet are the greatest luxury you could ever have. Store bought shoes, regardless of who makes them, can never compare.

  • Kristy Sheldon

    Who heard about Oprah being insulted when she asked to see a purse on the high shelf that cost $38,000 and they told her she could not see it because she could not afford it? I think it was in Sweden. I guess, not everyone knows who Oprah is.

  • Kristy Sheldon

    I guess she does not always use her stylist to make her purchases. How dare she try to shop on her own! Only Oprah would try to shop like a normal person. And only a snobby Sweed would tell her she cannot look at a $38,000 purse that she could afford with the earnings she made in a couple of hours, or one hour, or who knows?

  • Kristy Sheldon

    Please TLo, come to her defense and make fun of this.

  • Kristy Sheldon

    Oprah looks awesome! I love the chic fro do. She looks sooooooo good. I imagine she has a close entourage that claims to have her best interests at heart when it comes to her image, but, as Chelsea Handler jokes, “apparently my stylist has been trying to sabotage me all along!” Oprah, find a great stylist that does the best job to make Oprah look her best. Your taste should be just a suggestion and your professional stylist should make you look the best you ever have!

  • MzzPants

    What a stunning look for her. And, as a curvy girl, I think my wardrobe needs a dress like that…in my price-range of course.

  • Alexis Peñafuerte Wenceslao